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    done with mine, where shall i send them? tried to vary the voices a bit so it doesn't sound like they're all the same guy
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    I’ll take Twilight & Starlight if they aren’t already taken
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    Hi everyone! I just wanna mention that I've take then liberty of shamelessly whoring out submitting the reading to EqD and it got included in the Nightly Roundup. And a final quickie mention, if anyone wants to chip in with Fahreneigh 451, let me know as I'll probably start recording any unclaimed roles sometime this week.
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    I can do Rainbow & Sweetie Belle (after I finish the other voices, of course)
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    @Emerald Heart Sure thing - I figure this can go up after Trixie's story, so feel free to take your time if you need to decide.
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    Vocaroo should be straightforward enough, I think. https://vocaroo.com/upload I don't think we're in a hurry - the end of January should be doable for everyone, I hope. If anyone has trouble, let me know.
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    I've edited the main post with the cast so far. So far, only Luster Dawn and Celeste are unclaimed - I'll grab the narrator, unless someone else wants it. Does anyone need help with their lines?
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    Sure thing! Would you be willing to let someone do one of these if they want to, though?
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    Sure thing! Unless someone really wants a specific role, I'm leaning towards a "first come, first serve" philosophy. One or more goons might be a good choice, if you'd be more comfortable with a bit part.
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    I’ve been pretty sick, finally just getting back on my feet. Are the two final parts cast?
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    so who has what role? i'll probably take one of the shorter ones(meaning not Twilight, Starlight or Trixie )
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    Can I call Trixie? If not, I'll take Starswirl. Sweet Luna's Crown, that was *hilarious!*