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    Hi friends ^^ <3 how are you all? Sorry for inactivity, i'm trying to enjoy this holiday a lot.. it's over soon lol!
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    Good morning everypony! Hope you're all ready for another day! How are you all feeling?
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    The Joker signature:
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    I hope you all are doing well!
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    When you come across your next, new favorite song(s) and you can’t stop listening to it even after 20 times.
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    Decided to improve the magic auras with an OC, Journey Compass, a unicorn who have habits to explore abandoned places.
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    Thinking about getting back to work with reviews of MLP episodes and Pony LIfe. NOt sure due to the serious lack of interest.
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    Huh... Is it me, or have we seen this forum's current banner before? Could have sworn they used this. Which doesn't seem fair, because I know some of my friends have submitted banners for the forum. They are waiting their turn, and this seems like as good a time as any. Also, I have a question for all my followers that have seen every season of MLP and all the other stuff too. According to a certain set of episodes, the MLP Movie is canon with the G4 TV series. But what if one of the main writers/producers of the show said the movie was NOT canon? What would that mean to you? How would you logic that out? Today was a weird day for me. I went back to Aldi, a grocery store that is out of the way for me. The first time I went there, they had a REALLY good deal on ground beef with a very low percentage of fat. A deal I can't find anywhere else. Well, I went there, and said beef is completely gone. Could it have been a promotional thing for when they first opened their doors? Strange... Makes me wonder if I should try again later or not. Anyways, hope you all had a great day and continue staying awesome, my crowd.
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    Afternoon. Hope y’all are having a good day.
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    Had some Indian food for lunch! Yum yum yum!
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    Did I mention that I love you all? Oh, I did already? Well, I'll say it again. I'm so thankful to have each and every one of you as my friends. Nothing will ever change that.
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    Good morning everypony! Hope you have an amazing day for all of you!
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    Who can stop the path of Cage?
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    Hey every-pony ^^ how are we all doing today? :3
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    I’ve been looking at so much Tempest lately that she is literally flashing in my eyes right now!! I am not joking!
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    Naaaa na na na na na na na na katamari damashiiiii~!
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    I'm playing new NES games on original hardware.
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    NRL Round 13 St. George - Illawarra Dragons : 16 Sydney Roosters : 24 Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles : 22 New Zealand Warriors : 26 South Sydney Rabbitohs : 28 Brisbane Broncos : 10 Melbourne Storm : 41 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs : 10 Newcastle Knights : 44 Wests Tigers : 4 Penrith Panthers : 28 Canberra Raiders : 12 Gold Coast Titans : 30 North Queensland Cowboys : 10 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks : 12 Parramatta Eels : 14
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    Sie sind das Essen und Wir sind die Jaeger!
  22. @Kronos the Revenant Don't worry about it. Because.... @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @Emerald Heart, @Buck Testa, @ExplosionMare, @Windy Breeze 🥧. @Astral Vision, @Pastel Heart, @GeneralDirection, @CameoShadowness and @Ragland Tiger Where are all of you in the RP? Sorry for not keeping track. I know where Astral, Pastel, GeneralDirection (Silver), Ragland (Bluebell), and Cameo (Beryl) are at because we've been interacting in the RP, but I haven't been doing a good job of keeping tabs on everyone else. I ask because I am thinking of doing a time skip to the late-evening of the current day. If you all need a little more time to wrap up what you're doing right now, that's fine. I can give you more time to wrap up some stories. I can tell Ragland and Cameo have their own stories in mind, and I have no idea where they are going with it. Still, I don't want to rush anyone nor spring a time-skip without any warning, so here you go.
  23. @Pastel Heart, @GeneralDirection Samurai nearly laughs at Silver's question. "I can't explain it either, my friend. All I know is that a byproduct of absorption magic is that your taste buds get the sensation of flavor, at least for some ponies. For me, absorbing fire doesn't usually have a flavor, but magic-based fire is different. That always has a flavor. This one time, a pony was using an electricity spell to cause a fire, and I absorbed the flames as soon as I could. The trace amounts of magic left over gave it a spicy taste, for some reason. Had to wash it down with some milk." Samurai soon stands, but lets Pastel get on his back again if she wants. They were done here. "That sounds like a good idea. We can do that while I get Pastel-chan some of those sweets I promised her." As Samurai leads the way, he looks at Pastel. "Are you absolutely sure it's okay that I hugged you? Where I come from, hugs are a little taboo. You're only suppose to hug family members or lovers, and even then you're suppose to save it for behind closed doors only. And yet... Ever since I left Japon, I've been seeing it happen more and more often, and no pony ever gets offended by it. Is hugs a common thing?" Samurai asks. @Ragland Tiger, @CameoShadowness The library mare decides not to challenge Beryl on this. "Well, if it means that much to you, then I guess you can have the artifact. We've been using it for cataloging and storage purposes, but if it belongs to Breezie culture, then it's only right for a Breezie to take it." She leads them away from the main part of the library to a vault behind the checkout desks. Grabbing the right set of keys, she opens it up, and lets Beryl and Bluebell inside. "Remember, no book leaves this vault, but you can look at as many as you want." The contents of the vault aren't much; it simply contains the library's most important books. First editions, out-of-print specials, books with labels that read "Not for rent or resale", etc. And yes, there is a first edition of the book they are looking for. @Astral Vision With a flourish, a bit of cool down, and some finishing spray, Trilby's hat is soon complete. "Ah! Thank you, my friend. You've been a dear good model for sitting so still. You may get up now." Trilby drives the point home by taking his hat back and by giving him a friendly hug. It's enough to shake Astral out of his completely still posture, and Trilby wouldn't have done it if he really needed Astral to continue staying still. Still, he did ask a question. "Help the citizens? Well... I mean, I have my reasons for being here, but helping others? I, uh... I think... That sounds familiar, and also not? Mmm..." Trilby lifts his hat and rubs his head. "That sounds important for some reason, but why?" Astral is getting some strange signals from his amulet. It seems he might not be able to lift this curse after all, not without finding the source, the person who cast it in the first place. But right now, the curse is at its weakest. That seems to be the underling pattern of this curse! When Trilby is actually thinking of others in a selfless way, the curse stops haunting him. It happened when he saw Shadow, and it's happening now with him thinking about helping others. When he's at his most selfish, or when he encourages others to be equally selfish, the curse activates. "Well, whatever it is I'm forgetting, it must not be that important!" Trilby just shrugs off any repressed memories he has for now. "The point is, I'm here because I have nowhere else to go." Trilby gives a sad sigh, then focuses on Samurai's custom order. "You see, I've been to many parts of Equestria. Oh, and a clothing store is not really what I wanted to do. Hats are my specialty. It's on my cutie mark, if you look closely." Trilby wiggles his flank a little. "All I ever wanted was to make a hat shop that ponies would love to go to. I went to Ponyville to set up my first shop, but Rarity's business was doing so well that it overshadowed my own. She could make regular clothes and quality hats, so I wasn't needed. I tried bigger places like Canterlot, but the market was so over saturated with similar shops that mine wasn't necessary there either. I tried tourist spots like Las Pegasus, but places like that attract tourists that only want cheap and quick souvenirs, not the quality items I offer." Recalling these memories aren't exactly making Trilby feel great about himself. "Cast out of each place I had been too, I soon found myself traveling, destitute, and... a little broken in spirit. I truly felt like there was no place in Equestria that wanted a hat shop. And then somehow, by complete coincidence, I stumbled upon Friendshire in my travels. This place didn't have any hat stores, nor any quality clothing stores. I decided to try my luck and open a hat store first. However, I learned I'd get more customers if I bit the bullet and made clothes too. It's better but still not much. Enough to keep the lights on and such, and being a business owner does grant me certain perks now and then. I get good deals at fancy restaurants just because they respect fellow business owners like myself! But even with this store, I still need to make enough money to support my own lifestyle. That's why I'm moonlighting other jobs on the side. You know, working for the mayor and advertising the town's therapist whenever I can." Trilby breaks away from his work for just a second to smile at Astral. "What about you, Astral? You seem magically proficient. Do you have a job here? You could be the town's certified magic expert. I bet you'd get tons of ponies that want to know how to improve their magic potion skills or want to learn more spells to improve their daily lives and such."
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    Oh god does 4 whole days with no power suck! I barely slept it was so humid in my room! I'm back now though and I can't wait to get back to drawing and everything else!!
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    The title of the video keeps changing constantly so it always matches the views. The title changes everytime you click on or off of it
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    For the longest time, I've questioned my presence here on the forums. I mean my interest in MLP tanked barely into Season 9 (which was already declining in Season 8), I barely talk about this show aside from a joke or meme, and any emotional attachment and nostalgia I've had for this show is long gone... Maybe it's because of the friends I've made here that make me want to stay here.
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    Lyra never forgets, Twilight Sparkle:
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    Rise of the Black Bat Such an absolutely bad BatMan parody that it doesn't even have a wikipedia page That's quite an accomplishment.
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    Wow, MLP FIM will be a full decade old in less than two months. That’s crazy.
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    Wooooo! The Owl House is going in the direction that I want it to! XD love this show! Gonna start rewatching before season 1 over ahaha
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    Would you accept a snake hug in my coils?
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    yes, it is still possible: Max Verstappen wins for Red Bull at the 70th anniversary grand prix ahead of both Mercedes There still chances of a non-Mercedes to win, even in 2020 and no tyre blow ups this time unfortunalts Hülkenberg as 7th stays without a podium afterall results likely tomorrow
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    Because of our talk about Celly & Luna:
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    I know it is hot outside, it was a hard week and i slept yesterday only 4h too, but with a short waking up at 6, sleeping till 11?! 10 bucking hours?! Half my sunday wasted, ugh! Morning...well, almost noon rather
  39. Was feeling not great at all but I am better now. Often all it takes is a good chat with good friends. It can make a world of difference.
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    I still have that writer’s block.. Anyone wanting to help out with my next fan fiction? (Not MLP)
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    Guys help I’ve fallen under the Movie Toys spell
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    Wasn't able to get Reese's doughnuts yesterday But maaaaybe will be able to on tuesday. here's hoping
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    TIL quite a lot of the MLP memory-recap eps have aired in Australia, not just one.
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    I saw a picture on Instagram of hundreds of balloons being released in Brazil in memory of 100,000 Covid victims. All of the comments underneath were American teenagers whinging about plastic pollution.
  49. 496.564 487.372 Morning...well, almost noon rather
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    Hi, you still like Rara, huh?