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  1. We found @TheTaZe secret mix tape since he is such a old school tech fan. Here were some of his tracks on it. Rainbow Power Metal Lurking for a Living Banned in the USA Everypony Wants to Rule the Board Another Troll Bites the Dust Sweet IP’s (Are Made of This) Obey The Moderator Don’t You (Complain About Me) After finding this there was no reason to delay further. You see a legend was once foretold that the egg of a forlorn troll would one day hatch and become a great threat to the ponies everywhere, and only a great defender would arise to protect the community from this troll who would posses the power of duplication as he was blessed with the gift of IP Warging! I henceforth anoint TaZe from House Wut as Lord of Banner Men and Protector Of The Pony Realm. Will he be the Prince Who Was Promised or become the Mad Mod and burn our forum to the ground? Time shall tell. But as he ascends to take on his new role as a Global Moderator I have only one question for you all .... What do we say to the God of Death? Also we found this in his mix tape too. He is also the Watcher on the Wall!
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    I need to learn not to watch movie trailers and have 75% of the movie spoiled for me.
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    Luna: You shall not escape the night!
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    The rooster is on his way home from his appointment. See you all soon.
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    Ahh, new phosphors. I glow so much brighter now
  7. Now that I share my PMVs on these forums with y'all, I figure why not share my art too. If you care to check out my Deviantart that would be awesome! So, let's kick this off with my most recent artwork...a couple little gifts I made for my good friend @Misty Breeze. Her OC, Misty Breeze: *Base credit* And my favorite piece I've made so far, Misty and Lucky: *Base credit*
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    I like to think my nicknames here are "Sparks", "Sparkly" & "Stop giving me notifications! ".
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    Luna: You truly think that I am beautiful? You flatter me.
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    @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Ultraviolet Phosphor @Lord Valtasar @Azul Maya @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 and @Mirage *hugs all of you*
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    If I were ever given the chance to be huge public figure on the internet on something like YouTube or Twitch, I wouldn't do it. The things some of those people go through just to entertain millions of people is degrading to watch. I value my privacy more than anything.
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    It's been a while since my last blog entry, but now is a perfect time to say a few (well actually a lot of words) about my brief but overall enjoyable time here on these forums. I've been a MLP fan for 4 years now I think and my first experience of was seeing Celestia and Luna in a video about the Top 10 Non-Disney Princesses and they were both number 5 on the list. At the time, I didn't think much of the show or the fandom, and just sort of brushed it off like it was nothing and didn't really pay attention to it. Then, when the video actually talked about Celestia and Luna, I was actually surprised by the things they could do and how they both had a rough and difficult past. I never expected a show like this to have such a powerful kind of plot and it started to peak my interest. So, I did a Google search of Celestia and Luna and realized how pretty both of them were. Then, mostly out of curiosity, I looked up an episode of the show that centered around the two of them and "A Royal Problem" was the first MLP episode I watched. I didn't know who Twilight or Starlight was at the time, so I just skimmed the episode for moments of just the two princesses and it actually got a laugh out of me a few times. Then, three years of these two princesses (and later Queen Chrysalis), I wanted to find some topics on these forums about the two of them so I could discuss it with other people and see what they thought. At first, that was the only reason I created my account on here, just so I could partake the conversation about Celestia and Luna. And yeah, I did post a Celestia and Luna in the Welcoming Plaza, but that was only because I didn't really know what it was at the time. And when I created my welcome post, I wanted everyone to know that Celestia and Luna were my favorite ponies ever. When I first joined, I didn't know what to do and didn't think I was going to make that many friends on here. I decided to consult some veterans of the site and get some advice from them: Make some friends, react to other people's posts and generally just be a friendly and nice person, which I always am. And let me tell you, I took that advice to heart and did exactly that. As I started to make a name for myself and gained a few followers, I saw that I could make my own status updates and decided that I wanted all of the forums to know how awesome Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis were. I saw that I could post pictures and since I had an entire folder of Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis pics, I thought: "What better way to express my love for these three than through some pictures?" And after that, it sort of just became my thing and all my posts would always have picture/song/video in place of just words, because to me, just saying the words I want to say wouldn't be enough and that it would be kind of boring. Then, a few days later after I joined, something incredible happened! I went to my profile and saw that I had won an award for most liked content within a single day. I did this after just EIGHT days here on the forums, something I never thought would happen. And then I saw that I had won another day, and the day after that, and the day after that. FIVE whole days in a row I had won that award and I was absolutely flabbergasted. Was I really this popular already? In such a short amount of time? It was unreal! But, then again, I couldn't have gotten this far without the support and friendship of all my followers and friends on here. All of them are just so friendly and nice and I'm glad that I got to meet and talk with all of them. I will never forget all of the amazing friends that I've made on here and I hope that they will remember me. A few honorable mentions for people who are just the best on here: @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Lord Valtasar @TheTaZe @Mellow Mane @Mirage @Twilight and Starlight @lyrabetes3939 You all and so many other people on here will always be my greatest friends and I hope that all of you are always doing well. And now here I am, only 9 months after I joined, and now how have 76 followers, over 10000 brohoofs, 39 days won and countless awesome and amazing friends. It has been a wild and crazy ride and I never could have made it this far without all of you. Thank you all for everything!
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    James Holzhauer is back at it. 24-game streak, averaging higher than the previous single-game record. Seriously, this guy's a blast to watch.
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    good evening everyone and how are you all doing?
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    It’s time for the Rooster to go for some brekkie. Take care all and much love.
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    Told you I'd try and come back soon Yesterday really wasn't the most productive day ended up completely blowing my schedule off for the evening- it wasn't all due to my own negligence, I had to tag along on tasks I couldn't foresee. By the time I was home and left to my own, I was only able to cram in some quality time with the SO before I had to go to bed talk about an unproductive day But today is a new day, and I've already scheduled out everything like I'm supposed to, now all there is to do is follow through! (with no surprises this time!) *Perches myself on a plush pillow* I may be at work, but I still have an ear to hear what you have to say tell me about your day my flowers! ^w^ what Sparks inspiration in your hearts today?
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    so good afrinoon every pony
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    Wasn’t the best night last night...but wasn’t the worst..
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    Hello again sweet friends running a bit late today, so I can't say too much, but I'll try and get on later to say more! Hope you're all having a lovely day
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    Nopony will ever be as beautiful and amazing as Celestia and Luna!
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    Good early morning all.
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    May I cuddle with you, my princess?
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this Tuesday morning?
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    So enchanting, so Divine, so... Luna!
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    Twilight sleeping on books is so adorable.
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    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on the forums lately but there’s been a couple of things happening. Namely, my computer wonking out and not being able to work, although I think switching out a new hard drive with the old one might fix the issue. The other thing that recently happened it’s me getting my wisdom teeth and a couple of other teeth out. My jaw is not swollen due to taking medicine earlier but I’m gonna have to eat soft foods for a while. On the bright side of those soft foods are going to be Jell-O, pudding, ice cream, Fridays, and cream of wheat. ( The Friday saying it’s supposed to be frosty’s but since it’s a hilarious result of Speech to text, I’m leaving it in. I’ll be better in a few days and will hopefully figure everything out.
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