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    He's so adorable! It looks like he's really enjoying his buffet!
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    @Troblems, I swear to god, I was washing bed sheets today and I was randomly thinking about the whale incident (I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MISSED) and just laughing, smiling, and even shedding a tear. God I miss you every day. ^^ That said, I've been to BronyCon four times. The previous year was on my own and I have spent WAY too much. I was very close to saying no to that. Then it turned out to be the last one...then Jeric was going...and you were going...which pretty much meant I was going, so yeah. XD Turned out the fourth time out was one of the best experiences of my life; top 3 easily. Getting to meet the likes of you, @Jeric, @Randimaxis, @~C. Discord~, @Dark Qiviut, @Dark Horse, and @Snow for the first time face-to-face was amazing.; as well as seeing @FancyHorse again! That pic of you, Jeric, and myself with the Cadence cosplayer remains oh so dear to me...I really need to make a physical copy and frame it. ^^ That said; the three of us still need to go out for bubble tea one day!
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    It was so good seeing you there! I'm glad we both made it in the end, It was definitely worth it!
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    Art is almost too subjective for what it is. Stuff that looks like paint splatter or heck, even a BANANA ON A WALL, is considered “real art” and sold for tons of money but other things that people work too hard on are barely recognized or considered trash, either by the artist themselves or their audience. It’s why I don’t like art classes cause they expect you to do art just like somebody famous and don’t understand that you’re supposed to have your own style.
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    I believe the ones you don't recognise are Utena, Bulma and Ranma in that order
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    Such an adventure deserved a happy ending! Sounds like mother nature was excited to see you on that particular walk
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    You shouldav phosed # lord of the bugs
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    I hate insects. Yes, I know that some are important to our environment but that doesn’t mean I can’t hate them. They are absolutely terrifying creatures and if I have the opportunity to smash one, I will.
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    Back in the day, when I self loathed myself a whole lot, I used to have an earth pony because I used to think I was an uninteresting piece of shit. Literally, I felt so worthless and lacking of anything that made me special that I represented myself within the fandom as a blank flank earth pony. Lately I recovered from feeling that way, and a year ago I decided to make a new avatar. Haven't finished it, mainly because I can't pick the right colors. Originally, it was intended to be a pegasus, because I feel unicorns are unfairly overpowered and they don't use their potential. Pegasi on the other hoof are capable of bending many physical and chemical phenomena within the fim universe bounds, and that's cool but still not OP. They have far more freedom and they seem to be the closest to have an industrialized life style (they run factories, for instance). Besides, they seem to be the ones with a longer militar history between the 3 races. However, I changed my pick for a batpony, not because I wanted to be "different", but because several friends suggested me to pick it due my nocturnal habits and the photophobia. I also like better the fangs on bat ponies, and canonically we know so little batponies can work as a wildcard for writing them out. We've seen them so barely almost anything can be said about them without breaking canon. So, am I happy witha pegasus variant avatar? Yes. Quite happy with it.
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    “I’m on that weird part of Youtube again.” JK
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    I wish I made more of my time meeting all you fine folks in person. But I'm an asocial loner type who likes to keep busy and there was so much to do and so little vacation days do it. But I am glad for the time I did get. All of us forums folk going to our breakfast get together. Meeting up by the fountains for our group shot. Sitting through the cosplay fashion show (you still owe us, Jeric). Raiding a packed Chic-Fill-A for dinner, then walking past an empty Subway en route to the Lord Baltimore to commandeer one of the lobbies and watch the latest and uncensored cut of Ponies: The Anthology followed by The Perfect Pair, then walking back top the convention for more panels. All with my forum friends. I don't get to do things with others that often. Circumstances got to be just right. And I'll treasure what I did get to experience last year. I remember. You, Jeric and myself had breakfast during the meet up. Sorry for kinda shutting down and going ultra-introvert. Kinda happens in busy places like a packed restaurant. But you were a pleasant conversation to have nonetheless and I never thought I'd get to talk forum things with fellow staffers IRL. Through that little convo, positive changes were made to the site that still stand a year later. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one the convention made a difference to.
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    BronyCon was also a turning point in my own life, as well. It marked the first time EVER that I actually made plans, all by myself, and executed them. I am a 40+ year old man, and until BC, I was NEVER able to do that; much of my life has been spent with other people calling the shots, making me feel like a liability at best. I'd spent a lifetime with being told what to do, how to do it, and getting berated when I made mistakes. People around me had seemed to merely settle into the idea that I was always going to be a child, and I was treated with very little respect - even by my own family. But the forums were a place where not only was I liked - I was wanted. Nobody there treated me like anyone I actually knew in real life... which felt wonderful. They even saved my life, as I was on the brink of suicide when I was overwhelmingly shown love and affection by you wonderful folks... and because of that, I have always loved this place and the people here. Trobs, I didn't get to interact with you much (mostly because I get Wanderlust at conventions, and you and Jeric were inseperable), but in complete honesty, I was scared to death of meeting you. You were always the one who dealt with some of the roughest trolls we ever faced, and you were the AUTHORI-TAH for the forums... and I was frankly terrified, and for some reason got it in my head that I was going to get chewed out at some point, for... who knows what! Irrational fears are irrational! But, when I actually met you... I saw someone who was just as awesome as they could be. Practical, kind and with an ACID wit, you proved to be one of those people who was a class all your own; those folks are rare, though I'd like to think there were a lot of them at BC. I wish I'd had more time to speak to folks - you included - but I think the moment made itself, and that we all got something from it we needed. I wouldn't trade my experience at the last BronyCon for all the merch in the world; excelsior, Troblems - thank you for being a part of it. }:)
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    Just putting a short statement here: 135k in the US have died. It has more infections than any other country. Please be careful, smart, wear a mask and stay distanced. It is dangerous. Just because we don't like the virus or social consequences of it - This doesn't make it not existing. If you do not take safety measures, you risk the health and life of you as well as people near you, including these you love.
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    Start tuning out the world, now. Go back to work and do not think about any of this crap anymore. CDC's numbers are notorious for being laughably inflated. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html "A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold." The world around you is always "going to suck". Only you can make life better for you.
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    Good for you! Congratulations!
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    I know. Bugs like @Lucky Bolt must be squished
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    Not sure if it helps, but I'm most happy with no ponysona at all. I tried everything, drawing myself as a furry, as pony - I never liked it. I like myself as who I am and even the slightest change feels wrong to me. Was thinking about becoming an earth pony, because it seems like the closest thing to a real human with no superpowers. Another possibility for me was being a unicorn or even a (Spoiler for ya): I always liked the idea of having psychic powers and maybe I could experience this more this way. But it is "becoming" nonetheless. In the end I'm most happy with the plain ol' reality.
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    Thanks! This one track in Melee is my most favourite one personally.
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    Now that's an agenda I can get behind
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    Cool story. Though how did you enjoy this one since it brought back those memories?
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    In the early 2000s, this was my favorite piece from Melee. I'd listen to it over and over and drive my roommates up the wall!
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    Great movie. About his name, they mention it briefly but don't fully explain it.
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    Seems you hold the same opinion as the majority which is liking the film a lot. I've personally never been a fan of the movie and it has always ranked as one of my personal least favorites.
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    Generally speaking, yes in terms of better sound quality (and realism) in general. How? The Old sound sample set/software I was using lacks in comparison to what the newer sound sample software, Hauptwerk, is capable of. Here's more info about it: https://www.hauptwerk.com/ (the "learn" tab/section will have more for you to discover) There's a reason why Hauptwerk [Virtual Pipe Organ] is known to be the best in its specialty/niche. I've been personally wanting to transition to Hauptwerk for a long time and I decided that after trying out the 14-day trial, that it's better to make the switch now than later. I have no regrets making the switch so far.
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    You're Welcome, BFFFF! So, better sound quality? Not that the quality wasn't awesome before I'm just trying to understand the technical side of this switch.
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    Nice! I loved this piece ever since I was very young, so it was evident that I would produce an organ cover for it, and it's finally a reality.
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    Thanks. You're gonna also want to thank the new change I made to how you were listening to this one (and new ones moving forward). To understand exactly what I mean, please have a look at this community post I made not too long ago: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzBUXW7VyC-krdnsax4AaABCQ
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    If only. Though of course that never happened. I just wanted to produce this one cuz I really love the heck out of this song.
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    Happy to hear you enjoyed it. Is this the first time you've ever heard this piece (Sanctus by Gabriel Faure) from elsewhere? Or was my organ cover of it the first time you listened to it?
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    I only watched the first season of this one. It was okay. Just okay, haha. It's really super-similar to Rakudai Kishi no Calvary (Chivalry of a Failed Knight) which has waaaay better animation though. Just another one of those generic high school battle harem light novel adaptations. I'm a sucker for the genre though and I eat it up! You either love it or hate it, but if you like one of them you're guaranteed to like the 50 more that are the exact same but with slightly different super powers and slightly different hair style and school uniform for the always-tsundere main heroine. LN tropes 101. I liked Kirin the best of the characters from Asterisk War. I don't know why it's called "Asterisk War" either. Maybe the war happens sometime later in the novels?
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    Fuck me if I have time or energy to make a big response before work this morning but great to hear from you again! All three of my Bcon attendences will stick with me for all the cool people I've met. 😌 We got a new big boi, Alatreon in MH:W. If you ever find time with all your schooling and find interest in the game again, I'm always around.
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    Bronycon 2019 was one of my all-time favorite events, and it was a huge honor to meet you, @Jeric, @Randimaxis, @Pathfinder, @Dynamo Pad (the first guy to complete the "Buffalo Man!" shoutout challenge ), and so many others here from this forum.
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    The problem is just it's hard to get attention, because there is uploaded at least one new picture every single second! I tried this too and in the first moments after uploading it, I got some views an favs. But after that, it's plain silent. Until I upload something else again. Everyone wants attention. It's the same with other things as well, like YouTube or as a muscian. Time is also a huge problem. Many people are already part of the things they like and there is no more room for something else. Or not much. It is just how it is, there is nothing we can do about it. Some people become really famous, others not.
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    Take the covid19 serious. Wearing a mask and stay away some meters won't cost you much. That can safe lives. And I tell you that as non-US citizen. I am not subject to your national media. The Coronavirus informational topic - dos and don'ts - General Discussion - MLP Forums
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    I don't listen to what the mass media or CDC has to say, they're just fear-mongering bullies notorious for false or exaggerated information If I were you, I would just pull the plug on listening to what's going on in the outside world, none of that news or information will do you any good- especially for your mental health- because 99% of it is a lot bad stuff that'll leave you with anxiety. Right now you need to focus on yourself and getting yourself back on your feet and in a better place. I think your a super amazing person @EpicEnergy and while I know things are rough for you right now, things will get better. After all they do say that once you've hit your lowest point you can only go up from there, right? *hugs*
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    Happy anniversary, my friend! I'm glad to hear the year has gone well!
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    Also, whenever you finish checking out that one, feast your ears to this SoundCloud Exclusive mashup I decided to make for the heck of it. Enjoy.
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    Which did you finish? AGK or BNA? Did you watch AGK? Is BNA similar? Also, you did read that blog entry earlier than I did after it got published.
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    Well done for being braver than I could ever be... Also, excellent picture and I'm glad you've accepted this side of yourself