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    Hmm... that's quite clever... their blood acts as a growth formula for plants... the dominant species on that realm happens to be herbivores... there certainly could be quite a market in tapping that resource... quite a good way to involve a predatory dynamic in an elsewise predator-free world. Have to give major props on a rather well-done method to introducing your own species. That backstory however... well, let us chalk it up to personal experiences & biases but it doesn't sit well with me. Just a great big, bold label of Outcast. It's done well of course... just a right downer if you ask me. But I don't cotton well to most drama, so that's just me. And yes, the possibilities with plant puns with this one are positively ripe.
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    "He hasn't got a special somepony, because-let's be honest-who'd want anything to do with a crazy stallion?" *slowly begins raising a claw* No! No! Down! Down, curse you! Do have to give you a few points for commenting on your own character! Though I must say, and in all due respect: There is a point where a character becomes less character and more a coagulated construct created entirely out of references. And I'M certainly no better! Kind of feels like the only thing you gave us about him is "He crazy." You just have this own unique style of coloring your ponies. By all means, it ought make me nauseous but....I just....I just love it so much! Whatever other renditions you go though, don't ever change those splotches! I hate that on any other pony, but on you, it just works somehow! Some sorta jungle vibe to it , man! Rrrrrrrrandi Mmmaxis! He's rrrrrandy to the maxis!
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    I figured the reason would be something along those lines, and it's very reasonable and understandable. (But it still hurts, 'cause Wave Particle fits so well...) As I said in my analysis, very few ponies in the show have their mane and tail a lighter color than their coat, with a few exceptions. So yes, her mane and tail being lighter than her coat and a bit faded, as well as all the colors being toned down slightly does suggest that she's slightly older than other ponies. You're asking me if a type of comedy is good. The answer was, is and will always be the same: it depends on the audience. Everyone has different tastes in everything. That being said, most humans do enjoy the type of humor you described her as having. However, ponies, judging by the show, might not completely understand it, and therefore might not appreciate it as much. Or maybe they do understand it, but don't use it because they think it's a bit mean. I know only as much as you do. My pleasure. Keep at it, it's a very promising start.
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    This is probably the largest wall of text I'm ever going to write on this website, I'll try my best to organize it as well as I can, but bear with me. ~Design~ -Name The first name obviously works well with her talent and personality while also tying in with her backstory, and it's a very plausible name in Equestria. It's when we get to the surname that is starts feeling a little forced. A much more fitting name for her in my opinion would have been just Wave Particle. It fits perfectly with the show, while also having all of the advantages listed above. -Color Scheme Ironically enough, Duality stands out by having a more tame and faded color scheme, as opposed to most of the characters in the show. The two colors chosen also represent her personality and special talent well, being almost opposites on the color wheel, and yet compliment each other well when toned down a notch. Having colors lighter than the coat for the mane and tail is also something we rarely see in the show, and works very well in this case. The watch and eyes also help balance out the color proportions. -Physiology Being older than most ponies, it makes sense for her to be slightly taller than the average pony model. Duality doesn't care much for sports or flying, so her strong build may come as a surprise, but the fact that it ties in to her parents makes for an intriguing detail and an interesting potential conversation topic. One of the most noticeable differences between average ponies in the show are the eyes, but even that got old quickly, seeing as there are about four or five variations, excluding the princesses. Because of this, I find it very fitting for her to have a squint, seeing as it helps her stand out. This and the freckles also work well to suggest her age without needing drastic model changes like we see in most aged ponies (ex. Granny Smith, Apple Rose, Grand Pere). -Cutie Mark Nothing much to say here. The cutie mark fits in well with the rest of the cutie marks in the show (if it's a more simple object, the cutie mark seems to be three of those objects, as opposed to if it's a more complex image, in which case it tends to be only one, balancing out the average complexity and size of the cutie marks), and stylishly represents her special talent, like a cutie mark is supposed to. ~Personality~ Once again, not much to say here. Duality's personality is determined by her past experiences, ideals and motivations, which is how it should be. She may not have the most complex or mind blowing personality, but it's consistent and certainly fits her well. What stands out the most about it is her unusual sense of humor, unusual for the average pony, that is. ~Backstory~ Duality's backstory is very intriguing, but not exaggerated. It's unusual and yet it feels like something that could reasonably happen in Equestria. It's never been very clear how magic works and what the exact science behind it is, and it's very refreshing to see a pony focusing on these aspects of it. A pegasus, nonetheless. I think there's a lot to learn from her experiences (albeit many of the concepts have already been explored before in the show, but you run out eventually), and I could definitely imagine her making an appearance in a "friendship problem" type episode. Her interests are obviously what stands out most about her, and as another user said, it's very interesting and extremely satisfying to see a pony that solves problems trough science and rational thinking rather than some convenient magic we've never heard of before, mixed with dumb luck. ~Conclusion~ In my opinion, Duality is a very consistent and fleshed-out character, who at the same time stands out a lot due to her unusual interests, and personally I would love to see a character like her in the show. Final Rating: 4.7/5
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    Copy the link at the top of the page and paste it where you want the Link!
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    Its a very nice Bio, 9/10. Very detailed and hope to see her in some rps soon. Now that I did the thing will you give me back my soul o3o @Duality It is not even mine it's a rental
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    Lovin' that cutie mark. Great minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing design.
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    Sigh... it couldn't just be a simple watchband, could it? Props to detail though, I can tell work was put into the story. Eh... so far seems pretty dependent on Twilight saving them. I mean, cannonical characters can't be everywhere you know. I don't see that needi- PANCAAAKES?!!? TEHN OUTTA TEHN! Would butterscotch again. Disapproving Mentor that fails to offer compassion to young protagonist cliche. *Ding!* You really are obsessed with that water-droplet symbol/analogy, aintcha? Wait... so basically... she got her cutie mark in describing her cutie mark. That is a beautiful little heelturn of perfect, maddening sense. I could french-kiss you for that. Props too in having an actual cutie mark talent that isn't "Lol, I make cupcakes gewd and play wit' balloons!!" Ooh, that's some good alliteration there! The subtle implications to hydromancy seem a tad tacked-on, but aren't too terribly obtrusive. All this talk of backstabbing & subterfuge in the higher echelons does get a bit windy & weighs down the story a bit, but I can't fault you for its inclusion. After all, what else can we expect of the Unseen rankings of these sorts of Universities? I can tell what work & thought you put into it. Certainly among the higher ranks of what I've seen thus far and well worthy of some applause! ...there, you didn't hear it but I actually did just clap for you for about half a minute. Woulda longer, but I go numb in these things for too long a usage!
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    @Deosil: mai flappyhorse brother over here did a whole blog entry about that. It's actually quite easy. But then again, witchcraft usually is...
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    Not sure if you wanted to prove me wrong about Alicorn OCs, but that's a cool villain OC. Still it seems you had fun with it, but Idk if the word Alicorn should be used to describe this pony. So... Baticorn OC?
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    Right. Well, all of those are valid criticisms. I was thinking about somewhat re-working his profile anyway, thanks for the criticism! Although I had no control over the appearance on the picture, as someone made it for me and they stuck it there without my knowledge until they showed me the finished project. Same thing with the Cloudsdale background, it was too late to either change the background or change him into a Pegasus, so I had to rack my brains for an explanation as to how he ended up there.
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    @Widdershins I believe so. The picture is enough unless there's something I need to actually describe that isn't pictured.
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    That's actually kind of cruel. But my kink.
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    Yeah, I've been talking with a site manager about it, and they're trying to fix it, but are having issues finding out what exactly is the problem.
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    I have to completely agree with Missklang. I may have complained/harped about you maybe gettin' a little bit too dark, but this is magnificent. Some work of art I could only see you pulling off the way you did. Haven't seen the concept of "A Life so long that it outgrows the previous forms of the body" done often, or this well before. .... ....thooough... ...Lilliana Vess?...because, i swear, the similarities are uncanny. Do have to wonder if she's fully capable of outright necromancy. But this is the first time I've come across pure demonic magic, rather than just associating it with aforesaid necromancy or "black" magic. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your work!
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    hi i was wondering if you want to RP with me?
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    hi, i love this OC he is so cute <3
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    Well, uh... better! I don't... wanna nag, but... kinda close to being a Mary Sue there. For one, doesn't strike me that Changelings have relations with other changelings. As that would imply they could give love to each other.... buuut, then again, I don't know what changes they've added to Changelings. A lot seems to hinge on him being singled out as the best. Chrysalis has always been more of a tyrant, so I can't image that she of anyone would be the type to single out members of her hive for special treatment. I remember Thorax as the scaredy cat (man, need to play catch up on the episodes) who seemed to have said that basically everybuggy else was just cannon fodder to Chryssy. Like, if she ever got wind of you having second thoughts she'd just splat you on the spot. Buuut, I'm just headcannoning here. But mostly all I want is a physical run down. Like, What's his horn like? Why is his magic red? Why is his stripes blue? Are those bird wings? Are those a set of golden earphones? Why does he wear bracelets? Why does each one have its own gem in it? Is that some special magic there too? I'm goin' overboard with questions now, ain't I? Hee-heh!~*
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    Awww, I love her so much! Foxes rock!
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    WOWZA! That's just-! ... "He's a changeling who got creative, what can I say?" Oh now, come now! How could I not love you now! A beautiful way to string it all together... but that still doesn't excuse you from a description. When you got aaaall of that up there, we need you to give us a proverbial hand in guiding us through each part, bit by bit. Hey, I'm a draconequus of twelve different parts and I had to go though all of it! But then again, I clearly adore overexplaining! The trouble though with being a mish-mash is that the more you stick out, the more your character is likely going to have to constantly explain themself to everybeing they meet. Like, I'm sure if you were going for a stroll and suddenly looked up to see a huge, winged creature with a flaming sword, you probably wouldn't want to talk to them so much as instantly assume their trouble and find an excuse to duck away from their gaze. Trouble is... you're kind of everything all at once. He's combative and strong, yet reclusive and a bit of a homebody. If he covers that wide of a range, it can be hard for an audience to get a bead on what he is & relate enough to wish to interact. Gosh, if the fellow can skin a dragon or hydra (which... might be a few of my own OCs, not that I'm bias or anything! *cough) by himself, then I doubt if I can offer him anything myself! I love this. I appreciate you, this, your work, everything! Awesome! I'm so glad this page came into my life today!
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    Yeah, reading it over again, I have no idea what I was thinking. -,-' I toned it down, made it a bit more happy in it and made it unclear what happened with hers and Voids limbs. I'll go to her bios and correct things next. I also addressed the suicidal part better, by adding in how she had to try and be tough for Void's sake, though as you can imagine, there's a lot of stuff rumbling under the surface with her after suppressing things all these years. Not just anger.
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    JEEZSUS! YOu mutilated the children & murdered the parents!??! What's wrong with... who does tha-.... wow! Geez! Man! That's pretty bloody violent! And this is the same world the childrens' show happens in!!?? Geez!! She had older ponies just standing over her in a drug-addled state chopping away at her>?!! Why isn't she more of a wreck?! Good god, I just... I'm sorry, I really don't like cursing but this has finally earned it... Fuc, man... that is... that is way, way, way too dark, man... that... please... needs to be toned down... that is creepypasta levels of disturbing... think this is the first case I've ever seen of an OC being intentionally harmed... and to a child too... I feel kinda faint now... I mean.... magic just seems to be a "makes things easier" in this world, its nothing that tends to be a way of life. I mean... shit... you could just sweep away the feathers guys then resume your spell-casting... any feathered beast doesn't shed all that many feathers if it wants to keep being able to fly. And its just one filly, with small wings! She doesn't understand how much of a trouble it could be, yet the village immediately jump to gang-r... gang jumping her to mutilate a defenseless filly?! Wow... I... I don't see how your not suicidal after living though a backstory like that...You said it was just within close proximity to one, small filly... I was going to say that I really liked her, since she reminds me of Limestone, one of my favorite characters from the show, but now I don't feel so well, I'm going to go for a walk now and maybe feel a bit better later.... geez...
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    I'm actually very impressed by how interesting you've made her out to be while keeping the overall information simple. I can appreciate that some people like to create intricately detailed characters with paragraphs of backstory and personality to read (heck, I'm quite guilty of that myself), but this is a fine example of a character who displays just enough to make me want to know more about her, while not needing to go digging too far down a long rabbit hole. She's perfectly ordinary and believable, but stands out and catches your attention enough to want to learn a bit more. Great balance! I guess all the artwork helps too.
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    @Widdershins When I get back home, and have time, I'm going to try and update the profile. I understand where you're coming from and I want to Dawn to be a good character. I huess I'm so used to writing her that I kind of skimped out on the details.
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    A quite impressive description I must say! Usually it takes me paragraphs to cover as much detail as you did! Though, other than a physical description there's not too much about personality. Sure, she was abused and you tied in how that effects her now, but that doesn't quite cover how she reacts to things or others. A personality can grow from one's past, but its formed on what it does in the present. Also, at the risk of sounding trite & brash, abuse is kind of cliche. Every being gets abused one way or another in their life, its a given. Even child abuse when you were younger is alot more common then most would think. ...least, I think so anyway. And remove the "Can change depending on Roleplay" part. I'm no expert there myself either, but that's more of a do-it-when-you-come-to-it sort of deal. Like I've seen some other entries do for stats or combat skills. Any character should try to make things fit to them rather then warp themselves to fit. Like, my main guy, as weird as he already is, I have as part of an entirely different franchise as well as an entirely different species, but I still keep the major things like his overall look & personality. What you got isn't bad by any means, just needs a bit more to it. But hey, that's just the opinion of somebeing who likes a good story!
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    Yeah, I know. Still think it doesn't let you know if you get comments over here. With as many as I've put out, I still don't have any so I suppose I'm one of few who takes the time to read through the character lists for fun! The gradient is kind of warranted after all. You did bring up why you wanted it that way, and he is a magical being anyway. ...Is it just me or has the pic gotten bigger?
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    You know you posted this forever ago and I never came back to my OCs profile to see if anyone ever commented. I kinda assumed he would never be viewed with how many people post their OCs here. So even though it's been ages I will respond! Gradient is just conflicting tastes I guess x) but glad you agree with the healing abilities. I think it takes some real thought to do healing correctly, a lot of people make it to over powered. I really wanted to make sure it didn't make him unbeatable, just tough. Well I got the combat idea from doing research on war, or powers associated with the apocalyptic horseman. One was mastery over weapons, he felt more appropriate then just sword mastery or something. We were having trouble with finding an ability it talent that caused War so rather I just made him really good at it.
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    I think it's great your oc is a changeling instead of a pony. It's unusual how he's colored magenta instead of the original bluey-green coloring.
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    KittyTwilight, even though you haven't been online for a long while, I wanted to draw this OC you imagined. This is how she came out to me. I hope you like her. I think she deserves a interesting backstory. The origin of the name Xena is Greek. It means guest. She's Discord's unwanted guest. I can see this conversation happening: "Well Discord, I see you finally aren't stone." "Xena, you're the only reason I enjoyed being a statue." "Oh don't be so stone cold, Discord."
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    I love it! Go foxes! Some of my favorite animals right there. :3 Also, Foxy Socks seems like a great character who I would love to be friends with. And possibly be a little jealous of her awesome fluffy tail. I think she'd get along okay with Stormy's little brother Nimble Flight; he's got an awesome fox tail too.
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    Nnnnnh! That's some gooood description there! Can really tell you put some genuine love & care into this! Man! Now THAT'S how you do a healing factor superpower! It still bloody well hurts getting your flesh sliced, even if it seals up after! Heck, can only imagine the trouble caused if it heals shut around something still in him! Still against the gradient though....I know its irritating I keep bringing that back up, but still. Can't help but wonder if being solid red would be any less or more eye-catching, hmm... Don't like that he can just automatically learn any weapon he picks up. Sure there's some guy out there who's made it his lifeswork to train weaponry & can say that a mace & a sword or even a sword/shield combo are just worlds apart. Think its just me, but I can't help but giggle at "hoof-to-hoof combat" I'm sure somepony is gettin' killed, but it still sounds adorable to me! Heehee! Hmm...think it is...Yeah! He's got a mane mullet! Gonna call you WarMullet from now on! Give him a nine outta ten!...Wait, don't think i've ever given anyone less...AdorableWarmonger is adorable!
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    I really like his cutie mark!
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    Bra-VO! 32/-27 *frantic applause with one hand*
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    What a coincidence Lilac likes gardening too
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    cute i would love to see her cutie mark =)
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    She is so cute I love her hair =)=)=)=)=)
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    You must have put so much into creating her! She is awesome, bravo to you sir!
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    The large personality..... the long backstory..... It is characters like these that restore my hope in the general Roleplayer population -wipes tear from eye-
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    I'm too wuss to make a drawing from scratch, Respect!
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    I'm going to do her again, I feel bad :C
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    Awwwwww Shes so cute! Poor pony.
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