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    Sunset Shimmer "Gaming" forum banner:
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    I wanna give a gigantic THANK YOU to the Arizona Cardinals for winning against my former team today.
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    Imagine having enough money that you buy 40 cars! And then give them all away!
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    even as a joke I can't do it. Solar guard: Starlight Glimmer you are banished to the Crystal Empire for two months. You are going to live with your husband Sunburst. And, you are going to secretly write your eqialist newspapers. Starlight Glimmer: Well, that doesn't sound so bad. Solar guard: Oh and your mother-in-law is going to live with you. Starlight: Nooooo!
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    I don’t want to act like a snot, but why do we keep repeating forum headers?
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    Good morning everyone
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    The more I think about it, the more I think Equestria Girls should have been about college instead of high school.
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? I hope y'all had a most lovely weekend It was a pretty productive one on this end Caught up on Pony Life, finished Bioshock 2 and binged through a good chunk of Harley Quinn Now to prepare for the work week to begin! Enjoy some Lofi
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    She’s so... Glimmery!
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    Good afternoon, everypony! How's your Sunday been so far?
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    preparing for work, bye
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    It's sad we never got to see Aang and Katara's wedding.
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    I'm trying to play some online games but my network sucks so bad that the moment I sign in I'm immediately logged out
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    The School of Friendship may have been an awkward idea but I liked it a lot because It was a much-needed change of pace for a show which I felt was stagnating and running out of ideas for its main characters. It seemed like a natural evolution of the main-six-as-teachers trend in the show, and introduced a bit more failure and uncertainty to those stories. It let Twilight work as part of an educational institution, which I had always felt was the perfect line of work for her. It served as a symbol of acceptance and let the mane six stand against xenophobia, which was a positive development in the show's depiction of non-pony species. It gave Starlight a clearer purpose in the show, which was especially nice because I felt that season was a major improvement for her characterization. The main student characters are cute.
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    I'm feeling better now then I have been the past few days, so I've decided to return to posting on these forums again. If anyone was wondering why I was quite for the past few days it was because I was feeling really down and depressed.
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    Now there's a banner we've seen before
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    So, I've decided that I'm going to play Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix on PS4. I want to relive those nostalgic memories, and I figure it wouldn't hurt going back to when the Xehanort Era in Kingdom Hearts began.
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    I think tomorrow will be all about a certain rainbow colored pony!
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    *l look at my time* Well, time for me to go to sleep, again Goodnight everypony! See you all tomorrow!
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    To the Mane Six, no matter what happens, no matter where I go and no matter what the future may bring, I will love each and every one of you for the rest of our days. In rain or shine, no matter the cause, don't ever forget how much you've saved my life and know that there is no limit to what we can do. As long as you're together, this world is worth living in. Just know that I will always be right here. ❤ I love you... Goodnight!
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    *Singing* "We all cohabitate inside of a nectarine, inside of a nectarine, inside of a nectarine." Yeah, that's the chorus.
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    Wanna share some popcorn with me?
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    Sunset should have gotten a song with Snips and Snails in the first movie-
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    Explored a cave today.
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    Good afternoon everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine. I am sorry for not posting my good morning salutation. I had online church today.
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    Now I'm on a Beatles kick. I blame @Woohoo.
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    *Randomly scrolling through the soundtrack to "Space Jam"*
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    It’s time to snuggle, silly pony!
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    A beautiful lavender pony!
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    I really wish we got, a Zecora episode where we learn about her and her native land
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    I woke up earlier than I wanted to...
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    It's time for Starlight!
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    Not gonna be on much Monday - Friday.
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    Tina Turner singing Simply The Best with Australia's own Jimmy Barnes. My song of the day.
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    Yikes! It’s super blustery outside. Gonna be interesting driving through this! How are y’all doing this morning?
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    AFL Round 8 Gold Coast Suns : 6.10 46 Western Bulldogs : 7.9 51 Greater Western Sydney Giants : 9.8 62 Richmond Tigers : 6.14 50 North Melbourne Kangaroos : 9.3 57 Carlton Blues : 9.10 64 Sydney Swans : 9.6 60 Hawthorn Hawks : 7.11 53 Port Adelaide Power : 6.8 44 St. Kilda Saints : 12.1 73 Adelaide Crows : 8.11 59 Essendon Bombers : 9.8 62 West Coast Eagles : 18.3 111 Collingwood Magpies : 6.9 45 Melbourne Demons : 7.7 49 Brisbane Lions : 7.11 53 Fremantle Dockers : 2.4 16 Geelong Cats : 6.12 48
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    *yawn* i slept like a baby... Oh, good morning everypony! Hope you have a wonderful day for all of you!
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    *yawns* Guess I overslept again... Oh yeah, where was I? Good morning everypony! Have a amazing day!
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    //Ever go through a phase where no game really interests you?
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    In a rather pleasant mood tonight. ^-^ Hope everyone else is too.
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    Should probably get ready for bed. Goodnight!~
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    AFL Round 7 Geelong Cats : 5.5 35 Collingwood Magpies : 8.9 57 Essendon Bombers : 7.9 51 Western Bulldogs : 14.9 93 Greater Western Sydney Giants : 10.8 68 Brisbane Lions : 13.10 88 Sydney Swans : 9.6 60 Gold Coast Suns : 13.14 92 Richmond Tigers : 11.11 77 North Melbourne Kangaroos : 2.11 23 Carlton Blues : 9.7 61 Port Adelaide Power : 9.10 64 Hawthorn Hawks : 7.6 48 Melbourne Demons : 14.7 91 Fremantle Dockers : 5.2 32 West Coast Eagles : 9.8 62 Adelaide Crows : 8.7 55 St. Kilda Saints : 12.6 78