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    I spent the last several hours installing all the software I use for astrophotography, on a faster computer. I can finally retire my laptop and not be limited by USB 2.0 speeds. Will have to wait til tomorrow to test it out on Jupiter. I'm too tired and there's a few clouds hanging around.
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    I've been trying to design some chests... ... I'm not sure if I'll use all of them, nor if it is the final design, but these will work for now. So at the moment I consider these as placeholders (because I'm working on something there (programming-wise) and it's nice to have sprites to work with) and then I'll see what could be changed, if anything. Oh and I'm pretty sure someone will ask what may be in chests--- it will range from just stars (exp)*, to some permanent upgrades and stuff. No details though - it will be up to you to discover. * Basically enemies are the main source of stars (exp), but there will be some chests, that will give little boosts. This will slightly reduce the level gap between players, who prefer to kinda rush forward and the ones, who like to grind (keep fighting as much as possible to raise level). It is also to simply make exploring a little bit more rewarding. Everything is still subject to change of course, because it all depends on game balancing. I'll have to test the game in later stages of development to see how everything works together and adjust things if needed. My aim is to reward players for both, defeating enemies AND exploring, in order to allow them fully experience what the game will have to offer. Balancing these two while keeping it simple though, may be challenging, so I suspect I'll have to adjust values and stuff not only once. . . So yeah, cool stuff, boxen! Chesten!
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    Celestia, why do you have to be so beautiful and amazing all the time? Because I'm Celestia, of course!
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    Luna: Whatcha doin'?
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    She's holding my heart!
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    Huh....I never knew pumping brakes would give you such a great leg muscle workout. You learn something everyday I suppose.
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    What do y’all think of my new Applejack on Pony Town? She’s cute.
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this typical Wednesday morning?
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    Ugh, you ever get that feeling where you just can't sleep? I'm gonna play more Team Sonic Racing until I fall asleep!
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    My "Ask the Mane 6" thread just got to 300 pages! Thank You to EVERYPONY for your questions! YOU ALL ROCK!
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    It's been a long and wonderful day, but alas it now comes to an end. Goodnight everypony! Have a fantastic rest of your day, a restful night's sleep, and wonderful dreams.
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    Good evening everypony sorry I haven't been on much today Ive been super busy anyway how are you guys doing this evening?
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    I have my graduation dinner tonight. That should be... interesting.
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    Hello again lovely ones! my days just starting out, but I'm feeling pretty positive about it! (Probably from me getting back on my routine yesterday ) I've got my usual day at work, then it's on to the rest of my schedule! Hopefully I should be be able to hang out again today whilst I'm here I hope youre all having a lovely day dears <3 so I'll try and check in with all the notifications after I handle a few things here
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    Good morning ponies! Another late start, but I'll just have to work later...just as yesterday... It's still been sooo cold up here, very frustrating. But oh well, more time indoors on the forums. I've been feeling better knowing you are all such caring and wonderful friends. Thank you so much for being supportive - it means A LOT. Stay happy everypony - Luna loves you!
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    I'm home from the graduation dinner. That was pretty fun.
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    Which candy flavor would you choose?
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    Good morning Tia! How's my beautiful sunny princess today?
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    Not opening up nonfications for a whole day gets me a total of 1500 nonfications .
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    Goodnight all. I’ve stayed up too late, hehe. See you all next time. *hugs tight*
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    I made it through work once more, i was successful in accomplishing my daily exercise goals, and have just finished a fun session of Final Fantasy online with the SO who is now sleeping. now all there is left to do is enjoy a bit of light reading, then its off to bed for me I believe I"m gong to sign off for the night lovelies. Getting the opportunity to come back; being able to rekindle some of my old friendships, as well as start new ones with all of you has a very special place in my heart back acting the way its supposed to be This year for me has all been focused on making the happiest version of myself by accomplishing some rather large goals. I've been adding pieces of myself back together and where they belong- not unlike a jigsaw puzzle well, the piece of me thats returned to its proper place after being back home with you all.. lets just say I still feel the healing warmth its causing me <3 Goodnight my sweet flowers, no one blooms quite as beautiful as you all do
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    Another day down, another day full of goals successfully conquered! The end of the school year is almost upon the children of the school district I serve, so excitement is high and behavior is horrible but what can you expect from the little ones this time of year? Soon all they'll be worried about is when the next field trip is for us, and I honestly can't wait (even though I'll be moving to full time administrative work soon, joy ) I"m sure I"ll still be able to get out of the building frequently though Every day that goes by that I push through and make my daily goals happen, I feel stronger and more confident about the future- yes their may be many things I need to accomplish, but If I keep digging after them, I don't I can meet them and bear them! *collapses into a plush comfy chair with the best Chinese food in town and a cup of sweet green tea* tell me loves, how have your days been? I hope they've all been wonderful! even if they haven't been, pull up a seat and share this space with me, maybe I can help make the evening a bit brighter for you who knows? you could probably make my mine even better as well! <3 how beautiful
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    Even years later, this still remains one of my favorite PMVs.
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    Another smooth day at work! I'd love to stop and be with you all, but my schedule doesn't wait for me!! Off to exercise I go! See you later my lovelies <3
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing?
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    It’s time for the Rooster to leave but he shall return. Take care all.
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    *Introducing somepony new to the MLP:FiM fandom*
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    James Holzhauer is back at it. 24-game streak, averaging higher than the previous single-game record. Seriously, this guy's a blast to watch.
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    I have found yet another song I dream of hearing at my wedding. It’s just...perfect.
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    I have me some bottles of water, comfortable pajamas, my own precious copy of treasure planet, and some delicious mashed potatoes from Popeyes. Relaxation time, here I come!
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    Oooh Starlights about to teach those two ponies a lesson for saying all that stuff about Rarity.
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    Good early morning all.
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    I had no idea Twilight liked that kind of music.
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    Well, couple of days late, but finally here
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    Good morning everyone and how are you all doing?
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    Hm, this needs to happen
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    I feel like I've been suffering from some kind of burnout in the past few days. I just kind of want to lay in bed and not get up though songs like the ones above help me power through it.
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    I'm feeling so happy! Hugs for my beautiful princesses!
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    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on the forums lately but there’s been a couple of things happening. Namely, my computer wonking out and not being able to work, although I think switching out a new hard drive with the old one might fix the issue. The other thing that recently happened it’s me getting my wisdom teeth and a couple of other teeth out. My jaw is not swollen due to taking medicine earlier but I’m gonna have to eat soft foods for a while. On the bright side of those soft foods are going to be Jell-O, pudding, ice cream, Fridays, and cream of wheat. ( The Friday saying it’s supposed to be frosty’s but since it’s a hilarious result of Speech to text, I’m leaving it in. I’ll be better in a few days and will hopefully figure everything out.
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    Why the hell is it a crime to like Sonic the Hedgehog? Everyone I want to talk about Sonic with want to just trash him and the fanbase! "Oh, he's a tryhard who's stuck in the 90s! Sonic never has been good and he never will. If you're a fan of this series, you seriously need help! Sonic just needs to give up and die!" I'm sorry, but I CANNOT believe or comprehend the BS I just saw!
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    Chrysalis: Where do you think you're going?
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    I'm about to leave for graduation dinner. I'll update you guys later!
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Still on one of those weird cusps here where the weather can't decided if it wants to be chilly or hot. One day I need the A/C, but last night, the heater. And considering I still need to translate my thermostat to use it, mildly troublesome. Have a Kirin!
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    This song is so bad it's good. This song >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shake it Off
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    Hey everyone. Yes, I am indeed still alive. I sincerely apolgise for not coming on for a long time. School has been stressful and trying to drag myself out of a depressed state has proven more than challenging. I can't guarantee I'll be back for at least a week, but it will be soon. Much thanks!