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    Hmm... that's quite clever... their blood acts as a growth formula for plants... the dominant species on that realm happens to be herbivores... there certainly could be quite a market in tapping that resource... quite a good way to involve a predatory dynamic in an elsewise predator-free world. Have to give major props on a rather well-done method to introducing your own species. That backstory however... well, let us chalk it up to personal experiences & biases but it doesn't sit well with me. Just a great big, bold label of Outcast. It's done well of course... just a right downer if you ask me. But I don't cotton well to most drama, so that's just me. And yes, the possibilities with plant puns with this one are positively ripe.
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    "He hasn't got a special somepony, because-let's be honest-who'd want anything to do with a crazy stallion?" *slowly begins raising a claw* No! No! Down! Down, curse you! Do have to give you a few points for commenting on your own character! Though I must say, and in all due respect: There is a point where a character becomes less character and more a coagulated construct created entirely out of references. And I'M certainly no better! Kind of feels like the only thing you gave us about him is "He crazy." You just have this own unique style of coloring your ponies. By all means, it ought make me nauseous but....I just....I just love it so much! Whatever other renditions you go though, don't ever change those splotches! I hate that on any other pony, but on you, it just works somehow! Some sorta jungle vibe to it , man! Rrrrrrrrandi Mmmaxis! He's rrrrrandy to the maxis!
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    cute to see another alicorn
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    My pleasure, maybe you can look at mine if you even find it a bit interesting
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    Cute made...a really good back.story and simple...awesome design
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    Copy the link at the top of the page and paste it where you want the Link!
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    Ok we can do lessons one day on discord
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    Its a very nice Bio, 9/10. Very detailed and hope to see her in some rps soon. Now that I did the thing will you give me back my soul o3o @Duality It is not even mine it's a rental
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    So he's basically a nerdy like-a-sir type with an epically edgy backstory? sounds like my sorta guy...
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    Sounds like she's very intelligent it seems interesting to have a character that uses academic knowledge rather than magic to solve problems I haven't seen that since the old twilight
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    @Deosil: mai flappyhorse brother over here did a whole blog entry about that. It's actually quite easy. But then again, witchcraft usually is...
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    Well, @Duality, that's what I'm aiming for there. By rights, Widdyshins shouldn't have any reliable magic powers. He's not supposed to manipulate or make anybeing do anything outside of just having to deal & cope with his personality. The pancakes should pretty much just be it, anything else should be a "Hah! Neat! Wasn't aware I was doing that!" That's the crux I'm aiming for is that he's an opposite parallel to Discord. With Discord you kind of always get the feeling that his antics will wind up somewhere he may have wanted you to go anyway, that he may or may not have been planning things out for centuries. With Widdershins, you ought get the idea that he really is genuine & caring... just that you'll never get a moment's peace around him. Like a 50-50 Discord-Derpy, you know? That you know you can't leave him unattended without him either exploding your oven or turning your kitchen into a micro-universe. And aye, I mean to use Celestia chiefly as a springboard. Like, you couldn't talk about Spike without hauling in Twilight Sparkle, right? Important, yes, but not defining. That's what I see a Gary Stew as, if the story around them just funnels into only how it relates to your character. Like,if Celestia only fits in your backstory to point at your character, then I might be doing it wrong. ...probably need to come back and read this over again. Lotta cleanin' to do! Thanks for the comment!
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    Ehh not really. Just a mere follower of The God of Abraham who has no gender. Still working on the design though by drawing him in two ways. One in Bipedal Formation while the other in Quadruped Formation. Might take a long time, but idc .
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    Right. Well, all of those are valid criticisms. I was thinking about somewhat re-working his profile anyway, thanks for the criticism! Although I had no control over the appearance on the picture, as someone made it for me and they stuck it there without my knowledge until they showed me the finished project. Same thing with the Cloudsdale background, it was too late to either change the background or change him into a Pegasus, so I had to rack my brains for an explanation as to how he ended up there.
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    @Widdershins I believe so. The picture is enough unless there's something I need to actually describe that isn't pictured.
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    That's actually kind of cruel. But my kink.
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    Yeah, I've been talking with a site manager about it, and they're trying to fix it, but are having issues finding out what exactly is the problem.
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    Adorable <3 She's the cutest. I had to look up what a kirin is and goodness they are so wonderful!
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    Awwwww... he's nifty! If you ever feel like trying to refine your OC here, let me know - I've worked with others before to help them flesh out their characters; be happy to lend a hoof.
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    hi i was wondering if you want to RP with me?
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    hi, i love this OC he is so cute <3
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    JEEZSUS! YOu mutilated the children & murdered the parents!??! What's wrong with... who does tha-.... wow! Geez! Man! That's pretty bloody violent! And this is the same world the childrens' show happens in!!?? Geez!! She had older ponies just standing over her in a drug-addled state chopping away at her>?!! Why isn't she more of a wreck?! Good god, I just... I'm sorry, I really don't like cursing but this has finally earned it... Fuc, man... that is... that is way, way, way too dark, man... that... please... needs to be toned down... that is creepypasta levels of disturbing... think this is the first case I've ever seen of an OC being intentionally harmed... and to a child too... I feel kinda faint now... I mean.... magic just seems to be a "makes things easier" in this world, its nothing that tends to be a way of life. I mean... shit... you could just sweep away the feathers guys then resume your spell-casting... any feathered beast doesn't shed all that many feathers if it wants to keep being able to fly. And its just one filly, with small wings! She doesn't understand how much of a trouble it could be, yet the village immediately jump to gang-r... gang jumping her to mutilate a defenseless filly?! Wow... I... I don't see how your not suicidal after living though a backstory like that...You said it was just within close proximity to one, small filly... I was going to say that I really liked her, since she reminds me of Limestone, one of my favorite characters from the show, but now I don't feel so well, I'm going to go for a walk now and maybe feel a bit better later.... geez...
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    Wow, someone similar to Discord? Discord and you need to have a talk... But I like it anyway. This one's in the force!
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    I figured I'd seen Angel be a hard one at times, so when I wrote Lotus in to give Nerzhei something in her life that she actually cared about, it just happened. 1. Dragons have varied sizes in MLP. The implied thing is that Nerzhei was large or her age when she was younger, but she doesn't grow as quickly as others might. She might even be in this size for the rest of her life. Also, a human size is fine for the purpose. I want her to be taller than ponies - the regular ones would reach to about her waist, with taller ones getting closer to her head, and the alicorn sisters being around her neck/halfway up her head - but still able to wander in towns without destroying things. 2. It does work if you look at the whole. Nerzhei was not a quick one in combat, she is written to have learned what she had to, but also having a lot of rage that she used to fight with. Mainly from being looked down upon all the time, and it helped her get out her aggression. When she learned to use that rage instead of letting it blind her, combined with magic and using her brain, she did better than those of her age around her, because again, they were stupid. A skilled fighter is not the same as a boar charging you. Furthermore being any degree of strong or smart doesn't mean that others would want you. Disrespect for the ones above her and ignoring them at large so she can practice her magic and study will have consequences, plus once she got Lotus, she would just get more reclusive as she didn't want them to try and hurt her. Dragons eat tiny fluffy things, you know? Also, consider that failing to socialize is on her too. Never said she were flawless, just that she became shunned. That one's on her reclusive nature and bad views on the others of her kin as it is on them. It works together to push them further away from one another. 3. I don't care about this one in the slightest really. I ain't English, so frankly I don't much care for the punctuation laws of the language. I put them in where it seems it's needed, or I can hear they fit, but beyond that I could not give less of a monkey. P.S. Lisa Simpson is cool. For a disturbingly depressed child that is.
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    There we go! That's how you make a cannonical character! I'd want to ask what you mean, specifically, by 'background pony', but that is how you do it! She lives her own life, and sure, maybe the characters we follow know her and there may be only a very slim chance we would see her go by in the background, but that is how you put another life into another world! It's okay to not have some huge story of drama behind your characters; It's alright to be just normal! Which is something I still need to learn! *sage nod* Maybe a teensy bit too close to sounding like Pinkie Pie, but that's hardly a bad, ain't it?
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    A quite impressive description I must say! Usually it takes me paragraphs to cover as much detail as you did! Though, other than a physical description there's not too much about personality. Sure, she was abused and you tied in how that effects her now, but that doesn't quite cover how she reacts to things or others. A personality can grow from one's past, but its formed on what it does in the present. Also, at the risk of sounding trite & brash, abuse is kind of cliche. Every being gets abused one way or another in their life, its a given. Even child abuse when you were younger is alot more common then most would think. ...least, I think so anyway. And remove the "Can change depending on Roleplay" part. I'm no expert there myself either, but that's more of a do-it-when-you-come-to-it sort of deal. Like I've seen some other entries do for stats or combat skills. Any character should try to make things fit to them rather then warp themselves to fit. Like, my main guy, as weird as he already is, I have as part of an entirely different franchise as well as an entirely different species, but I still keep the major things like his overall look & personality. What you got isn't bad by any means, just needs a bit more to it. But hey, that's just the opinion of somebeing who likes a good story!
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    A quick review! Good heavens, that mane is gorgeous! It is just so refreshing to finally find a batpony that isn't either black or purple! Hee! As for the bad... and I no means mean for this to sound like a "change this" or a "feel bad cause its bad" sorta shtick. Now, maybe i'm just a smidgen bias being totally anti-FlutterCord (because really, how does that work with a being as intangible as Discord? Y-yes... I know it's him...) but that's something that bothers me about cannon couple pairings. So often does it seem like its expected that children are not much more than a mix of their parents & I feel like that doesn't happen in real life. ...I mean, I AM but, uh.... Her backstory doesn't so much seem to be her, as what others have done to & for her. Maple is completely awesome as she stands as she is. Could use a bit more work, but hey, everything does! Even Perfection would mean something else to work on! That's what really makes a character believable and real, continual growth! And you only have Up to go! Edit: Yeah, yeh. Think you certifiably are my favorite batpony now!
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    She is amazing character!
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    You know you posted this forever ago and I never came back to my OCs profile to see if anyone ever commented. I kinda assumed he would never be viewed with how many people post their OCs here. So even though it's been ages I will respond! Gradient is just conflicting tastes I guess x) but glad you agree with the healing abilities. I think it takes some real thought to do healing correctly, a lot of people make it to over powered. I really wanted to make sure it didn't make him unbeatable, just tough. Well I got the combat idea from doing research on war, or powers associated with the apocalyptic horseman. One was mastery over weapons, he felt more appropriate then just sword mastery or something. We were having trouble with finding an ability it talent that caused War so rather I just made him really good at it.
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    I think it's great your oc is a changeling instead of a pony. It's unusual how he's colored magenta instead of the original bluey-green coloring.
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    KittyTwilight, even though you haven't been online for a long while, I wanted to draw this OC you imagined. This is how she came out to me. I hope you like her. I think she deserves a interesting backstory. The origin of the name Xena is Greek. It means guest. She's Discord's unwanted guest. I can see this conversation happening: "Well Discord, I see you finally aren't stone." "Xena, you're the only reason I enjoyed being a statue." "Oh don't be so stone cold, Discord."
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    I love it! Go foxes! Some of my favorite animals right there. :3 Also, Foxy Socks seems like a great character who I would love to be friends with. And possibly be a little jealous of her awesome fluffy tail. I think she'd get along okay with Stormy's little brother Nimble Flight; he's got an awesome fox tail too.
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    This is a finely written OC, other's would do well to make note of how this character sheet has been used.
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    Nnnnnh! That's some gooood description there! Can really tell you put some genuine love & care into this! Man! Now THAT'S how you do a healing factor superpower! It still bloody well hurts getting your flesh sliced, even if it seals up after! Heck, can only imagine the trouble caused if it heals shut around something still in him! Still against the gradient though....I know its irritating I keep bringing that back up, but still. Can't help but wonder if being solid red would be any less or more eye-catching, hmm... Don't like that he can just automatically learn any weapon he picks up. Sure there's some guy out there who's made it his lifeswork to train weaponry & can say that a mace & a sword or even a sword/shield combo are just worlds apart. Think its just me, but I can't help but giggle at "hoof-to-hoof combat" I'm sure somepony is gettin' killed, but it still sounds adorable to me! Heehee! Hmm...think it is...Yeah! He's got a mane mullet! Gonna call you WarMullet from now on! Give him a nine outta ten!...Wait, don't think i've ever given anyone less...AdorableWarmonger is adorable!
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    Oh I like this vampire, she's lovely, well done lass!
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    Summer tap this...
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    Cheers, and from what I believe the name is my own creation. Inspired by Ruby from RWBY. Same with her sister. She is also on YouTube if the image rings a bell.
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    Awwww I want to hug her =(
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    You must have put so much into creating her! She is awesome, bravo to you sir!
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    The large personality..... the long backstory..... It is characters like these that restore my hope in the general Roleplayer population -wipes tear from eye-
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    I'm too wuss to make a drawing from scratch, Respect!
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    I'm going to do her again, I feel bad :C
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    Awwwwwww im dying from cuteness I think my oc will get along with her =)
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