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  1. October 3, 2011 .... less than a year after launch of the show ... a young man named Kurtiss and Feld0 launches this site. It’s easy to take things for granted, but if not for these wild eyed enthusiasts seeing a need for a forum based community in those early days of the fandom, a few lives would be different. Maybe not for most users, but for a few. With the show wrapping up this month, I think now is a good time to take a step back and consider how far you’ve come as individuals. Have you met any friends here? Had a fun time or two? Won a couple of tense debates? What were some of your favorite moments on here? Most of you know my own story by now, so I won’t make this about me. I do want you to also raise a glass to a user that is no longer here that you want to remember. This site was built on the words and personalities of many people who have left over the years. Some fell away from the site, some were hit my the life bus, some passed on. Take a second or two to remember those individuals today, those are whose voices still echo in these halls even today. Raise a cider to them and smile that there were once a part of this ridiculous yet fantastic group of nutcases
  2. Well, how time flies! This "oldbie" has been on the MLPF since mid-season 2 in 2012. During that time, I became one of the loudest haters of EQG (tho it's apathy instead of hate these days for this spinoff), Fame & Misfortune, Princess Spike, and the EQG Holiday Special comic, and then one of the loudest supporters of Season 8, Starlight (plus her reformation), FIM's post-S4 direction, and Shadow Play. During that time, I became a prolific FIM reviewer. Whereas the reviewer/analysis community here shrunk, I stuck around, refined my craft, gained better understanding of some episodes I was more cynical towards (i.e., Look Before You Sleep), and shed my more negative, caustic shell despite writing an occasional negative review still. During my time, I gained quite a few friends, and at BronyCon this year, many of those same people I met face to face IRL. Folks such as @~C. Discord~ and @Creamy Arty I met before, but @Dark Horse, @Egg-3, @Jedishy, @PathfinderCS, @skysweep, @Jer, @Troblems, @Spooky Brony 42, @Denim&Venom, @Dynamo Pad, @Senko, @BornAgainBrony, @Soren Peregrine, and (the Man!) @Randimaxis I met for the first time. ( @Nas, I think we met before, but I don't fully recall now; either way, you're really cool. ) I wanna give a big shoutout to some of those who I don't see too often anymore on here, but are all awesome people: @Nyactis Mewcis Catlum, @MLPFanatic34, @Captain Clark, @Wind Chaser, @Nuke87654, @Guest90210, @Miles, @DryGuy84 (Inactive), @DND, @Batbrony, @TailsIsNotAlone, @Wingnut, @Gone Airbourne, @Dolphanatic, @Captain Whirlwind, @Eloquence, @Cleverclover, @Hibiki Kuze, and @Querch. And I wanna give another big shoutout to a bunch of other great friends in this forum: @Mesme Rize, @ShadOBabe, @Tacodidra, @Sparklefan1234, @Cash In, @Cwanky, @ChB, @Renegade the Unicorn, @PoisonClaw, @VG_Addict, @ggg-2, @Snow, @Meemayfox, @TheRockARooster, @Wolf Guide, @Nightmare Recherche, @Twilight Luna, @Kyoshi, @Bas, @Phosphor, @Anti-Villain, @Passion, @Fhaolan, @strongwilled_pegasus, @TheAnimationFanatic, @Buttonmash1973, @Sunny Fox, @Ganondox, @Frostgage, @Music Chart Fan, @Justin_Case001, @Lightwing, @Odyssey, @KH7672, @Lambdadelta, @Alexshy, @Adamgreen (happy birthday! ), @Truffles, @OptimisticNeighsayer, @Dark Rider, and @Angus Delaney. I apologize for missing some folks. It's been a fun seven and a half years since joining here. I intend to stay. Happy 8th birthday, MLPF!
  3. Good Morning My Little Ponies Today is the dawn of the Final Day of my most beloved students adventures Please share kindness and warmth with each other as we all know that letting go can be hard. Tell me what lessons have you learned in this long journey? Who have you walked with along the way? What unexpected ponies have brought you joy?
  4. Let's have a take off, shall we? Just a PSA from your friendly neighborhood outdated storage format. We are now t-minus four days from the deadline for submissions to the 'Thank You for Pony' project. For those of you who are unaware of this, it is a personalized love letter of sorts. It is our community's direct thank you to the show's staff, thanking them for the work they've done on this show. After all, the show, the very reason for this site to exist at all is ending in just a handful of episodes (US airing time). Get in now while the getting is going, folks! There are three ways to participate: 1: Create a letter towards a certain character or towards the show's staff at large, explaining what impact they've had on your life, or simply giving a heartfelt thank you. 2: An audio or video submission giving a general thank you to the show's staff. 3: A video submission responding to a provided prompt of questions. Full details in the topic above. If you fell off the wagon accidentally, weren't aware of what was happening at all or have since decided to contribute, please do! No contribution is too minor. if you're on the shy side, don't worry! As a writer I opted for a text letter, myself, and it's the best option for those who may be audio or camera shy. All responses in all formats will be sent directly to Nicole Dubuc, who has been the show's lead story editor, an executive producer and writer of several episodes, going on a couple seasons. Rest assured, what you have to say can and will be heard. Let's send off this show we love so much with proper appreciation towards the staff who've put it together so dutifully! If you have any questions, please direct them towards the topic, itself. No sense in splitting attention.
  5. Title: The End of the End Air Date: October 12th, 2019 Written By: Nicole Dubuc Synopsis: A villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria and it's up to the Mane Six to save the kingdom." It's almost time to close the book Twilight Here we are folks. The finale three are upon us. I have been so busy I have yet to truly reflect over this journey, and I will save that for the actual finale. Since they are airing both this two-parter and the epilogue together, we almost broke from tradition and put they all in one topic. We ultimately decided against that. Instead this topic will be first and open. The episode thread for the finale will be created soon and will be a seperate one. For now, enjoy book horse completely ignorant of what the next nine or so years will take her. She's a good pony, her. For those that have avoided the spoilers, all 2 of you, I would stay clear of this topic until you see it.
  6. Title: The Last Problem US Air Date: October 12th, 2019 Written by: Josh Haber Synopsis: Years from now, Princess Twilight is visited by a student with a friendship problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and the Mane Six spent together. ----------- This is it. The end of the line. The end of season nine. The end of Friendship is Magic (at least the moving-picture part of it - the comics have a few issues left yet; please don't riot, IDW fans). Show's over, fandom's dead, nothing to see here anymore. Everycreature, shoo and go home already; the apocalypse has come and gone. What are you still waiting for? ... Wait, right. Episode 24+25's title was a lie. THIS is the End of the End of the End...... of the End? Join our adorkable purple equine for the last time as she shows us the grand outcome of Former Sun God Celestia's decade-long personal training program to weaponize friendship in defending Equestria and infecting the entire world with her harmony propaganda. There's just one teeeeny tiiiiny wrinkle: Equestria's last friendship problem went unsolved. Watch the glorious Twilight Sparkle find out she missed something in taking over the world commemorate a lifelong tour-de-force of unforgettable memories to fix it. Will she finally fail at something? Will we get one last round of Twilighting? Did she even survive the battle from E24+25? ----------- If you're looking for something fun and special to do to pay your respects to Friendship is Magic, try writing a friendship lesson letter to Princess Twilight Sparkle about what her adventures have shown you, what you learned, and how the show affected your life. She'll be pleased to read all about it now that her own world's problems are all over. You can adapt the following template to get started! Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle, Thank you for <something - or many somethings - positive you took away from the show>. Before I discovered that Friendship is Magic, <a peek into your life before ponies>. Now that it's over, <what changed in your life since your journey as a ponyfan began>. Your faithful student, ~<NAME> Maybe she'll even compile another Friendship Journal if she gets enough of them. One final, personal note: All good things come to an end. Don't be sad that the show is over. Be happy that you were along for the ride!
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    @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @PartialShriek514 @TheTaZe @R.D.Dash @Spooky Emerald @Meemayfox @Treeglow Flicker @Sparklefan1234 @Arc Flash @Dynamo Pad @Flutterstep @CloudMistDragon @Totally Nyx @Lucky Bolt @SolarFlare13 @Splashee @Muffinnz @The Demon @Kiryu-Chan @Deae Rising Shine~ @Samurai Equine @FFF @Nightmare Recherche @Trix or Treat @Lord Midnight Madness @Sondash Studios @Cash In @Prince Doopliss @BornAgainBrony @CypherHoof @EpicEnergy @Batoloratura @Dawn-Sunlight @J.T. No words can say how I love and care for each and every of you... so I put it into song form!
  8. The 9 year anniversary of My Little Pony FIM is today. We have spent a long time as a fandom loving these characters and soon their stories will be over as far as the show is concerned. But for us this fandom lives on as long as we are here to share the friendship and moments that made it great. So today please share what moments, characters, fellow fans, and even fanfiction that made you love these ponies.
  9. Good Evening My Loyal Subjects. As I am the Princess of the Night and protector of the dream relm I wanted to check in on how everypony is holding up. If you are scared. Feel lost. Or just need a late night gaming session with the best Princess. Just speak up. Shout your favorite memories in your best royal Canterlot voice. Share your favorite moments between me and my sister ( No spoilers ) Or just share your love of the night. But no matter what my little ponies remember this The community doesnt end until we say so and even if the wheels fall off Get out and PUSH.
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    It's been a long and great weekend. I hope everyone has a great upcoming week. Don't forget to keep on smiling. Goodnight everypony!
  11. Boops the snoots of my BFFFF, @Tacodidra And also boops for: @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @FFF @Treeglow Flicker @Trix or Treat @Lord Midnight Madness @TheTaZe @Spoopy Horse @Sixamidnar @Mellow Mane @PartialShriek514 @Mirage @Fasu @R.D.Dash @StarrySkyDash @AJ2489 @CosmicSpark @Deae Rising Shine~ @Dynamo Pad @Limestone-Pie @GeyserLuna @Cl0udChaser @Nightmare Recherche @Lucky Bolt @Arc Flash @ChB @Twisted Cyclone @Blivy @Kiryu-Chan @Cash In @Flutterstep @Totally Nyx @Sparklefan1234 @Sondash Studios @Samurai Equine @Prince Doopliss @SolarFlare13 @CypherHoof @FalconBrony @The Demon @CloudMistDragon @Spooky Emerald @Splashee and @Meemayfox
  12. OK, since the rules of this topic seems to have changed, I will just add a couple of current users I interacted with and remember for different things, and trying to write a sentence about each. I mean...how many could they are? Maybe I slightly group them. The personal interactions, socials, emotional, the ones I relate to mentally; @FFF @Muffinnz (Try to spell that one "correctly" for mentioning ._.) @Kyoshi @Phasereale @TheRockARooster @Ganondorf8- Life isn't always easy, but worth going on. Whatever might scare you...I BELIEVE YOU CAN OVERCOME IT ❤️. Feel free to hit me up if you just want to talk. The ones I am looking for advice and always forward to talk when something bothers me mentally: CHOOSING ONE RANDOMLY especially recently...no, I am not putting one over the others. They all provided great support for me, esp. when I needed it! @PathfinderCS @LadyMercury @skysweep The ones I am looking for talking and seeing as equal as well...idk, just compare and look how their life is going, you could say somewhat my...peers: @BornAgainBrony @ShadOBabe @Sweet Palette @Treeglow Flicker @The Historian @Etched Daydream @Dark Qiviut @quinch @Envy @Rocco @CinnamonSwirl @Shiki - Please don't change your nicknames again or I won't recognize you again. Also...I really liked the first avatar you used when I first saw you methinks. @Thuja - You are the guy who seems to be always so relaxed and lay back to me! @Twisted Cyclone - Enjoyed the recent chats at discord. @Splashee - The new one in this group and I also interacted quite a lot with! ❤️ icky @Etched Daydream - Bite me! Or better not, sharkponies got the teeth. You will always be Scarlet Rose to me (i believe that was the nick at that time) Kindness over 9000! ❤️ here they are: @Totally Lyra @PartialShriek514 @Fasu @Rikifive @KH7672 - Kind, technical interest like me, and even sharing some loved games! The chit-chatters and status updaters, vivid people! : @qwerE - Heh, not fully fitting into this group. I think one of the first users I interacted with, blasted hat and a coder. @Scar/Califorum @Cash In @Renegade the Unicorn @Prospekt @Phosphor @Heir to the Monado @Sparklefan1234 @Tacodidra @Lucky Bat @Cyclone1066 @Misty Breeze @Meemayfox (Sausage Party? ) @Dawn-Sunlight @ultrairongorilla @Wolf Guide - We didn't have much interaction yet TBH, but you seem to be like a handy guy to have around! @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ - Has cats and likes anime. Nuff said. @Spooky Emerald @Light Blade @Heir to the Monado @CosmicSpark @DripMoondrop @DivineFear1000 @AlexanderThrond@Divine plywood@EpicEnergy Carefree talk about the random, simple things in life, and giving positivity to others! The cute OCs: @Envy @Lil'Cinnamon @Sweet Palette The Magic cards crew: @Trix or Treat @dawn sunchaser The German - or German speaking buddies: @SparklingCaps - Cultural exchange, and feel free to hit me up for anything German or Germany related - but you guess just use for BF for that. @Deae Rising Shine~ @DasSwirlschen The debaters: @Spooky Brony 42 @Jedishy Some artists: @valtarart @IronM17 ...oopsy. Wow. This really shows how many people are here and I interacted with! ❤️ Don't feel excluded if I didn't mention you! Everyone for a different things...that's really wow. Like a lot. Only 62 mentions. Of course, I will loose my mind if IPB just says now oopsy your post is gone lol pls write again thx.
  13. Happy Birthday MLPF! I've been and am a part of quite a few fandoms, but out of all of them this is the only forum that I take part in. I attempted with many type, but nothing compares to how friendly and welcoming the MLPF is. I've met a lot of great ponies on here from all over the world, who will be listed below. Many have gone inactive and moved on to hopefully great things, but I still like to mention them, hoping that doing so makes their day a little better no matter where they are. So, thank you everypony for the great two years! And here's to many years more! @Dynamo Pad, @Ninetales,@FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARooster @BornAgainBrony @Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmareLuna1996
  14. Hey everypony, Its cider time and I cant find AJ, Big Mac, or Apple Bloom! We need a search party because its cider time and you know I love my cider. If you find them please send me a message.
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    Just popping on one last time, what with the show ending. Figured I'd share my final goodbye, and thanks. Thank you to all of you who were kind, thank you to all who were not. Thank you to those who took the time to listen, and to those who spoke. Thank you all for the fun ride, and for being a brace when I needed one. While I can't say much about the show, as it was only so much, I can say that a lot of good came out of this mass of people. A lot of bad too, granted. But all in all, it was worth the time spent. I wish you all the same; that the greatest joy you have known be the smallest taste of the wonders to come. Grace and Peace be with you all, from my Lord to you. Gloria Fortis Miles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nCKB1YXevA
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    Going to break a rule here but .... I fucking love this show, and I fucking love all you crazy people! This doofus isn’t going anyway. It’s been a blast being a part of this ride while the show was on. It’s going to be a blast being a part of this community for some time to come! What tears? I’m not crying! You’re crying!!!! Silly bronies making me have feelings! <3
  17. Weekend Boop Time? Weekend Boop Time! @Dynamo Pad,@Ninetales,@FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARooster And For Team Moon @BornAgainBrony @Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmareLuna1996
  18. Thank you MLP Forums for the incredible year that I've had! There's so many people I want to thank for all the awesomeness and the friendship! @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Rising Dusk @TheTaZe @Cpl_Dixon @Dynamo Pad @Mellow Mane @Mirage @lyrabetes3939 @PartialShriek514 @Fluttershy Friend @PathfinderCS @Spooky Emerald @Splashee @Cl0udChaser @Treeglow Flicker @R.D.Dash @Deae Rising Shine~ @TigerGeekGuy @Arc Flash @ChB @Twisted Cyclone @Kiryu-Chan @Totally Lyra @Sparklefan1234 @SolarFlare13 @Fasu @Trix or Treat @Lord Midnight Madness @CloudMistDragon @Sondash Studios @TheRockARooster @Cash In @EpicEnergy @Nightmare Recherche @BornAgainBrony @Lucky Bat and @Meemayfox
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    @Jer @PathfinderCS @Randimaxis @Dark Horse @Odyssey @TheTaZe @Lord Valtasar @Rikifive @Totally Lyra @Lucky Bat @Ganondorf8 Happy happy birthday to you all! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!
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    I know I'm a little late for this, but it's time for my one year forumsversary blog entry! There's so much I want to talk about and about the awesome experience I've had on these awesome forums! My journey began on September 4th, 2018. I just stumbled across these forums because I was looking for topics about Celestia and Luna so I could discuss them with other people who loved MLP! But I saw I needed an account to join in the conversation, so I created an account just so I could talk about Celestia and Luna. I created my welcome post and told everyone who I was as how I had been an MLP fan for 3 years at the time. I didn't know anyone here and I honestly thought I was just gonna be invisible to everyone else on here, but I didn't really care because I initially wanted to just talk about Celestia and Luna. Then, as other people started talking with me and welcoming to the forums with open arms, I started to get that itch of wanting to make some friends on here! I consulted a veteran of the forums, @TheTaZe (who is an awesome person by the way) and I asked him what I can do to make some friends. He told me to just be a nice person, react and reply to other people's status updates and participate in topics. I took this advice to heart and I did start making friends on here, I started gaining followers and reputation and it was then that I realized: People actually like me on here. I then discovered that I could make my own status updates and started posting and telling people how much I love Celestia and Luna, but I wanted a way to express my love for them more clearly. I saw that I could add pictures to my updates and that's what I did and all my posts had awesome pictures of the princesses and people were loving it. Then, a few days later, I had noticed something incredible: I had won an award for gaining the most reputation in a single day! I did this in just eight days of my arrival, and this was something I never expected. But it kept getting even better, because I saw I had won another day after that... and the day after that... and the day after that! I had won the award for FIVE straight days in a row? How was this even possible? Was I seriously this popular after such a short time of being here? It was unprecedented! But then again, this was all because of all the amazing friends that I know on these forums! So many people are just so awesome and friendly and it warmed my heart so much that it felt like I was gonna overflow with happiness! I couldn't have possibly made it this far without their friendship and support and I thank every single one of you for what you've done for me! One year later and what have I learned? The most important thing I've learned is that no matter what, no matter how bad things are, you can always rely on your friends to be there for you... and they certainly have for me. I now have 21000 brohoofs, 73 days won, 108 followers and more friends than I can count! Here's to another successful year and thank you to all of my awesome friends for being such amazing friends! @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Rikifive @Treeglow Flicker @lyrabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @TheTaZe @Lord Valtasar @Mirage @The Recherche @Emerald<3 @Arc Flash @Alexshy @FFF @R.D.Dash @Flutterstep @Mellow Mane @Totally Lyra @Sparklefan1234 @Dynamo Pad @Cash In @Sondash Studios @Deae Rising Shine~ and @TheRockARooster and so many more... THANK YOU!!!
  21. *raises hoof* While it didn't get me this time, I start crying when I listen to it in my occasional playthroughs over the last few weeks. This song's spectacular. Emotional, hopeful, and more than worthy of a good cry once it's over. One great thing about this episode is the moral it teaches. Friendships change, and sometimes these changes may cause a massive strain in them. Sometimes these changes may cause the friendship to drift away and possibly end. How these friendships stay healthy is how much work you put in to maintain it. The Mane Six are supposed to rule Equestria together, but as seen in the flashback and present, their lives have changed. Everyone's so busy now preparing for the coronation, and once it's all over, their lives may soon change. Somehow everyone was trying to make this coronation as perfect as possible and were using this practice and preparation to grieve in their own way. They fear what's going on ahead of them and are very scared that they'll drift further and further away till they're not friends anymore. But by crying together, they're grieving together and are facing this dilemma together. Somewhow and someway, they'll figure it out. Their ability to laugh off the total disaster of a coronation was a way for all of them to finally relax and be as loose-minded as possible. With the coronation over, they're able to figure something out and come up with a great idea: rendezvous every "moon" ("month" in the Dutch version). The new council of friendship meant everyone could meet up, rule together, help each other, and remain acquainted with each other "no matter how busy life gets." Notice how everyone isn't teaching Starlight's school anymore, and now they lead varying lives: Pinkie's married, has a kid, and helping run SCC. RD's the new WB captain. AJ runs the farm now, evident by how she wears the late Granny Smith's scarf. FS's living with Discord and running the thriving sanctuary full time. Rarity lives in Yakyakistan now, and both Yona and Sandbar run Carousel Boutique. Twilight teaches Celestia's school and running a kingdom. Spike now flies around the world to maintain peace between societies. It's the perfect final lesson, both in idea and execution.
  22. If you had told me 9 years ago that I would fall in love with a show featured multi-colored ponies, I would have laughed and thought you were crazy. Yet here I am 9 years later crying about the show ending. This show has made a tremendous impact on me that will stick with me for the rest of my life and leave me memories that I will carry with me. When it first started, I was a year into my current job, just started solo travelling, and still living at home. Now here I am 9 years later, in a successful career, having travelled the world, and am now living on my own. MLP has given me the opportunity to meet new people whom I've become great friends with. It has helped gotten me through a sudden passing of a close friend of mine and getting out of a very toxic friendship. I've learned so much from i and it has gotten me through the best and worst of times. Even though the show itself may be over, I'm not saying goodbye, but instead "see you soon!". Finally, instead of being sad that it's over, I'm happy that it happened. Thank you, MLP.
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    Am I the only person who tells their truck goodnight after coming home from work? Probably.
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    With only a week left until the finale I think my appreciation for the series is coming along great. What I mean are my "Ranking the X episodes" threads which I'm really appreciative of all the participation each is getting (and for those who consistently replied @Sparklefan1234 @ChB @cmarston1@Wolf Guide @Kiryu-Chan @Oleks @Cash In @Zero @Spider Demon @Rushing cash @Dark Qiviut @Sepul-Coloratura @AlexanderThrond@bigbertha @Lulaypp @DonMaguz) and after reaching the halfway point today with episode 13 today I'm hoping to continue with the rest of the numbers until 24. So you ever want to contribute to the threads and polls I've tagged them all with the "ranking" tag so just search that for an easy find of them all. It's an interesting way to look back at the series
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    Hi there everypony! Anypony want to give me the 2000th brohoof?
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    Rainbow Dash is the most awesome pony in Equestria! @R.D.Dash is too!
  29. Some big bug hugs for all of my awesome friends! @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Rising Dusk @SolarFlare13 @Lord Valtasar @Lord Midnight Madness @Treeglow Flicker @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @Mirage @Nightmare Recherche @TheRockARooster @Sparklefan1234 @Totally Lyra @TheTaZe @Randimaxis @PathfinderCS @Samurai Equine @Muffinnz @Splashee @Emerald<3 @Cash In @R.D.Dash @ShadOBabe @Sondash Studios @Dynamo Pad @Twisted Cyclone @Arc Flash @Kiryu-Chan @ChB @Flutterstep @J.T. @FalconBrony @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @FFF @CloudMistDragon @Meemayfox @AJ2489 @EpicEnergy @Fasu and @BornAgainBrony Extra hugs and kisses for my beautiful princesses @Princess Celestia and @Princess Luna and my beautiful Queen @Chrysalis!
  30. So many and so many more hugs for @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Rikifive @Treeglow Flicker @Twisted Cyclone @ChB @Arc Flash @AJ2489 @Fasu @FalconBrony @TigerGeekGuy @Sparklefan1234 @Splashee @Dynamo Pad @TheTaZe @Partialgeek514 @Mellow Mane @Lord Valtasar @Lord Midnight Madness @Emerald<3 @Rising Dusk @Deae Rising Shine~ @Flutterstep @Prospekt @Cash In @Methuselah @BornAgainBrony @Dark Horse @Randimaxis @PathfinderCS @lyrabetes3939 @Mirage @OptimisticNeighsayer @R.D.Dash @FeatherStream @Lucky Bolt @TheRockARooster @SolarFlare13 @Meemayfox @CloudMistDragon @EpicEnergy @Sondash Studios @ShadOBabe @J.T. @FFF @TBD @Muffinnz @Samurai Equine @Meson Bolt @Totally Lyra and @Tacodidra again! You are all my best friends and I love every single one of you! Especially @Tacodidra
  31. As the show has aired in it’s entirety I’m about to start moving all of the Season 9 topics into Show Discussion. I appreciate how much many of you worked to keep the last few episodes spoiler free for this that wanted to go in blind. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to handle spoilers for the next few weeks, but with the exception of the upcoming EqG special the spoiler rule will no longer be enforced.
  32. I would like to advise viewers on something - I'm not spoiling anything, don't worry. Now, pay very close attention to the things happening in the background during the episode, as well as the very small details and references scattered throughout. You'll understand what I mean once you watch it.
  33. 10 points
    So... it's finally over. Oh, what a wild ride it has been indeed. I never managed to catch up in time for this day, unfortunately, but it is nevertheless incredible to me that we have managed to make it this far. There have been a great many ups and downs along the way, and while the finale was far from my favorite episode... it was worth it, in the end. Either way, onward, into the future!
  34. 10 points
    Don't cry, little one. Your Queen is right here for you...
  35. 10 points
    Wow, I can't believe the series finale is tomorrow. Time really flew. I remember it just like it was yesterday... I was watching the premiere of an early season 2 episode. But anyway, I'm super hyped for the finale! How will y'all be watching? I have the episodes set to record so I can watch them later that day cause my Saturdays are typically super busy in the mornings.
  36. 10 points
    Care to guess who arrived in the mail today? Though I am not the biggest fan of Pinkie Pie, as most of you already know, I can happily as that I am thoroughly pleased with this Bishoujo. My wallet certainly isn't, however. Little does it know, this is only round one of six! Twilight Sparkle is next!
  37. 10 points
    T-this isn't what it looks like!
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    Hmmm, FiM has been on my mind lately, I guess with the show ending and all. The last one I watched was in the middle of Season 8. I think I'd like to finish watching the remaining episodes
  39. 10 points
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    I haven't contributed anything to the "MLP Thank You" projects because I don't know what to say. Simply saying "Thank You!" just doesn't feel like enough to tell the MLP staff just how much this show means to me.
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    Royal smooches incoming!
  42. Believe whatever you want, but no, I think this is absurdly far fetched.
  43. The Sweet Sweet Weekend! Have A Boop! @Ninetales,@FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARooster And For Team Moon @BornAgainBrony @Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmareLuna1996
  44. OOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!???? Adulting........ Credit goes to AgrolChannel No worries, I didn't spoil the canon reveal for you Title: Growing Up Is Hard to Do Air Date: September 28, 2019 Written by: Ed Valentine who previously wrote Flight to Finish, The Cart Before the Ponies, and The Fault in Our Cutie Marks. A nice choice in a writer to close out the Cutie Mark Crusaders saga Synopsis: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grownups, they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can't be rushed. We first met them as annoying little kids screaming at the top of the lungs, and watched them grow through finding themselves, their special talents, and their place in society that can't break them up. The only way to go for them is up-literally-so tune in for the send off to the CMC saga. Watch Live and chat with us on EquestriaTV in the CMC Clubhouse (adults officially allowed now ) And since this is my thread, for those who know me, I can't end it without a little commentary :
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    I like this... Logging on once every week or so. It's a nice balance of enjoying the outdoors more and still being able to have fun with all the ponies on here. Good night everypony and I will see y'all next time.
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    I finished Adventure Time, now I am sad and happy at the same time, also Shermy :heart:
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    Finally! I've got all of the Chaos Emeralds!
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    It's October, Fluttershy
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    L-Luna?! What are you doing in my room?