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  1. Lol sad thread is sad. Three technically. Doesn't paint the big picture for me or anyone though. A couple of them were very short. Last one was a while ago. More accurate picture of someone's dating life is based on how long they last.
  2. Another INFP-T checking in ^^ Introverted 81% Intuitive 56% Feeling 51% Prospecting 69% Turbulent 92%
  3. Mine is INFP-T Extraverted 15% - Introverted 85% Intuitive 56% - Observant 44% Thinking 32% - Feeling 68% Judging 46% - Prospecting 54% Assertive 36% - Turbulent 64%
  4. I've read the detailed description. It was extremely accurate to be honest. I ain't afraid of stuff, but that thing right there? It scares me.
  5. It looked like there were multiple sleepovers going on! Beryl would be sleeping over at Trilby's place, Keen would be sleeping over at Shadow's place, and most of Samurai's friends would be sleeping over at Samurai's place! @Windy Breeze 🥧, @CameoShadowness Trilby notices the glow on Beryl's antenna, but didn't question it. Probably just a breeize thing. "Don't worry, I'll show you." He gets up and takes Beryl with him. "Goodnight Shadow, Keen. See you both again soon!" He leaves first. No doubt, Shadow and Keen will leave shortly after. However, as he leaves, a look of shock hits him. He just remembered something he forgot to do today! He was suppose to talk to Astral!! ...Then he shrugs it off. Oh well. The doctor will just have to be upset with him for now. @Astral Vision, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @Kronos the Revenant Samurai waves goodbye to the guests leaving, including Kronos. "Thank you all for coming over tonight. I hope we have more parties in the future some day." He then turns back to those still here. Initially, he only offered a sleepover to a few, but now more of his friends are showing interest. "Oh my! This is going to be a bigger sleepover than I thought. Just don't expect the best sleeping conditions. We have blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags here. I don't keep an assortment of traditional beds. Japonies ponies tend to sleep in a very different way. I have one regular bed, so I guess I can loan it to whoever needs it most." Samurai says, showing his patience. He could limit the number of creatures staying over at his house, but he doesn't. Instead, he welcomes them all with a smile. "Follow me, please." At Thundy's request, Samurai leads them all to another set of rooms in his house. They are more spacious with very minimal furniture. The doors are grid-patterned, sliding paper doors. With a clap of his hooves, various kurokos come around and set up sleeping bags, blankets, and such for all the guests. It may essentially be sleeping on the floor, but the stuff provided is fluffy and well cushioned. Samurai also notices Pencil temporarily leaving to get some things. "Have a safe trip, and hurry back!" He looks at everyone else that is still here. "Hopefully, I'll see you all in the morning. If not, feel free to ask anything of my kurokos. They'll tend to your every need, and they'll make breakfast." Samurai wishes them all goodnight for now, and heads to his own room. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY 5 @Astral Vision, @Buck Testa, @C. Thunder Dash, @CameoShadowness, @Dynamo Pad, @Emerald Heart, @ExplosionMare, @GeneralDirection, @Jack Baker, @Kronos the Revenant, @Windy Breeze 🥧 A new day dawns over the town of Friendshire. A new start for the citizens, and maybe a new start for anyone that should happen to wonder into this town. Samurai Equine, like always, wakes up earlier than just about any other pony. Despite staying up later than usual the previous night, he makes time to wake up early, meditate, give praise to rulers of Equestria, put on his training clothes, and practice his swordsmanship on practice dummies. He has a space dedicated to this; training at dawn helps keep him sharp for the rest of the day. However, this time... Samurai seems a little distracted. He can't help but think about some things that happened yesterday. An Origami Shinobi suddenly appeared. Kronos tried to warn him about an upcoming war... Putting his sword away, Samurai looks out at the town through a window. "...It was bound to come to this, wasn't it? Can't just leave things in peace, can you? Leopard..." No time to waste, then. Samurai changes out of his training clothes, grabs some supplies, leaves a message for his friends, and leaves. Can't afford to lose a single moment. @Astral Vision, @Pastel Heart, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @C. Thunder Dash Hopefully, Pastel and Pencil enjoyed bunking together in the same room. More so then that, hopefully Thundy and Chelsea were able to get use to sleeping at Samurai's place. It was only going to be for one night only, so it shouldn't be too bad. Astral has a lot to think about today. What does he want to do? Where should he begin his research today? That mystery pony he met the other day... That had to be Final Premonition! It just had to be! He said that he wrote the book about the two mayors. And he also said that he'll come back some day to either take the book away, or to take something of equal importance. But what could be just as important as the book? Astral has choices. He can focus on trying to find a good substitute for the book, spend more time with Dynamo to help him with his magic, or perhaps do something else that's equally important. A lot of avenues. However, as they all slowly awaken and leave the bedrooms, they are soon to find out that Samurai isn't home. In fact, he left them a note in the party room. It reads: おはよう! Good morning, my friends! Sorry, but I couldn't join you this morning. I have a lot to do. Thundy, Chelsea, please feel free to explore the town. Finding a place to live, and a job if you want one, should be too easy! Astral, Dynamo, Pastel, and Pencil, I'll be back soon. No matter what happens, meet me at the town entrance by late evening. Mr. Iron Shoal, if you ever want more of that mountain sake, let my kurokos know. There's always more where that came from. Take care til then, my friends! またね! Speaking of, the party room is all ready being filled with all kinds of foods to eat for breakfast! The kurokos have been busy preparing food in the kitchen. The various tables have things like scrambled eggs cooked with soy sauce, rice, natto, misou soup... Okay, maybe there are a lot of asian dishes. But there is also fruit, crepes, muffins, oatmeal, and toast. Not to mention, fruit juice, coffee, and tea. They really went all out to make sure there was enough food for everybody! @Emerald Heart, @Windy Breeze 🥧 Samurai got to work preparing a hoof-made gift basket filled with things that hopefully Fable will like. If this doesn't convince her that Samurai just wants to be her friend, then nothing will. He leaves it at her door with a greeting card. It says he hopes that she will enjoy everything the town has to offer, and he hopes they can properly spend some time together as fellow friends. He also makes similar gift baskets for Shadow, Sundae, and Keen. However, each is a little different, custom made for their recipients. Each has an item only they will like like. He leaves it at their doors, offering his good will and friendship. @Buck Testa, @Ragland Tiger However, Samurai is the first to report to the hospital. He doesn't request visiting hours. Instead, he just wants to be the first pony to greet Bluebell and the mystery pony (Boulder Dash) as they are hopefully discharged from the hospital. He wasn't there for them before when they needed a hero, but he can definitely be there to help them back on their hooves. @CameoShadowness Meanwhile, waking up at a more regular time with the rest of the town, Trilby gets out of bed and freshens himself up a little. He leaves his bedroom and heads down the hallway. "Good morning, Beryl. Sleep well?" Trilby emptied out a cabinet in his hallway and turned it into a miniature bedroom, perfect for Beryl. He fashioned together a quick bed just for her, and a few other amenities. Trilby gives one last yawn. "I'm going to make breakfast. I'll make enough for the both of us." However, on his way to the kitchen, he hears the phone go off. "Hmm? Who could that be at this hour?" Trilby goes to answer it. "Hello? ... Oh, good morning Mayor White! ... Seriously?! ... Of course, I'll tell him immediately! ... Yes, of course. See you soon, sir." He hangs up and heads back to the kitchen with a smile. @Kronos the Revenant As soon as Kronos prepares for a new day and heads to the office, his boss calls him. "Kronos? It's Mayor Black. Hopefully, you got the payment I sent you for the last job. Are you ready for your next assignment?"
  6. Yes but not as much as I used to
  7. I like Flutters a lot more now. Mainly because I strongly relate to her
  8. I'd rather be a stallion and get married, I'd also love to move to Equestria!
  9. @Photon Jet I don't think your voice sounds high-pitched, just joyful in a good way. It also fits the character in the video! @TomDaBombMLP You have a very charismatic voice, nice! There is a lot to consider, actually. It also takes quiet a bit of training. One good way is to listen to some music with a female singer you like and trying to replicate the voice. Choose songs you like and are easy to sing, it's also a lot of fun. Making the voice "just" higher pitched isn't enough. You also have to learn how to avoid the "vibrations" a male voice does, this is very important. You should feel the vibrations in your throat when you talk normally. There should be some tutorials on the internet and you can learn how to do this correctly and not hurting yourself.
  10. @Samurai Equine I too am ready to move on to the next event. I'm sorry if my posts aren't adding much except for dialogue, but I guess burnout happens to everyone.
  11. Pretty much yeah. Here's a good read if you're interested on this approach to the concept. http://unitedfederationofcharles.blogspot.com/2015/07/what-is-grimdark.html?m=1
  12. Could it be this one? http://www.equestriagaming.net/2011/04/derpy-delivery.html
  13. I think a few of your points and examples are somewhat exagerrated to sound more extreme, honestly. I agree with some things. Sunset is a lot more charismatic that Starlight. I actually put a lot of this down to the actress. Sunset's actress is incredible and commands more presence than Sheridan ever really did with Reformed Starlight. Sunset's arc is immaculately crafted to engender absolute sympathy towards her. Although, I think it also comes at the expense of taking away any feeling that she was ever a real villain. People are mean to her as if she's still a bad person, but what we see of Sunset in RR is just the kindest, sweetest little put-upon puppy dog ever. We don't want the school to be mean to her, because we can clearly see she's changed and will never do anything bad ever again. It's such a simple story and they tell it really well, but Sunset is NOTHING like her villain self anymore. It feels like she's a new character who's been saddled with all of Villain!Sunset's baggage and past and forced to suffer for it. It isn't cathartic and it doesn't make me feel like justice is being served because these two Sunset's are nothing alike. And it takes a while for her to develop proper character flaws again. I felt like they were trying something different with Starlight, but the execution was iffy in a few areas, not helped by the fact that the fundamental idea of Starlight is that she's a character who will sometimes relapse, which is already a risky idea. She didn't get rainbow'd out of a super evil super form. She stopped of her own free will and had to put her life back together, but she stumbles along the way because her core flaws (her tendency to overreact and her inclination to sidestep problems rather than actually confronting them) were never resolved. It's a part of her, but I genuinely do think she improves as the series goes on. She goes from flippantly using magic and being annoyed by the idea that she might have done something wrong, to making a mistake due to stress and sleep deprivation, then realizing she's made the mistake on her own and working to fix it. The thing about Starlight's power is that it's always brought up by people as if it's consistently done a damn thing to help her. In all her appearances, her magic has solved exactly one conflict. A Royal Problem. In every other story, Starlight's power is a harbinger of her making some kind of catastrophic mistake due to her overreactions. Her magic exacerbates conflicts or brings them to a head, it almost never resolves them. She's been jobbed out by plenty of characters. Despite her banishing spell, she was no match for Discord. She was easily detained by Cozy Glow offscreen. She was beaten handily by Chrysalis. Starlight's power is grossly overstated. I think the same is true for certain spotlight-stealing episodes like Marks and TWABA as well. In TWABA, Starlight doesn't get to save the day because she's better than the mane 6 (and nor does the episode insist that she is in any way) She gets to be the hero because Chrysalis didn't care about her. If she had, there's no reason to believe she couldn't have easily replaced Starlight like she did everyone else. Chrysalis left the opening (like she always does), and Starlight was just the person who happened to be there. The episode IS constructed to give Starlight the spotlight, but not by making her the only competent person in the room. And in Marks, Starlight doesn't do anything Twilight couldn't have done. She doesn't figure out something Twilight missed. Cozy came to HER, and spilled the beans about what she did to the CMC. Starlight is given information Twilight is not given because Starlight's role in the school is to be a counselor and hear this kind of stuff from students in distress. Besides, any moment for Starlight is inevitably soured by the fact that Cozy is playing the hell out of her. Starlight helping Cozy is pretty much a bad thing in the long run because it all feeds into her plan to ingratiate herself within the school. I think your list of Starlight's "relapses" is the most unfair section to me. You list encouraging Twilight to reopen the School of Friendship as a "relapse". No. Neighsay was wrong. Anything he was correct about is undermined entirely by the fact that he himself clearly didn't care about any of Twi's transgressions, and was using them as an excuse. He literally says: But even granting that the EEA was completely in the right and Twilight was wrong to reopen the school, Starlight's still not relapsing here. She's not impulsively overreacting. She's calmly and earnestly trying to help Twilight, a person she looks up to and genuinely cares about. She doesn't want Twilight to give up on her dream and uses her own experiences with Twilight to inform her decision to stick by her (noting that Twilight never gave up on Starlight). When she age-regresses Sunburst she also undoes it seconds later when it becomes clear that he's freaked out. And she only goes ahead with it because he was impressed by her spell and wanted to see it in action. It's still somewhat of a backslide for her, but it's nowhere near as egregious as something like ELTSD. In Road to Friendship she doesn't turn back because the wagon is too heavy. She'd already made it most of the way back home, through deserts, alligators, swamps, and fire pits. She realizes her mistake after hearing how the mail ponies were inspired by her and Trixie's friendship, which reminds her of how much she cares about Trix. She then turns around and treks back through the alligators, the swamps, the fire pits, and the deserts to find Trixie again. Saying she just found the wagon too heavy is ignoring context for no reason. And one last thing, I don't think a character needs to necessarily be hated by people in order to feel guilt for their actions. If Sunset only felt bad about what she did because people were angry at her over it, then I think that's a shame. You shouldn't refrain from doing bad things solely because you fear punishment for doing them. You should refrain from doing them because you understand that they're bad.
  14. Grimdark comes in many shapes and presentations. May I suggest you to try an old game called "Story of the blanks" to have an old grimdark experience from the hoof of our beloved fandom? I would also like to add an opinion a few veterans had back in the day regarding what grimdark can be for FiM. Anything breaking the idillic and perfect utopian state of the ponyverse would be grimdark for FiM. Things mundane for humans are alien for ponies. Things such as death, violence, drugs and even any sexual connotation for the matter, given the dream like light heartness of the source material. Grimdark just explores a far more crude reality never seen on FiM. Things don't even need to be over the top to reach that cynical feeling grimdark can portray. So, pretty much, just break the perfection of the pony world and you'll be on grimdark territory.
  15. INTP-T Extroverted 4% Introverted 96% Intuitive 60% Observant 40% Thinking 58% Feeling 42% Judging 39% Prospecting 61% Assertive 12% Turbulent 88%
  16. @Pastel Heart Pencil lightly giggled at Pastel. “Sure, you can bunk with me! Just be warned, if we have to share a bed I might steal all the blankets, hehe!” she told her half-jokingly. Pencil didn’t mean to be a bed hog, she was just like that. Regardless of the matter, Pencil was happy to be bunk mates with Pastel. Before she headed back home to get her things, she said, “I’ll be right back, I just have to get some things. I’ll meet you guys once I’m done,”
  17. Fair enough. I wouldn't say the flavour is as sweet as actual honey, but enough so that you can taste its honey flavour. Honestly, I never tried the comb pieces on their own before (I just eat it together with the ice cream ). I did a bit of research and apparently these "comb" pieces are actually toffee pieces with a honey-like flavour. I hope you didn't think it was actual honeycomb, because yeah, that wouldn't appeal to me either.
  18. @Astral Vision @ExplosionMare @Pastel Heart Chelsea tilted her head like a dog at what Pastel had just said. She didn't get whether Pastel was trying to help her for real or just be funny. Thundy on the other hand listened as Pencil said she had to go get something from her house.
  19. Yup a couple of them. One I met in 1999 and the other in 2001. Been friends ever since.
  20. I like some grimdark if it's good, which it isn't often, but when it's good and not just trying too hard, it's good!
  21. I once owned this little beauty: Well, at least until it broke in half (I liked that it was so mechanically simple that I could easily repair it even with primitive tools. But there are things that cannot be fixed, unfortunately :q ) But at present I don't have any car. They become too expensive in maintenance, too complex to fix on your own (and the manufacturers make it harder and harder to do even for independent repair shops by limiting access to parts and technical documentation), and... I don't know, I just don't enjoy driving a car anymore. I prefer bicycles or walking, really. On a bicycle, I can go whenever I want, I don't need special permissions, I don't have to waste my time in traffic jams, I can park it wherever I want, I can ride it into a forest or on the beach – it's just pure freedom. (Oh, and did I mention that it's also better for your health and the environment? ).
  22. Welcome to the forums!! I hope you enjoy your time here!!
  23. Oh, so that's what you meant... Yeah, that's not a surprise for me at all. But people who speak English or Spanish don't necessarily have to be British / American / Australian / Canadian, etc. because English might also be their second language, as it is for me. My hope is that in this thread they'll reveal what their first languages are and we could exchange some languages anyway . OK, in the meantime when I'm preparing some new templates for you, I'll show you something else: a template I used to exchange Polish for French with one of my friends from France I gave him this sheet: and another copy with blanks, and asked him to fill those blanks with French counterparts. And after a while we could already speak a little bit of each other's language He could ask me in Polish to make him some coffee, or where's the bathroom, etc. and I could do the same in French. Here's another sheet from a language exchange with another French friend (one of the users on this forum; I wonder if he's still around?..): (If you're French and you see any mistakes in it, please correct me, I'm still learning ;J ) And that's the direction I'd like to go with those templates. I use such templates because they allow us to focus on things that I'd like to learn first instead of going on tangents and using vocabulary that is too advanced for me at my level. It helps the other person too (the one that is teaching me) if that person is not a language teacher and doesn't know how to do that properly so that it worked well. Here's one more thing that would help any of you interested in learning Polish, Russian or other Slavic languages; something I call the Key to Slavic Languages: People often say that Polish and Russian are one of the most difficult to learn, because when they try to learn those languages, they approach them in the same way as English or French or Spanish: they try to learn each word alone, as a new word, in separation from others, and they find it extremely difficult, because they soon find out that there's billions of them, with different forms and endings depending on case, gender, number, mood, tense etc. And if they try studying conjugation tables, they get mad because it quickly becomes overwhelming. But that's not the way one should learn Slavic languages! The key to Slavic languages is that they're based on a system of roots – basic stems of words that carry elementary meaning, that can then be modified by attaching all sorts of other morphemes (parts of words) that carry some meanings, but doesn't mean anything on their own. Their set, however, is finite (and that's good news! less things to learn). There's only a bunch of prefixes that you can put in front of a verb root to expand on its meaning and make it more specific. You can see most of them in the first column in my picture above, with little icons hinting on their meaning. If you know some Polish already, you can also notice that many of those prefixes can also function alone as words on their own, usually prepositions, because that's what they once were! :> It's just that with time those prepositions started to merge with verbs and became part of them. It's kinda similar to how it works in contemporary English, with expressions such as "open up", "go on", "give up", "let down", "come over", "look for" etc. It's the same basic idea! A preposition that often appears before/after a certain verb starts to be used with that verb more frequently, and soon their combination gains a new meaning on itself. With time, it can even merge with the verb to make a new word, and there are examples of such merged combinations in English too: things like "understand" or "beyond". Slavic languages went through the same process in the past, and what you see now is the end result The same goes with personal endings of verbs: they were once personal pronouns that could stand on their own, but then they merged with verbs. There's a trace of it in old dialects in which they're still movable and they can detach from the verb and attach to some other word or particle, for example: "Gdzie byłeś?" (Where were you?) vs. "Gdzie żeś był?". And in Serbian / Croatian / Montenegrin one can see that those endings are still present as forms of the "to be" verb, which hints at their origin. (Balkan branch is more close to the original proto-Slavic, than Polish and Russian which have more Baltic influences). In the picture above, you can also see how the vowels in the stem are pretty much flexible – they are mostly a "carrier wave" for the consonants that constitute the actual meaning, so those vowels can change without breaking the core of the meaning. They can be stretched or shrunk when speaking fast, and they can even disappear entirely if they're not in the accented position. An example of that is a word for "dog": "pies", that in accusative changes to "psa" – the "ie" (originally a short "e") in between "p" and "s" disappears, but the consonants of the root stay intact, in the same exact order: "P·S". Once you know this secret about roots and prefixes/suffixes, the amount of stuff you need to learn shrinks drastically! :> Because now all you have to do is to learn ~200 roots + ~20 prefixes and endings, and then you can combine them in different ways to make 20×200=4000 new words! (Do you see now why it would be much harder if you tried to learn them one by one from a dictionary? :q ) Sometimes you can even guess a word that way, and in most cases you will be correct In the remaining cases you will say something that is not a word, but people will usually understand you anyway, because it still follows the rules of morphology and carries the meaning. They may then correct you by telling you a better, more natural way to say it. Once I figured that out about my own language (unfortunately, even most Poles are unaware of that!), I was able to come up with words that you won't find in any Polish dictionary, and yet they're perfectly fine and every Pole will know what they mean. Sometimes even some long ones For example: poprzeprogramowywałybyście Here's how it can be broken into morphemes, and what each of these morphemes mean: po· = literally means "after", but when attached to a verb, it produces something in the lines of "I'll do it for a while, but I'll definitely finish, and after that I'll do something else". prze· = literally means "across", but as a prefix of a verb, it means "thoroughly", or "from the beginning to the end". pro· = this prefix is from Latin, it means "forward". gra· = Greek root which means "to draw" or "to scratch". Think of "graphing". ·m = Greek suffix for making a result of an action, in this case, the result of the drawing: a picture, graph (gram). These three parts make "program" = something drawn forward, a plan, or a project. ·ow = converts it back to a verb in Polish, which means "to plan", "to program". ·yw = an infix that makes it a frequent action, repeated multiple times: "to program over and over again, multiple times". ·a = I'm not sure about this one. ·ł = sends it to the past, so far we have then: "programmed something thoroughly for a while, multiple times, then finished". ·y = indicates feminine plural. ·by = an infix that indicates subjunctive mood, that is, that we're talking about something that could have occurred, but haven't necessarily occurred; like something that we wished to occur. ·ś = indicates second person. ·cie = confirms the second person and plural. Combining all that information, "poprzeprogramowywałybyście" means something in the lines of "You two girls would like to program something thoroughly, multiple times, until finished" Of course this is an extremely exaggerated example, to show you the flexibility of that technique and how can it help you understand Polish language better. It's rare to see such complex words in Polish in an everyday conversation. One prefix and two or three suffixes (usually to indicate person, gender and time) are the norm. One interesting thing about this approach is that it also allows you to see the connections with other languages (I have a theory that languages like English or French or Spanish, that grew from the Latin stem, can be traced even further back in time, because Latin and Greek weren't the first languages on Earth either – there's a point in which the Slavic branch merges with Latin branch and predates it). For example, the root G·L·D in my picture can be found in English words such as "GLaD", "GoLD", "GLaSS" etc. They all refer to stuff that is shiny because of having a polished surface. The word "glad" once meant "to shine", but now it's mostly used in a metaphorical way, "to shine with emotions" (to be happy about something or someone). Polish words "o·GLąD·a·ć" (to look at something from all directions), "wy·GLąD·a·ć" (to look outside) etc. all refer to the idea of looking, but originally they were also related to noticing shiny things, and even before that, to the act of polishing: "GŁaDz·i·ć" = to polish something; "GŁaD·ki" = polished (adjective), etc. Another example might be the English "GueSS" (to tell out) and the Polish "GłoS" (voice, used for speaking/telling) and "GuS·ła" (fortune telling). Look out for such connections between languages! They are your best friends in learning languages and they will help you a lot (Make sure that they're not false friends though, because some similarities might be coincidental.)
  24. This delectable filly for sure. Nopony adds as much charm to the background as Cloudchaser.
  25. All fair points . Most people speak English or Spanish (or both) here .
  26. Colours in Russian? Did I miss something? So far we have colours in: Polish, Spanish, French (with no picture), and Mandarin Chinese. But you can supply Russian mod of my template if you will Now that's what I'm talking about! I provided the template, people use it to share their languages with others. Soon I'll give you more. Прекрасно! Cпаси́бо Yup, if you changed every Latin letter in Polish pronouns to their Cyrillic counterparts, they would turned out to be the same. And the meanings are the same too. But the pronunciations are slightly different, due to the phenomenon called Akanye. If the "o" letter is not accented, it is pronounced pretty much the same as "a". Yup, it was that way once in Polish too, but now it remained mostly in old dialects of village people. This phenomenon can be found in many other European languages: when people want to refer to a stranger or to someone who has more authority (e.g. someone older, or a boss, or a leader), they avoid speaking directly to them, and switch to pronouns that are more indirect. There are two possibilities here: 1. They artificially pluralize, using 2nd person pronouns, making an illusion that they're referring to a group of people instead of just one person, hiding that person in that "artificial crowd", so to speak, to be more indirect. 2. They speak of someone in 3rd person, as if they were talking about the authority with someone else (who isn't really there). That way they pretend that they're not talking directly to that authority, but letting the authority "overhear" it anyway and react. (I call this one "Trixie mode", from obvious reasons Trixie talks in third person when she's in her Great and Powerful persona because, well, it is a persona – an artificial personality she made for herself to cover up for her insecurities. Talking about it in third person comes from the dissociation.). Some languages may also have a different set of pronouns for polite forms, or they add some "decorations" around the normal ones to make it sound more "praise-ish" ;J In Polish nowadays we combine speaking in 3rd person with words "Pan" / "Pani" (Mr., Mrs.) if we are talking to unknown people or people in power. Nice, good to know :> In Polish, we capitalize "you" as well when we refer to someone directly (e.g. in a letter) to honour them. In English & American, on the other hoof, they capitalize the 1st person ("I") instead. It's kinda telling, don't you think? Fortunately, that egotism ends there, since when talking about yourself and someone else, you usually put yourself at the end of the list, like in "My sister and I". (Unless you're one of those people who don't understand cases and say "My sister and me" in subject position :q It would be OK when in direct object position.) Interesting! I didn't know this one. What do you mean? Appeal to popularity might be a good argument for learning some language (if you're looking for a language that will allow you to communicate with many people), but I don't think it should be used as an argument for discouraging people from learning some language. Whatever language you learn, even the most rare one, will always help you communicate with some people that otherwise you would be unable to talk with. And if the language is rare, it also makes you rare, because there's not many people then who would be able to do your job For example if you know English as your second language, there's billions of people who can do the same. But if you know Zulu, or Xhosa, or Inuit, or Navajo, there's not many people who could replace you and you can earn a lot of money or become very important Moreover, languages can be thought of as one huge tree, with branches. There are groups of languages that are very similar, because they come from the same stem somewhere in the past. Knowing one of them makes it easier to learn other languages from the same stem (e.g. when you know Polish, it's pretty easy for you to learn Russian or Czech, because they're all from the Slavic branch; if you know Spanish, it's pretty easy to learn Italian or Portuguese, and quite easy to learn French, because they're all based on Latin; English and German are also pretty close to each other, since Old English was from the Germanic branch). Learning a language from outside of your branch can be an eye-opening experience, because then you usually find that languages from other branches use different ways to express the same things. You learn how different people solved the same problems with different tricks and grammatical constructs. For example, when learning Indonesian, I found that they have two different ways of saying "we": "kami" is exclusive (it includes you and your friend, but not the other people you're talking to) while "kita" is inclusive (it includes the people you're talking to). This is something I was always missing in Polish, because when my mom says: "Here we have a cake", I never know if by saying "we" she meant me and her (in that case I get the cake too), or her and my dad (in which case I don't have the cake :q ). In Indonesian there would be no confusion: "Kami punya kue" would mean that I don't get the cake, while "Kita punya kue" would mean that I get the cake too. There's many languages being spoken in Pony.Town, for example. But once I saw people speaking Indonesian, I just knew I have to learn at least some basics of it to be able to speak with those people, because Indonesian seemed so different from all the languages I knew. When I started talking to Indonesian people and asking them to tell me some words in their language, then noting them down, I quickly started to see patterns and their language turned out to be in fact pretty easy to learn, and quite simple. And when I then started combining those words they gave me into sentences and speaking back to them, they were shocked: "WOW! How can you speak my language?! It's HARD!" When you speak someone's language, you can see a huge difference in the way they treat you. You're no longer a stranger, you're one of them. They open up, speak more freely. It's amazing. It is that feeling of connection with the speaker that makes me want to learn more and more languages, even some exotic ones. And that's also why I started this thread: to let other people experience that feeling too and show them that learning languages of other people doesn't have to be hard (schools make it way too complicated and boring!). I hope it will fulfil that purpose.
  27. Because people like what they like and that's it?
  28. @WWolf Puppets and explosions: (I did this all in one take plz forgive me ) IMG_5355.MP4
  29. Professor NORTON NIMNUL - Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers
  30. Nostalgia in general, video games, music, regressing ♡
  31. In which, Starlight Glimmer receives the seventh Rainbow Key. Starlight's Wedding Dress 1066280 (26 Today) BY LimeDazzle | WATCH
  32. https://voca.ro/1kRzTKIo5KC Here it is, everypony. Hope you like it! Please excuse the stuttering. I was quite nervous.
  33. Right now I wish I was better at being happy.
  34. I'd rather be a stallion and get married with Twilight 😍😍❤️💓❤️💓❤️
  35. Cloudchaser has an edgy style that I really like. Sorry for the large size, it's the only picture this not-so-tech-savvy girl can get to upload
  36. Hmm... * runs to pinkie pies* Hey, pinkie! Have you seen mike? Pinkie: yeah! It looked like he just flew to rarity's house! *flies over to rarity's* hi, have you seen mike? Rarity: did u the check the apple farm? *jogs off the applejack* did you see mike? Aj: umm... Yeah, I think he went ova tah fluttershy's house! Thanks *heads down to fluttershy* Hi! Hav you seen mike anywhere? Fs: he's in my house, just tell agel not to point him out! *sprints to fluttershy's cottage* angel I can't have you pointing out mike! *angel points at the other side* Mike? MIKE!! C'mon no more horsing around! Just do it!! No one else will see it!