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    God I want it...
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    *gives everyone a balloon that she spawned out of thin air* Here you go! ^^ xd 🎈
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    I want a balloon.
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    *popped mine * More
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    I want mine, my AA-12 too, but, not my FAMAS, it has been a bad weapon this year.
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    Gimme balloons!!
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    I think I'll be nowhere to be seen on that day! I'll send you some earplugs before I leave!
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    @Vintjack Greasymane Let's both hope that these balloons don't pop!
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    I just realized this is on my sister's birthday.
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    So, I really want this to be a thing... So I'm making it a thing. Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAhWAlOTSSL43sSSJdzOPJxmUg0acFhoaC3SESYanzdgskrw/viewform
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    They better not be filled with blood
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    Are there size limitations cuz i want Twilight's hot air balloon from the intro
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    Doncha wanna balloon? They float...they all float. And if you stay with us you'll float too!
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    WE STOLE A BALLOON! ...Yeah, on free balloon day.
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    Looks like I have a date with Party City. Also, This should be a thing. I want it to be a thing ...Of course, by checking @Mailmare's profile we see they haven't been on in a long while.
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    Wait, balloons? Where? I need them to fly away!
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    Whoa. If I knew this was a thing I would have so been handing out balloons left and right ... like Pennywise the Clown.
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    Still no balloons :l
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    I dub my balloon...Pope Pop III!
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    Hellz yeah free Balloons I love Balloons.
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    Free Balloons tomorrow... WOOO!
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    Poping one? XD
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    Two more days, two more days . . .
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    Any balloons given to me will be twisted into... one of the most recognizeable shapes. And they may be used, as well.
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    Sounds like Marco's least favorite day.
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    I don't care. I steal balloons for a living.
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    Seems Legit.
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    This needs to be a thing
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    If I don't receive one of these nightmarish balloons in my mailbox on the 14th or 15th I'll be quite upset, Monsieur Dash
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    Any balloons you get from me will be twisted into freakish shapes that will haunt your nightmares.
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    Free balloons from the mods you say? What could possibly go wrong?
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    What if I pop it? Or steal a rectangle instead?
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    So... I can't STEAL one? :c
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    I like this holiday.
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    anyone have some rectangles to eat?
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    But I don't like balloons.