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    I spent the last several hours installing all the software I use for astrophotography, on a faster computer. I can finally retire my laptop and not be limited by USB 2.0 speeds. Will have to wait til tomorrow to test it out on Jupiter. I'm too tired and there's a few clouds hanging around.
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    Even years later, this still remains one of my favorite PMVs.
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    I've been trying to design some chests... ... I'm not sure if I'll use all of them, nor if it is the final design, but these will work for now. So at the moment I consider these as placeholders (because I'm working on something there (programming-wise) and it's nice to have sprites to work with) and then I'll see what could be changed, if anything. Oh and I'm pretty sure someone will ask what may be in chests--- it will range from just stars (exp)*, to some permanent upgrades and stuff. No details though - it will be up to you to discover. * Basically enemies are the main source of stars (exp), but there will be some chests, that will give little boosts. This will slightly reduce the level gap between players, who prefer to kinda rush forward and the ones, who like to grind (keep fighting as much as possible to raise level). It is also to simply make exploring a little bit more rewarding. Everything is still subject to change of course, because it all depends on game balancing. I'll have to test the game in later stages of development to see how everything works together and adjust things if needed. My aim is to reward players for both, defeating enemies AND exploring, in order to allow them fully experience what the game will have to offer. Balancing these two while keeping it simple though, may be challenging, so I suspect I'll have to adjust values and stuff not only once. . . So yeah, cool stuff, boxen! Chesten!
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    It's been a long and wonderful day, but alas it now comes to an end. Goodnight everypony! Have a fantastic rest of your day, a restful night's sleep, and wonderful dreams.
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    I'm home from the graduation dinner. That was pretty fun.
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    Celestia, why do you have to be so beautiful and amazing all the time? Because I'm Celestia, of course!
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    She's holding my heart!
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    Huh....I never knew pumping brakes would give you such a great leg muscle workout. You learn something everyday I suppose.
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    Good morning ponies! Another late start, but I'll just have to work later...just as yesterday... It's still been sooo cold up here, very frustrating. But oh well, more time indoors on the forums. I've been feeling better knowing you are all such caring and wonderful friends. Thank you so much for being supportive - it means A LOT. Stay happy everypony - Luna loves you!
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    What do y’all think of my new Applejack on Pony Town? She’s cute.
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this typical Wednesday morning?
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    Ugh, you ever get that feeling where you just can't sleep? I'm gonna play more Team Sonic Racing until I fall asleep!
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    My "Ask the Mane 6" thread just got to 300 pages! Thank You to EVERYPONY for your questions! YOU ALL ROCK!
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    Good evening everypony sorry I haven't been on much today Ive been super busy anyway how are you guys doing this evening?
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    Picked up this little guy from Petsmart yesterday. Haven’t named him yet. Y’all got any ideas? He’s a blue Betta fish btw (yea I know, the lighting is terrible)
  17. Now that I share my PMVs on these forums with y'all, I figure why not share my art too. If you care to check out my Deviantart that would be awesome! So, let's kick this off with my most recent artwork...a couple little gifts I made for my good friend @Misty Breeze. Her OC, Misty Breeze: *Base credit* And my favorite piece I've made so far, Misty and Lucky: *Base credit*
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    I believe its that time of the evening once again A pretty good day for a Wednesday if I do say so myself although I didn't get any time with my SO this evening- I believe she probably fell asleep and (hopefully) she'll sleep on through the night til she has to get up at the crack of dawn I missed hanging out with her, but she gets up so early in the morning for work, I really don't mind that shes gotten some decent sleep once once (I'm insistent that she get more sleep, but that just how things are ) time for a bit of reading, then its off to bed with this tired pone Thanks for being there lovelies, you've never failed to put a smile on my face and bring warmth to my heart. I hope your all have a wonderful rest of your evening/start to your day, and sleep well/ be safe during your travels! Goodnight my flowers <3
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    Another day down, another day full of goals successfully conquered! The end of the school year is almost upon the children of the school district I serve, so excitement is high and behavior is horrible but what can you expect from the little ones this time of year? Soon all they'll be worried about is when the next field trip is for us, and I honestly can't wait (even though I'll be moving to full time administrative work soon, joy ) I"m sure I"ll still be able to get out of the building frequently though Every day that goes by that I push through and make my daily goals happen, I feel stronger and more confident about the future- yes their may be many things I need to accomplish, but If I keep digging after them, I don't I can meet them and bear them! *collapses into a plush comfy chair with the best Chinese food in town and a cup of sweet green tea* tell me loves, how have your days been? I hope they've all been wonderful! even if they haven't been, pull up a seat and share this space with me, maybe I can help make the evening a bit brighter for you who knows? you could probably make my mine even better as well! <3 how beautiful
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    Some flowers for ya'll to enjoy Can't wait for my Magnolias to open up! They smell so good!
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    Which candy flavor would you choose?
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    I have my graduation dinner tonight. That should be... interesting.
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    Hello again lovely ones! my days just starting out, but I'm feeling pretty positive about it! (Probably from me getting back on my routine yesterday ) I've got my usual day at work, then it's on to the rest of my schedule! Hopefully I should be be able to hang out again today whilst I'm here I hope youre all having a lovely day dears <3 so I'll try and check in with all the notifications after I handle a few things here
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    It's been a while since my last blog entry, but now is a perfect time to say a few (well actually a lot of words) about my brief but overall enjoyable time here on these forums. I've been a MLP fan for 4 years now I think and my first experience of was seeing Celestia and Luna in a video about the Top 10 Non-Disney Princesses and they were both number 5 on the list. At the time, I didn't think much of the show or the fandom, and just sort of brushed it off like it was nothing and didn't really pay attention to it. Then, when the video actually talked about Celestia and Luna, I was actually surprised by the things they could do and how they both had a rough and difficult past. I never expected a show like this to have such a powerful kind of plot and it started to peak my interest. So, I did a Google search of Celestia and Luna and realized how pretty both of them were. Then, mostly out of curiosity, I looked up an episode of the show that centered around the two of them and "A Royal Problem" was the first MLP episode I watched. I didn't know who Twilight or Starlight was at the time, so I just skimmed the episode for moments of just the two princesses and it actually got a laugh out of me a few times. Then, three years of these two princesses (and later Queen Chrysalis), I wanted to find some topics on these forums about the two of them so I could discuss it with other people and see what they thought. At first, that was the only reason I created my account on here, just so I could partake the conversation about Celestia and Luna. And yeah, I did post a Celestia and Luna in the Welcoming Plaza, but that was only because I didn't really know what it was at the time. And when I created my welcome post, I wanted everyone to know that Celestia and Luna were my favorite ponies ever. When I first joined, I didn't know what to do and didn't think I was going to make that many friends on here. I decided to consult some veterans of the site and get some advice from them: Make some friends, react to other people's posts and generally just be a friendly and nice person, which I always am. And let me tell you, I took that advice to heart and did exactly that. As I started to make a name for myself and gained a few followers, I saw that I could make my own status updates and decided that I wanted all of the forums to know how awesome Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis were. I saw that I could post pictures and since I had an entire folder of Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis pics, I thought: "What better way to express my love for these three than through some pictures?" And after that, it sort of just became my thing and all my posts would always have picture/song/video in place of just words, because to me, just saying the words I want to say wouldn't be enough and that it would be kind of boring. Then, a few days later after I joined, something incredible happened! I went to my profile and saw that I had won an award for most liked content within a single day. I did this after just EIGHT days here on the forums, something I never thought would happen. And then I saw that I had won another day, and the day after that, and the day after that. FIVE whole days in a row I had won that award and I was absolutely flabbergasted. Was I really this popular already? In such a short amount of time? It was unreal! But, then again, I couldn't have gotten this far without the support and friendship of all my followers and friends on here. All of them are just so friendly and nice and I'm glad that I got to meet and talk with all of them. I will never forget all of the amazing friends that I've made on here and I hope that they will remember me. A few honorable mentions for people who are just the best on here: @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Lord Valtasar @TheTaZe @Mellow Mane @Mirage @Twilight and Starlight @lyrabetes3939 You all and so many other people on here will always be my greatest friends and I hope that all of you are always doing well. And now here I am, only 9 months after I joined, and now how have 76 followers, over 10000 brohoofs, 39 days won and countless awesome and amazing friends. It has been a wild and crazy ride and I never could have made it this far without all of you. Thank you all for everything!
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    Good evening everypony again just like yesterday I apologize for not being on much today I’ve been studying for finals and stuff I wanna finish off sophomore year with a bang. Im just letting you all know I probably won’t be on much tomorrow or Friday either. I hope you guys understand. Anyway how are you guys doing this evening?
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    Good morning Tia! How's my beautiful sunny princess today?
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    Goodnight all. I’ve stayed up too late, hehe. See you all next time. *hugs tight*
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    I made it through work once more, i was successful in accomplishing my daily exercise goals, and have just finished a fun session of Final Fantasy online with the SO who is now sleeping. now all there is left to do is enjoy a bit of light reading, then its off to bed for me I believe I"m gong to sign off for the night lovelies. Getting the opportunity to come back; being able to rekindle some of my old friendships, as well as start new ones with all of you has a very special place in my heart back acting the way its supposed to be This year for me has all been focused on making the happiest version of myself by accomplishing some rather large goals. I've been adding pieces of myself back together and where they belong- not unlike a jigsaw puzzle well, the piece of me thats returned to its proper place after being back home with you all.. lets just say I still feel the healing warmth its causing me <3 Goodnight my sweet flowers, no one blooms quite as beautiful as you all do
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    James Holzhauer is back at it. 24-game streak, averaging higher than the previous single-game record. Seriously, this guy's a blast to watch.