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    This moment still makes me crack up.
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    I got a haircut again today, because my hair was getting too long, uneven and annoying. Shampooing was so much easier tonight!
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    Latest Organ Cover/Arrangement:
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    Live fast, eat blank.
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    My profile has been visited by a sandwich & a Kirin. Woohoo 1 hour ago Treeglow Flicker 1 hour ago
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    A beautiful Sunset!
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    And that's another day! I'd like to give a huge thank you and a hug to whoever gave me a wedding invitation/award. I can only assume it was for Lyra and BonBon. Anyway, goodnight, everypony! See you in the morning!
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    I'm hungry but it's too early for dinner
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    https://www.fimfiction.net/story/463999/8/harmonic-blue-skies/chapter-8-a-clear-summers-night I'm so proud to have finally finished this chapter. It's by far the longest chapter of my story so far (total word count is 5,210), and it marks an extremely important event in the story, one that you've probably been waiting for since the beginning. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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    Are there taxes in Equestria?
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    *Gives you all a BIG cuddle* ^^
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    Hey Everypony please give me Award
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    Give me Awards pleaseeee
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    Rarity looks beautiful, especially with wings!
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    PIckled cauliflower is yum yum.
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    How I feel about people complaining about wearing masks...
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    Goodnight everypony! See you all tomorrow!
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    Good to know the community college I'm attending this fall is going to send me a $100 check in the mail. (I completed a class that basically enrolls me into a program that covers up all my tuition, textbook, and material costs for that college)
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Friday-Eve already? Extended weekends sure do make the next work week quite short Not... a whole lot going on today, hopefully that doesn't mean it'll slog by I haven't been updating my marathon progress of late, but I'm starting Final Fantasy XV today, almost done
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    You are all the best and you will always be my friends!
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    All hail the beautiful Moon Princess!
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    I thought I met @ChB once but it turned out to be a normal sponge.
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    Risings F1-News: Current driver 2021 line-up Mercedes: ??, ?? Ferrari: Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz Red Bull: Max Verstappen, ?? McLaren: Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo Renault: Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon AlphaTauri: ??, ?? Aston Martin: Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll Alfa Romeo: ??, ?? Haas: ??, ?? Williams: George Russell, ??
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    I just responded to someone's tweet using a history joke and now I feel like a nerd.
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    Luster Dawn is beautiful! I wish there was more episodes that showed her! Artist: exploretheweb
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    Rainbow is such a sweet angel, isn't she?
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    Here is my new profile picture it is kind of blurry so I will see if I can take another one later.
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    What’s everypony up to today?
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    Rising's F1-News: What was highly speculated the last few days is now confirmed! Fernando Alonso will return to F1 after 2 years without it, for Renault Alonso got his 2 world championships with Renault in 2005/2006 and after McLaren, then Renault again, then Ferrari and lastly McLaren again, without chance of winning or barely missing the 3rd title, he returns with hope that Renault might find back with him. He tried that with McLaren, we know how that went. We will see how it goes in the following years. That of course also means that's almost 100% clear Sebastian Vettel likely retires after this season
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    Okay, previous answer: Luigi is possible to use as a playable character in Super Mario 64 if one gets the 8 extra stars after beating the game. This is Today’s question should be fairly easy as well: What’s the delta V required to achieve low earth orbit again? A. 5.2 km/s B. 23.8 km/s C. 7.0 km/s D. 9.4 km/s
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    Every single one of you is truly awesome and amazing!
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    This would have been a cool episode to watch if it was in the show: Chrysalis vs Lightning Dust!
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    Good morning, I hope everypony has a wonderful day today!
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    Good morning Equestria! I love you all!
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    I think Aku is in the computer...
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    Why did you follow me? It says in your bio that you don't randomly follow people. :v
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    As much fun as it is to pun around, it's time to change it back. @Who? Mine, Owlowiscious, that's @Who! Seriously, great to be DQ again.
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    Is this a good idea? Artist: handgunboi
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    Look what I got in the mail yesterday! It's another Twilight Sparkle plush! This is actually the first of two that I'm expecting to be receiving here- the next one, a 4DE Twilight Sparkle with closed wings will round out my collection of 4DE Twilight plushies, but it won't be here until early next week I bought this one though after seeing a photo by @EpicEnergy of his Twilight Sparkle plushie, and I though it looked super cute so I had to get a similar one! Plus it was only like 11 bucks, so why not?
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    right, a really scary law is coming in force over here which if it makes it through Scottish Parliament, litterally will infringe heavilly on free speech (much more even by UK standards)