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    ♫ There's a light that shines And its power is mine! Though our body's weak and breakable The spirit is indomitable! ♫ Ahem, ignore me over here singing to myself. I hope everyone's week is off to a good start. But if not, just remember it only gets better after Monday. /)
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    For someone who likes country living, I really do not enjoy cutting grass. Really wish I would have gotten more free pine trees, back when the forestry department was giving them out over a decade ago.
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    Sleeping Kirin mode activate! G'night!
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    Sneak peak of a new track soon! https://clyp.it/y1wt0qyy
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    Hey there everypony! I'm here bringing you my very first fanfic reading of my very first MLP Fanfiction. This chapter of Finding My Way is dedicated to my good friend @Dynamo Pad, who let me use his OC in this story. I apologize if I don't sound very professional. I'm trying to become a better reader. My recording 4.m4a
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    So...favorite type of metal just based on this video?
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    Was going to go to the gym tonight but then just as I was about to leave it started raining cats and dogs
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    I'm outta here now. Farewell
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    Sometimes I see these users... They have joined within 24 hours, made at most posts in double digits, and are already banned from the forums. What did they do to get banned so fast? I am thinking they either went out of the way to get banned as fast as possible as a sort of game (though looking through their profile I see nothing that is particularly noteworthy), or else they have been identified as past banned users who tried to re-join the forums using alternate accounts.
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    I'm trying to get a nice picture to post on the topic where people post their picutres but I can't find any picutre I like enough
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    Sea Pony Twilight Sparkle.
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    I love this song because I can relate to it so much. I’ve never been one of the cool kids simply because I just can’t fit in.
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    I feel like such a nerd rn it's the best
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    Tonight I tried an Italian beer for the first time, yes come on beer from Italy? Yes they exist, and ok it was not bad. I’m out with some friends, pony friends. Normally I hardly find time, but when friends want you out what can you say?
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    I'm gonna play somw MvM in Team Fortress 2. Let's see if I can finally get through any Advanced mission.
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    Two AWESOME DCAU Batman movies in one year!? I must be dreaming.
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    Riding in the car and shouting the lyrics to "Jessie's Girl" with ur friend is the best way to go.
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    I am alone and sad. Someone give me a hug.
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    The Princesses have arrived! (with cookies)
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    Woohoo! I finally found where I misplaced my missing motivation. With a little luck, I'll have something to show for it in a day or two.
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    I literally just thought I was about to die. I was having a plate of fruit for dessert (we have no ice cream, pudding, cookies, etc. right now), and I accidentally swallowed a huge piece of clementine, and it felt too big to go down my throat. Thank GOD it's squishy and easily swallowed, because if it wasn't, I would have died... I'm shaking, because I was so worried I was about to die...
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    lmfao what was I thinking god i am one dumb bitch
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    Looks like I got another sleepless night ahead of me boys, see y'all on the other side.
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    15 NOTIFICATIONS! That's a new record, Lou!
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    You ever have one of those days where you dress in full scuba gear, sit on the outside bathtub and just think?
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    Guess who's back from Texas?
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    Well, I don't it went well at all. There is always next time I guess...