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    Wery good congratulations my friend
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    One should never be afraid to live the life they desire. You're way of life does not harm other people or creatures, so I see or have never seen any issues with you. I still think you are as adorable as ever!
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    Aww, I love Apple Bloom! <3 Very cute!
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    Not too much to add here I didnt write on discord already. It is great you found this way for yourself! ❤️ Also, many of us have...some weird quirks, as society views us, starting from liking ponies meant for 7yo girls. Apart from being a hoarding dragon in general myself....I think my 60k magic cards lying around in my room waiting to get sorted and sorted over and over again...would quite scare some people.
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    Apple Bloom!! Lovely drawing, Nyx
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    The Oscars itself isn't really the main point of this blog post though. The main point is how Trump mocks a film for winning best picture solely based on its country of origin. So I guess to Trump, any film that is not from "MuRiCa" isn't good enough to win best picture. The fact that Trump isn't guaranteed to lose this upcoming election should depress people due to how pathetic this country really is.
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    I don't really care about the Oscars, but I will say that Trump's comment on Parasite's win is quite obviously xenophobic. Also, the Irishman won no awards... At all... Yet they gave one to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Also, "Gone with the Wind?" Really? That movie is 80 years old... They're for movies made THAT year, and of course leave it to a moron like Trump not to realize that.
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    Sound very nice to have medication, and being able to get your life back again! I am currently following most of your steps taken on this forum, as you inspire me to post as well.
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    Thanks for the advice, I'll try to apply it to my life. It makes me feel a little better knowing that I'm not alone in this. And I hope you feel better, because feeling this way is terrible.
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    In a small way I understand how taking a break feels unproductive and useless. The problem with this is that you eventually feel you have to work more and more and more and you start to burn out. Once you start to burn out you start to feel bad because you really want a break but you feel like it’s a waste of time. I really believe taking breaks now and then would really ease your mind if you let them. Allow yourself to have a bit of peace and quiet every now and then. It gives your mind a chance to think more rationally if it doesn’t have a million other thoughts swirling around.
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    You're just in a rut, don't worry, I've been through plenty of them. This has been a hard year for everyone, but we're all here for you!
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    Yo bro like you know dude when you in a pickle jar like you are man. There only one way out bro, you thinking your job is why or your education dude. Nah man it simple man you already know bro. Like bro when depressed you like don't feel interested or passionate dude. That's you know how it is bro. Pickle jar only one way out dude, got to open that path bro you see it you know it what you doing dude. What I recommend dude is you get yourself on the computer and do a little programming my dude. Yo like do that and get into it you know. Then like follow your heart bro I know you know dude. You already said it dude school for you man don't be like doing something you not passionate dude. Bro I feel you dude like bro that's how I felt too yo. Yet you have to do this dude don't let your depression take your dreams dude. If I give you one advide my advice be yo do what you want dude. Like this your life bro, you go on your computer dude and program I am sure doing so you'll love it my dude.
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    It seems like a rough time. Lockdown can be pretty bad, boredom is really annoying some times. There is a cure though, have you ever planned on doing something to the house like painting it but you never had time? If so, you can start now. If not, do some kind of exercise, the human body cannot stand still or the heart could be seriously damaged.
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    Well done for being braver than I could ever be... Also, excellent picture and I'm glad you've accepted this side of yourself
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    I have heard many of these names before. Thanks for putting them into context! Very nicely written as well!
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    @ShadOBabe TheRockATrice? I voted for The Beast King myself. Hard to say why, but it's the most Nightmare Night-esque one to me.
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    Great review and analysis! Very good point about "Lesson Zero" being more for Mane 5 than Twilight. About the humor the only jokes I really liked was the Applejack and Rainbow Dash jokes, and the one joke where Pinkie Pie swallows the plate along with the food especially since its been mentioned in other episodes like "Cutie Map" that Pinkie has inadvertently swallowed non food items in the past. Twilight was awful in this episode and deserved her karma.
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    No student abuse in this so it's fine. I'm glad that Starlight doesn't have to witness her mentor's most embrassing moment yet.
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    1. I was NOT a fan of Twilight Sparkle's behavior in this episode. This episode made Lesson Zero Twilight look sane. 2. "Winning isn't as important as having fun." felt like more of a Rainbow Dash lesson than a Twilight Sparkle lesson.* *That's just how I interpreted the lesson of the episode. 3. Applejack giving a similar look to this to Granny Smith when she brought up the apple question.
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    I proudly admit 246G and Dash’s shitty behavior pissed me off. That said, I don’t hate the episode, only dislike. Also, people like myself dislike the episode in large part because Dash is written poorly. Bashed the idea of synchronized cheering even though she taught Fluttershy how to spontaneously cheer. Bashed the concept of cheerleading in front of five students who not only looked forward to it, but believed it was interesting. In their eyes, Rainbow Dash was the best teacher for the job. And she bashed their desire to their faces. Two students ran off crying because Dash’s insult hurt them, and she remained remorseless for it. The episode exaggerated her obliviousness and made her out of character by treating her cheerleading class and students as inferior to the buckball team itself. She actively showed to them that being at the buckball field, scheming her way out, and being less than lazy mattered more, and that they have to fend for themselves. Snips, despite Bit signs in his eyes, showed more patience and competence than her! By whining about being “demoted,” she took what was supposed to be a fun class, embarrassed them, and sucked the energy out in 48 hours. Only a teacher this callous and selfish could do that. Dash may not have the smoothest personality and doesn’t always need to be a sweetheart, but she is also supposed to be likeable and a role model. Common Ground and The Washouts are two recent examples of great Dash episodes; in the latter, Dash wasn’t exactly at her best with her ego accentuating the conflict, but her heart was in the right place. What she’s doing here isn’t role-modelish, endearing, or sympathetic. This would be a role I would rather see antagonists or hate sinks do, not one of the biggest protagonists.
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    The way you take inspiration (like watching that art stream), and improve from that, shows in your art! You are such an artist! Lovely art piece!
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    Very nice, she looks great!
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    Roughly five minutes after:
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    That is not true. White people have been killed by white people. Blacks have been killed by blacks. Blacks have been killed by white. Whites have been killed by blacks. Lets not forget Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterns have also been killed. Blacks are not the only ones dying out there!
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    This is true, but Trump lies all the time. That is also true. Him threatening regulation of social media because of this one thing is really what I find hilarious. That's the main point. Him threatening to do something so stupid that would result in extreme backlash from most people all because of something that one site does. It is comical.
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    In Trumps deluded mind, he still believes himself to be the all power overload of mankind, so I just say let him try. He's such an addict to Twitter that his Tweets have actually been categorized as Official White House Documents, so nothing will ever come of it. He's just blustering to try and get re-elected, because as we all know the only thing Trump cares about is himself.
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    I am the same as @Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥, in that I cannot understand the will to hurt myself. Mostly because I am too scared of doing so. And I have seen some scary things in my life, which might be out of scale to what we talk about on an emotional level. I remember hurting myself once to get a point across, but I regretted it badly. It hurt, and it didn't change anything for the better of for the worse. I have never felt more ashamed, not for myself, but for the people around me that I tried to reach in such a stupid way. I also understand you situation @ElectricEnergy⚡, as I read your topic in Life Advice, but I couldn't respond. The religious part of your life is very strong, and nothing I will say can change that. I can only say that you are with us for a reason. You are here with me, and the rest of the people at the forum, and we all enjoy your company! We want to keep seeing you here!
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    I really want to give advice, but I'm honestly going through similar problems right now. Sure I might seem all cheery on forums, but it's kinda of a front I put on to hide how depressed I really feel. I probably feel 80% of what you said in the blog too. Talentless, feeling like a waste-of-time, loneliness, demotivated. Maybe I might not feel them as deeply as you do, but I am in a similar boat to you. I know that this probably doesn;t make you feel better, but I'm just saying, you are not alone. There's many people out there. Most of all, don;t take your life or hurt yourself over this please. Like I feel terrible but I have never considered doing those things, since I'm more scared of being hurt than anything else.
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    Thanks, and it seems like I've been in a rut for a few years now. I just want to get out of it. I've been this way for about two and a half years now.
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    I feel exactly the same way. Up top, bro. Incidentally, I feel kinda bad that I haven't been on the forums much lately. I've been very busy with projects, and I will be for the foreseeable future. In fact, the only reason I'm here now is that I'm procrastinating because I'm finding it really difficult to get to work. But you're always welcome to chat me up, even if I don't reply in a timely manner.
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    Thank you. :3 Yeah, he is my Ponysona so he is a representation of myself. I love that kind of expression through a ponysona. <3 I am happy that you like it and are so understanding. ^-^
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    @Nsxile @Bas @Sunamena @Lyra Heartstrings TR @PoisonClaw Thank you all so much for your support and positive words. <3 It truly means a lot. To think, right before I posted this blog originally I was actually incredibly worried, but it seems that worry was entirely unwarranted. I am glad I posted this. It makes me feel a sort of relief within myself, you know? Like me knowing that I'm not afraid to just be me. It has a much larger impact on me than some might think. With that said, I now give hugs to you all. *hugs to you all*
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    I'm happy that you were able to accept yourself, that takes a lot of courage to do. And I don't judge you one bit, we've all got our weird quirks and stuff that people don't consider "normal", but who are they to say what is and is not normal? "Normal" is subjective, so as long as you're not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal, what you do is perfectly alright as far as concerned.
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    You always did have a tendency to waffle on .
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    Pretty interesting article. I didn't know many aspects of it Thanks c:
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    @Bastian I'm glad you like it.
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    Well, you can have fractional numbers in binary as well, just that they are not exactly used like that. Normally, yea, you could represent one half as 0.1, one quarter as 0.01 and three quarters as 0.11. However, in computers, fractional numbers come in two types - fixed point and floating point. Fixed point, as the name suggests, has the decimal point in the same place all the time. It's essentially an integer that you always divide by some number (for example, you count cents, then divide that by 100 and display it as Euros). This is useful for operations involving money and similar where accuracy is important (more on that later), but you do not need to move the decimal point arbitrarily. Floating point numbers come in a few types, but they all work like the "scientific notation" works in decimal. Just like you can represent 0.034 as 3.4*10^-2 or 3.4e-2, the same is done in binary - there is a part of the variable that shows the "value", called mantissa and a part which shows where to put the decimal point, called the exponent. The space for those parts is limited, so you get limited precision - adding 1e10 + 1e-20 you will lose the small part, since the mantissa may not have enough space to represent the whole value. Just imagine having a limited amount of space to write the numbers after the decimal when writing the format 1.2345e5. So, when you do operations with floating point numbers, you lose a little bit of precision, which makes it a problem if you use floating point to calculate money. Floating point has another problem - just like in decimal, some numbers have infinite number of digits after the decimal. Representing 0.1 (decimal) in binary is like representing 1/3 in decimal. So, with floating point, 0.1*2 may be a little different than 0.2. This can be shown in decimal as well. 1/3 is 0.(3), but if you had limited amount of space and no way to signify that the 3 is repeating, you would have tow write it as 0.3333. Now, multiply that by 3 and you get 0.9999, but the real value is 1. Even better, 2* (1/3) = 2* 0.3333 = 0.6666, while 2/3 = 0.6667.
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    I actually happen to be one of those folks who, when they ask 'how are you?', I actually DO want a response; the standard 'I'm fine' is bullshit - NOBODY'S fine. Besides, how can I try to make anything better if you're 'fine'? So yeah... if I ever ask you that question, feel free to tell me about the cousin who blew up his car, or the guy at the hot dog stand that sneezed on your food, or that ache you have behind your middle toe on your left foot... I'll listen. I want to make connections, and the easiest way to do so is asking for more information. However, I tend to start with 'hiya', because I agree that starting with a question sounds foolish. And, for what it's worth, I feel your rage up there; I get it. There are so many pointless things in the world today; it's just one more dog on the pile, I suppose. My sympathies to you.
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    You weren't kidding, that is a lot. Anyways, I agree with your stance for the most part. This episode really pulled one out of the bag and seriously impressed me. I'm still on the fence whether this is my favourite episode of the season.
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    Almost all of the new writers in the last couple of seasons have done an amazing job already on their debut (and this episode was no exception to that)! Another great episode after a slow start to the second half of the season. I'll be surprised if "Phyllis, no!" doesn't become a meme in the fandom! @Sparklefan1234 It runs in the family.
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    "If I pop Twilight then, I will become the new Princess of Friendship!"
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    Good review and analysis as always. I hated Twilight’s remark at the end of “GREAAT” because its so needlessly manipulative. Good points about Spike as well. Media does tend to make male characters weaker in shows that have strong female characters and it does the shows a huge disservice. Both male and female characters can be strong at the same time! Spike deserves so much better as does RD!
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    This is one of those strange times that I really really like an episode for the very reasons people dislike it. It could be that I’m a bit on the older side so my corporate and extracurricular experiences have found me in roles that I was perplexed by, and was not fond of. Twilight’s first act statement that Dash’s hesitation solidified her choice acts as a buffer to the closing comments. In this Twilight pulls a parental trick that really observant parents, bosses, and managers do. They see a talent that is applicable to another function and place the person/child in that role to help hone the finer qualities of the talent. You don’t say anything because it would justify the decision with unearned praise, rather than place the person in an unfamiliar environment to help them grow. It’s one of those episodes that are more relatable to parents and established middle management types than the core of the fandom. I can understand why people didn’t enjoy it, but I suppose I’m glad I was able to come away with a more positive viewing experience informed by my own real world life and experiences.
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    Thank you all so much! @Sparklefan1234 Definitely similar looking to Elsa, though this particular pony is meant to be Weiss from RWBY.
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    The Duck Knight Returns is my favorite episode of the DuckTales series so far. Gotta love how they brought about Negaduck back~
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    You are welcome here whenever you want to join in, but its an option, not a duty. Just come chat when you feel like some company
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    I'm glad that you're enjoying your time here. More ponies are definitely welcome.
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    Well, take your time, maybe you will find something interesting to say after the break, The Last Crusade is your favorite episode, right?