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    I wonder how long the wait will be between the end of Gen 4 & the beginning of Gen 5?
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    Would Lego Buzz Lightyear say: "I come in peace." or "I come in pieces."?
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    Well, time for brekkie. <3
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    I'm surrounded... by beautiful ponies!
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    swimsuit Rarity appears
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    Good morning everypony. How's it hangin?
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    Well we just finished role call and now we’re about to take off San Diego State University here we come. It’s a 5 hour bus ride but I’ve got plenty of ways to keep myself occupied. Gonna be such a fun and awesome week in San Diego with my church really excited.
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this Exciting Monday morning?
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    Good morning ponyville It may be a Monday...but it doesn't have to be a bad day, hope you all are doing well!
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    A name change might be coming soon.
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    Starlight Glimmer: Brighter than every star in the Poniverse!
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    Did a night sky survey at a property of interest. There were some clouds, but the sky was simply magnificent! So many stars overhead! My meter measured 21.61 mpsas, which is very dark. I did see a light dome to the SE, but is was low near the tree line in the distance. I almost didn't want to go back home, where my skies measure 21.0 mpsas (which is actually decent)
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    I know now, without a doubt: Celestia and Luna are my guardian angels!
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    good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing okay.
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    How many roads must a filly trot down before you call her a mare?
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    I doubt the House or Senate versions of College for All introduced today will pass anywhere. But the fact that Congresswomen Jayapal and Omar (AOC a co-sponsor) and Senator Sanders were so ambitious enough to say, "The student debt crisis is stagnating the economy, so we're cancelling it altogether and repaying through Wall Street taxes" gives people a world of hope. This type of legislation, if it ever passes, will save trillions of dollars for 45 million Americans, stimulate the economy, let people go to these public schools, help people buy homes and start families, and save countless lives.
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    Guys, you won't believe it! I lied down for a nap and I had a dream... about LUNA!! It was so awesome!
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    Why are Canadians so nice? Seriously, I've been entertaining a group of Canadians all night and virtually every stereotype has been true,
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    If you don't find this adorable you are dead to me not really
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    Love you, Tokoyami ❤️ And I love you...even when we are in the darkest of times.
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    Gotta sleep guys; tomorrow is the last exam of my semester. It's tomorrow or nothing for me. Good night
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    Which princess do you like more? Princess Celestia? or Princess Luna?
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    If I could stop working 13 hour days that would be great. If I have forgotten any RPs or other forum stuff please ping me. i think I am caught up but IDK
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    Sums up owning a 2nd gen PERFECTLY. But hey, at least I’m never bored.
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    Rarity: Hello again darlings
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    Just saw A Silent Voice and I was balling my eyes out! Incredible movie, probably one of fav animated films of all time now. Haven't cried this hard in a movie since Coco
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    @Twilight Luna Hello, awesome friend! How are you doing?
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    "I Dig a Pygmy" by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf-Aids. Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats...
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    Well today was a fun day our bus broke down twice we lost air conditioning the vents were broken and so much other things I’m not surprised the bus broke down it happens every year but never twice in a Row. It took us 7 hours to get there when it shoulda only took 5. On the way back I’d understand considering it always took 9 to 10 hours to get back. But to get there that’s never happened before but On the bright side at least we made it to camp safely and Alive.
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    I just used up my entire remaining money on betta fishes x-x I should had gotten gold fishes instead! @w@
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    11:22 and onward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBzRAGH07QQ
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    *I leave a plate of muffins and cookies*
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    Good morning everypony
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    So, correction. I’ll be gone to New York for a week. Not 3 days.
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    Woot characters are up! Here's Chrissy! I finished her last night and passed out lol What do you guys think? She is not Chrysalis, but also is. It's complicated. You'll have to read the profile to understand
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    And back to double Mercedes win, I guess. Vettel doing his best after a failed qualifying, ending in 5th with a just barely gotten fastest lap, his teammate did better but in the end stayed 3rd, Verstappen as usual in the top 5 and Gasly as usual not. Both McLaren in the points, keeping the status of the best of the rest and the 4th power since who knows how long. Ricciardo overdoing in the last lap and getting hit twice with 5 seconds, falling even down of the points, Hülkenberg earning a position trough that. Räikkönen finally shows up in the points again, Giovinazzi, wizth a much better position failed to score again. Both Racing Point, Toro Rosso and Haas failing to score, do I even need to mention Williams? Yes, because for once Kubica finished ahead of Russell, but that likely had other reasons(One beeinng Russell pitting twice, Kubica once). Welp, at this point, why not just give Hamilton this years championship, until Bottas or Vettel suddenly dominate him, it's unlikely he can be stopped. Grand Prix of France 2019 Race 8 of 21 1st Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes 2nd Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes 3rd Charles Leclerc/Ferrari 4th Max Verstappen/Red Bull 5th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari 6th Carlos Sainz/McLaren 7th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo 8th Nico Hülkenberg/Renault 9th Lando Norris/McLaren 10th Pierre Gasly/Red Bull 11th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault(+10 seconds) 12th Sergio Perez/Racing Point 13th Lance Stroll/Racing Point 14th Daniil Kvyat/Toro Rosso 15th Alexander Albon/Toro Rosso 16th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo 17th Kevin Magnussen/Haas 18th Robert Kubica/Williams 19th George Russell/Williams 20th Romain Grosjean/Haas(OUT) Fastest Lap(+1 Point) Sebastian Vettel Racing Duels: Hamilton 6:2 Bottas Vettel 6:2 Leclerc Verstappen 8:0 Gasly Hülkenberg 4:4 Ricciardo Magnussen 5:3 Grosjean Sainz 6:2 Norris Perez 6:2 Stroll Räikkönen 7:1 Giovinazzi Kvyat 5:3 Albon Kubica 1:7 Russell Championship Drivers: (--)1st Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes 187 Points(2/1/1/2/1+1/1/1/1/ (--)2nd Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes 151 Points(1+1/2/2/1/2/3/4+1/2/ (--)3rd Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari 111 Points(4/5/3/3/4/2/2/5+1/ (--)4th Max Verstappen/Red Bull 100 Points(3/4/4/4/3/4/5/4/ (--)5th Charles Leclerc/Ferrari 87 Points(5/3+1/5/5+1/5/--/3/3/ (--)6th Pierre Gasly/Red Bull 37 Points(11/8/6+1/--/6/5+1/8/10/ (--)7th Carlos Sainz/McLaren 26 Points(--/19*/14/7/8/6/11/6/ (+4)8th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo 19 Points(8/7/9/10/14/17/15/7/ (-1)9th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault 16 Points(--/18*/7/--/12/9/6/11/ (+3)10th Nico Hülkenberg/Renault 16 Points(7/17*/--/14/13/13/7/8/ (-2)11th Kevin Magnussen/Haas 14 Points(6/13/13/13/7/14/17/17/ (--)12th Lando Norris/McLaren 14 Points(12/6/18*/8/--/11/--/9/ (-3)13th Sergio Perez/Racing Point 13 Points(13/10/8/6/15/12/12/12/ (--)14th Daniil Kvyat/Toro Rosso 10 Points(10/12/--/--/9/7/10/14/ (--)15th Alexander Albon/Toro Rosso 7 Points(14/9/10/11/11/8/--/15/ (--)16th Lance Stroll/Racing Point 6 Points(9/14/12/9/--/16/9/13/ (--)17th Romain Grosjean/Haas 2 Points(--/--/11/--/10/10/14/--/ (--)18th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo 0 Points(15/11/15/12/16/19/13/16/ (--)19th George Russell/Williams 0 Points(16/15/16/15/17/15/16/19/ (--)20th Robert Kubica/Williams 0 Points(17/16/17/16/18/18/18/18/ Championship Teams: (--)1st Mercedes 338 Points(Hamilton 187/Bottas 151) (--)2nd Ferrari 198 Points(Vettel 111/Leclerc 87) (--)3rd Red Bull 137 Points(Verstappen 100/Gasly 37) (--)4th McLaren 40 Points(Sainz 26/Norris 14) (--)5th Renault 32 Points(Ricciardo 16/Hülkenberg 16) (--)6th Racing Point 19 Points(Perez 13/Stroll 6) (+2)7th Alfa Romeo 19 Points(Räikkönen 19/Giovinazzi 0) (-1)8th Toro Rosso 17 Points(Kvyat 10/Albon 7) (-1)9th Haas 16 Points(Magnussen 14/Grosjean 2) (--)10th Williams 0 Points(Russell 0/Kubica 0)
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    Why did we change from brohoofs to tea? We can still do them , I know, but it's a bother
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    Vinyl Scratch has an appointment at Doctor Mesme. While she waits, she can't help but take the stethoscope from the Doctors table and use it. Suddenly Doctor Mesme comes in. Doctor Mesme: What are you doing? Vinyl Scratch: This thing makes some pretty sick Wubs Doctor.
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    I need this in my life
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    Twilight goes to Doctor Mesme for a check up Twilight: Doctor, i have a problem Mesme: What seemsssss to be the problem Twilight: I am a little Hoarse
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    Goodnight everypony and I might be online or not tomorrow.
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    Hey guys I'll be occasionally poking back on here every now and then, work's just killing me right now
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    Does anyone ever wonder what object Mudbriar would use to propose to Maud if they were to get married? It would have to be rock-related of course. A tool? Petrified wood? A super rare rock? And what about the reverse? What would Maud give to Mudbriar if she proposed to him?