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    I've been thinking... and that's not a good sign. But could it be that Rarity has some crystal pony connections? I literally have no evidence other than she likes crystals and precious rocks, that's how she got her cutiemark, and her hair is "special", it has similar gradient to that of crystal ponies. Which you could argue that many other ponies have that gradient but in fact there's not that many. Normally the pony's hair is plain. (No gradient) The only others that I remember seeing with this kind of gradient aside from the crystal ponies are Sassy Saddles (which could be just hair dye), Cadence (the Crystal Empire princess), and Luster Dawn (arguably also Crystal pony descendant). Though, none of her parents have any crystal pony attributes but it could still be passed on. Of course, any connection is probably purely coincidental because I don't think any person could have had this always planned, that would be ridiculous, BUT it's fun to think about and it somewhat makes sense. So there you go.
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    Even though 2020 has been one nightmarish year for the world, things continue to look up for my personal life. Like everyone else, I have not been spared the wrath of the growing civil unrest and CIAH!. I had to indefinitely swear off discussing sensitive issues six months ago after I kept getting attacked over trivial matters and the company I work for lost one billion dollars from the pandemic, costing me the raise I would've received. I was able to get incentive pay though, being yet to take a single week off work. Since I don't get welfare and never got a stimulus check, I was fully expecting not to make enough money to meet the savings goal I set for myself this year until the holidays, when my work always really starts picking up, but as of today, I've already made it! I'm not going to get into explicit detail about how much money I have right now because I don't want to brag, especially at a time like this. I'm just grateful that I'm in a good environment right now with a company that's treated me reasonably well. I'm also grateful to all my good friends who encourage me!
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    Kiss the Girls (1997) Obviously not a romantic movie. I want to start with a bang: This is one of the movies with the most horrific and creepy and intense beginning I can remember to have ever watched. It doesn't loose to time with a slow ramp up, nor is the beginning pure mindless action, but instead very well placed drama and thrilling. There is some (small) slow ramp up after these scenes, but it is still thrilling throughout the movie until the end. It was also acted extremely well. Rating: 10/10 !  @TheAnimationFanatic likely knows this classic? Opinion?
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    The yaks remind me of Klingons. It's cool that Pinkie likes them so much. Bringing an alligator to a snowy country is a really bad idea though.
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    Here is the Theme Song of Arthur (a.k.a. Believe In Yourself by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/olcbarcelonamusic More information about them: http://www.mysheetmusictranscriptions.com Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    It just came to my attention that Windigo Whisperer has been featured on FIMFiction.net! I just discovered this when I was browsing the Featured section out of curiosity, wondering how the story was able to get 1,000 views so quickly, and here I find my dream from eight years ago finally coming true! I can't explain why this story has been so successful...but people have shown their support for it, so I'm going to thank them by continuing to give them what they want!
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    I just need to vent about a few things right now. - I feel lonely. It’s so frustrating, I feel lonely but I don’t want to talk or be around to people. I’m not sure why it is that way, but it just is. I have online friends, but I still feel lonely. I had many real-life friends at college a few years ago, but I still felt lonely then. Also, I would love to have a girlfriend, but I don’t think any girls would be interested in me. I look unappealing and horrible, I rarely show my emotions and many of my emotions are dead, and I don’t talk much, so who would be interested in having a boyfriend, or even a just a friend, who is like that? - I hate jobs. They suck. How does anyone manage to work a job? I’ve worked a few jobs and I felt so miserable working them. Nowadays most jobs require people to do something that I am really terrible at doing, interacting with and talking to people. I can’t do that! Well, I can, but I often misunderstand and can’t hear people, and when I talk to people I find it hard to say some words and I frequently take short pauses because I can’t think about what to say fast enough. Also, talking to people makes me really anxious and stressed. Anyways, I can’t lift anything heavy because I’m not in shape. Problems with lifting heavy objects and talking to people severely limits the number of jobs I can apply to. And what also severely limits the jobs I can apply to is the experience requirement. Right now I’m unemployed, and I’m so discouraged about jobs that I’ve stopped applying to them entirely. I’d rather rot in my room than work a job. It’s not that I don’t want to work (I don’t want to do anything), it’s that I feel so demotivated and depressed that I can’t even get out of bed to eat lunch. - I feel demotivated. This is everyday that I have to put up with demotivation, and I can’t take it anymore. I don’t have any willpower left to do anything, and I stay in bed almost half the day it’s that bad. I don’t even have any motivation to play video games.
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    I've always found myself quite interested about the idea of thinking what will be, in our future. A few decades, a few centuries... Of course the former is much, much easier to do with a ready degree of certainty (even if with that you're bound to be wrong on at least half of any predictions that may be made), and the latter is pretty much impossible. I've always wanted to compile a list of things that would happen in our future and really think about how things might turn out. Now that I've said enough times that I find the topic fascinating in different words, before getting to the topic at hand, this prediction assumes we don't annihilate ourselves, and is also as optimistic as I think it can be: Global warming will have ravaged the planet in such a way where vast parts of the globe are uninhabitable, whether to do with heat or with going underwater. Some coastal areas will need to be evacuated, with an estimated roughly 3 foot rise in sea level by 2070. Globally, the average temperature will be roughly 3 degrees Celsius (or 5.5 degrees Fahreinheit) warmer than today. Most of the Middle East, northern Africa, and parts of Central America will be rendered unsuitable for human life. The global population will be roughly 11 billion, even after the near extinction of middle-easterners by xenophobic lawmakers (the likes of Trump of course). We will have chips implanted into us plausibly in the first days of our lives. These chips will track your movements and can also be modified to grant you a heads-up display of sorts. These chips will likely also allow you to have mental access to the equivalent of today's internet. The US, China, and India will all no longer be world powers. I personally predict, though this will likely be wrong, that we will have a single state spanning the globe whose biggest influences are the districts that are today's Norway and Japan. This will more than likely have been prompted by yet another close call with nuclear annihilation. Cars will pretty much have made a complete transition away from gasoline, to a different source of energy altogether. Perhaps smaller scale nuclear fusion engines (using the fusion of hydrogen atoms to create energy much like our Sun) will be available to the richer of the public, while everyone else will end up with electric cars. Yes, nuclear fusion energy will be a thing and will quite likely power most of what we do. It will be substantially cleaner than our current unrenewable sources of power. However, it will still require some sort of backbone from a more primitive source of power, plausibly solar after new innovations in the area (one is taking place right now). Poverty will be pretty much solved for the most part by the implementation of a global Universal Basic Income or Negative Income Tax. Healthcare will be payed by the state from money they get through taxes. Education will be free at all levels, as is already the case in some more developed nations (and yes, it DOES work, stop politicizing a one-sided issue). We will have colonies on the Moon and Mars, maybe also on Venus. These colonies will likely be very culturally different from us here on Earth and from all indications will end up outlasting our civilization on Earth, thanks to global warming and the more conservative/centrist and corrupt mainstream of our times failing to act. Quantum computers will be much more than a reality, they'll run most all of the supercomputers and private network servers of tomorrow. Human memories will be able to be downloaded onto computers, however they will still not have figured out quite how to emulate consciousness in machines, so the memories will sit. I'll probably put more predictions here in the not so distant future. Also locked because I know if I don't somebody's going to be angry about how certain facts don't align with their feelings.
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    Million Dollar Baby TBH, based off the title my expectation was not a boxing movie. I think that aside, it still went unexpected afterwards nonetheless. Spoiler warnings Rating 9/10
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    Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report (movie) Heh, the title is pretty misleading. The word poltergeist isn't used a single time in the movie. You can likely watch this without having watched the series before. It is pretty much just Shonen superpowers fighting in here ala Dragon Ball. Slight above average in total. 6/10
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    Before you read: I will DELETE ANY and ALL PMs related to this, and this blog is also locked so you will not comment here. I don't want to cause a $#!+storm, because I'm QUITE positive at least 1 person is going to get offended by what I have to say. I don't care, that's your problem and not mine. Regardless if you think I'm a "marxist", "racist", or any other dumb@$$ thing, it is not your place to attack me for having opinions, likely far right or fake left reader. Though I know some of you will probably say "yes, this is what has needed to be said for a LONG time" and I more than certainly agree with that. It's been a while. I've gotten a year or two older, a few more metaphorical grey hairs have grown on my head, and I have a few more members on my block list (by a few I mean a dozen...). But I've been itching to release this topic again. Read the disclaimer above, because I'm not repeating it before I begin: Pro-lifers are insufferable and wrong. Yes, an opinion can be wrong, and pro-lifers are indeed wrong. Not to say that lasseiz-faire abortions are moral, because they aren't. Black Lives Matter is tackling a phantom issue. Racism isn't the cause of the disparity in QoL between whites and blacks. Classism is. Anyone who wants to fly the Confederate Flag around in a public place is expressing that they are a racist traitor, and there's no way around it. Anyone who thinks that we shouldn't increase the minimum wage is a corporate puppet. $15 an hour right now is insane, but $7.25/hr. is much more insanely low than that is high. Billionaires should not exist. That isn't to say I believe we should execute the billionaires, that is to say we need an effective wealth tax. Cancel Culture is the dumbest thing ever. HOWEVER, the far right I hear complaining about it most are the worst about cancelling people. SJWs are bad, but Anti-SJWs are far worse. Antis not only exist just to complain about SJWs, but hypocritically commit the exact same actions they have issues with SJWs doing. Islam and Christianity BOTH are religions that preach hateful intolerance and violence. Any suggestion to the contrary is laughable and revisionist. In regards to No.8, Militant atheism is also a philosophy of hateful intolerance. I believe in freedom of religion likely more strongly than most I've met. Hateful speech is still free speech. Yes, bigotry and racism angers me too, but the thing is, expressing those views verbally is covered by free speech. Tax Havens should be regulated. Anybody using them should be thrown in jail, ASAP. The wealthy that use them are not even patriotic enough to pay their f***ing low taxes. (By the way, it is indeed a FACT that the rich pay a LOWER percentage in taxes than everyone else. Not fake news, corporatists). EVERY politician who takes money from special interest groups is a CRIMINAL. They should be in PRISON not CONGRESS. I can only count on ONE HAND the people that excludes. Every single president since Nixon is a WAR CRIMINAL. They've ALL fought illegal and offensive wars during their terms. Bush Jr. and Trump, though, are worse than the rest. Anybody who thinks the military doesn't IMMEDIATELY need defunding is deplorable. Yes, I mean EVERYONE. I am 100% convinced that the JFK assassination was a targeted hit done by the CIA and the Mafia working in cahoots. I find there to be validity in the 9/11 truther narrative. That being that Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney are the REAL terrorists who committed 9/11. The War on Drugs is the dumbest war (it is indeed a war) ever. Not only is it a war on a non-existent problem, it's a war that CREATES the very problem it claims to be trying to solve. Trump should be impeached, although not for the reasons Democrats want to impeach him. He is a divisive, bigoted, corrupt war criminal. On the note of no.18 however, Not EVERYTHING Trump has done was bad. He did defund the corrupt, incompetent China-shilling WHO for one. However much I agree with the left, I don't really like Bernie Sanders anymore. He is the lamest revolutionary I've ever seen. The left NEEDS a firebrand populist. Aliens are almost certainly real... However, in the lack of evidence, I will not say they've come to earth yet. At least every other negative thing I hear about AoC and the Squad is an insidious, divisive lie. Though they've disappointed me before. There are more than 2 genders. This isn't even an opinion, this is something I know for a fact. However there aren't 50+ of them, that's ridiculous. When Hillary said this she was laughably wrong, but now I can say for certain at the LEAST every other person who supports Trump is amoral. I'd more than definitely back Jesse Ventura if he ran for president. We absolutely NEED somebody like him in office right now. Anarchism, although a potentially flawed ideology, doesn't deserve nearly the misplaced hate it gets when it mostly is just telling the truth. A continuation of number 18, Trump is the single worst president in the history of the United States, no questions asked. Reagan is second to the bottom for similar reasons. Noam Chomsky is one of the very few voices of reason left in the United States, politically speaking. Most others have at least a couple of political views I find egregious. Anybody who thinks capitalism and democracy are mutually inclusive are backwards and ignorant of the facts about the evils of privatized power.. Abraham Lincoln was a bad president, both a racist who didn't actually value democracy and a man who had a marked lack of respect for the US constitution. The US isn't all that distant from being a fascist state by Benito Mussolini's definition, and Trump's really brought that into quite obvious perspective. Late stage capitalism and corporatism are at the absolute least as disastrous if not significantly more so in an economic sense than Soviet style communism. Stopping at 32 for now because I can't think of any more off the top of my head.~
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    Hi everyone, I didn't realize 8 months had gone by since I was last on the forum. I've been distracted with health issues and I wanted to explain what was going on. Last year I was diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was informed I had high levels of testosterone. For several years I've had facial hair and no periods. And for a time I enjoyed these male secondary changes and didn't want to go to the doctor. Then I wound up going to the doctor for something and then they tested my hormone levels and that's how I found out. I was sent to an endocrinologist who wanted to treat my symptoms with estrogen. I was horrified at going on estrogen and knew I had to reveal something I've felt since 2005. I came out as transgender at the doctors and explained tearfully why I couldn't bring myself to go on estrogen. I began to go to a local therapist who specialized in transgender patients and the endocrinologist I was going to referred me to another endocrinologist in Dallas. This doctor treats transgender patients and I really liked her as well as the rest of the staff of UT Southwestern. I discussed with the new doctor what was going on and they ran, over the course of several weeks, blood tests to see how healthy my body was before deciding if I can take testosterone. I also visited a plastic surgeon to talk about having a double mastectomy (top surgery). A date has not been chosen yet although I did choose the month of January 2019 to have it. I was recently approved of taking testosterone and I took my first shot on Wednesday August 8. I'm on a low dose because of my PCOS and I'm taking 50 mg every 2 weeks. I don't expect any changes for awhile. My family has been really supportive and I even had some family members like my dad who weren't surprised in the slightest. I let my supervisor at work know and she's been really supportive as well. She thinks most people at my work will support me because she likes to tell me how much everyone at work likes me. Not sure what else to say at the moment so I'll leave it at there for now. If you guys want me to blog any updates on any changes I've noticed let me know.