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    Guys! Yesterday was awesome! I played a super epic match of company of heroes 2. And I got this drawing made for me! I love it! 10/10 By far the best thing of yesterday.
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    Good morning everypony! Woke up to ninety-eight notifications! You guys were up to a lot! Have an amazing day!
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    Whoops! Late morning post! I was too busy watching the sunrise with Dashie. Anyway, good morning everypony! Hope you all have a great day!
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    Just sharing a commission I did for @Arc Flash of his deer OC, Dream Glow! Ain't she cute? Full res/no watermark version sent in private. X3
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    Nini friends πŸ’– *PanPan dances her way to bed*
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    banner attempt! Dashie :3
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    What a nice way to spend the weekend.
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    Smoll bean thinking she’s a gift
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    Hey guys look at the ShadOZotl @harpy drew for me! I like my Derpy mug there. XD
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    Good afternoon, everypony! How's your Sunday been so far?
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    Here's a cute drawing I made today. Lyra petting Sky's face with her tail. It felt so good to draw these two again!
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    I always make a noise when I stretch. It makes the stretch feel that bit more satisfying.
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    Good morning everypony! Yes, I know I'm early and it's not Friday yet, but that doesn't mean we can't have a great day anyway. Keep on smiling everyone and make today a day worth remembering.
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    Who wants to give me my 20,000th brohoof?
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    Good morning everypony! Are you all ready for another day? This is how early my morning posts are gonna be on weekdays because I have to get up super early for school. Wish me luck!
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    Little moonbeam, Little moonbeam, Let your radiance show! I might be addicted to this song I just found.
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    Testing, testing... Haha! I am officially pink!
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    How cool would it be if you saw this in your car? Goodnight from me everypony! I'll see you all in the morning!
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    got my new computer today and it's actually better than I thought I would have been given (I did have to cover the PC power light cause it's blindingly bright)
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    Good morning everypony! I hope this week has treated you all well. And if not, guess what. It's Friday! Happy Friday everypony! Have the greatest of days today!
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    Isn't this the cutest thing? Goodnight everypony! See you all in the morning!
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    *Told Rarity she's the Best Friend/"Creativity Consultant" a duck could ask for*
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    Good afternoon everypony! I hope your day is going well so far!
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    β€˜I think we can do it but we need to work together. We have to get this right, yes, we have to make them see. We can save the Crystal Ponies with their history...’ Underrated song.
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    I love the forums banner! @Sparklefan1234 did a wonderful job!
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    During some tests I've bumped into a sticky situation. (also in the gif it looks like she was shooting from face, but it's just gif not catching the flickering between ducking & falling sprites lmao) I didn't think of that possibility when writing the ducking mechanics. Twi was getting stuck between ducking&falling position, because her head was getting stuck in the wall when she was about to fall. Switching between ducking&falling was so fast, that it disallowed from moving. That made me realize, that I totally have to rewrite the ducking mechanics. Previously ducking was forced when the player released the down key while being in a tight passage By "ducking was forced" let's think of a status, where Twilight is in tight passages, thus unable to do certain things, such as jumping, because there was no need for that... So that means, that she got that status after the player released the down key, but for example, still allowed Twilight to jump while holding the down key, as it bypassed the check if she's in a tight spot. Initially I designed it just to stop Twi from getting up, hence why it was checked AFTER the key was released. I added few details (preventing from jumping) as I went further, without remembering / realizing that the order of code I had was not prepared for that. Now it updates that all the time, so it will prevent from odd things right away. What's more, if for some reason Twilight's head could potentially get stuck while she was standing, she'll automatically start ducking and be forced to that position until there'll be enough of space for her to get up. Combining that with the collision system for slopes, she's now able to climb into tight spots. Twilight was getting stuck when falling from tight passages while there was a block above her Sneak, sneak, but everybody gangsta until the platform ends and you have to fall while having a block above you. When that happened, Twilight broke physics was basically getting up and ending having her head stuck in the block above her. Now when Twi falls while she was ducking, the code checks if that will lead to Twi's head getting stuck in the ceiling and if so, she'll be moved down to nearest free space, allowing her to fall down normally. should be all good now ------ at least for now.
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    Good morning guys! Had a busy weekend, I hope y'all are doing good. I updated my profile a bit finally woohoo!
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    Good morning fillies and gentlecolts! It's gonna be a great day today, let's make sure of it. Go out there today and brighten up the world with your smile. Nothing can bring us down today. After all, it's Friday! Have a fantastic day and weekend everypony!
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    This song is soooooooooooooooo good!!!!!
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    After months of waiting, they *finally* added "Opening Night" to an Equestria Girls Youtube shorts compilation! Opening Night is about the school play the girls were performing in.
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    Celestia and Luna banner i made
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    Nini friends πŸ¦‹ expect low activity unless on my off days my body’s not working with me lately. I’m super drained, sleep at day after work, sleep at night 2-3h awake to talk mostly. My health is going down slowly again and am considering to see the doctor. There’s many things that need checking anyway! if you talk on me on discord and I forget to get back please dm again
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    That last achievement ... was a pretty tough one to get (not getting hit as a melee character among tons of monsters all over place is pretty insane ), but finally I did it! ...and with that, I have all the achievements!
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    Beach day tomorrow!
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    My new laptop arrived a couple days ago. Got all of the software installed on it to run my telescope cameras and such. Having usb 3.0 ports is such a huge plus when it comes to these cameras. Heh, now that I think about it, this my first computer with a Core i7. All of my other computers have the older Core 2 duos and Quads.
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    I don't know which I enjoy making more when it comes to signatures & profile banners. That being said, I do feel like I have less space to work with when I'm making a banner vs. when I'm making a signature even though a banner is bigger.
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    stream result for friend
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    I just watched the Unikitty series finale & it was AMAZING! @cuteycindyhoney
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    Good morning everypony! Its a nice day, I've been unsure of what to post, but I'm excited to make more drawings! So how are you all doing today?
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    Now it's time for GlimGlam!
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