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    Trying not to be blunt here, I'm just bad at... well, expressing emotions. Congrats on coming out, though. I didn't really see it coming, this is all kind of out of left field for me, but it doesn't make me think of you any less as a person. It's pretty brave for someone to deviate from the social norm, so I'm glad to see that you're becoming comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. Proud of you, sis.
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    I think acceptance goes without saying - this is The Herd, we want you to be true to yourself and happy with that I am glad you feel able to be a little more open about this now, especially, as you say, when it is Pride week. I imagine it won't make a lot of practical difference though, just increase the range of others you can admit you find sexy, but not as much so as your Special Somepony
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    I suspected as much, like @~Angel Dust~ said. But I was just waiting for you to make that single push to be open about it. Because in the end? We'll accept you for who you are. Because we're more than just your friends, Lucky. We're your family. Congrats on coming out. I'm proud of you.
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    I couldn't care less what someone's sexual orientation or sexual preference is so OF COURSE I accept you. You should not have to feel so held back in 2019 about this. Good luck and I hope you find someone who loves you for exactly who you are.
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    Well uh, question. How do you make a blog post on here?
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    @Lucky Bolt Congratulations, My Friend. *Hugs*
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    Of course! Congrats, man. I'm accept and support anypony. I am so proud of you.
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    @Lucky Bolt, of course! Someone's sexual orientation has no effect on my friendships. You're a cool pony
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    I will always accept you, Lucky. No matter what. I’m so happy for you and I really admire you even more than everbefore. Once your friend, always your friend. *hugs* You should feel soproud of yourself, we all are.
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    Happy for ya. There is nothing wrong with being Bi. Its quite common nowadays.
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    To the left of the notifications tab, there's a plus sign, that's where you go to make new content. Whether it be a status post or a blog post. Hope that helped!!! Also, congrats on coming out!!! @Lucky Bolt
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    Congrats on coming out @Lucky Bolt I wish you all the luck in the future!
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    Honestly, I already figured as much. But congratulations on coming out. I know it's not easy, even online (let alone in real life). I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that I have a lot of experience on the subject considering my sexuality. I've always been open about being LGBT since I've been on the internet really, but I can understand that there's always the potential for judgmental people on the internet. I've been called all sorts of names, and I've had to deal with slurs more than enough times. I say LGBT, because, as you and most other people who will read this will know, I used to be pansexual (as in having an attraction to someone regardless of sex), but I'm gay now. By the way, I know from experience that it is actually possible for someone's sexuality to change that much if anyone says that sounds hard to believe. I'd get into more detail, but it would almost certainly get beyond PG13. IRL, most of my family knows (not sure if my older sister, who I sometimes think could be bi herself, knows), but it was more recent when they learned of it. I had to tell my grandma after my last ex-boyfriend gave me a Valentine's Day gift in the mail, and the rest have learned recently since I started my relationship with my current boyfriend of now roughly 4 months. It was definitely a long journey to come out to them (I mean I've known about my feelings towards the same sex since elementary school). I was worried they'd not accept me for it, considering how I hear about this and that blanket statement about the LGBT community . I still haven't come out about my gender identity to them (if anybody doesn't know, I actually identify as a non-binary gender. Though I've learned to accept sexed pronouns as well), because they constantly make transphobic comments. Though I should never have to anyways. I mean they shouldn't ever see me crossdressing at any point, right?
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    Huh, I’d thought you’d have something really insightful to say about “The Last Crusade” like you usually do. Maybe a couple more rewatches later will inspire you.
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    Enjoy your break, My Friend! You've earned it.
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    Congratulations on coming out, my friend! Of course we accept you! That we can all be ourselves is one of the things I like the most about this community. Good luck with coming out to your family (when you feel it's the right time, of course). I'm sure it'll go well too!
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    Taking a break would be a good idea, writing when you don't feel like it will only make you extremely frustrated. I hope it all goes well for you
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    To this day, I still keep expecting one of them to say, "Cowabunga!"