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    Behold the princess of Friendship.
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    Above average conditions are in the forecast tonight. Hmmm, which telescope do I want to use? And which planet? Jupiter or Saturn? I don't think I can pull an all nighter
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    Congrats to my daughter @Salty Sweetness on her high school graduation. Her mother @Just Jessiwould be proud
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    How many hugs can the princess of Friendship get.
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    These Magnolias are elusive. I can only seem to photograph them when they're closed The colors on the leaves appear way off. I shot these with a different lens and I don't have a filter for it. Near IR light completely dominates all 3 color channels in an unfiltered camera.
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    Well everypony, today may have left me disappointed and drained, but tomorrow is a new day and I'm determined to make it go right! So life wants to throw a challenge at me? Challenge accepted! And with that, I shall end this day on a high note. Goodnight everypony, I'm off to get some much needed sleep. Y'all have a good night and awesome weekend! <3
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    Good morning my beautiful Queen! What would you like for breakfast!
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    Another hazy morning, but the 3rd quarter Moon was beautiful. The air was a bit unsteady. I'd rate the conditions as below average, which can be seen in the video clip of Saturn. Enjoy! Sat_5-26-2019_color.mp4
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    Well, no Saturn this morning. Some clouds passed thru while doing some test shots on Jupiter and the haze remained. I do have an image and video clip to share tho. It's quite clear I will need an electric focuser at these magnifications. Enjoy! and I'm going back to bed Jupiter_SW16_3xBarlow_ADC_5-25-2019.mp4
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    I am absolutely exhausted. Goodnight all.
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    Twilight what’s with that look.
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    Good morning to you all! Hope you all are doing well! Woke up at 4am to a very nice thunder storm, tons of rain..first rain in almost a month...
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    going to try and sleep this strep off im achy all over goodnight loves, hope you're having a better day than I am <3
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    Welcome to the galaxy of Luna!
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    I'll just leave this here:
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    Hello again loves! sorry I haven't been on much today, as I've had several things I've had to handle both good and bad Also I'm coming down with strep throat, at the end of spring happy memorial day weekend On a much cooler note, I knocked down an old family photo near the stairway, and can you believe, a Vintage Kmart add from 1992 fell out from behind the photo! apparently my mother had used it as support to help hold the picture in the frame! Also Its still crisp like it came out of a rack there yesterday! Just check out these old adds!
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    Hey ponies! How are your evenings going? I know I haven't been online much at all today, but it's been a super busy holiday weekend already and of course, I've been working overtime trying to fix the brake situation on my truck. and get it driving again. Speaking of...I should update y'all on that:
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    This is called 'mending broken hearts'. I don't know if this has any context in the show or...comics? Anypony? Still, very cute pic.
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    Hope you all are doing well!, Stay cool out there
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    Soon, Princess Luna will be able to have a well-deserved rest.
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    18 inch pepporini just for me my mom dosent think that a 16 year old like me could eat that entire thing. Well she’ll be surprised.
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    Thanks @Sparklefan1234
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    Turn up the heat, Tia! (Just not too much please)
  26. I didn’t have a big issue with Garble mistreating Spike for a few reasons. His mistreatment of Spike, both past and present, was integral to the conflict. Garble tries to “look” tough by being a stereotypical bully, but Spike tries to be the bigger and better dragon by not retaliating. But no matter how much he tried, Garble’s mistreatment of him made him feel down. In his meeting with Ember, he discovered that the lava lake ran dry, hence the cold soil in the nests, leading Spike to who accidentally caused it. Both Smolder and Fluttershy are quick to stick up for him and defend him. They treat him as an equal and embrace him for being who he is. They don’t appreciate assholes treating him like shit. When Smolder found out he picked on Spike behind her back, she was furious, and after they tried to make him play a game against his will, she gave them the riot act. When Garble realized their laughter fire was heating the ground enough to cause the eggs to crack, he embraced his poet side and worked to help hatch the eggs. Before he did, he called Spike “Spike-Wikey,” and Spike supported him all the way. With his quick-thinking, he turned his feud with Spike into a friendship and saved a generation of dragons from freezing to death.
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    My activity stays but a lot of other members activity disappears.
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    *Sees a few passing clouds Rainbow Dash, you said there were no more clouds tonight
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    Today is my uncles birthday and we’re going to his and my aunts house to celebrate.
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    So I spent all afternoon trying to get a crazy coding assignment to work. Now I come on here to find I have 43 notifications. I didn't think I'd been gone that long.
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    Celesita, Monarch of the Day, or Luna, Empress of the Night? Which side has your allegiance?
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    Well Aladdin’s about to start gotta go see you guys in a couple hours.
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    Oh wow, past 22222. What a lucky number.
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    If I lose myself tonight... It'll be by Her side!
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    Do you have need of your fluffy princesses? We're right here if you do need us!
  38. Also, this was just posed on Derpibooru. Cute
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    After struggling with it for a pretty long time now... (it gave me a bad time ) Twilight can climb slopes (and even stairs! ), so the world doesn't have to be blocky anymore. It's still a work in progress, as I also need to make Twilight descent gently when going down, so that she doesn't constantly lose contact with the ground, successfully preventing her from jumping, which may be irritating (see Twilight when she's descending from the left side to see what I mean). That happening on the right side (stairs) is fine, it's about the smooth curves, where catching the right moment for jump is really hard and simply annoying. Eh.. The code for all of it is pretty confusing already, I constantly bump into some glitches here and there. Tried to do one thing, had to modify few other to make it all work together properly. What kind of bugs you may ask? These kind of bugs: Shattered Harmony Speedrun any % confirmed It's all fixed now, but finding the problem was not an easy task. I was suspecting many things that seemed obvious, but it turned out, that apparently even though she didn't actually collide with the wall, she was so close to it, that it was counting her as standing on the ground, hence vertical_speed being not affected by the gravity and going up. On top of that, there was another tiiiiiiiiiny difference in maths, which ended up making her gently get stuck in the corner, launching her to the other wall due to some mechanics for precise collisions I've put. Today I discovered in the manual, that there are read-only instance properties, that basically tell where the hitbox edges are and I, like a complete moron was doing it manually, counting the pixels from the origin of the sprite on my own. It all was correct, but apparently there were tiiiiny differences between read-only variables and my maths after rounding stuff up, resulting in weird behavior. Now it all bases on the same variables, so it's 100% accurate now. I hate collision stuff.
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    Memorial Day weekend 2017 was when I watched the first episode of MLP. It's now Memorial Day weekend 2019.
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    Nobody: My biological clock which is totally hormonal and jacked up right now: It's 1:30 in the morning. You're staying up. Ummm I should have you know I am absolutely NOT!
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    Nothing is more important to me than my friends, whether they're fluffy ponies or real life people!
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    Well... A slight change of plans dearest ones. I've had to run a few errands before I could head home- errands the require I wait for upwards to an hour So, instead of just sitting in a parking lot waiting, I decided to take myself downtown for some long wanted sushi! I can squeeze it from my budget... This time so now it's just me out to dinner with all of you share with me whatever you feel ^w^
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    Am I a good or bad person?
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    Hugs? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with Celestia and Luna on top?
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    What? What's so funny, sister? Nothing at all, dear sister. You just look very aPEELing to me is all!
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    Something for Luna fans.
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