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    @Alphabet Soup, @Anti-Villain, @applesjck, @Arc Flash, @Astral Vision, @Bastian, @Blivy, @Cagey, @Cash In, @CatCat, @ChB, @Crimson storm, @Crosswind, @Dark Horse, @Darksword66, @dashie2020, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Derpy Pon-3, @DivinePony1000, @DJ Wolfe, @Dreambiscuit, @Dynamo Pad, @Emerald Heart, @EpicEnergy, @EquesWrestlingEnt, @EtherealSpectre, @flutterJackdash, @IronM17, @J.T., @Lil'Cinnamon, @Lord Valtasar, @Meemfestivefox, @Mellow Mane, @Mirage, @Misscellanio, @Muffinnz, @Nsxile, @Operetta, @Pastel-chan, @Phosphor, @Prospekt, @Randimaxis, @RaraLover, @Regal Shadow, @Rikifive, @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine, @Serenity Sunbeam, @SolarFlare13, @Sparklefan1234, @Splashee, @StarrySkyDash, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Tacodidra, @TBD, @TheRockARooster, @Totally Nyx, @Treeglow Flicker, @Troblems, @Windy Breeze, @Zero You guys are awesome and I hope you know that! I enjoy reading your posts and receiving your comments, it makes it a very welcoming community. I know operetta isn't there anymore but they welcomed me here very fast. Rara & Taco & Nyx.. damn you guys gave me lotsa brohoofs Blivy & Ducky I love being around you
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    wanted to say thank you, all. <3 For those who gave me room to improve myself. Those who gave me opportunities to deal with myself better and those who just always have been there or have been silently watching. I also wanted to give big thanks for @Lord Valtasar for letting me do this simple heart contest to show the site some appreciation. I never thought i'd be allowed to go that far and I'm very proud! ^^ It's a big achievement in my eyes and i'm really happy so many decided to check it out already. <3 this means a lot to me. Today was a very, very great day for me. I got to draw cute stuff, made a contest, met some new people, tried to fix some things and over all it was fun. I feel that because of this community I managed to do a better part at my job Irl, the boss has even stated I seem to be improving a lot, and has given me another contract for a year, so.. i can be safe with my job unless something happens like i get sick but still.. that is a big relief for me. It means i can keep paying my meds and can keep doing a few minor things for myself.. Like get me a commission to cheer myself up! ^//w//^ @applesjck It is good to see you back on track @Blivy You mean so much to me but you know this! @Mirage I'm glad we fixed things Now for the rest... @Alphabet Soup, @Anti-Villain, @applesjck, @Arc Flash, @Bastian, @Blivy, @BoopMan, @Brony Number 42, @Cagey, @Cash In, @CatCat, @ChB, @CopperSpirit, @Crimson storm, @Crosswind, @Dark Horse, @Darksword66, @dashie2020, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Derpy Pon-3, @DivinePony1000, @DJ Wolfe, @Dreambiscuit, @Duality, @Dynamo Pad, @Emerald Heart, @EpicEnergy, @EquesWrestlingEnt, @EtherealSpectre, @flutterJackdash, @FoxyCat_2, @Gabosor, @IronM17, @J.T., @Lex Destrosio, @Lil'Cinnamon, @Longhaul, @Lord Valtasar, @Lulaypp, @lyrabetes3939, @Meemfestivefox, @Mellow Mane, @Midnight_Danny, @Misscellanio, @Muffinnz, @Nightfall Gloam, @Nsxile, @Operetta, @Pastel-chan, @Phosphor, @Prospekt, @Rainbow Cloud, @Randimaxis, @RaraLover, @Regal Shadow, @Rikifive, @Rising Dusk, @Serenity Sunbeam, @Sherem, @Sir Q of Q, @SolarFlare13, @Sparklefan1234, @SpittyPie2005, @Starlighty, @StarrySkyDash, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Tacodidra, @TBD, @TheRockARooster, @too-da-loo, @Totally Nyx, @Treeglow Flicker, @Troblems, @TwilightEclipse, @Twisted Cyclone, @Windy Breeze, @Zero, @zoloft I hope all of you keep staying awesome, healthy and happy. Every little bit of contribution to the forum is a good one! Sorry for all the tags but I just wanted to say this - sometimes, positivity is a big yes!
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    I'll stay Super as long as I have to, to keep safe from COVID-19. It is good to be invincible.
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    So many people farm for brohoofs but don’t give them out themselves. Greedy.
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    Let's do this, GO! P.s. it's not a must to join but it helps to get a better mind set when positivity is spread that's why this post and the tags, also don't feel let down if you weren't tagged, i struggled tagging! Time to tag a bunch, hope you will join! @Sparklefan1234, @Lunarfur, @TomDaBombMLP, @Tacodidra, @RaraLover, @Arc Flash, @AppleBolt ⚡️, @Beauregard, @Bastian Bolts⚡, @Cash In, @Cl0udChaser, @Dark Horse, @LyraLover ⚡, @Deae Rising Shine~@TheRockARooster, @Totally Roseluck @Will Guide, @Yoshi89 , @Derpy Pon-3, @DivineStrike1000⚡️, @Dynamo Pad, @ElectricEnergy⚡, @Emerald Heart, @Eniac, @Fluttershyfan94, @Flutterstrike ⚡️⚡️⚡️, @Koncova, @Kujamih, @LegoDashie, @Lucky Bolt ⚡ , @Lulaypp, @Lord Valtasar, @Mellow Mane 🍀, @Midnight Danny, @Partialgeek514, @Pastel Heart, @Princess of Bolts ⚡🔥⚡ @Ragland Tiger, @Rainbow Cloud 🌈, @Regal Shadow, @Rikifive, @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥, @Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡, @StarrySkyDash, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna @Just Blivy⚡️, @Cagey,@Treeglow Flicker
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    I disappeared for a couple weeks and already miss this place. It's good to be back
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    Guys! Gueys! I made it to 2400. I am still a zebbrah. How crazy is that???1
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    Can I celebrate the twelve thousand brohoofs before getting them? That's the question.
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    I just switched back to the smartphone life. I don't have internet service at my rural property and I actually needed it a few times to look up phone numbers for services and such. Satellite internet has a major flaw: It's not mobile. Now I just have to balance things to make sure the smartphone doesn't become the master. I don't have any social media and plan on keeping it that way.
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    Actually, help me get to 10k before I sleep!
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    @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @PartialShriek514 @TheTaZe @R.D.Dash @Spooky Emerald @Meemayfox @Treeglow Flicker @Sparklefan1234 @Arc Flash @Dynamo Pad @Flutterstep @CloudMistDragon @Totally Nyx @Lucky Bolt @SolarFlare13 @Splashee @Muffinnz @The Demon @Kiryu-Chan @Deae Rising Shine~ @Samurai Equine @FFF @Nightmare Recherche @Trix or Treat @Lord Midnight Madness @Sondash Studios @Cash In @Prince Doopliss @BornAgainBrony @CypherHoof @EpicEnergy @Batoloratura @Dawn-Sunlight @J.T. No words can say how I love and care for each and every of you... so I put it into song form!
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    That new banner is beautiful! I gotta be careful though, don't wanna end up hurting myself with its spikes, has happened before.
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    Good morning everypony! I think I had the best sleep I've gotten in weeks last night. I hope you all have an amazing day!
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    *Shyly noms cookie*
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    *Looks at brohoof count* 99909!
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    think there is no quote more important than this
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    C'mon everypony we can do it ! Road to 11 000 !
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    The sky is nice and clear tonight. I took a reading of the night sky at home and got a pretty typical result (~21mpsas). To you folks in the cities and suburbs, this would be considered "dark". Compare that to the reading to the one I took at my other property a few days ago (21.65mpsas), there's a huge difference. That's a very dark sky! Theoretical darkest sky on earth is usually assumed to be 22mpsas. The scale is logarithmic. When you experience a really dark sky, the one back at home just doesn't look the same anymore.
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    Being creative brings me joy.
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    Good morning, everypony!
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    Hey, Rapunzel! You wanna go get something to...
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    Guys look what my mom made me! I just woke up so I look horrible, but whatever! I love it!
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    Goodnight everypony! I hope your Friday was a fantastic one. Carry on and keep on smiling.
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    Della was forced to participate in "social distancing" for 10 years and was still able to celebrate. You can, too.
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    Hey everyone, show your love and support for @Deerie! She's having a bit of a rough time and could use a little love and support.
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    The weather today is so nice: 65 degrees and sunny! I took advantage of this beautiful day by visiting World's End, a peninsula in Hingham, Massachusetts. It's my favorite park because of its amazing coastal views. The picture below was taken today by yours truly.
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    Nini friends 💖 ily 🦋 they say more stormy weather is coming but at least it’d be a little warmer
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    Thank You for all of the new emotes, MLPF Staff!
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    Hello, my friends! My apologies for my lack of activity on the forums lately. I've been super busy for the past few days. Best I could do was log on, but haven't had a chance to reply to any messages or check my notifications (200+ right now ), and I won't be able to until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. On New Years Eve, I went to the city all day. We also watched the fireworks at midnight so I got home late and therefore didn't have the chance to go on the forums. On New Years Day, I went to the zoo (the animals were so adorable! ), but I was too tired to do anything once I arrived home in the evening, and I slept pretty early that day. Today, I had to do some stuff for my university enrolment, which ate up a lot of my free time. I could only spare a few minutes on the forums, writing this status update. Tomorrow is going to be more fun with some bowling, laser tag and a movie to end the day. I just want to take this opportunity to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR, to y'all out there! 2019 was an amazing year (despite school )! It was really fun and I made many more great memories here on MLPF. To everypony out there, here's to a wonderful 2020!!!
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    By kaleido-art
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    Gettin down to the nitty gritty now.
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    It's time to "Shake Things Up"!
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    I wanna spend time with Chryssie! I'm gonna give her hugs, snuggle with her and brush her mane!
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    Phases of the Moon!
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    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodnight y'alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. ^^
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    Ah I see, this is going to be one of those nights my insomnia decides to be a pain in the butt. I suppose pulling an all nighter could be fun, haven't done that in a while.
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    Well fillies and gentecolts. I've thought long and hard about this, and she's been up and coming for a long time now. I've found my official new favorite character. Please welcome... *drum roll*... the most beautiful bird out there!
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    Pandur wubs you (Doe admin- ponysona)
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    A Woona Eclipse!
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    Bleh, I have a headache and am super tired. I think this filly is gonna log off early! Goodnight. I'll catch y'all in the AM
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    Nini lovelies 💖 have a nice day/night
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    >i'm not fully back.. Just wanted to get to the last requests I still had to do, art requests that is. My drawing hand's been hurting massively the past few weeks< Lucky for me.. @Blivy is a good help in trying to keep me sane
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    Magic blooms in every single pony!
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    Morning friends 🦋💖 how are you? Today i’ll be going to 2 places for my health so idk when i’ll be back, hope i don’t got to wait 2h in waiting room again i got plans to work on requests again but i feel really drained lately because every night i had nightmares!