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  1. The badges beneath a user's avatar usually denote what their posting rank is. As your post number increases, so does your badge, and while for the most part these are only decorative signs of your posting activity, some badges actually act as benchmarks to access some other sections of the forums:. This handy guide, made by the user Rikifive, should prove useful to get an understanding of how our badge system works: Temporary Badges MLPF Art Contest Winner: Win an MLPF Art Contest! Christmas Donor: Donate to the MLPF MCM Fundraiser! Staff Badges Poniverse Staff
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  2. Are there any exceptions to the no advertising rule? Absolutely. While MLPF does not permit advertising without Admin Approval as a general rule, there are some common sense exceptions for users. All Users We will allow you to place your personal website, social media, discord server, contact details, and media sharing account link in your signature and the appropriate field(s) in your profile, providing the content on the site does not link to content considered inappropriate for MLPF. Octavia's Hall Directing people to off-site art content to promote
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  3. Like most online communities, MLP Forums is privately owned and operated! Is there censorship? Yes, and we do not hide that. If you are a nuisance or a jerk, and cannot show self-control, chances are we will eventually show you the door. Source: xkcd
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  4. Artwork by pridark // Artwork edited by Rikifive Hey, did you know, that you can disable your messenger? If for personal reasons you'd like to avoid receiving messages, we're offering a special service, where we can come to your property and take your mailbox away from you, quite literally! If you'll decide to get rid of it, we'll be notifying others, that you cannot receive any messages if they'd be trying to contact you. Oh and don't worry! We will return your mailbox whenever you'd like to have it back, just say a word and it will be there! I promise!
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  5. The short answer is that, unless you are in the EU, we do not delete or remove accounts. The more detailed answer is that removing accounts would destroy community history, and as a general rule of thumb, outright destroying information is not a good practice to have as your default action for most situations. It is for the same reason that members cannot delete most of their own content. This may seem like a conservative approach, but it is in the community's best interests. As for bans, we're not keen on those either for folks who want to leave. At the end of the day
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  6. No. The idea of having one or more 'mature' or otherwise NSFW boards has been presented to us numerous times; it has even been discussed internally. While we have nothing against people that enjoy such material, we have no plans or desire to host such content or discussions here. The reasoning behind this is simple enough. Poniverse and all the sites involved within (including this Forum) are designed to be friendly AND mature, and to portray such an atmosphere we need to tone down on any NSFW material. The other issue is that there has always been significant resistance within members of
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  7. Everfree Empire is the "normal" roleplay section. You don't need approval of any sort to post or add characters. This section also encompasses the Advanced Roleplays area. Advanced roleplays require each post to be a minimum of 800 characters. The rest of the Everfree Empire roleplays require 200. As soon as you hit "Muffin" rank (5 posts), you will be able to participate here. Equestrian Empire has stricter requirements, as it is the "canon" roleplay section. It follows all of the Everfree Empire rules, as well as having its own code of additional rules. It allows members to pick up cast
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