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    I got a request and a challenge in the last 2 days, can you guess which was which? :3 both are not my OCs nor vectors
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    Yesterday, my dog (a female American Cocker Spaniel) got hurt somehow when chasing our cat, and we had though she dislocated her hip, since she had difficulty using her hips/hind legs afterwards. Today, we took her to the vet. Turns out, the news is worse. She has a ruptured disk in her spine, and there is major swelling on her spinal chord, giving her nerve damage. This, probably combined with the pain of the injury itself, means she is effectively partially paralyzed from the waist down, and we don't know if she'll be able to recover. In a week, we will see how much she's healed. If her condition improves, then we'll work with her until she gets better (we have experience with special-needs pets). If her paralysis gets worse and she loses bowel and/or bladder control, then we're most likely going to have her put down. In the meantime, we'll be giving her anti-swelling meds and working with her until we see any changes in either direction (we should see some improvement or worsening within seven days). I've been depressed the last week or so, and when I'm finally better, all this happens. This is the last kind of a bullshit I need on my plate right now.
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    hi guys im new to blogging so hopefully i can be somewhat sucessful at this and maybe even get some followers even though i dont expect anything going into this. but on to topic this is my blog about my life. i live in an ok town its not the nicest place to be especially for a guy who likes pony's. my life is generally interesting in my opinion so i thought why not share it with whoever wants to know. so in short this is a blog about my life and what goes on in being a brony in a not so great town and whatever else happens in my life so feel free to hate, love, brohoof, or do whatever really some feedback would be appreciated but agian i dont expect anything so see you guys later
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    First one is challenge and second one is request? As always Tag, your works are awesome o3o