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    Good morning ponyville and all surrounding areas Hope you all are doing well Busy day on tap for today, but it’s going to a great day no matter what! A day is as good or bad as you let it...so find something good in it, and run with it
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    I looked at some property in a very rural area. It had everything I could possibly want I just need to verify the dark skies. If it checks out, I think I have some decisions to make.
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    So, this is something that is long overdue. Something I’ve been aware of about myself for many years now but have never felt ready to admit it to anyone...not even to myself for that matter, but times have changed and over the past few months I’ve finally embraced the fact that yes, this isn’t a phase and it’s who I am, it’s real. It’s me. I shouldn’t deny it anymore. Now, this may come as a shock to some of you on here who have known me for a while, as I’ve always kept it very well hidden simply because I was, honestly too scared to admit it, but now I feel like now is a good a time as any to finally push aside my doubts of, will I still be accepted by others, will you all look at me differently, etc, as this is MLPF and if there’s anywhere I’m going to come out about something like this, it’s here. The brony community is the most accepting place I know. I am bisexual. Yeah, probably weren’t expecting that were you? But there it is. I also figured, no better time to come out about being bisexual than Pride Month, right? This is honestly one of the hardest things I’ll ever do, coming out about this, but this is the only place I plan on doing it. I’ve not come out anywhere other than the internet, mostly because of my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly and they love me and I know no matter what they’d still love me and support me, but yet...I don’t feel like revealing this to them, not yet. I might someday but for now, I’m keeping it here. I just would like to mention two very special people on I know who I’ve come out to already. @Cyclone1066 and @Misty Breeze. Thank you both, so much, for being the amazing friends (and boyfriend ) you are. You’re both here for me no matter what and I couldn’t ask for better. Thank you both for accepting me and supporting me. I love you both. <3 Now, the question is, will you all accept me too? I guess time will tell, and with that, I shall conclude this entry. Thank you to all who may read this. I do believe it’s time for Lucky to show her true colors. Bi Pride! 💕💜💙
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    This world we live in makes me fairly cynical. I can't trust any company anymore with advertising since I know most of it is bullshit and is just pushing to make a quick buck. I really wish it wasn't this way, but it is.
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    Which princess should I cuddle with tonight?
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    I've been at work since 7:00, kids will be here at 7:30, I have to take two van loads of them to the tumble gym today, I work from open to close And I've only had three hours of sleep What a great way to start the day! It may sound like I'm dragging my hooves, but I'm actually feeling pretty good this morning! I'm a bit short staffed today, so I may to be able to respond quickly or frequently, but I'll be around How're you my darling dears? I've hardly had any time to spend with you all since the summer season started are you all doing okay? Are you getting to enjoy your summer at all? My southern hemisphere pones, are you enjoying your wintertime? I love you my sweet flowers!
  7. *Boops*   @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Rising Dusk@Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@SoberStarlight @TBD @Frostgage@StrawCherry @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @Dark Horse @Randimaxis@TwiTracker@Yellow Diamond @Nightfall Thunder@.Wolfe. @Totally Nye @Connie @Arid_Blitz @ultrairongorilla @RainbowDashPrincess @Kreamer @rainbow dash13 @Scootaloved @Blivy@RarityKchu @Cash In@Rarity's crush @Recherche @Dreambiscuit @JustNyu @Midnight Solace @AmarisNsane@Undoubtedly Babyyoshi309 @TheTaZe@Lord Valtasar @shyabetes3939  @Chrysalis89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @Tilgoreth @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire @Tacodidra @Nature Tune @ShootingStar159@Azul Maya @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @KashikoiPai@Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 @Lunar Glow  *Boops* @Duality
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    Gah! He's streaming again and I just started a movie about 20 minutes ago! What do?!?
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    To everyponies who have noticed my absence on the forum, if any. I returned here only for a moment. I simply must temporary focus at my efforts to help for someone, I must use most of my time predicted for the whole online activity to do something important. I have no right and I don't want to do otherwise. Besides it is not the best time of my life and my mood is a victim of this situation. I would not be an interesting, good collocutor on the forum. I hope you will understand. See you later, all the best for you!
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    Trying not to be blunt here, I'm just bad at... well, expressing emotions. Congrats on coming out, though. I didn't really see it coming, this is all kind of out of left field for me, but it doesn't make me think of you any less as a person. It's pretty brave for someone to deviate from the social norm, so I'm glad to see that you're becoming comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. Proud of you, sis.
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    I think acceptance goes without saying - this is The Herd, we want you to be true to yourself and happy with that I am glad you feel able to be a little more open about this now, especially, as you say, when it is Pride week. I imagine it won't make a lot of practical difference though, just increase the range of others you can admit you find sexy, but not as much so as your Special Somepony
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    I just realized that I reached 2 years in being a member of the forums last Wednesday. Hard to believe I've been on here for that long already.
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    My reaction to scootaloo’s parents
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    Prepare for cuteness overload!
  16. Politics doesn't belong in music? Politics drove a lot of the major bands in the late 1960s and 70s (and of course, it has happened in other eras as well). Heck, even going back to the classic era, IIRC composers were using works like their opera to take subtle jabs at royalty, class roles, etc. Saying music should be separate from politics is a bit messed up. I mean politics have been and, of course, remain very important for people. It is naturally going to be something that inspires musicians to do what they do and it is going to end up in the music itself, in the lyrics. Now an artist who doesn't care capitalizing on the plight of others isn't cool... But we should say it that way. Not "keep politics out of music!" and in fact, being LGBT/singing about LGBT shouldn't be considered "politics" to begin with.
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    Goddesses of Sun and Moon!
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    Cozy and comfy Tia!
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    There's only so much my heart can take!
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    Goodnight. I’m not gonna be here in the morning, I have to go to a stupid appointment. *sighs* Farewell until next time.
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    Got through Great Dime Chase and Beagle Birthday Massacre. They’re both weaker than the first to, but serviceable. Great Dime’s the worst; if it weren’t for Scrooge bringin’ them all to his office, it wouldn’t be one episode. Both work much more as two 11-minute episodes and not stretched thin into 22 minutes, since they’re not connected at all. Louie was also really lazy and selfish here, so he earned some well-needed comeuppance by worrying he spent Scrooge’s special dime, though spending it again made the outcome feel a little too mean. The library plot was by far the better and most interesting, subtly advancing the Della Duck plot. Beagle Birthday Massacre’s main plot is Lena and Webby forming a new friendship. While Webby’s trying to belong to a family, Lena doesn’t feel like family helps her, only hurts. She’s a loner, but is open to friendship whenever someone gives her the chance. Being the most awkward and isolated, Webby was perfect to help her break out of her shell. That said, despite not knowing that the Beagles are after the Ducks, the fact that the Beagles are infamous thugs around Duck Burg and she wanted to break into Mama’s party was really reckless of her and opened herself up to serious trouble. In addition, the fight between the Duck Brothers occurred while they were trying to escape the Beagles, showing more concern for resolving their own egos than leaving in one piece. There was also a theme of family there, but it felt too safe, unrealized, and incomplete. That said, both are good. Woo-oo!: A- Daytrip of Doom: A- The Great Dime Chase: B- The Beagle Birthday Massacre: B
  23. It's really infuriating when a pop star goes out of their way to represent a whole community of people with a specific song, I honestly cannot receive it in any other way than flat-out ire. Songs like "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry don't give me such irritation, though, because it's basically just like 90% of all songs today except for the homosexual romance part, but this is to me is ridiculous. Not really outraged by it in any way, though, because I think that's also an excessive reaction considering that it's just a song, with no obvious hate in it. Save your outrage for those songs, not just a really stupid marketing ploy by some idiot pop star to seem more relevant than they really are. And don't say I don't know the issue, because I'm gay so I most CERTAINLY do.
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    Which member of the Mane 6 best describes me, IYO? Those MLP personality tests usually say you're most like Pinkie Pie but I'm not so sure about that. Hey! Who let the ferret in here?!
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    Ah, good times , Rainbow did you fell from a cloud again?
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    Well, not gonna remain curious! Watching the DuckTales 2017 premiere! One big strength the computer animation has over the he traditional animation is its ability to polish up a very stylized art design and use it consistently while being high-quality. The comic-book art style in the DuckTales reboot is magnificent. From the polish alone, it’s a labor of love.
  27. The first issue is how many people worship celebrities like Swift and treat whatever it is they say or do as essentially the will of a god. Celebrity worship culture is embarrassing. Whatever it is that she did for "LGBT'S" doesn't mean anything to me, because she doesn't matter in the slightest to me in the first place.
  28. Pretty much my thoughts. While I certainly do no agree with the LGBT community that much at all, this is one of the rare interests where I do. It's a business ploy, and you know how much I don't like those.
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    How many years have passed between "Call of the Cutie" and "The Last Crusade"? Shouldn't the CMC be in Middle School, by now? /
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    I don't know why, but I feel like this music fits Wallflower Blush perfectly!
  31. It's time for the greatest debate of our generation: Growing up, were you a Nickelodeon kid or a Cartoon Network kid?
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    @Lucky Bolt Congratulations, My Friend. *Hugs*
  33. A nightlight. It's an inside joke with my family. I gave my dad a book called "Other Athletes Who Aren't Rainbow Dash". A flower. My father loves flowers. I took my father to a sporting event featuring his favorite teams. I gave my father a piece of gold I found while I was digging around the rock farm. I planted a pear apple tree on Grand Pear's property. I gave Twilight the latest Daring Do book.
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    Well, it's time for me to go to sleep ^^ goodnight every-pony
  35. I think Nightmare Moon represents a classic villain, an evil sibling, a mirror opposite of Celestia. Discord represents the petspective we all have a little inside us, a transcendental being, an outside oerspective, soneone watching the show, someone making fun of the concept of Friendship is Magic. Chrysalis represents fake love, King Sombra represents the fandom's requirement for an evil, dark being and a lore, history. Tirek represents the brutal force that requires an epic physical conflict which the fans wanted. Starlight represents how twisted and malevolent a normal pony can be. The Pony of Shadows represents the opposite of what Nightmare Moon is, not an archetype but a cliché of a villain. Chancellor Neighsay represents the real life political enemy as a strawman, Cozy Glow represents a twist, but it failed as a storytelling. Grogar represents the last wild card the franchise can offer, a link to the past generations, the villain of the grand finale.
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    Honestly, I already figured as much. But congratulations on coming out. I know it's not easy, even online (let alone in real life). I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that I have a lot of experience on the subject considering my sexuality. I've always been open about being LGBT since I've been on the internet really, but I can understand that there's always the potential for judgmental people on the internet. I've been called all sorts of names, and I've had to deal with slurs more than enough times. I say LGBT, because, as you and most other people who will read this will know, I used to be pansexual (as in having an attraction to someone regardless of sex), but I'm gay now. By the way, I know from experience that it is actually possible for someone's sexuality to change that much if anyone says that sounds hard to believe. I'd get into more detail, but it would almost certainly get beyond PG13. IRL, most of my family knows (not sure if my older sister, who I sometimes think could be bi herself, knows), but it was more recent when they learned of it. I had to tell my grandma after my last ex-boyfriend gave me a Valentine's Day gift in the mail, and the rest have learned recently since I started my relationship with my current boyfriend of now roughly 4 months. It was definitely a long journey to come out to them (I mean I've known about my feelings towards the same sex since elementary school). I was worried they'd not accept me for it, considering how I hear about this and that blanket statement about the LGBT community . I still haven't come out about my gender identity to them (if anybody doesn't know, I actually identify as a non-binary gender. Though I've learned to accept sexed pronouns as well), because they constantly make transphobic comments. Though I should never have to anyways. I mean they shouldn't ever see me crossdressing at any point, right?
  37. https://www.deviantart.com/spellboundcanvas/art/Big-Beautiful-Bouncing-Boi-801960167 A chibi munchkin version of 's Flagship OC. This is also part of a plan to get my name out there. I'm hoping to make enough high quality pics of various OCs that it will encourage people to commission me.
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  39. Friendships get repaired too fast in the show. The series could have formulated a season with a long drawn out rifts where them reconciling plays a major part in resolving a season finale problem. The Wonderbolts was handled badly. One major problem is them being inconsistent with Wonderbolts academy being ran compared to later seasons with be by the rule book attitude. Chancellor Neighsay was a character used wrongly. Rather than being a quick magnet for hate representing current events, he would have served better as a counter view to Twilight saying they can be friends with creatures. He could have been the opposing view to like we have this bad history with these creatures and all this bad stuff happened in the series because of them. How can ponies so easily trust them. Twilight running a school was littered with mistakes never addressed.
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    Wow, I just got a new question on my "Ask Gallus & Silverstream" thread... too bad I have no enthusiasm to answer it.
  41. Especially when they abandoned her in the movie as well. It would have been nice if there had been some fallout from that. My headcannon has a better ending to the wedding. I wish the reforming villains was handled better. Not all villains need to become good to be interesting. Starlight’s reforming should have been handled better. It was way too easy.
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  43. Have you seen the episode yet? No? A synopsis only gives you a basic idea of what the episode's plot is going to be, it doesn't give you any of the important details, for all we know there might be a specific reason Pinkie begins to doubt her purpose. Don't accuse the writer's of not knowing what they're doing before you've even watched it.
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    Lol! Donald Duck May have a blistering temper, but he stops just enough to readjust the “You’re on camera” warning sign.
  45. Oh yeah, both sides are definitely wrong here. I just understand the frustration of the LGBT side better because Taylor Swift is a phony. 2017 Taylor: "I'm apolitical!" 2018 Taylor: "Let's be neutral...and vote for far-left Democrats!" This is obviously all part of a business ploy. Therefore, it deserves to be called out for what it is, a business ploy. Even if some are taking this too far, they are at least right in calling a spade a spade.
  46. I think both Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie put it best: politics/religion doesn't belong in music. Or as the latter himself specifically said: "It is best to not discuss religion or politics. It always ends in broken noses...because it upsets people to question their faith in things be it Jesus or George Bush. It's easier to just get angry." As an aspiring musician myself, I know it's never a good idea to put those things into your music generally.
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    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.