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    Anyone watching WWE networking literally can not see John Cena.
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    Ooooh!!! So excited! So many things I want to say, and I'm not a fan of making back to back status updates, so have a super-status! First, a few years ago, shortly after this fandom's great music dragged me from the surface down well into the heart of the fandom, me and a college friend (also a brony) shared our music collections (both already numbering in the triple digits ). I was browsing through it again a few minutes ago and found this. A gasp and squee later (and facehoof for not having read Past Sins sooner since I clearly already had exposure to it), it occurred to me that he may have also read that book. And I still kinda keep in contact with him... so there's fuel for so many great conversations in the future. What's that? Not exciting enough? Ok, how about this. Two hours ago 4everfreebrony released his sixth and final chant on youtube. I've only been waiting about... 6 years for that. (I'm not showing favoritism, this is release order) Ok, so maybe "so many things I want to say" was a little bit of an exaggeration. Lemme reword that. So many excites and feels and yays and squeeeeeeeees!!! Happy Monday everypony!
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    You'd think the pineapple SpongeBob lives in would be rotten & smelly.
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    What movie should I watch this week? I have a poll about it on Twitter. But for those who want to vote here, then... BROHOOF for Inside Out. YAY for The Incredibles HUG for Ninjago TEACUP for Birdman. Thanks a lot, my crowd!
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    I read the strangest fanfictions when I'm bored. I also WRITE the strangest fanfictions when I'm bored.
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    Lunas... Lunas everywhere!
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    We're getting close to the 2000 brohoofs! Thank you everypony!
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    Holy crap, this exists: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_School_of_Wizardry
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    Everyone please give your truest opinion of me hurtful or not I'm honestly curious.AND SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT I literally do not care do not sugarcoat a thing.
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    @Steve Piranha @BornAgainBrony
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    I plan to bake and then eat a pizza tonight.
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    best part of the 1994 movie: best part of the 2019 movie:
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    Idk why, and Idk why I'm proud of myself. But when I was about 6 or so, I had a nightmare and a song was playing during it, so whenever I heard that song I would break down crying..now I can sing the song and vibe to it It only took 7 years...lol
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    Either this person has the world’s least creative parents, or she’s an alien with a very convincing name...
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    Good morning everypony
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    Short but sweet. I have to leave now for the doctors, take care.
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    What is the right folder to upload artworks of my other oc’s that are not drawn by me?
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    Extra Luna please... with extra fluffiness!
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    awwww man. why this sh*t gotta come up on my phone?! https://www.teenvogue.com/story/billie-eilish-compared-bad-guy-wizards-of-waverly-place-theme-song
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    I tried going to an online chat room but everyone on their is so inappropriate and mean to me...why does everyone hate me? some guy literally told me to choke on a knife because I watch Wizards of Waverly Place...
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    My uncle (who had been hospitalized last week with terminal cancer) passed away earlier this morning. He was 81.
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    Well.. at least job extended my contract but i’m still stressed to the core mainly about my artworks..
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    My hours at work have been cut down... I've gotta convince myself that its just seasonal, that it's not personal, its not that they think I can't do my job... I can't be myself at work. I don't really know what my personality is but... I gotta focus, I gotta prove my worth... working a job just sucks the life out of me... I'm sorry, I've been such a downer lately... I dunno how to have a life outside of work. Just pretend like I got all the time to myself and that my work doesn't define me. Sigh...