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    Morning friends πŸ’–πŸ¦‹ how are you? Hope you all have a lovely day/night
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    Out of all of the "random humor" cartoons I've seen, I think that Unikitty! has the best pacing for its short runtime.
  5. @OG CHUCK Altered this thread’s title to give it better context. I have also moved it to Media Discussion. No. They aren’t the nicest websites but it comes down to being free to say whatever you want and the Internet is the place to do that. I am against censorship. If you’re offended by a website, don’t visit it. It’s that simple. I am actually a member of Kiwi but I stay away from a lot of the threads there.
  6. if there was a way to ban a website from existing, it would be done. That control would also be abused. Of course the right thing to do would be to simply {not exist} all the bad websites where child porn and KKK webrings are, and all the host facilities for scammers and so on. But then about 0.2 seconds later, large companies would use the same tool to destroy websites that host content in a way that denies them money, and foreign governments would do the same to obfuscate information that's politically inconvenient.
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    Does anyone else.. dance and sing with their colleagues at work? UwU sometimes I do and it helps brighten up a bad day for everyone lol
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    I just got back again from the cinema where they're getting their nostalgia out by playing a few favourites. I really hope cinemas don't go under the radar because for me, nothing beats seeing a movie on the big screen. There is one I really wish they'd play though...
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    EEEEEEEE!! I did it! I finally got ahold of the Celestia vinyl figurine I’ve wanted for YEARS!! But they were always like $200, $300... something really crazy like that. But I finally got one for less than $100. I’m so excited! Looks like my 13th Celestia is actually my luckiest one! XD
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    Yep, a thunderstorm is rolling in!
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    Rocky now has orange eyes.
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    I was away for a while because I had to help my dad put a table together. I'm back now, though.
  13. I believe the internet should never be censored, nor should anything need to censor in order to not have legal issues I am even going to say that KiwiFarms can exist, but people should call out the full out doxxing (me and a friend were both doxxed by kiwifarms)
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    gonna stream art at: https://picarto.tv/TheShadowDeer for a short moment!
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    We can save the Crystal Ponies with their hi-sto-ry-y
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    Good morning, everypony! Hope you all have an amazing day! Isn't this picture adorable?
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    I love my friends on here and Skype and Discord. Life would suck without you. I really mean that.
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    Well Imma hit the hay. Nighty night guys!
  20. I don't believe in censorship, so there is no good reason to ban an entire website based on the actions of unruly users. That falls on the administration when it fails to act on enforcing the rules. Closing down websites sets quite possibly the worst precedent because it opens the door to erasing others from existence without stopping.
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    This music would be great in my fanfic if it had a soundtrack. I know it's got nothing to do with Godzilla or MLP.
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    I ordered my computer skin today. This is gonna be awesome.
  23. too early to tell of course FIM wins, it is superior in every way: Has songs Has new and unique animations Character continuation Longer dedicated episodes Bigger fan base Cuter and better ponies
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    Bloodbaths were VERY common during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras of the WWE. But the Submission Match between Stone Cold and birthday boy Bret Hart (Turns 63 today, BTW) occurred during a time where blading was much rarer. That’s why Stone Cold’s iconic crimson mask during was treated as such a big deal by Vince, JR, and Lawler.
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    I think the ponies of Equestria would probably feel like plushies if you hugged them.
  26. Simply put, there isn't a central authority of the Internet and it'd be bad if there was. Not like it matters because the truly competent could remain anonymous despite. While the story of sonichu is both fascinating and entertaining, it is one of harassment. Given the purpose of Kiwi Farm, it probably should be taken down given the illegal activities that the start of its Wikipedia article would leave me to believe it's encouraging. 4 Chan while not always having the best users, is a bit of a sacred place on the Internet for freedom of speech and has served useful to helping the general public.
  27. ^Title Generally I'd say forum posts and such count (I guess) but one's history of posting or social media doesn't amount to much of a cohesive storyline. That is, unless you can really read between the lines. Fan fiction also counts.The way I see it, "If you write, you're a writer." None of this "you gotta make money" gatekeeping malarky. If you do write stuff, what have you written? What are you most proud of? Anything you want to share?
  28. That's the entire point of freedom of speech - to be able to say something that some people (maybe even the majority or the government) does not like. Being allowed to only say things that are pre-approved by the government is no freedom at all.
  29. I'd love to tell you all about my OC @Splashee! Name: Kitty Rose Type: Unicorn Gender: Female Appearance: Purple body with a long flowing pink mane and big blue eyes Cutie Mark: A paint palette to show her love of painting and colors Hobbies: Stroking her Kitty Kat and painting Additional Details: Sometimes she gets nervous that she's not a very good artist, but her Kitty Kat Sam always manages to calm her down I hope everypony likes her
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    Good morning everyone! Hope you have an amazing day today!
  31. Neither site does anything inherently illegal just by existing. So if individuals do something illegal yes punish that. But censoring a site for ideas you don't like? Who are you to demand that? Worse and more importantly who do you trust with the power to ban nasty things you dislike that do not inherently harm people? Do you even grasp the legal precedent it sets? Or how dangerous greasing that slope is? This is why most people have no business discussing legal matters. They fail to do the most basic research needed to understand what they are asking or its long term consequences.
  32. I do not believe in censorship. Some things may be illegal and only those things should be banned. Everyone else, who would get extremely upset by the content on that site can just not go there.
  33. Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Have some dashie.
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    I'm going to bed, goodnight!
  36. I hardly know anything about Kiwifarms and 4chan, but I've heard nothing but bad things about 4chan. I'm going to assume those places are really bad. So, with that said, outright banning those places has several issues that need addressing. Firstly, why should those two websites be banned? They surely are bad places, but to what standard are they being held to that would cause them to be deserving of nonexistence? Even if nothing but hate and illegal activities come from those websites, wouldn't it be better to just ignore them instead of banning them? Leave the illegal activities to the police who can deal with each individual involved accordingly. Secondly, who would do the banning? Perhaps the USA government could ban 4chan and Kiwifarms by making it illegal for US citizens to go on those websites. That would be a violation of freedom though, so it's not a good idea. That leads me to say that it would not be a good idea for anyone to be put in the position of banning websites, no matter how bad those websites are, for it would be a violation of freedom to do so. Furthermore, such a position would be abused, and many innocent websites or websites that hold views opposing those of the person in the position to ban websites would unjustly be banned. Thirdly, how will the ban be executed? Would the ban just be a prohibition for anyone to go on the website, but letting it exist? Such an idea would cause nothing but an uproar, for it would serve as nothing but a temptation for those wanting to view its contents. Perhaps the ban could instead be a deletion of the website, that would be far more effective. Fourthly, who is to say that the banning would only be for Kiwifarms and 4chan? This goes hand in hand with what I previously stated, that banning would be abused by whoever does the banning. The main problem with banning those two websites it that it opens the door to ban more websites. At first, it may start off with banning small, minor websites dedicated to illegal activities. However, the bans would become more strict and turn to other websites that are innocent until eventually certain opinions and views would become censored, leading to freedom of speech being nonexistent on the internet. Ultimately, I think it would not be a good idea to ban Kiwifarms and 4chan.
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    Did ya'll know that I like mashups? I do. Some are simple and make sense, and others really shouldn't work as well as they do. Here's an example of a good one that makes sense.
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    Twilight, you are going to thank yourself later.
  40. Glad all the comments replying have been anti-censorship so far, keep this train rolling. I have never been a fan of either despite visiting them both on odd occasions, but those sites are not the problem, the people using them are the ones who cause the problems. Let the bad man have his opinion, let the bad man be punished for his actions, better to live and let be than give bad men power to intrude on everyone's lives.
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    Duo cartoonist will be missed
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    I can't wait for this year's F1 cars to finally hit the track tomorrow. Hopefully either Verstappen or a Ferrari will win this weekend.
  43. Graphics and music are everything! Unless you don't like that kind of stuff. But I do!
  44. Nah, graphics aren't everything. They're nice, don't get me wrong, but after a while, playing a game with tons of bugs in it gets really annoying, no matter how nice the graphics are.
  45. Personally, graphics aren't everything to me, although who doesn't love a really pretty game! Intricate and well-written storylines or games like Skyrim or Dragon Age with a ton of lore are probably the hallmark of my favorite games.
  46. I like fim way more than pony life, its more adventurous.
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    I find it fun downgrading my computer hardware to something crappy lol. I enjoyed the 2 fps in Minecraft :^)
  48. I actually use 4Chan occasionally to post in /mlp/ so I would be against any ban on that site. I don't know enough about Kiwi Farms, but for the sake of freedom of speech and internet freedom I would be against shuttering that site too, as toxic as a community it is.
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    A lot of people say "The Best Of the Worst" felt like could have easily been a proper FiM episode, and I personally disagree. If it was, the episode would have spent it's entire run humiliating RD or shitting on her, or making her be a bad friend to make Dishwater Slog look good in comparison. Then the end of the episode everything would have been a ruse by her friends to teach RD a lesson about being too competitive, and Dishwater would have been some old friend they got to """"""knock her down a peg"""""" or some shit.
  50. It's WAY too early to make this judgment. Pony Life has only four episodes aired so far...and that's only in Canada, not the US. I actually find Pony Life funny, but of course FiM is superior in quality because FiM is a series meant to flesh out characters and a world. PL is just a gag comedy show not intended to compete with it. It's like comparing One Piece to a gag manga of One Piece.