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    Twilight eating ice cream... on Rainbow Dash's bed!
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    The main reason I'm here is to offer moral's support.
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    My love for the Princesses is eternal!
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    I don’t understand why I got an overpowering midwestern accent one day and then sound like a bonafide Daisy Duke the next.
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    I summon @Mirage @lyrabetes3939 and @Bastian to this status update! The Princesses command it!
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    Thanks for the follow!
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    All these reactions! Thank you friend! I’m getting so much nostalgia from these old posts.
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    You’re too awesome friend!
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    Have a wonderful night my friends.
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    Those pop vinyl mlp figures actually look good and that makes me wow an officially licensed figure that looks like it should
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    I think The Nose has returned. This is their third incarnation this play through.
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    If a tree falls in Equestria...That means Applejack kicked it too hard.
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    A lovely Queen before me... What am I to do?
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    nini friends <3 Time for more markiplier and bed XD
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    Hey guys. Hows it goi- 300 NOTIFICATIONS!!!??? Well then... How's it going?
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    I'm gonna give Chryssie all the love and care she could ever ask for!
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    How I feel about spoilers
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    I got bored, so I'm watching Pitch Perfect. It was either this ir Beverly Hills Chiahuhua 3..
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    "I can show you the goose"XD
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    So many people farm for brohoofs but don’t give them out themselves. Greedy.
  22. You’re telling me you don’t wear aviators and listen to Danger Zone every flight?
  23. Sleep away. I’ll cover for you while you’re gone.
  24. Are those aviators? Because I’m gonna, ah the ate ya... ... I win
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    Ther is this rooster walking in front of our house yesterday and it had been crowing all morning from about 8:30. And now it is at the back also crowing. I have never been happier in my life. I thought I only get to see crowing roosters back at my hometown.
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    *sings* it's not right, but it's okay! I'm gonna make it anyway, pack your bags up and leave Don't you dare come running back to meeee~ It's not right, but it's okay! I'm gonna make it anyway, Close the door behind you.. leave your key! I'd rather be alone than unhappyyyy~ //Art by thieftea\\
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    You have reached over 33333 brohoofs! Have a 3 chocolate chip moon!
  30. Think of it this way. Is a vampire repelled by the cross itself or the faith of the person holding it? If the person realized that it was the faith that did it then would they need the cross? Symbols have all the power we put into them. By season 9 they realize that the true power of these concepts lives in those who embody them. That is why the student 6 could tap into them partly. Because they too embody them. Once that is fully realized then the magic can work on its own with the need for the focus points of the elements themselves
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    Thanks for the follow!
  32. In S9, Discord says they don’t need the Elements because they *are* the elements
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