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    No, this isn't an episode. Anyway, I had been trying to keep my whole MLP thing a secret from my nosy roommate, Fred. You see, spiders are quite judgemental of people and they always know what to say to make someone feel bad... in this case, that someone was me. Let me take you back to that night... on the that cold and dreary night.... 6 years ago.......... FLASHBACK!!!! (Warning, scenes from this may be distorted from the truth... after all, no one can remember everything perfectly.) And so, David sat in my rocking chair stroking his beard... his lovely beard made of hair, why that hair was made of the finest hair that could be grown off the chin of David. And it was so lovely that it didn't even exist. As David continued stroking an imaginary beard he began to question his very sanity, and then his existence. But that did not last long. Because like every great thinker, he had to eventually... what was the phrase? "Take a dump" let's go with that. When he returned from that tiring task, he went back to his daily exercising session of slaying dragons and bathing Bob the Chimpanzee that lived in his basement. Now, all of this had tired David out, and so he decided that he could enjoy a little "private time". He shut all the curtains and locked his door. He then made sure his headphones were plugged in, and then one thing led to another, and soon, David was enjoying himself by watching some My Little Pony on Netflix. He had to keep it a secret... from FRED. A few minutes later.. A small spider slowly crept towards David's room and knocked surprisingly loudly. "David, what the hell are you doing in there?" David hadn't heard him, and he started laughing at a joke that never got old.. 'cuz ya' know.. it's PONIES!!?!?! "DAVID! It's Fred! Open the fucking door!" That time, David had heard him, and in a hurried panic, he threw the blanket over his computer screen and went to unlock the door. The spider walked in with his usual strut and took one look at the computer. "Dude... what the hell are you watching?" David panicked again and quickly replied, "I ugh.. umm you know, just ugh... watching some dirty videos, yeah thats it no reason to be suspicious!" To which the spider replied, "Then why the fuck were you laughing?" He quickly scurried over to the blanket and ripped it off, along with the headphones. TO BE CONTINUED... probably and most likely maybe at somepoint in the future. Follow, comment, I dont know; do what ever you feel like doing, I can't make your choices for you.
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    I got a request and a challenge in the last 2 days, can you guess which was which? :3 both are not my OCs nor vectors
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    Yesterday, my dog (a female American Cocker Spaniel) got hurt somehow when chasing our cat, and we had though she dislocated her hip, since she had difficulty using her hips/hind legs afterwards. Today, we took her to the vet. Turns out, the news is worse. She has a ruptured disk in her spine, and there is major swelling on her spinal chord, giving her nerve damage. This, probably combined with the pain of the injury itself, means she is effectively partially paralyzed from the waist down, and we don't know if she'll be able to recover. In a week, we will see how much she's healed. If her condition improves, then we'll work with her until she gets better (we have experience with special-needs pets). If her paralysis gets worse and she loses bowel and/or bladder control, then we're most likely going to have her put down. In the meantime, we'll be giving her anti-swelling meds and working with her until we see any changes in either direction (we should see some improvement or worsening within seven days). I've been depressed the last week or so, and when I'm finally better, all this happens. This is the last kind of a bullshit I need on my plate right now.
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    You may think the rather humorous picture of Discord getting overly-excited about something on the computer is random, but it in fact represents my online self fairly well, at least in the past. But more on that later. My first discovery of the magic of the interwebz was sometime back in 2005, when I was, what, around eleven maybe? I had just recently played a demo of Sonic Heroes for the PS2 in Best Buy, and had decided to see if the internet had cool pics of my favorite character, Miles 'Tails' Prower. Scowering aimlessly, a complete newb to the internet, I used Google Images and nothing else for quite some time (which ultimately lead to me seeing plenty of Not Safe For Woona material, of which began my corruption from the internet, but that's another tale entirely </3). Eventually however, I found DeviantART through Google Images, and found that it housed endless amounts of super cool art. DeviantART became my first website, though I did not yet register on it yet. Then I discovered how awesome Youtube was. I became addicted to that just as much. The result was that I browsed both these sites endlessly and almost exclusively. Eventually I joined them both, and my adventures in discovering my very first internet friends on both places began there. This is known as the DA and Youtube age. It was these two sites and just these two sites were I spent -most- of my online time for a couple years, learning my way through being an absolute noob, and going over the top to try and impress people. That, and also posting early fanfiction works of mine to FanFiction.Net. Back and forth, all of my online-time was spent to these on way or another. For Youtube, this was back when Streamz were still around *basically Synctube, but back then it was feature inside of Youtube*, and I spent a lot of time talking with good friends in there, watching Youtube Poops. One day, not too long after breakfast and a quarter past four, I clickity clacked my way online once more, to find one of my three online 'best friends' telling me about this really cool Sonic forum called Sonic Speed Zone. He was an Assistant Administrator there, and said I should join. Discord's Exaggerated Mind Process: SONIC? FORUM? HOW BOUT' YES? I was jealous of my friend's authoritative position, though. Around thirteen or fourteen, I had absolutely no concept of what it really meant to be a moderator or administrator. Hoo boy, I sure would learn that first-hand before too long. But again, we'll get to that in a bit. This would come to be my very first forum ever, and pretty soon, the amount of time I spent on Youtube began to shrivel and disintegrate, as my new-found forum interest took Youtube's place alongside DeviantART. At least, as far as Streamz and actually messaging people went. As we all know, one does not simply 'not use Youtube at all'. This would come to be known as the forum & DeviantART age. Spanning far longer than the previous age, I continued to better my writing through DeviantART and FanFiction.Net (all Sonic fanfictions mind you), while also being addicted to SSZ. Becoming a regular in a matter of a couple weeks, I was eventually offered the position of forum moderator, which I happily accepted. Now in total I had evolved from Mod, to Global Mod, to Assistant Administrator within a year's time-frame. In that time, I had jumped through hoops and met plenty of bitch slaps as I learned what it really meant to be at least partially responsible for a site's well-being. But, I soon found that I thoroughly and genuinely enjoyed the position once I actually got into my own groove for it. I liked being available to help people with issues, improve things, and making announcement topics and whatnot. However, long story short and tissue boxes aside, Sonic Speed Zone suffered what I call The Wasteland Effect. When a forum isn't absolutely thriving such as this one, it's main activity is based around a very small handful of members. When these members begin dropping their activity, and at the same time, you aren't getting any new regulars from your nearly non-existent influx of new members, the forum starves itself and becomes stale. The owner eventually decided to say the hell with it, and shut the place down. Manly tears were shed that day. Coincidentally, a month before SSZ had really sunk into it's lowest state before death, I joined another Sonic forum, which I too would ultimately become an administrator of. Just recently I retired however; it's starting to have The Wasteland Effect as well <3 Both these forums could never hope to have the stability, staff and member base activity I've seen on here, so, looking back, it's sadly inevitable I suppose. Anyway, I joined a third Sonic forum, to duel myself with the second. But eventually, MLP hit me smack in the face. Good bye, Sonic, I was with you and only you for several years (well that's a lie, Naruto too, but I never really joined any Naruto sites for some odd reason) but now ponies have come, and the cuddling must commence. We now arrive here. The final age. The age of the ponies. With my first ever forum dead (might be revived, might not, the owner doesn't know yet what he wants to do), and my second one having retired from, I'm now left with my third Sonic forum (of which my activity has dwindled down to near-lurker status), this place, Youtube, DeviantART, FIMFiction, and a few other places. Hmmm. I suppose the last thing I never made clear was the OCD in the title. Well you see, I inherited generalized anxiety from my mom, as well as a tinge of OCD. So yeah, 'obsession' was a nice way to describe my attachment to the internet for the first two ages, constantly sitting on sites and waiting for something new to happen, a new topic, or a new message while I browse around. It was this, that the image for this blog entry came from. Discord is awaiting for the epicness of a new message to happen. I've gotten better in all sorts of ways from then though, in both writing and general maturity. Proud to say I think I'm growing into a fine young master mind, who now has the tools to overthrow Feld0 and claim the throne for himself person. Congratulations. If you've read this far it means you can free yourself from the rambling, and go do something slightly more productive than reading the mind ooze of a Draconequus. My hands are going to disown me pretty soon, so, that's all folks. Thanks for taking an interest in this craziness.