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    Someone needs to make this a special or movie.
  3. Twilight finally doesn't freak out for the first time in a long while. I wonder if she won't freak out when the Villainous League makes their presence known. By the way, using deductive reasoning from the credits, that panicking lead weather Pegasus that has appealed to me I suspect is named Feather Flatterfly. Who did all the Twilighting for her instead. He gets a lot of comfort hugs from me. Before I get to work, let me address the elephant in the room: The few Ponies who saw Cozy Glow. In their defense, you should think about how Tirek seems to be holding back from sucking ALL the life force from the ponies. The victims cutie marks didn't disappear so it's likely because Tirek is only taking enough to make a pony feel weak and disoriented. The end flat out points out that Tirek had to give back the energies he's stolen to cover their tracks. And I believe that one guard was about to put the pieces together that a dangerous filly like Cozy was out of prison but since he had his energy sucked out before he could fully do something, Woosh! Out went his life force and his train of thought. I personally think Chrysalis might have in disguise convinced the affected energy-deprived ponies that they were a bit tired from working a bit too hard and that they were seeing things. It's not a strong explanation, but it's still an explanation nonetheless. And just because the Terrible Trio managed to get past all the security measures, it doesn't mean our heroes are stupid or anything. Just that the villains were thinking much more strategically. Like a good game of chess. But the most important thing I found about this episode is that both our heroes and villians succeeded. The Ponies got to put on the best Final Summer Sun Celebration despite the setbacks. Twilight surprisingly kept calm throughout the whole chaos and I agree with Discord. It really does seem like they might be ready for whatever comes next And as Chrysalis said, it was never about ruining the celebration. It was about the Terrible Trio learning to work together. Their team up got them Grogar's bell behind his back and now a book that might tell them how to use it. All in all, this has been one of the best episodes where everyone benefits.
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    What y’all think of the new plate? This is just a start on the pink and white theme I’m going for on this truck.
  5. Tirek saving the bird that got swept in Shining’s turbine is a nice callback to Frenemies. He may be evil, but that growth comes forward here.
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    You truly think I’m beautiful? You flatter me!
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    How’s everyone doing so far? Hope you’re all doing well!
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    There may be a million pretty mares in Equestria, but they got nothing on these Royal Beauties!
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    Good morning ponyville!!!! Its Saturday morning and I love it! The weather looks good, and its time for a nice break with the family Hope you all are doing well
  12. This episode is fantastic. There is so much to love about it and I could just go on how important of an episode it really is. Twilight is composed and more confident about the transition into becoming the ruler of Equestria. The rest of the Mane 6 gave it their all to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, and once again even when things fell apart. Humour is spot on, even in moments of strife. The villains worked their way through smartly, hearkening back to what they learned in Frenemies. It's up there with Sparkle's Seven and Frenemies for me. Definitely one of my favourites of this season, and possibly the series.
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    I've reserved a parking space on this towel.
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    Global Warming is definitely and obviously real and has ALREADY begun to become a catastrophe. The Amazon rain forest, that provides 20% of the planet's oxygen supply, is experiencing a record amount of wildfires. Ice caps are melting off chunks of ice the size of a small town in the matter of a few days. F***, scientists are already saying people will start needing to evacuate coastal areas VERY SOON. Places like New Orleans are going to be underwater and places like the Middle East are going to be totally uninhabitable, both probably by 2050. This is a SERIOUS issue, and of course it isn't treated that way because of all the d@mned corruption. Our government really needs to start giving a $#!+ about the human race and less about short term profits. If they don't, get ready for wars over water. Yes, I'm not kidding. WATER. And sooner than that, I'd expect people to start murdering each other over it. So, yeah, the future's looking bleak, and the corrupt US government (that's gotten worse under Trump) is refusing to take it seriously because "MONEY." Well, I hope they're going to prepare for the heat wave to come, and all the protests that will come with it. At the rate it's going, if it is allowed to happen for all that much longer, it might become more like an apocalypse.
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    You should never sneak up on a Queen while she's sleeping...
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    Anypony need some GlimGlam?
  17. Solid episode. The events that unfolded flowed naturally well, without ever feeling forced. Good acting from the villains. Their plans were well executed without making them look overpowered. They also achieved a milestone they have long planned for, giving us more to look forward to. All of the characters never acted out-of-character, and the festival was delivered exceptionally well. 9/10.
  18. Either grogar is clueless to what his subordinates are doing or he is a really good actor. And indeed luna and celestia keep a lot of knowledge to themselves.
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    so i was off for about a week, but don't worry i'm still here, that said, i got back to about 400 notifications so i won't be reading them, sorry if i missed yours among them, if it's something importand you can always tell me or tag me again, i'll be back in full next week, until then, take care
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    I could look into those gorgeous, beautiful, amazing eyes for hours!
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    Your Queen requires hugs! You must obey!
  22. “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.”
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    It's no use trying to resist your Queen! I tried...
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    Okay, Bunny time! I made it to 400 posts, mainly thanks to the management switching badges so I didn't have to look at myself as a Squirrel. But I rather wait for @Xeltor before moving on. It doesn't feel right to run away from him. But anything to not be a Squirrel. I wish the Bunny was an "Evil Bunny", who agrees?
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    If you like causin’ trouble up in hotel rooms, and if you like havin’ secret little rendezvous, if you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do, then baby I’m perfect for you... And if you like midnight drivin’ with the windows down...and if you like going places we can’t even pronounce, if you like to do whatever you been dreaming about, baby you’re perfect ~
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    Disney's D23 announcements have got me so hyped, you have no idea...
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    Trying to learn how to use chopsticks, so I'm using training chopsticks to pick up cheetos
  29. Its parallel is an afterlife of everlasting torment. You can be tortured perpetually and not die. I think it's safe to assume the same is true here. They either get nourished through some ambient means, or they simply don't need it.
  30. Amazing episode, vogel is a god. Anyone else think this episode hinted that discord knows about Grogar and the villains at the end there?
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    The American right's argument against people who want Palestinians to have basic human rights: "Anti-Semite! Terrorist!" Dude, that argument in and of itself is Islamophobic not even to mention that Israel is very much guilty of committing their OWN state sponsored terrorism against the Palestinians and very much guilty of suppressing their human rights for the very sake of Islamophobia. So, fine, islamophobe. If you're going to get offended by people's rational concern for the well-being other human beings, then your argument deserves no attention anyways. Even if it weren't simultaneously a strawman, a non-argument, and a personal attack.
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  33. Exactly! Like I said above, It was enough to cause setbacks in the Celebration all just to distract so they could sneak in and take the book of their goal. Like a good game of chess.
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    *super happy pony noises* Look what came in the mail today! Thickest book I've got so far (though that might change when my next book comes in). From cover to cover it's exactly 2 inches thick. That's a lot of pages of Nyx in there! (Special thanks to @Dark Horse for letting me know this book was a thing. I'm 90% sure it was Dark Horse anyway. If I'm wrong I'll find out soon and thank and credit the right person. ) I have one more book coming next week. When it arrives I'll post a picture of my whole library so far. (and yes, it feels big enough to be called a library at this point )
  35. That's exactly what's been going on in my mind since the Terrible Trio got ahold of Grogar's Bell and hid it behind his back. We shall see in the final Episodes.
  36. Seems Tirek has a better handle on his draining powers. Drained them just enough that they feel weak, but not enough that their cutie marks vanish. Chrysalis, your Trixie is showing...
  37. I'd love it if it ends up being the latter in the finale.
  38. I'd definitely choose Flam, he's just too handsome with that mustache!
  39. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”
  40. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
  41. I agree. Some fans didn't like the idea of Discord being reformed in S3 because he would stop doing such chaotic stuff. But no, as the Spirit of Chaos, he still remains a chaotic character. He simply went from Chaotic Evil to either Chaotic Nuetral or Chaotic Good depending on your POV. And remember that it was Discord who bookmarked the pages of the Friendship Journal which tied to the keys to the Chest. And that was BEFORE Tirek tricked him into betraying the ponies in exchange for a friend who would allow him to be as chaotic as he pleased. Whether he knew it or not Discord really was helping out the gang.
  42. And here I thought the villains had been completely forgotten about in favour of slice of life. When you think about it, working together has allowed Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow the opportunity to progress their own agenda without any part of it failing which had been the case when they all worked solo. Granted, villain alliances almost always fail due to them being unable to maintain said alliance. I expect these three will turn on each other soon enough or end up being punished by Grogar assuming he already knows what they are doing behind his back. Frenemies did a much better job with the villains seeing as the episode was dedicated entirely to them, but this episode gave them more development along with the notion of them working together. I was actually expecting them to take advantage of Discord but that didn't even become an issue. On the subject of Twilight having improved from her freak out moments, I'll admit it comes across as having happened a bit too quickly, but then we don't have many episodes left so it's passable at best. I'm still surprised that no one has suspected the villains are even doing anything. You'd think someone would've checked up on Tartarus at least. Aside from that, this was a solid episode that was much better than the previous two we've had. Lastly, do I detect a hint of foreshadowing with what was said about having the tribes turn on one another? If so, this could prove most interesting if done correctly.
  43. funny how Gabby represents the Griffons, when she's the farthest thing from their usual behaviour, but who could say no to that face? this rank is perfect
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    The title of the episode "The Summer Sun Setback" is very misleading, it makes me think it's a Celestia episode. In reality, it is a Main 6 episode like Twilight's Seven with Discord, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow in it as well.
  45. This is my new favorite episode, I can't remember having this much fun with any of the other episodes in the season, not even with Frenemies, although it comes close, and this truly feels like a satisfying last season of the series episode. It was an extremely entertaining episode where everypony was at their best at some point or another during the episode, it was hilarious, it’s setting up the finale even more, it made me like Twilight again, and Cozy Glow was just the best. Again.
  46. So, for the episode, I am really glad we got to see the villains again before the finale, so we got development on that front. I am glad that their plan actually succeded and they have the book for the belle. Grogar did nothing this episode, however he did mention that he found a magical artifact and that he will soon retrive it, he will do it himself he won't send the trio so he either don't trust them to succed anymore or the trio already did what grogar wanted them to do(work as a team) and so he just want to start his plan of conquest or he knows what they are doing and every thing that happened so far is actually what he wanted and that is part of his plan. I hope its the last option, but I got a feeling he is oblivious to what they are planning. So, the writers wrote twilight feaking out a lot lately(and that massive freak out last episode) to just show that she got over a massive character flaw that will hurt her seriously when she becomes the queen, although that flaw was never that important before this season? On one hand I am glad that she won't lose it on things so trivial on the other hand I am disappoinred in the writers that they chose to go that way from the beginning. The episode was very good and the new plan of the villains is interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next. But, how the hell did no one found that they were there, I mean cozy spoke to the weather manager, a gurd(that was draind of his magic) so them. I guess we can say that the manager felt no one will take him seriously if he blaimed a little filly and the guard was brainwashed or killed or got amnesia or something like that. Great episode, much better then the last 3. 9\10.
  47. Mike Vogel continues to be the MVP of this season (and most of the series IMO).
  48. Hello! I started a new hobby called Clay Figure Sculpturing and i did Rainbow Dash figure. If you want me to create your favorite character from series you can pm me! I hope you guys like this. Cheers!