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    Twenty years ago yesterday, famed Peanuts comic illustrator and writer Charles Schulz passed away from cancer at 77 years of age. The following day, his last strip (created well in advance) circulated the papers. Now twenty years since his last comic strip, Schulz’s lasting legacy remains firm, and Peanuts remains iconic for both young and old.
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    Okay, this one's kinda stupid, but I wanna get it off my chest anyway. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When you see people ice skating in a commercial (usually a pharmaceutical commercial where happy people are showing how happy they are to get their fibromyalgia and crohn's disease under control), and the woman is always wearing figure skates, and the man is always wearing hockey skates. Yup. That's how it's gotta be. No other choice, because as we all know, if figure skates so much as touch a man, he will instantly turn gay. That's how it works. Pffft. F*ckin' bullsh*t. I know, right? What a weird thing to get bent out of shape about. Well, see, the thing is, I'm a figure skater. And male, obviously. I also used to work in an ice rink, passing out rental skates, and we offered hockey and figure. I would always ask which type the customer wanted, and a lot of guys would act like idiots when I asked. They'd look at me like I was from outer space, laugh, or even get downright offended or insulted at being asked if they wanted figure. Some young guys even made extremely rude comments, like, "what the f*ck, dude? I'm not f*ckin' gay!" Seriously. I had people say that. And it wasn't just teenagers, either. I had adult men in their 30s and 40s look at me sideways, like I was asking them if they wanted high heels and a dress. Yeah, so news flash: men's figure skating exists, and not all of them are gay. Many are married to women and have kids. In fact, most are hetero. Sure, there's a higher density of homosexuality within the male figure skating community then in, say, football, but it's not the majority. And even if it was, so what? But that's not the end of it. There's the other side, too. I don't mean to suggest that there's anything wrong with hockey, and to that end, why can't the woman ever wear hockey skates? It so happens that hockey skates are generally more comfortable and functional for the casual skater who isn't doing tricks (jumps, spins, etc). Hockey skates would be ideal for many girls and women who just want to cruise around and have fun. In fact, I knew a female employee at the rink who did just that. She wasn't a hockey player at all. Just a recreational skater who liked to cruise around and have fun, and she had hockey skates. And she was actually pretty dainty and feminine, too, not that that should matter. My point is, why can't the commercials ever mix things up and do it the other way around? Both types of skates are suitable for both sexes and all people. I just get so sick of this kinda bullsh*t, y'know?
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    Howdy ho good people. Welcome back to the shitshow that is the United States featuring its glorious brain dead cheeto leader, Donald Trump! Recently, the South Korean film Parasite won best picture at the Oscars. Haven't seen the film yet but I hear it is a masterpiece, nothing less. Sounds like it absolutely deserved this award. Donald Trump, being the putried spawn of the underworld that he is, made his own opinions known about this victory for the film at a rally in Colorado. Trump said the following: “How bad were the Academy Awards this year?” Trump asked his supporters at the event. “Did you see it? The winner is…a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all about? We got enough problems with South Korea with trade. On top of that, they give him best movie of the year? Was it good? I don’t know. Let’s get ‘Gone With the Wind.’ Can we get ‘Gone With the Wind’ back, please?” Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Did the world truly end in 2012 and this is us in hell? Trump's stupidity and putridness has literally no boundaries and is always evolving. He straight up says that he has not seen the film and mocks its win purely because it is SOUTH KOREAN. THAT'S IT. So he not only insults the film's win because he is plain as day racist, but he also mocks a movie he hasn't even seen. How much of a fucking single brain celled dimwitted dumbfuck can a single person possibly be? Bernie Sanders is fighting and working his ass off to one day hopefully make things better for all of us and at the same time, Trump, a person that 10's of MILLIONS of people support in full, is busy mocking films that he hasn't even seen solely because of the country they were made in. Someone get me off this goddamn planet please. There is one positive out of this story though. The US distributor, Neon, had a very simple response to Trump: “Understandable, he can’t read.” Amazing. XD That almost makes this entire thing worth it. Reading that put a huge smile on my face.
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    I've started making a PMV for the first time ever! I'm super excited about it, even though I've only put together about 10 seconds of it, so I wanted to share my progress so far! The song is Trouble is a Friend by Lenka, a song that been a favorite of mine for a long time. The first several seconds of my PMV is below! I'm really trying to nail the timing of the clips, but it's my first time, so! I'd love to add cool effects and stuff sometime like the really awesome PMV makers, but I have a feeling that this kind of straight from the show thing is all me and my free video editor are gonna be able to handle lol
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    So after a bit over a week of intermittent crocheting I have completed my first complex plush: Baby Yoda. There is a lot of learnt whilst making the project which I will take to other projects. I very happy with how it turned out and am looking forward to completing more projects eventually creating my own patterns. But now I need to focus on my revision and mocks.
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    Lately I've been flying the Piper Cherokee on the sim, as I've also been training on it in real life to meet the complex aircraft requirements for the commercial pilot license. Luckily was able to find a good free model online. Did a couple of instrument approaches at College Station, then Hunting...ton... or was it Huntingville? Lastly going towards Galveston to see some of the beautiful, exotic beaches (ah hah hah). Enroute. Final approach... weather is currently pretty hazy/foggy in Galveston, so the weather downloaded gives me just that.
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    Surprise! For the heck of it, I've decided to challenge myself by doing an Organ version of the 1% Skills 99% Editing Skills Challenge (or should it technically be a 0.1% Skills 99.9% Skills Challenge? lol ). Featuring Toby Fox's Megalovania (from Undertale). What a better song to do for this kind of challenge than with this song, am I right? Enjoy. Premieres @ 8 PM EST today (Feb. 17, 2020)
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    So after overcoming a fairly serious thumb injury and making the life-changing decision to quit my last job, I finally finished Rarity's head (and by finally finished I mean the head's been finished for a week, I've just been dealing with her mane up until last night). Long synthetic hair is a nightmare to deal with. I spent way too long trying to get her mane the way it is in the show, and I just couldn't get it right. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the hair to make one large curl, so in the end I just took a regular curling iron and went at it. I'll have to brush and re-curl it before every use (you can see how messy it got after just one day), so that'll be mildly annoying, but not too bad since it only takes about half an hour. Even though I'm still disappointed I couldn't get it how I want, I still think it looks okay. Moving on from her mane, while the head does have some other problems, I'm just happy at how much I improved compared to my last head (which I will not show). I still have problems with mouths, but I did a hell of a lot better this time around. There are also visible gaps in the edges of the eyes where the plastic meets the foam, but I think I can find a way around that next time. And I also want to switch to 3D printing once I get enough money, which would eliminate that problem all together. And, of course, nearly everything is magnetic. Her swappable eyelids for different expressions, her mane (both front and rear sections), and even her horn are removable. I would have done her ears as well (for transportation purposes), but the strength of magnet needed to hold them on properly through the foam and fur would make the head way too heavy. Not to mention they're $40 a pair, and I'd need at least four magnets per ear for that. And they're not pictured, but I have a pair of removable 40x20mm fans hooked up to a 3000 mAh battery the size of a credit card and width of a smartphone (no, I'm not exaggerating. It's tiny and weighs next to nothing). Everything fits inside the head and the battery can last for almost ten hours, so I think that it's much preferable over my last setup that had the wires for all six fans in the suit running to one battery bank. Sure, that one may have enough capacity to run every fan for 24 hours, but that's overkill, and it's rather inconvenient to have wires running all over the inside of the suit. Here are some pictures. Since the eyes are so massive, vision is about as good as it gets in a fursuit. That also helps ventilation along, which is also really good, given that there's two 40mm fans in the head - one that draws fresh air in through the mouth, and another that exhausts hot hair out in front of the ear (the vent is hidden by her mane. It's very difficult to see, but it still draws a lot of the heat from inside the head). Overall I'm happy with the results, given my experience level. I've definitely improved a lot since my last head, and that's good enough for me. Now on to the body suit. I worked on that all day today, and let me tell you ponysuits are so much more complicated than fursuits, even digisuits. The legs aren't too difficult, but you have to pad the arms if you want the suit to look good, and that's a lot harder than it sounds. Me wanting to add dual 80mm fans to each arm doesn't make it any easier. But still, I think I've got some good progress going, so we'll see how it turns out in the end.
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    I finally finished, and I'm fairly proud of the final product. There are definitely a few things that I now see I could have done better, but I'm still happy with it. EDIT: Here's the new pictures. It's definitely a lot easier to make sure the camera is focused when there's actually a person behind it. So anyway, this was a lot more difficult to make than it should have been. There are next to no ponysuit tutorials online, and the ones I could find looked terrible, were extremely vague, or both. In most cases, both. A good chunk of this suit was made through a lot of experimentation because of that, and now I know what to do and what to change next time. Let's start with a list of features and stuff, cause I don't feel like writing a bunch right now. -two sets of magnetic eyelids -magnetic mane (separated into front and rear pieces) -magnetic horn -magnetic cutie mark -the tail is replaceable since it's just attached to a belt and pulled through a hole in the bodysuit -swappable indoor and outdoor hooves -hidden zipper down the front of the suit -hidden zippers for each hand -removable Poly-fil stuffing in both arms and legs -two 40mm fans in the head plugged into a 3,000mAh battery that can power them for close to eight hours So yeah, that's pretty much it. Since everything's removable I could easily use the bodysuit and head as a base for any white pony I want, provided they have blue eyes (like my ponysona). I feel like there's a bunch of other stuff I could say, but I just can't think of anything else I want to say (which is weird), so I think I'll just leave it here.
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    Here is Sport Utility Vehicle. A Silly Song from Veggietales on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/olcbarcelonamusic More information about them: http://www.mysheetmusictranscriptions.com Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is a Shining Time Station Suite on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/olcbarcelonamusic More information about them: http://www.mysheetmusictranscriptions.com Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    I have countless amazing memories from high school marching band, and I figured I'd put them here so that I can always remember them, and maybe a few people will also get a laugh out of some of them. I guess I'll start with freshman year. I'll have to omit a few memories. As much as I'd like to share everything, we have three traditions that only band members are supposed to know about. I know it's the internet and nobody cares, but it's important to me to keep them a secret. Bus traditions Whenever we were on a bus ride somewhere, for the first and last few minutes of the ride the highest leader on the bus (usually a fleet) would say "fall in, face forward," and we'd sit still in our seats facing forward, and we weren't supposed to make noise. We did this because most accidents occur within the first and last few minutes of trips, and this allowed the bus driver to focus on the road, rather than the fifty loud teenagers behind them. We'd also say "thank you" to the bus driver whenever we got off. This was a tradition stemming back all the way to 1969 when the band was formed, and it's something we never lost. The terrifying drive to Camp Greenbrier This was where we had our band camp. We took tour busses (three my freshman year, I think), and I'm almost certain the road there wasn't meant for vehicles that large. The roads were barely wide enough for two regular sized cars to scrape past each other, and there was a fairly sharp drop on one side of the road. Every time we passed another car heading in the opposite direction I'd be terrified we'd slip off the edge of the road. The banana peel During lunch one day, our bronze fleet (4th in command) turned around in his chair, stared right at me, and shoved a banana peel into his mouth. We became fairly close that year. He was a pretty chill guy. My first parent show (I cried) Every year on Friday evening we'd perform what we had done of the show for our parents. It was a pretty long drive and only a couple hundred people would normally show up at Greenbrier (more showed up my senior year when we switched camps), but it was still really cool, and it was my first real performance in marching band. Up until that point I had been considering quitting band after that year, but once the show was over, I realized just how incredible it was that so many people could come together to make something so amazing. Then all the seniors started crying because it was their last year. I guess it was contagious because I started crying, too. Though, in my defense, I had made quite a few close friends that were seniors, and my sister was also a senior that year. The start of a new tradition Every year on Saturday before we left camp, the seniors would all hold hands and walk down the practice field together. Normally non-seniors weren't allowed to watch, but they made exceptions for people taking pictures. My sister asked me to take some, so they allowed me to show up. This year, however, one of the percussion players (his name escapes my memory, but he was one of the last people I would have expected to do something like this) said something along the lines of "Guys, we're not close enough," and they all put their arms around each other's shoulders instead of just holding hands. More crying followed. Guard was terrible, but everything else was great At competitions, we'd consistently get 5th, 4th, or even 3rd place in every category except for color guard. They were always in the bottom 5 places. On the opposite end, we got within top 3 for drum majors that year at every competition. A bittersweet memory To this day I'm not sure if I regret this decision or not. Probably yes, but whatever. This was the year I asked my ex-girlfriend out. I remember specifically it was a Friday night after a football game, early on in the season. I was terrified, but I had more guts back then, so I managed to do it. We were friends for a couple of months, then we started officially dating. I can't deny I was happier then than I ever had been before, so maybe it was worth it. Maybe. That's everything interesting I can remember from freshman year. Maybe it wasn't all that interesting, or maybe I just can't remember much from that long ago. And there's always the possibility that Senior year was just so exciting that every other year seems dull by comparison. Who knows. More to come.
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    As some of you may know, some time ago I claimed that I would be going through the MLP:FIM series, installment after installment giving each of them a review, going into depth with each's strengths and weaknesses and just giving my overall impressions, thoughts and opinions on the different features that each season brought to the table. I was really excited going into it and, I really wanted to contribute something something into a fan-base which, I'm sure has so many other people who are older than me and more experienced than me when it comes to the show. I haven't been a brony for nearly as long as many other people have been and combined with my love, enjoyment and enthusiasm for reviewing, debating and animation in general, it was an endeavor far too tempting not to take up. However, off the bat, I realized that I'd perhaps bitten off more than I could chew. With 26 episodes in a Season, 7 of those seasons as well as all of the Equestria Girls movies and more, it was all just too much. I posted my Season 1 overview about 7 months ago and, I'm quite proud of it. I expressed what I wanted to and, for my first attempt at a professional review, it came out just like I wanted to. However, as time moved forwards and I started preparing my review for Season 2, which arguably as the fan-favorite season and one of the reviews that I was particularly looking forwards to, I became aware of a few...problems. And, the more and more that I pondered about these problems, more problems started coming to my attention. Too many problems for me to just go ahead and release the review regardless and, I started to realize that, perhaps my Season 1 review wasn't THAT good after all. I still have some affinity for it but...I don't know. And above all of the others, 2 problems in particular continued to irk me the more that I thought about them. If you'll allow me to explain my primary concerns about continuing, the 1st issue that was a problem for the 1st review and, was only ever going to become more of an issue as time went on was time management. That review was extremely lengthy to watch and analyse every single episode of every single season, complete the initial draft on paper and then to copy that out digitally, it just took too much time. Overall, that review took, approximately 12 hours to complete and, it was only going to get worse from there. Look, I'm in my final year of Secondary School, my GCSE's are coming up rapidly and my entire future is riding upon them. I despise school work as much as any rational human teenager, but in these late stages I really do have to dedicate almost all of my spare time to revision, homework and making a secure future for myself. It's not optimal but, sadly it can't be helped right now. My 2nd issue was that, maybe it's my age, maybe it's just my personality but I came to discern that many of my opinions on the series in the first place came from a multitude of sources (reviewers, advice, the general opinion of of the episode among the fan-base) were fundamentally flawed. Many of my impressions on Season 1, for example, came from an experienced critic of animated shows, a man known as John Enter, known to the majority through his YouTube channel TheMysteriousMr. Enter (I believe that it's just on word ), a person who's opinion I had the utmost of faith in. But after a significant blunder of judgement on his behalf and the increase of age and knowledge opened me up to the fact that his opinion was not fact and was rather seriously flawed. And, the more that I thought about it, the more that I perceived that this same train of thought could really apply to any source of "wisdom" or "professional"input. The purpose of these reviews in the first place was to reflect ME and MY opinions about the series and, merely repeating what others said about the same entity added nothing to the fan-base that wasn't already there. I needed to become to sure about my own opinion and to realize that it was just as valid as anyone else's and that my lack of experience was irrelevant in the long run. I could do just as well as anybody else in this area. I need to return to these reviews with more confidence in myself, that's the bottom line. And, with these problems continuing to persevere, I had 3 options. To continue the series at a steady pace and for it to be a constant obstruction to my time and school work and to be completely unsure about it at the same time, ultimately possibly becoming a risk not worth taking, to half-arse it and to limp through each and every installment, making continuous delays and false promises to you all in the process, which is something that I really didn't want to do as I want these reviews to be something that I look back on with fond memories and satisfaction in the future. Or, lastly I could endeavor in a complete overhaul of the series, which is what I've ultimately decided to do. So, what does that mean in terms of the near future of the series? Well, on the off chance that you enjoyed the little content that I have already posted, and want to see more of it, don't worry. I DO plan on not only continuing with the series, but also, perhaps re-doing and improving the installments that I have already put out there. However, it will not happen for some time, certainly not until I finish my GCSE's, which, hopefully will be in July. Even then, I can only give a general idea, time-wise. I'm not going to make any promises that I cannot keep, so all that I'm going to say is that it WILL happen some day, hopefully not too far from now. I sincerely apologize for letting down anybody who wanted to see this series continue in the present and for not giving any sort of explanation until this moment, I was just confused and unsure about what to do, this is new for me and I want it so desperately to be of a quality that I can be proud of. As always, appreciation for your patience and concern, this is Rarity the Supreme, and have a great night. One last thing actually. Just something that I want to make clear before coming back, is the schedule that I'm going I'm going to follow, just so there are no surprises when they eventually do come into existence. Comprising of every season, movie and more: 1) Season 1 (Yes, I will likely re-do it.) 2) Season 2 (Same story as Season 1) 3) Season 3 (Looking forward to this one.) 4) Equestria Girls (I've said it before, but I will be taking a look at the Equestria Girls series as well.) 5) Season 4 (My favorite season.) 6) Rainbow Rocks 7) Season 5 (The season that I've seen the most of.) 8) Friendship Games 9) Season 6 (Another controversial season.) 10) Legend of Everfree ( Good times with this one.) 11) Season 7 (Just a shame that it won't be new when I get to it.) 12) Equestria Girls Specials (A bit of an anomaly when it comes to the series, but I do plan on reviewing it.) 13) The Movie (The definitive installment, the one that I really want to get to.) 14) Season 8 (Because, let's be honest, by the time I get to this stage it will have definitely have released.) 15-??) Whatever lies beyond this point. (I thought that it was context-appropriate.)
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    s09e26 spoiler inside. It already aired, but I'll be nice and hide it regardless.