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    I hope you are ready for the awesomeness
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    Well how the hay else am I supposed to know somepony needs attention? Im a busy pony but I always make time for my fans
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    should be called Best pony day
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    Yes Princess cadence and Shining armor day!
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    Yes, ma’am
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    Happy Rainbow Dash Day 
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    Darn! Rainbow Dash has green in her tail. #Noponypinches
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    Princess Celestia and Luna are my special someponies!
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    Hoo boy... what a ride it's been so far, folks. I am gonna miss the show... ....but I'll try to make up for it with comics and fanstuff. And binging on old episodes. Anyway... have something classic to tickle the nostalgia bone! {or at least mine}
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    Because if it wasn't for the imagination, creativity, and persistence of the fandom, today would never had happened. The fans created Derpy and the animators were generous and kind enough to make her a legitimate character. Derpy is truly a fan-created character. One tiny animation derp (pun intended) evolved and exploded into a full-fledged character. Also I hope I don't live to the year 6099 Oh wait, I'm The Doctor. Of course I can live that long.
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    On behalf of the event staff, I can inform you all that we do have something in the works this year. So stay tuned.
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    There's an online convention set for October 10-11, but there's no indication of whether they'll be acknowledging the whole "10th anniversary" thing - they haven't even posted their schedule yet: https://online.ukponycon.co.uk/
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    Still waiting for Hasbro to announce a celebration. I hope they won’t be cruel and make us celebrate by ourselves.
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    this year will marks 10 year anniversary of MLP: FIM, and The Hub.
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    Discord Dayyyyy He's my most favourite draconequus
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    exactly ...wait what?
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    Should have delayed it to the 17th since that's my birthday :p
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    Even I will make my travels to BC all the way from the land of kangaroos and drop bears.
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    Plot twist: It's just April fool joke and we won't be getting a discord day.
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    I bet the trivia will be a breeze. With a derpy kind of questions, what can go wrong?
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    I remember my heart practically exploding at this part of episode. It's just so heartwarming!
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    Merry Birthiversary!
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    i-i'm not the best artist, but i can work on my craft for this contest!
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    I want mine, my AA-12 too, but, not my FAMAS, it has been a bad weapon this year.
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    @Vintjack Greasymane Let's both hope that these balloons don't pop!
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    Shoot, I missed the last Scootaloo day :c But I CAN'T miss the next! <3 Even if it is for the end of this started 2018! I love you, Scootaloo! ^^
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    Oh hey it's today. huh. My first surrogate scootalove day. How should I celebrate?
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    Doncha wanna balloon? They float...they all float. And if you stay with us you'll float too!
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    Dibs on Tyrantrum. Or Zekrom... but probably Tyrantrum
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    I can dig that.
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    my my, tjhis isn't sop hartd..., jjust tyakes vas verrtuyh loplng time to tyupe bvstuifgvfg. increrdibn lyu bnerddfoiouisd. ಠ_ಠ
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    lol wut
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    Of course Shift made this...
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    So, I'll have to be at EFNW and have no usage of my hands.... lovely.
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    But how do I walk without my hands? D:
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    Using my left hand for it is bad enough. How can I do it with no hands? I can't even grasp the damn thing.
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    Free Balloons tomorrow... WOOO!
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    So... I can't STEAL one? :c
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    *obligatory 'before it was cool' comment*
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    Happy Derpy Day!
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    I wasn't around for the creation, but at least I can still attend the birthday :3
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    I'm down for this. ADashOfRainbow shall be reborn from the ashes! Only for a day though. 'Cause then people would think Rainbow Dash is still my favorite pony.
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    Ok then.
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    Happy Galaversary everypony!