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    Hello! (This'll probably be my last post before I go offline from 21st July to 14th September. Welp, anyways...) It's time for another random quiz. I got this one from a teacher of mine. Q: There are 10 birds on a tree branch one evening. Suddenly, there was a loud "BOOM"! If 3 of the birds fainted because of the loud sound, how many were on still on the branch? Why? A: __________
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    Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When you're drinking something with ice, without a straw, and you get towards the end, and the ice kinda sticks together in the bottom of the glass, and then it suddenly dislodges and comes careening towards your mouth, and you can't act fast enough, and it hits you, and you get the drink all over your face, and some of the drink goes on either side of your mouth and dribbles down your face and onto your shirt. F*CK THAT SH*T, man.