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    Okay! It's time to take a look at this app - and hope I don't hurt my eyes, staring into the proverbial sun! First off, I very much like your allusions to the fate of her parents; as there's almost zero mention of them in the series itself, I am quite satisfied with leaving their fate nebulous like this. The app itself is solid... and the typos I see, I can fix personally. I will say that there should be a bit more after the gathering of Twilight & the Mane Six; I would at least advise to continue the background (important events only) up to & including Starlight switching her & Luna's cutie marks; maybe another paragraph alluding to her sister's return as well. It almost feels like the history stops right before the events of the show itself - we don't need another six pages, mind you - just a few show highlights. Once you've gotten a chance to go over things, let me know what changes you make, and I'll happily cast my gaze into the sun again!
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    This app looks good to me. If I disapproved this, I may need to have a vacation couch on the moon Second approval granted.
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    Okay, then - I suppose we're done here. Off to SecApp with you, so that thy fun may be doubled!
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    Look numero DOS: The slight mention of the disappearance of her parents still points to some sort of foul play, in my opinion... but I'm okay with letting it slide - after all, there's no mention of them AT ALL in the show; I suppose that such a thing will be eventually addressed, and until then? All good, homeslice. I like your addition of the Tantabus event (though it was after the Nightmare Night moment, not before)... but I think it could be spoken about just a bit more; that event meant a great deal to Luna's character development, and it seems as if much of that was glossed over here. Okay, it's more of a personal observation than a 'professional' one - take it as you will. But I still think it deserves at least a mention of how the situation helped bring Luna closer to her subjects, as well as allowing for self-forgiveness. Otherwise, it's pretty much done. If you want to change anything, you're welcome to; otherwise, let me know you're finished here, and I'll pop the Night Princess into the SecApp queue, with much haste.
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    Edits are complete and I await your updated review.