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    Hey been a while since you've seen me. Yeah, I know I sometimes come back here to plug things, but I've more or less left this site. However, with MLP:FIM ending today, I thought I'd give one last farewell to the show and retrospective of my time in the fandom in blog form here. Even though I left this forum, I never actually stopped keeping up with the show. I just sort of grew away from this site as I've found more communities and more friends outside the forums. Plus I got into a lot more things making MLP not really my primary special interest anymore. However, I still owe a lot of respect to MLP as it was the gateway to helping me socialize online. It was the first time I made friends online, and the first time I made myself known online. When I was on here back in 2014, I was known as the resident Pinkie Pie fan. I basically fanboyed over Pinkie so much that people associated me with her. This went on for several years until I eventually grew apart from the forums and left around 2016-2017. However, this experience served as a stepping stone. After leaving this forum, I became more active on Discord, which eventually led to me creating my own server, which led to me making a lot of my current friends. The server's been pretty successful currently sporting over 100 users. I also became more active on Twitter and have 738 followers as of typing this. Funny enough, a lot of elements from my old days here are still present on my Twitter. Basically just replace Pinkie with Viridi from Kid Icarus Uprising and get rid of the waifu elements. But back on track, upon getting into the show back in 2012, it was an experience. I followed the show ever week, read EQD every day, listened to the pony music on my phone, and have several pony shirts. Midwestria 2012 was my first con experience and I had a blast. I went to Whinny City Ponycon every year until 2019, when I saved up to go to the final Bronycon. That final Bronycon was a blast, and one of the best experiences I ever had. It really felt like one of the final huzzahs of me in the fandom before the show ends. This show really helped me during depressing times. When I got into it, my sister was leaving for college and I knew I would see her less. This show and fandom helped me through that. Yeah. I may have my problems with it now, but back then it really helped me during my isolating teenage years. Even though it's ending and even though I'm now into way more fandoms and have a completely different community, I'll still remember these days as good times. Thank you MLP, and have a pure Pinkie
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    Because Season 9 was its last, FIM was likely going to go out and try to deliver the best episodes possible. Out of the gate, Dubuc and Haber co-wrote Sparkle's Seven, one of the best comedic, animated, and written episodes of the series. Taking ideas from the lead voice actors, they blended together a tremendous script that never let up, delivered an excellent allegory of how well-made predictability transcends poorly-made unpredictability, and used that allegory to create an excellent plot twist. If you wanna read my review, it's right here. Unfortunately, no episode review for The Last Crusade, but my love for it from the minute it debuted early never wavered. While Sparkle's Seven doesn't take itself too seriously, this was an emotional roller coaster from the minute Scoot realized her parents were coming home. Mane Allgood and Snap Shutter were, to put it bluntly, very bad parents for not being able to spend time with Scootaloo, and the parents (and episode itself) know it. Therefore, they come up with a solution that allows them to do the job that Equestria depends them upon while simultaneously taking care of Scootaloo. Unfortunately, it completely overlooked the fact that Scootaloo has hundreds of close relations back in Ponyville and all over Equestria. In trying to resolve a dilemma, they made Scootaloo even more upset and put her at greater odds with them. The only way they were going to let her stay is to show them that the CMCs truly changed their lives for the better; with help from Aunt Holiday, Auntie Lofty, and every resident they knew, they successfully convinced Mane Allgood and Snap Shutter that separating the CMCs would only hurt Equestria over the long haul. Letting her stay in Ponyville and promising to spend more time with her when the train let them was the right solution for the story, lessons, and characters. Both TLC and Seven are outstanding and extremely close in quality, but by the skin of its teeth, Last Crusade overthrew it. No other episode came close to toppling it…until The Big Mac Question. Line 'Em Up! I long repeated this, and to write it again, the dialogue since Shadow Play has really improved, the verbal comedy especially. Since Dubuc relinquished her role as co-editor, the comedic dialogue has, sadly, been somewhat of a step down. Thankfully, I'm reminded through BMQ that the same wit never really left, and that when it's on, it's great. Discord, for that matter, was the king of these great lines. Here are just a few: The first line wasn't quite true, but the second completely was, historically speaking. (The line is doubly important for adding context to the episode's central lesson of how keeping things simple are what really makes things special, but I'll get back to that later.) Not a bad callback. Once more, Discord has a point. Every time someone hopes for the better, something goes wrong. But Discord's the Lord of Chaos with a childish, immature streak, too. Since he wasn't alerted of Big Mac's proposal plan, he became giddy and impatient (with a great mariachi reference [taking a page from Star Trek: TNG]). As he read a message on a painted apple, he quickly realized something was awry in his own way. Big Mac's riddles were clumsily written, sometimes confusing, and easily gave away the second location. In trying to come up with the "perfect idea," Big Mac created a major flaw in his plan. However, Discord still isn't completely accustomed to the "friendship" aspect of Equestria, and given his long, immortal, antagonistic history, he maintains a defiant, devious streak. After he uses his magic to lay every single wooden apple around Ponyville without fully looking at the riddles, he soon caved in to Spike's glares and doubt, agreeing to double-check. From the beginning, Discord believed this game was overblown and instead should give it to Sugar Belle instead, only to have it rejected for "not being romantic" and breaking BM's rule of discovery. Afterwards, when he missed his chance to actually get Sugar Belle to see an apple, he went about spreading "the love" in, once more, his own way: giving the wooden apples life and instructing them to their own posts. Unfortunately, like Big Mac, his instructions and direction were also not quite clear, so the apples popped up whenever another pony passed by, leading to delicious, entertaining chaos. Without it, Discord's involvement in the episode would be out of character and as bland as Cart Before the Ponies. Chaos drives Discord, and his ability to create havoc and mayhem makes for a more entertaining conflict and story, especially around Big Mac and Spike. On the other hand, it puts him into fault. Instead of thoroughly double-checking and making sure everything goes right, he cuts corners and tries to be cute and creative (tho I don't mind ), leading him to become responsible for the spider-looking apple monster. Also, I disagree with the criticism of Discord regressing. Sure, he may not have developed like D&D and TBUBD, but he understands how much Sugar Belle means to Big Mac. Despite his severe disagreement with the plan and Spike's commitment to it, he regrets worsening things and helps rectify the errors with everyone else offscreen as BM and Sugar proposed to each other. Furthermore, this episode shows some subtle growth from Break Down: After a lot of complaining over the lovey-dovey stuff and wanting to play O&O instead, he doesn't let his opinions interfere with Big Mac's proposal and tries to simultaneously help her solve the riddles and respect Spike's pleas. The Time Is Right Michael Vogel's among the best writers of the current crop. The Big Mac Question adds to his résumé, and with Hader co-writing, they co-created well-done, well-timed comedy. Discord's spilling of littler, more innocent secrets works as a joke for a big reason. As written already, Discord still hasn't fully accustomed to friendship, notably keeping a secret. FS's fright of clowns, Twilight's sleepwalking, and Octavia's date have a more innocuous, lighthearted zephyr; yes, he's spilling them to Spike and Big Mac, but not maliciously. This joke leads to the punchline right before the intro: shouting excitedly that Big Mac plans to propose to Sugar Belle. Everyone's curious reaction to the echo is really hilarious, and even better as one of them — Shoeshine — hears it and shrugs it off. Even better, they repeated the very same joke while keeping it fresh. It's 100% understandable that Apple Bloom's family will soon expand with Sugar Belle becoming her soon-to-be sister-in-law. Her giddy face sells her excitement well, so when she shouts out loud and everyone's as confused as before, you still laugh. Every single "shocking" misadventure by the CMCs: Scoot heads to the bowling alley and accidentally causes a Lebowski stallion to throw a bowling ball into a lamp, breaking the wooden panels below. When AB heads to the sanctuary, she shocks a monkey into a sleeping canopy of Smoky and family. SB opens a sauna, where a relaxing mare throws a body towel over her head when she finds out her privacy's invaded. Spike has a point. Discord's poor directions made the apples believe that the next pony to come close will receive the poem, and it followed each pony wherever they went. In trying to make Sugar Belle see an apple, he — surprise surprise! — helped unleash a boatload of chaos at the Ponyville market. Relocating them back to Sweet Apple Acres was another unwise decision, as they merged into THIS monstrosity! However, instead of actually going on a rampage to find Sugar Belle, the apple monster with its six, spidery eyes successfully delivered the assigned message in its grossest, yet most sincere, message of marriage right onto Discord. Yes, all the apple spit's gross, but not done with any ill intentions, and Discord didn't do a lot to make the problem better. Secondly, notice how the large apple's voice is very similar to Big Macintosh's? A nice, little way to get Peter New to talk in his Big Mac voice while making it sound as garbled, menacing, and childlike as possible. Whenever Granny Smith spoke, she was "spaced out," giving DHX plenty of leeway to pluck some great Star Trek references. Beyond "where nopony has gone before," she said this: >References Q >Inspiration for Discord …cheeky cheeky! Yet, the timing of the humor alone wasn't just right. As the apples chased Ponyville in Act 1, the animation crew snuck in this tender moment: Ever since FIM started, Lyra and Bon Bon have always been side by side, and the brony fandom established a long-time ship out of it. In Slice of Life, they teased the possibility despite hammering in the "best friends" line with the cheek caressing, couple-like arguing late, and the bedroom eyes. Over the last few seasons, their "friendship" began to really evolve, especially since S8 when DHX knew the finish line. Just a few examples: Grannies Gone Wild: Everywhere they went in Las Pegasus. Break Down: Exchanging Hearts & Hooves Day gifts. Marks for Effort: Bon Bon buying a green cactus, presumably for Lyra. End in Friend: Having lunch together. Dragon Dropped: Sharing a milkshake together, ala Buttercup and Bright Mac. After what happened in DD, you knew that the animators were just going to do something with Lyra and Bon Bon. From Season 5 onward, their evolving relationship was clearly no accident. While the main stories developed in front of us, their arc developed from the background. I guarantee you someone in this fandom will go back, find all the foreshadowing over the seasons, and build their story. Why is their proposal so significant? Representation matters. The TV debut to Auntie Lofty and Aunt Holiday introduced a same-sex couple for the first time in the show's history. While they're secondary characters, their presence in Scootaloo's life mattered, and they helped lead the CMCs' idea for a CMC Appreciation Day. It demonstrates how significant the brony fandom truly was to the growth of this show. In the beginning, everyone was surprised by how good Friendship Is Magic truly was. Although viewership and overall size of bronydom has dropped over the years, it still has its viewers and dedicated bronies. The brony fandom created this popular fanon ship all the way back to season one…and animator Morgan Shandro made it canon. Lofty/Holiday and LyraBon are special in their own rights. The former gave the LGBTQ+ community well-needed representation in a very popular family show and directly impacted the story. The latter came after years and years of development, and the animators decided that this was the right time to make it official. BTW, how apropos for Lyra to propose by dropping on one knee like a human? Drawing to a Close A giant reason why Shadow Play's one of the greatest episodes of FIM is how it blended so many arcs into one. Changes of editors + writers = changes of direction. The team turnover means new people post and publish episodes that match their own vision of FIM, so you have a wide array of stories that sometimes go nowhere. This two-parter blended so many arcs (the Pony of Shadows, Star Swirl's lack of understanding friendship, the Pillars, Starlight's redemption) so seamlessly that it looks like the creators intentionally left them vague so that they can be completed at the right time. It's one of the most impressive feats this show has ever done. Big Mac Question blends so many arcs in a smaller scale and closes them. Back in The Cutie Map, Spike explains his preference to be with Big Mac as the reason for skipping the Mane Six's first friendship quest. More than a season later, Nick Confalone expanded this little gag into its own story by including Discord in the Guys' Night Out duo. Two seasons later, they all acted like they knew each other since Spike hatched. BMQ added another chapter into this arc with one central goal. Once Hard to Say Anything concluded, Sugar Belle and Big Mac became an item. Over this and the next few seasons, the writers and animators sprinkled in romance between 'em, solidifying their unity. This episode called back to how they became an item in the first place: Big Mac renovating her shelf to add more space for her desserts, and Scoot recognized the blueprint for it inside SAA. Also, great call by Vogel and Haber to have Sugar Belle plan to propose to him, too. Usually, the male proposes to her, and Big Mac planned to pop the question at some point today. However, Plot 1B had Sugar Belle plan her own with Mrs. Cake's and the CMCs's help, showing that Sugar Belle had some ideas and offer of her own to prove her own commitment as his wife. Speaking of the CMCs… As the episode lampshaded, they earned a reputation of concocting schemes, either with success or failure, since they first met. After multiple tries, they finally got Big Mac to become an item with Sugar. Here, they felt guilty for accidentally contributing to the confusion that almost caused them to break up. (In Break Down, the delivery ponies mistook Sugar Belle for Sweetie Belle after smudging the address, leading them to believe she had a secret admirer.) For the first time all series, they're aware of the consequences. By working with Sugar and helping her to find Big Mac, they feel like they can make up for at least some of it. Yet, as what the episode showed, even their good intentions sometimes don't go according to plan. All series long, Spike's romanticism has had an impact on everyone and himself. In Break Down, he hinted his romantic "expertise" by reciting a poem of his unrequited crush on Rarity, only to be hilariously interrupted when Discord ignored him. XD Here, he brags to an offscreen character how he's so romantic and tries to help Mrs. Cake deliver all the proposal messages to the desserts…only to have his idea burn to a crisp. Lyra's and Bon Bon's series-long, evolving relationship, as explained before. Plus, notice how Bon Bon popped the question just after Lyra? Their dual proposal and rings subtly foreshadow Sugar's and BM's later on. Sugar Belle was one of the four ponies the Mane Six met when they first arrived in Our Town, and led them into an underground rebellion so they can regain their magical talent and break free from Starlight's tyranny. At season's end, she forgave her, and later helped invite Starlight to return to the village for the festival. After To Where, DHX slowly incorporated her into the secondary cast. The time she became super-heartbroken over losing her boyfriend and then became super-happy when they reunited was the moment I permanently bought into their romance. When Big Mac talked about how he loves her snorty chuckle, you can tell they really love each other. When they were going to marry was only a matter of time. Aside from being part of the timeline of Dungeons & Discord, Hard to Say Anything, and The Break Up Break Down, it is the perfect sequel to the franchise's greatest episode — The Perfect Pear — and references it in so many ways. Decades ago, Buttercup suspected that Mrs. Cake — Chiffon Swirl back in the day — enjoyed baking, so she gave her ingredients and challenged her to be creative. Her instincts were proven right, as she got her cutie mark and became lifelong, close friends with BC, which continues long after her passing. Here, she's essential to the story by agreeing to take part in Sugar Belle's 21-dessert surprise proposal. When the Pears were about to relocate to Vanhoover, their parents married in secret at the rock that borders the Pear and Apple orchards. (Notice how Bright and BC planted seeds in their opposing orchards, which directly contributed to the growth of the intertwining apple-and-pear tree around the rock in which they declared their love for each other. During their walk together, they find themselves at that tree, and as they talked, the sun sets perfectly within the iconic heart, spiritually indicating their support for Sugar Belle and their romance. Knowing who his father was like means a lot to Big Macintosh. Here, he envisioned proposing to Sugar Belle at a similar desk like the one he built for her a few seasons ago, calling back to Bright Mac's own declaration of love to Buttercup at the rock, only to teasingly falter. Through this episode and his heart-to-heart chat with his girlfriend, we see he knows more about him now and how much his understanding of his parents matters so much. Now that he's older and wiser, he wants to respect their legacy. Sugar Belle’s poignant wisdom and subsequent glow also suggest agreement by them with her, too. The first time Mayor Mare officiated a wedding, she worked with Bright Mac to rush one in before they relocated far away. That wedding was set up quickly and in secret from the feuding families with no certainty if they were going to be together. Bright Mac wasn't lucky just to get her to witness their surprise, but also complete the vows before the Pears moved. This doesn’t happen here. The wedding at the now-grown tree was well-planned and included the wanted decorations, guests, streamers, and so forth. From the start, Sugar and BM know they want to spend the rest of their lives together, a massive contrast from the pressure Pear Butter and Bright Macintosh felt then. One of the two twists within the episode: everyone explaining to Applejack, the unknown narrator. (The other being the wedding, which I'll get to later.) She was the one who agreed to go on that expedition to find out about why the Pears and Apples feuded for so long, which introduced their parents’ pasts to them, brought them closer to them, and helped them forgive Grand Pear. Her tears show how touched she was of not only the story they told her, but her brother's marriage. Speaking of… Grand Pear only had a couple of cameos here, but his biggest one was his appearance at his grandson’s wedding. The last time one took place there, he abandoned his own daughter and never saw her alive again. Several decades later, he returned to Ponyville. Their forgiveness and witnessing of the beautiful intertwined tree together began the long-awaited healing process. This time, he (and Granny) returns to the very same site, stands beside the other Apples and Burnt Oak, and gives Big Mac his unconditional blessings, closing another gap that caused a massive, increasingly bitter divide between himself and his mother-in-law. How poetic is this sequel to have another marriage take place at their tree. Two seasons ago, the Apple kin rediscovered their parents’ legacy, how they introduced each other, and fell in love thru very bitter times. Come to the end of the episode, and that long-standing bitterness that divided the Pear and Apple families for so long is healed. Well, BMQ breaks a second, not-so-talked-about barrier: Sugar Belle’s the first non-Earth Pony to be part of the Apple family. (Also, recall AJ scolding Twilight for using magic unsolicitedly on her farm in S1? Intentional or otherwise, this episode implicates that the Apples welcome unicorn magic full-time on the property now.) A Lesson in Execution BMQ's primary lesson — "When you tend to make things complicated and make mistakes, the simplest things are the most desired and cherished" — is magnificent, but the way it's taught brings that home. Before he takes out his ring, Big Mac wants to show Sugar Belle his commitment to being her husband matters by helping her find him. How? By using those painted apples with attached clues, she travels from one location to the next before meeting him at the hilltop near Sweet Apple Acres. Unfortunately, his plan never properly flourished. Not only did she miss the first apple, but he had to go back to his barn to pick up the screwdriver he left behind. When he realizes she wasn't coming, he walks to Sugar Cube Corner to find her. Discord tries to help Sugar Belle find the first apple, but she misses it twice, resulting in his poor strategy of having the apples follow whoever sees them first. When he cleaned it all up, Sugar Belle still never saw it! Deciding to cut to the chase, he brought her to that same hilltop, only to realize he left. He blindfolded her and then brought her back to SCC. He may believe in romance now, but doesn't quite understand it still. Instead of helping each other out, Spike and Mrs. Cake were so sworn to their own party's secrets that they created an imaginary buffer that prevented helping each other out. When Spike tried to help Mrs. Cake, he found out that Mrs. Cake messed up her desserts and later accidentally burned every one of Sugar Belle's messages. Spike isn't always the politest dragon, and BMQ's no exception. In order to make Sugar's search for BM as perfect as possible, he got a little too worried over the arrangement, placement, and visibility of each apple, glared hard at Discord for not checking carefully, and refused to ease the game's difficulty. Why did he blow his magical fire on the remaining notes? Because he believed they would be able to get into the desserts quickly and easily, only to screw up badly. However, he didn't accept all of the blame, bluntly criticizing Mrs. Cake's terrible desserts. Mrs. Cake accepted a very difficult challenge of baking twenty-one desserts. Immediately, things went terribly wrong. During the rush, she had absolutely no idea what ingredients she was using and whether she used them at all. Poignantly observed by Scootaloo: Fortunately, no pony tasted them. Sugar Belle orchestrated her entire twenty-one-dessert proposal with Mrs. Cake and added another one with its own message to call Big Mac down to the shop. The purpose of having just one word in each dessert was to help Big Mac solve the proposal puzzle after he eats each once, but to bake that many meant Mrs. Cake's margin for error significantly decreased and must work harder than usual to finish on time. On her end, discovering Discord and Spike at the doorstep meant overlooking the apple on the step and running off as quick as they can to find Big Mac. The Cutie Mark Crusaders tried to find Big Mac to give him the dessert as promised. But when they couldn't find him at the barn, Apple Bloom called back Granny's advice and took it a little too literally, causing trouble of their own and annoying her friends in the process. The fact that everyone's plans were too complicated is kind of the point. Every single pony's so focused in trying to create the perfect proposal, they overlook serious flaws. What everyone had to figure out was that by messing things up, they discovered the true worth of commitment and dedication. They never had to go over the top in order to fix it, either. Pairing it down the essentials was all they needed, something Discord comprehended well beforehand. Sugar Belle was the first outside of Discord to truly figure it out after Big Mac felt upset for screwing up his own proposal and feeling that he let the legacy of his parents down. Because he doesn't talk much, his words matter a lot, so when he expresses his sadness, you really feel it. However, despite problems of her own, she understood that this was nothing compared to what they (and when she was controlled by Starlight) endured. To her, this was merely a blip. Mistakes happen; they can use 'em to grow closer and really show their love for each other. I read a few comments on Derpibooru calling their dual proposal cute, and it really is. <3 Their solid chemistry sells the warmheartedness! But I won't end my review until I call out two other things in this episode: All episode long, Spike wore nothing. For all we know, the fourth wall or a character we had no idea existed until then interviewed all of them. What slowly began to change, though, was when he wore a suit and tie for the first time. As a result, the wedding surprise was kept under wraps from the audience; showing him wearing his suit and putting on his bow tie really makes their marriage all the more impactful. Had we knew they were eloping at episode's end, this whole journey would've felt completely pointless. After a lot of great humor, chaos, and a little bit of drama, Discord alerting the apples to drop and sing "happy marriage, happy apples!" was perfect, heartwarming cuteness on top of already perfect cuteness! He might've added to the problems, but he respects their wedding ceremony and uses a subtle, Discord-y twist to show it. Consider this his own, special way to appreciate his friendship with everyone, their marriage, and their future lives. Conclusion What else can I say about this one? The Big Mac Question is really funny, really cute, and really heartwarming. Vogel and Haber tackled all of the emotions at exactly the right time and provided a magnificent cap to several arcs, some of which date back to the first season. This is the new-best Season 9 episode and one of the ten best of the series.
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    This weekend is my school's homecoming but me and my brother can't go because we have a marching band competition that lasts all day. Everyone was pretty bumbed about missing it so we figured that we would host our very own marching band homecoming. It's going to be so much fun! Wish us luck
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    == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == They let them run along, they imprison them, then they petrify them. ... It was somewhat amusing how Discord chose that course of action, but the implied message is a solemn one: Once again, like in the very beginning with Nightmare Moon, Equestria now has to grow and mature until it is ready to reform Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow. Change in them will come with a change in their environment. Which also conveys our own work to be done if we want to change others. For that we have to be that spark of something different in their life, that offers a better way, and have to actually not WANT that change, because that disempowers again, gives that which you try to raise an opportunity to lower you instead. And that which can be controlled easily is not respected. This two-parter also shed light on the weakness of champion worship or offloading responsibility to leaders. If not everyone is empowered, the overall system is weak and vulnerable and can shatter in the blink of an eye when the mask falls. Leaders emerge as a reflection of the whole. The potential for anything is always there, but the whole chooses what to support. A good leader is first and foremost not a commander, but a teacher and student. Then respect is not commanded, but earned. Through wisdom. Through a natural understanding of what matters. That is inner strength. And after watching the last episode, with mixed feelings, I can definitely reiterate that this realm of ours is in hardmode. But it doesn't have to be forever. Choices create reality. P.S.: The final episode was not just about friendship being tested when friends move apart, but also about dealing with the show ending.
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    Where do I begin with the series finale... It was every bit as epic as I thought it would be. THis will be brief, as I do not want to spoil anything for those who weren't able to see it this evening. I will say it had a great build throughout the hour allotted, and ended in the way it should have. The epilogue was awesome, the last song of the series was a great cap to the show, and the last shot and book closing was exactly how I wanted the show to end. The perfect end to this great show. Grade: A+
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    Here is the Theme Song of What's New, Scooby-Doo? on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is But The Earth Refused To Die + Battle Against A True Hero (from Undertale) on the organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    s09e26 spoiler inside. It already aired, but I'll be nice and hide it regardless.
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    Episodes, movies, specials, spin-offs, shorts, books, toys, apparel, cosplay, music, fan art, fanfics, reviews, posts, blogs, fan videos, memes, animations, 3D models, video game mods, and yes--for me, even clop. When I look back at the past five years since I discovered the show and add up every minute that I've devoted to Pony, it's pretty staggering. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well... except for a girlfriend. I'm only human. I've loved this MLP journey so much. I can hardly believe how much was crammed into five years. Pony has been, and will surely continue to be, a huge part of my life. I've been obsessively into other franchises in my life, but not in the same way as Pony. MLP was something different entirely, and it was magical. Being a male with a strong feminine side, and no good way to express it, I've always felt stifled and frustrated. I've always had pretty broad tastes, and enjoy a wide variety of typical "guy" stuff, too, but for many years I searched for a show that would scratch a certain itch for me. I wanted to find something cute, colorful, and feminine that would, for lack of a less nauseatingly saccharine phrase, "warm my heart" and give me some of that feeling I couldn't find anywhere else. I tried a few "girly" cartoons over the years, but all ended up being impressively devoid of any character depth, development, or substance. I would try to watch, but just go "pffft", and turn it off pretty quickly. Then I found Friendship is Magic. It was love at first watch. Adorable, colorful, feminine, sweet, but didn't make me feel like it was lowering my IQ by watching it. Pony is a "girl" cartoon like no other I've ever seen. The depth of these characters and their world is every bit as robust as the biggest fantasies ever created, like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. At the same time, it manages to be cute without being cringey, sweet without being saccharine, and endearing without being dopey. It's mature, not dumbed down, and it's a proper story just as fit for all ages as any classic Disney movie. I got properly sucked into the fandom in no time at all. The show and the community had an incredible impact on me. It brought me out of my shell and gave me a voice, so to speak. Before Pony, I followed a strict internet rule of "read-only". I never posted anything, anywhere. I stayed completely silent. I figured it was easiest and safest to never speak a word--that way you can never get in trouble. For reasons I'm not quite sure I understand, Pony somehow inspired me to start talking, to speak my mind not only about the show, but about everything. I started writing my robust blog and talking with other fans. I've offered a lot of help in Life Advice. I've contributed some of my own fan art to the community, most notably with my realistic 3D pony models. (Mare of Steel is kinda my pride and joy. ) I probably never would have bothered to learn 3D modeling had it not been for Pony, and I discovered that 3D modeling is one of my greatest joys in life. I love everything about it, and I have big future plans in that department. I've also decorated my room with Pony merch. In particular, I'm most fond of my extra large canvas art print of Ponyville square at dusk with all of the characters out and about. I got that from a talented artist on Redbubble. (Shout-out to Stinkehund!) I even made what I dare say is one of the best Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash cosplays ever created, which I wear around regularly. Pony has made my life so much richer, and filled it with so many wonderful things. It's also made me more confident and optimistic. I would have missed out on so much had I never discovered MLP. Pony has absorbed an embarrassing amount of my time and attention these past years, and I've loved [almost] every second of it. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I've been the type of fan to critically review it, and get bent out of shape when they make decisions I don't like. In fact, I've been pretty vocal and angry about some episodes. And yes, I'll even admit to being one of those asinine, annoying fans who gets all whipped up and offended when they ruin one of my headcanons or mess up one of my ships. Yup, I'm one of those fans all right. (I'm sorry! ) I've taken the show way too seriously at times. Guilty. That's the mind of a clinically depressed autistic for you! But I've always tried my best to keep it in perspective. Now, at the end, I can confidently say that the bad episodes, the frustrations, the disappointments, the continuity errors, the plot holes, and the missed and wasted opportunities are not what I will carry with me. What I will take away are the joys, the laughs, the thrills, the chills, the feels, and the tears. Despite any decisions I didn't like, these charming, endearing, wonderful, beautiful characters and their world have given me a ridiculous amount of joy, and I will love and treasure them always. I am extremely grateful to all of the hardworking people who made the show possible. And yet, like all good things for me, Pony is a double-edged sword. It seems my cruel fate to find the most wonderful things in my life simultaneously depressing. I am a deeply troubled, depressed, lonely person. If you've read much of my blog at all, then you probably already know that. Whenever I watch FIM or EG, I am constantly reminded of the things I long for but will likely never have. I watch the ponies and the Equestria girls with a constant and persistent pain because I wish so much that I could live in a world like theirs, have friends like them, and have that sort of affection in my life. I long for romance more than anything in the world, and MLP G4 reminds me of the kind of person I wish I could have in my life, but never will. Pony would often cheer me up, but then leave me feeling even more alone afterwards as I would think deeply about the voids in my life. At times, I even found it extremely difficult to watch the show because of the pain it would cause me, as I wished so desperately for things that I will never have. Friendship is Magic has been so beautiful, and yet for me, in the cruelest of ironies, it also stings like alcohol on a fresh wound. And yet, I still love it, and would never give it up. Pony has been one hell of a ride, and I believe it has made me a better person. As I said in my final episode post, I'm going anywhere. I'll still be around these forums regularly. Many more Mondays, many more blogs. I just wanted to say this closing word about the show and its impact on me. Before I end this entry, I wanted to share this video clip, which I feel absolutely, perfectly sums up myself and the entire adult MLP fandom. (Sometimes, you gotta learn to laugh at yourself. ) Just replace the line about finding stupid reasons to breakup with women with finding stupid reasons to get pissed off about episodes, and you've got us. Lol. Okay, guys, thanks for reading. Stay pony, my friends.
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    MAJOR SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN THE FINALE YET:I LOVED THE FINALE! I'm perfectly satisfied with the ending to the series as a whole. I adored when Spike became 2nd in command to Twilight as "Royal Advisor." Spike SO deserves a high position and a proper title! It was so touching when Celestia and Luna spoke about being "all grown up" on her throne. How far Twilight Sparkle has come in 9 seasons….Her interest in magic started with the summer sun celebration so she has truly come full circle. I was shocked and completely surprised that Discord turned out to be Grogar all along. I really like this twist as it explains why Discord was absent from the MLP 2017 movie for example. It was perfectly in character for Discord as he has to be chaotic to help or he disappears completely from existence. It was interesting to see how Twilight reacted to Discord's manipulation of their past victories. I'm glad the writers got to explore this with Twilight. The battles were wonderfully animated. Twilight gets injured! I never thought the writers would take the risk of having a member of the Mane 6, least of all Twilight, take a hit even though Discord and Celestia have been injured in past episodes(albeit Discord faked his injury). This was one tense episode! Also Cozy turned herself into an Alicorn! I would have expected a bit more of a reaction out of the friends when Twilight gets blasted by Cozy…that has got to be permanently scarring for Mane 5. I loved that every creature/character came to rescue the Mane 6 in a true moment of friendship, diversity and inclusion done right. Before I ever knew that season 9 would be the last season, I wanted the finale of MLP to have a moment where all of Equestria saved the Mane 6 because that would be the perfect way to show unity and the strength of friendship so I was thrilled that the writers felt the same way. I liked that the Windigos got to make a return when the ponies became divided. I never liked the idea of the pony races being racist towards each other because it always felt unnatural to me in the MLP universe but here it actually works well and gives the Student 6 a minor but vital rule in the conclusion of the series. Sorry I just love the final friendship rainbow scene! Ultimate Friendship Beam anyone?! I love how Spike is included for once! Tempest makes a non speaking cameo! Pinkie Pie using Discord's magic from the bell was hilarious because she seems so chaotic in a way herself. I love the concept of the finale episode "The Last Problem" to pieces where we get to see what became of everyone without squeezing it into the battle episodes(Pinkie’s a mom!)!. I loved that we got to see characters like the Cake Twins and the CMC older! The lesson is perfect! It’s still weird that Twilight can’t rule from Ponyvile in her own castle though. It doesn’t make sense why Twilight can’t just rule from Ponyvile since she already has a whole castle there, and why she can’t continue to teach in Ponyvile. And I wish it was explained whether the other Mane 5 will teach at the friendship school, at all after Twilight takes power, or do they have other duties, royal or otherwise?? Does Sunburst have to live in Ponyvile now? So many unanswered details. I love Twilight’s coronation outfit! I love how Celestia and Luna combined their crowns to make Twilight's big new crown. The song was utterly beautiful! The last moment with the closing of the book was the perfect touch. I love how the TV airing had "Many, Many, Many Moons later" on the title card before "Last Problem" actually started. I loved the disability representation of Scootaloo still being flightless and being fully respected as a disabled teacher at the School of Friendship! Please NOTE: NO I do NOT think Twilight is immortal and no I do NOT think Twilight will outlive her friends and neither does my family who watched with me. This is more of a fan theory but I think Alicorns do age, but don't show their age physically because of Alicorn magic. I think Celestia and Luna were elderly and getting weaker, hence why they didn't go on adventures much and decided to hand over ruling duties to Twilight and her friends, especially since Celestia and Luna mentioned the "Sliver" retirement community from the previous episode "Point Of No Return" and all the ponies at that location are over a certain age, if you will. Goodbye MLP. I will treasure my time in Equestria with all these characters forever. Thank you MLP staff for making a show so good it inspired my own film writing style. Can't wait for G5 and the CGI movie and the MLP comic series.
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    (Unless you positively nail it) Skaters Misunderstood edgy characters Bleeding heart overly sad characters “It was only a dream.” Perfect fighters Everything must end in romance Dark and stormy nights Villainous parents The Chosen One Gods who cannot defeat non-God related villains Plot armor (parenthetical rants) Misunderstood fighters/heroes/musicians who instantly have a huge fan base Immediate love, platonic or otherwise Immediately good at everything characters Overly large rarely words used in a narrative (when there’s a common, smaller alternative) Blood fucking everywhere If I can figure out how to quickly find my blog then I will add more to this with time. Do you have anything I can add?
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    Heya guys. It's been a while since I made a blog post, and I figured that now is a good time to make another one... and it's about the show ending. Frankly, I'm not as devastated as I was whenever I first found out about it, but I'm still pretty bummed out. I know that the story of the show is gonna continue in the comics, and that's great, but people are just making their goodbyes now that the show is over, and it's bumming me out. In all honesty, I wish people would quit saying: "Don't be sad it's over, smile because it happened!" I'm sorry, but... no. Maybe I can do that for other things, but there's no way I can do that for MLP: FiM. This show is definitely what I'd call "too good". You know something is too good when you'd rather just not exist than to have it end. I'm not kidding when I say that I'd probably rather just have the show just not exist than for it to exist and end... but I mean, to be honest... I probably wouldn't care so much if I had experienced this show to the fullest, which I sadly didn't. I didn't become a fan until 2013, and even when I did, I never got to watch most of the episodes when they first aired on The Hub/Discovery Family. I did get to watch some... but... not the vast majority. I also didn't get to go to any of the conventions, but I did attend a few panels at my local anime cons. Not to mention that now that the show's over, it's only a matter of time before they stop selling G4 related merchandise, which is... not good. On the bright side, though, I think people are still gonna upload pictures to Derpibooru and DeviantArt, and I would say that people are gonna keep making fan videos, but I heard that Flash is going to get support dropped next year, so RIP. All I can say is... I need to buy the rights to Hasbro, if I can, and create a reboot of FiM. Otherwise, I'll probably never be truly happy again in my life.
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    The alarm sounded and Pinkie Pie threw off her blankets. “Today’s the day! Today’s the day!” She slapped the clock, silencing the alarm. In a flurry, she brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and ran out the door. She would have greeted every pony she passed on the street, but it was too early for most ponies to be awake. She bounced all the way to Twilight’s castle singing “Today’s the day!” She pulled the chord that rang the doorbell. Several minutes later, a sleepy-eyed Twilight answered. “Pinkie? Do you know what time it is?” “It is 6:43 am on the day that Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo return from their first semester at Canterlot University!” She bounced up and down a few more times. Twilight yawned and rubbed her eyes. “Yes, but their train doesn’t arrive until 8:15. So come back later.” She tried to close the door, then stopped and looked at Pinkie Pie. “And five minutes is not later enough.” She knew how Pinkie Pie thought, and that coming back five minutes later is the kind of thing she would do. “Okie dokie. I’ll come back at 8. That will give us enough time to get to the train station and greet them.” She bounced away, leaving Twilight to grab another hour of sleep. All across town Pinkie Pie woke her friends. Applejack was the only one already up, probably up before Pinkie herself. “Oh, hi Applejack,” Pinkie said as she saw the orange earth pony pulling a cart. Pinkie was bouncing up the driveway. “Howdy, Pinkie. What’s got you in such a bounce today?” Applejack asked. “What? You mean you don’t remember? Today is the day that your sister comes back for her semester break.” Applejack stopped. “Oh, I guess that’s today. I plum forgot. I better get some food ready for her. I know that college food ain’t no good.” She disconnected the cart and made her way to the house. “Oh, ok. I was thinking we could go meet her at the train station.” Pinkie said. “Uh, yeah. That sounds good, I guess.” Applejack wasn’t sure what to do. “How about I make breakfast and you go get Big Mac to meet her at the station?” “That sounds great!” Pinkie exclaimed, as if it was the greatest idea any pony had ever had. She bounced up to the house and went inside. “Big Mac? Are you here?” “Good morning, Pinkie.” It was not Big Mac, but Pear Butter. She had moved in to the Apple house when she married Big Mac. She was in the living room sitting on a rocking chair. “Big Mac is out back. What can I do for you?” “Oh, hello Pear Butter. Wow, you look like you’re about the burst! That baby should be due any day now, huh?” Pear Butter smiled and nodded. “Well, I was just looking for him so he can go meet his sister and her friends at the train station because today is the day that they come back from their first semester at Canterlot University and I wanted everypony to meet them….” The sound of her voice trailed off as she went through the house and exited the back door. Pear Butter just smiled. It was 8:15 as the train came to a stop, steam billowing and brakes screeching. Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Big Mac waited on the platform. They were scanning the crowd of ponies that exited the cars. “Oh, oh, I see them! There they are!” Pinkie pointed to a group of young adult mares. “Cutie Mark Crusaders, over here!” Pinkie waved. Sweetie Belle blushed. “Pinkie, please don’t call us that. We aren’t fillies anymore,” Still, she gave Pinkie a big hug. There were hugs all around. “Well,” said Rarity, “You’ll always be the Cutie Mark Crusaders to us.” “And you’ll always be my big sister,” Sweetie Belle said, hugging Rarity. “How’s my champ?” Rainbow Dash gave Scootaloo a soft punch in the shoulder. “Kicking flank and taking names?” Scootaloo smiled, “Uh, yeah, something like that. I missed you, Rainbow Dash.” “That’s Lieutenant Rainbow Dash, cadet,” Rainbow Dash puffed up her chest. Scootaloo gave a mock salute. “Yes sir, Lieutenant. Is it true you saved your Commander’s life during the Border Wars?” Rainbow Dash nodded and looked to her rear, right leg, which was noticeably scarred. “Yep, it’s true. That’s where I got this.” “Come on, everypony,” Pinkie Pie said to the group. “There’s food at Applejack’s place. Everypony else is there waiting for us.” At the farm Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight, and Pear Butter had set up some tables where upon they had placed food. The group that had met at the train station was now gathering around the table. More hugs and greetings were exchanged. “How are your studies going?” Twilight asked Sweetie Belle. “Is professor Pedantic Pants giving you a hard time?” “Oh, a little. I think he has it in for me because I know you,” Sweetie Belle said. “He’s always like that,” Twilight said. “Robotics engineering is a difficult subject, and he wants to challenge his students.” “Say, where’s Spike?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Oh, he’s off on some super secret dragon adventure,” Twilight said. Meanwhile, “Now Apple Bloom,” Applejack said, “you said you were only taking a year’s worth of classes at Canterlot U before transferring to Ponyville Tech to study agriculture.” Apple Bloom looked down, “Yeah, about that. I kind of want to study literature and history. Canterlot U has such amazing professors and subjects. Everything is so interesting there. Plus the night life in Canterlot is amazing.” Applejack frowned. “I don’t know what is so appealing about a big city. You know Granny Smith would want you to stay in Ponyville if she were still here.” The guilt struck Apple Bloom. Applejack had taken over as head of the family when Granny Smith passed. But Apple Bloom felt that Applejack had become over bearing and didn’t want her younger sister to choose her own path in life. “Can we talk about this tonight?” Apple Bloom asked. Applejack nodded Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash was talking to Scootaloo off to the side. “And how is the Wonderbolt Prep courses treating you, Scoots?” Scootaloo avoided eye contact. “Yeah, I kind of don’t want to do that anymore.” Rainbow Dash was shocked. “What do you mean? You’ve always wanted to be a wonderbolt. Why are you changing your mind?” Scootaloo took a deep breath. It was hard for her to say, but she knew Rainbow Dash would understand, “I’ve met some pony.” Rainbow Dash was speechless for a moment, then she grinned. “Ah, I get it. That’s awesome. So, what’s his name?” She nudged Scootaloo. “Yeah, ‘his’ name. Um, you see…” Fluttershy was watching Rainbow Dash talk to Scootaloo. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, she could only observe their reactions. Rainbow Dash was first shocked and Scootaloo was really embarrassed and almost started to cry. Then Rainbow gave her a big hug and held her. Scootaloo returned the hug and started to smile. Rainbow wiped away a tear from Scootaloo’s cheek. That night, Twilight wrote a letter. “Dear Princess Celestia. Today I learned that as years pass ponies can change. Sometimes they don’t turn out the way you expected. But you should love them no matter what. I look forward to what the years ahead have in store for us.”
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    I freaking love the cold open of this episode! Having the major players of this episode doing monologues describing what happened is fantastic. The final Spike/Discord/Big Mac certainly got off to a great start from then and there. It's a great example of a flashback episode, giving Mac a bit more personality and Discord is being Discord as normal. Love the usual references and gags, along with the the apples basically taking over Ponyville, and the CMC were helping Sugar Belle with her message sending. I love the moment with Granny describing her dream as well. (Star trek reference!) The ending to this episode is probably the most touching and great ending to the normal episodes. Seeing this ending is the best way that they could have gone before the series finale. Glad they decided to wrap up the Big Mac/Sugar Belle story arc, because they ended up creating a gem of a episode. Grade: A
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    Ever since I first got hooked onto the show in mid 2013, my life had changed for the better. Out of every show or movie i've ever watched, none of them has taught me or shaped me as a person as much as MLP did. I remember joining the fandom like it was yesterday, instantly creating fan content and discussing my new interest with my friends, some of who are bronies themselves. I got to admit, even though I temporarily stopped watching around season 6, I never lost interest entirely. It's just that I had so much other life issues getting in the way like school etc. Earlier this year however, I heard news that MLP would airing its final season. Because of this, so many memories flooded back to me, to the point where watching the season 9 trailer almost made me cry. I was about to witness the end of a large portion of my childhood, and this wasn't the first time I felt this. When Adventure Time ended, I began to feel the end of an era for animation, as well as the beginning of a new era. I remember back in 2010 when Adventure Time was first announced as a new show through promos. Now that the end is finally here, I just want to say that it has been one hell of a ride, but we made it. Even after MLP does end, I may or may not continue being a fan after a while, but I will never forget the memories that I created while in the fandom. I truly do hope that Gen 5 does justice to the franchise as a whole and hopefully it will bring in more fans in the future. Thanks to the crew and the VAs for bringing a wonderful cartoon to us all.
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    Nine years. It seems like a long time, doesn't it? I mean, I grew up with Star Trek Voyager, from age 9 to 16, and that was only seven years! It's still amazing that our show lasted so long... But we all know why it did. It was us. Our love for 'some little girl cartoon' that no one else (heck, not even us sometimes) understands! MLP:FIM affected us all is many different ways, to many to list here. I can only tell you about my own experience. I didn't start watching until sometime late in Season 2, ignoring the internet 'brony' craze. Then I watched a clip on youtube out of curiosity, and it made me laugh. So I thought, "you know what? I'll give it a try." Watched the first few episodes and, while a bit put off by the kiddy stuff, it also made me laugh. And it was well written, animated, and acted. Reminded me of the cartoons from the '90s, (Pinky Pie was based on the Animaniacs, change my mind!). I kept watching, and after about a year my roommates were like, "dude, you're a Brony!" Yup, I was hooked! Fast forward to summer of 2017. I had been enjoying the show for a few years, and having all sorts of fun here on the forums with RP's, fan art and music, and making new friends both online and in person (call-out to Canterlanta!). Then, I lost my boy. Welcome depression, loneliness and a cloud of darkness that hovered over me for two whole years. I didn't care about pretty much anything, and just kept to myself. My friends here on the forum will probable remember how I just up and vanished. Then earlier this year, my new roommate suggested that we go to Bronycon2019. I met him in a local brony community and we became fast friends. I had never been to a MLP con before, and since this was the last one i thought "why not?" We arrived Wednesday afternoon, and the next few days were amazing! I honestly had never been surrounded by so many happy, friendly, and welcoming people in my entire 33 years of life. Heck, there were spontaneous sing-a-longs while waiting in line! You could go up to anyone and start a conversation. I arrived really only knowing my roommate, but left with over a dozen new friends that he introduced me too. They welcomed me into the group without question or judgement. Later, at a panel with the comic artists, I made a few Star Trek jokes that Andy Price (a Trekkie himself) instantly called out! He even (jokingly) yelled at me for liking the wrong Star Trek series! Love that guy! But the biggest moment for me was at a community meet-n-greet, where I got to have a few minutes to meet an amazing person, who voiced a character that, as mentioned above, make me laugh and basically turned me into a brony, Jesse Nowack. Now, I've met Star Trek actors, the (former) Illinois governor, NASCAR drivers, and even got to sit in the SPEED TV trailer with Kenny Wallace! But NONE of them made me as nervous as meeting Nowacking and asking him to sign a custom CD I made filled with Vinyl Scratch music including tracks he did voice work for. It was an amazing experience, and my new friends will tell you that the CD didn't leave my hands the rest of the night!! Why am I going into all this? I awoke in the hotel room Saturday morning, went to brush my teeth, and basically started crying, having relived the memories of the past few days and realizing I hadn't been that happy since loosing my boy. Two whole years. I had such a wonderful time with such wonderful people at Bronycon, and it will be a trip I will never forget. Yes, the show is coming to an end. Tears will be shed all over the world. Yet, we still have Gen 5 coming, and FIM Season 10 will continue in comic form. Many have said that the fandom may die off after the show. But this isn't the end! MLP:FIM may be over, but it will continue forever right here, on this forum, as well as other places all over the world and net, from Fimfiction to Derpiborru. From Youtube channels to our personal headcannons. Keep creating your wonderful and amazing art, music, animations, stories, plushies, figures, and everything else! FIM will live on with us! This isn't the end, just another chapter. So many wonderful memories, friendships, and relationships all happened thanks to the wonderful group of people called Bronies, all brought together by a little children's show called 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'. Thanks for listening, and for all the happiness. Your friend, -Tim p.s. Thank you Jesse! This is meant as a letter to the entire community on mlpforums.
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    Check, check, check. Is this thing on? *pulls out scroll* Attention ponies of MLP Forums. It is my duty to inform you that I, Discord, spirit of chaos and devilishly good looking Draconequus, will be taking over Cash In's account. If you have any issues with this, please speak to my secretary, the Smooze. He will be happy to oblige (provided that you don't wear anything shiny). *tosses scroll away* Now that the unnecessary formalities are over with, it is my pleasure to announce that I have created an Ask Thread. Yes, a thread where you can ask me, about how great I am. Isn't that amazing? Oh the benefits of modern technology. Also, if you require chocolate rain, just say the word.
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    Here is the Theme Song of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Girls, can you explain why I look like I’m getting married at the bottom of a pit? – Cheerilee Hearts and Hooves Day (the Equestrian version of Valentine’s Day) has come to Ponyville, and love is in the air. Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are busy creating a giant greeting card to give to their teacher, Miss Cheerilee. This construction involves large quantities of paper, lace, glitter and paint. Despite the rather haphazard method of its creation, the finished product looks oddly professional… and far too large to fit into the envelope. At school, Cheerilee thanks the girls for their gift. Sweetie surmises that she must have gotten an even better present from her “Very Special Somepony” but Cheerilee reveals that she is currently single, stunning the fillies. Despite their protests (and a rather put-upon expression from the teacher), Cheerilee insists she is content with her romance situation, and that the good wishes from her friends and students is enough for her. Then Sweetie got an idea. An awful idea. Sweetie got a wonderful, awful idea. (Yeah, I know: wrong holiday. What of it?) Sweetie decides the Crusaders should take it upon themselves to find a worthy stallion to be Cheerilee’s VSS, and they quickly head out into Ponyville to find the perfect match. Their search takes the form of a song, sung mostly by Sweetie herself, as they consider and ultimately reject all of Ponyville’s single stallions left and right. There are a few noteworthy images during the song. (Oh, hai, inspiration for Button Mash) Including the first outright acknowledgement of death in Equestria… yup, the “too old” pony is a priest officiating at a funeral: you can see the casket on the right of the screen. The other rather noteworthy entrant in the potential partner pageant is the stallion who is “too strangely obsessed with tubs of jelly”. Eventually, they come to Big Mac, who they find doesn’t have any plans for HnHD, and decide he will be the one. Apple Bloom points out that Big Mac is shy and probably wouldn’t make the first move on Cheerilee. They then decide to set up a picnic at the gazebo, to set the mood and get Cheerilee to make the first move instead. After the picnic is all set up, Cheerilee appears. The girls had brought her out, saying they need help with identifying a tree… an apple tree. Cheerilee is understandably confused. Just then, Big Mac also arrives, having come to fix the gazebo. The fillies then try to leave them alone, hiding in the bushes. Cheerilee looks long at Big Mac, leans in, and they think their plan is working… only for Cheerilee to point out something stuck in his teeth. “Oh, come on,” indeed, Sweetie Belle. Bonus points for the record scratch. The music sounds distorted afterwards, too. The two then head off in opposite directions, leaving the fillies flabbergasted by failure. Cue Twilight… who bumps into them while reading a book. She mentions that the holiday was started by a love potion, piquing the attention of the CMC, who borrow the book and then book it before Twilight can recommend any other reading material. She is not pleased. The CMC prepare the potion, and again call out Big Mac and Cheerilee, passing the potion off as punch they want the two to taste test. Cheerilee explains to Big Mac that she’s entirely aware that the three fillies are attempting to set them up, but they decide to humour them anyway and drink the “punch”. Punch drunk. Love. The delight of the CMC at their plan coming to fruition is quickly cut short by Cheerilee and Big Mac becoming Sickenly Sweet Sweethearts, complete with baby talk and pet names. At least Big Mac is saying more than his customary "Eeyup" and "Nope". On the other hoof, given what he is actually spouting, maybe that would have been preferable. Thoroughly weirded out by the lovebirds, as it were, the CMC retire to their club house to found out what went wrong… only to discover it went horribly right instead. It turns out the original love potion was given by a prince to a princess (interestingly, the princess in question is depicted as an alicorn) but they were so busy being in love that it ended in the destruction of their kingdom. Apple Bloom has a rather dark imagination, we find, as she imagines the results of Big Mac not being able to farm and Cheerilee not being able to teach being an epidemic of poorly educated and starving ponies. However, Sweetie explains that the spell can be broken if they can prevent the couple from seeing each other for an hour. Sounds like a plan… The fillies find Big Mac and Cheerilee at Sugarcube Corner, making even Mrs. Cake uncomfortable with their PDA as they share a milkshake… or would, if they could stop insisting the other take the first sip. When Mrs. Cake mentions wedding bells in the near future, Sweetie gets another idea… using preparations for a wedding as a pretext for keeping the sweethearts apart. AB and Scoots take Big Mac to get a diamond, and Sweetie takes Cheerilee to Carousel Boutique to get a wedding dress. Sweetie traps Cheerilee in the fitting room, while Apple Bloom stalls Big Mac by refusing all the proffered diamonds. A moment’s carelessness means that Big Mac escapes her. AB sends Scoots to inform Sweetie while she tries to stop Big Mac’s pronking progress. However, not even tying a rope to a house is enough to stop him. And this is exactly the sort of thing that drives Berry Punch to drink… At the Boutique, Sweetie is distressed to hear the news, but gets another idea on spying some nearby shovels. They quickly dig a pit trap for the suitor, and Big Mac calls out for Cheerilee just before falling in. Hearing her snookums’ voice, she busts out, veil and all, and heads for her beau. The CMC try to stand in her way, but she simply bowls them over and leaps into the pit. Fortunately, the two were kept apart long enough to end the spell, leaving a very confused Cheerilee to ask what in Equestria is going on and why she is getting married in a pit. The CMC come clean and admit that they made a big mistake trying to force the two into a relationship. Cheerilee thanks them for their concern but she and Big Mac agree the three need to be punished by doing all of Big Mac’s chores (presumably just for the rest of the day.) They also pretend to be going on a real date, just to mess with the fillies some more. And off they stride into the sunset together… Thoughts on the Episode Oh, Sweetie Belle, why do you do things? Without her bright idea to set up Cheerilee with somepony, none of the hijinks would have ensued. Although to be fair, only her first (well, and second, but that was more of a group decision) idea really backfired, the rest of her suggested courses of action actually did assist in ameliorating the first blunder. I think it would have been a little better for AB and Scootaloo to have come up with some suggestions that helped solve the crisis too, since as it is the episode is rather heavily weighted towards Sweetie. She is my favourite Cutie Mark Crusader, though, so I’m not going to object too hard to it. I thought the cringe aspect of the enforced relationship was pretty well handled… the way the two acted under the influence of the love poison was just balanced enough that it didn’t become too annoying, but still did enough to make it uncomfortable… which is as it should be, considering the CMC used literal date rape tactics on both Cheerilee and Big Mac. I’ll give Apple Bloom a point or two for being the only one to actually question whether they should be doing this. Pity she was so easily convinced to proceed. In the end, the fillies can be given a bit of a pass for overriding Cheerilee and Big Mac’s free will, since they are fillies, and such lapses of judgment due to immaturity are easier to forgive than in somepony you could reasonably expect to know better. (Looking at you, Starlight Glimmer!) The important thing is that they did learn their lesson, and they didn’t get off scot-free. Props to Cheerilee for assigning them some sort of punishment and not just letting it go. The moral is a little bit meta, since it seems to be a subtle rebuke to the habit some fans have of pairing up ponies without regard to whether it would actually make sense for them to be together. A little bit of romantic speculation is fine (I do it myself sometimes), but I disapprove of the lengths some fans will go to in shipping. See the “Die for our Ship” entry on TV Tropes for examples of the kind of things I mean. But back to the episode itself. As I mentioned above, there were a lot of stallions not usually seen around Ponyville during the song, which seems a little bit odd if you think about it, but hey, songs in the show have always needed some leeway in terms of realism. At least it gave the animators an excuse to experiment… although perhaps some experiments were not meant for ponykind to know… A very jarring image, that. Speaking of jarring images, the scene in Sugarcube Corner is possibly the most suggestive in the show to date. Dat cherry… And then there’s the shots of all three CMC fillies straddled by Twilight… That one gave me some “Hiiiiii, gurllzzz!” flashbacks. Brrr. Highlights/Quotes Watch Cheerilee’s expression when Sweetie asks about her not having a VSS… Single people everywhere can relate. The song is pretty darn funny… watch for that split second of morbidity, though! Cheerilee leans in towards Big Mac… soft romantic music plays… Cheerilee (dreamily): Big Mac…? Big Mac: Yup? Cheerilee (normal tone): …you have something stuck in your teeth… Sweetie Belle (In the distance): OH, COME ON!! When the love potion recipe calls for a Pegasus feather, Sweetie casually yanks one out of Scootaloo’s wings. Cheerilee’s Foe Tossing Charge towards Big Mac… then she leaps towards him with an expression of joy… until she realizes they’re about to collide face first… Pros: A good moral that works both in universe and out of universe. Some pretty funny things happen. Cons: Perhaps a bit too Sweetie-centric. Unsettling implications if you think about it too much. Carousel Boutique, but no Rarity? For shame! Final Rating 5 – Button’s Mom Rank: This episode has got it going on. 4 – Big Mac / Cheerilee Ship Rank: It seems like it should work, but there’s something not quite right… 3 – Button Mash Rank: Worth inserting a coin or two, but nothing super special. 2 – Hugh Jelly Rank: Once taste is enough, then put the lid on the jar. 1 – Love Poison Rank: For your own sake, don’t ignore the pony skull on the label… And once more, we get to see a familiar holiday done the pony way, and it is sweet! Not a perfect episode, but still probably one of my favourites featuring the CMC. Next we have an episode that is somewhat less romance themed, A Friend in Deed. Join me next time as we greet a new character and welcome him to Ponyville. Until then, stay sunny side up!
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    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. What a great way to end the TV series of FiM. I'm more than satisfied with it.However, I do acknowledge that Season 10 is confirmed for the comics (which I may definitely want to get my hands on). Which because of that, I can expect the Brony Animators to animate Season 10 anyway as soon as it goes public.Also, I am still being cautiously optimistic about G5 MLP. I've heard some good things from some insiders about it, though we'll see the results when they show it.Just like with any other TV/Movie series, just because it ends, doesn't mean the fandom has to.No matter what, I'm still here to share the magic of friendship with all of you here. That will never change.I hope the same with most (if not all of you).Yours sincerely,Jonny Music (as a reminder, my OC's name is Silver Whistle )
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    We didn't make it to state sadly. It was one of four worst runs yet. Basically anything that could go wrong did. It's sad too because our morning rehearsal was so good and we were all really pumped about this performance. Maybe next year