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    Not really, especially given how 1 rupee = 1.3 cents.
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    Random, yet relevant, question: How much did that turban cost?
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    Cool, though I on the other hand/hoof respectfully disagree. While the organ may have its strengths and weaknesses, its more than capable of playing staccatos, as long as they can be heard distinctly enough. With headphones on, I can still distinguish them. Plus, real-life organ performances of this in the future might be easier to hear depending how they are performed/recorded.
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    I enjoyed this trip down memory lane, but IMO, most (but not all) of Tunak Tunak Tun is a little too staccato for an organ to really do it justice :/
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    On Amazon, I'm seeing anywhere from $6.50 to $32.99. Of course, then you have to consider whether or not he had his custom-made. P.S.: Regarding the video itself, well done as always.