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    So, I have finally fulfilled all of those countdowns, and have moved. Where to? Portland, Oregon. This nice not so sunny city has been doing nothing but miserable cold rain ever since I got here. The plane flights all day weren't so fun either--one jet nearly crashed into the terminal twice, the other was super cramped and loud as hell--and delayed at that. Still, it's been pretty exciting. The worst thing about it all? My new roommate. First off, this guy is bald. Like, really really bald. Baldy McBaldBald might be a good nickname for him. Plus he's rude and more than a little angry seeming. I mean, just look at this guy! He's also weird. I mean, c'mon: Fuzzy pink bearclaw slippers? How tacky. At least he's a pony fan. The weirdest thing is, I'd swear this guy is really freaking familiar for some reason. Like i know him somehow, from somewhere. He seem familiar to anyone else?
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    Bald people often have evil schemes. That's why he may seem familiar.
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    You all know me by now. I was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in Post-Soviet Russia for all of my life. Even though the Union collapsed in 1991 (Actually, it fully collapsed in 1993) my parents and many of my neighbors in the small village I lived in, retained the ideals of communism. In my village we hated Stalin and every man who was in charge after him. The only good communist leaders were Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) and his close friend Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (Leon Trotsky). No matter what teachers say in America, my family knew them both closely. They were amazing men with a goal to help the whole entire country. Czar Nicholas was ruining the country by bringing us into World War One. Russia was doing horrible by that point in time. There was no food and people were severely oppressed from doing anything. Eventually there were strikes in the capital city. Even soldiers stationed there (Even the Cossacks ) helped the citizens riot. The Czar ordered the shootings of lots of civilians, even small children and women. The protests were mostly non-violent but the Czar was a impatient man. Eventually the Czar came back to Russia and was overthrown. A provisional government was set up, all by capitalist rich land-owners!! I won't tell you the WHOLE history now, since that is not what this blog is about, but Lenin eventually took control of the country. People loved him, he helped everyone. We got out of the war and people got better wages through the use of a Communist system. From 1917-1924 people didn't have incentive since they loved Lenin and his democracy so much. He wasn't corrupt, he went to schools and hospitals and visited random people's houses to check in and help his people. Trotsky did the same! They followed the ideals of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Two German philosophers with amazing minds and warm personalities. Those four communists are the best. They wanted democracy and communism and only wanted to help the working class people.
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    Well, this next summer is the 150th reenactment at Gettysburg YEAHH! It' so big there's two sponsers hosting it, one being the Blue and Gray Alliance, and the other I forgot :3. I have the epic opprotunity to go there, of which my regiment will be portraying the Iron Brigade at the railroad cut and the Irish Brigade (our unit is irish so it kinda makes sense). An' me being 14.87 years of age, I am not allowed to carry a musket/fire one at events . But I am a musician, of which I get a surpisingly huge amount of compliments for being one. I learned that the Iron Brigade DIDN't play Hell on the Wabash when they marched into Gettysburg. I was very dissapointed, I love that song, it gets my legs going forward! Plus, my Lieutenant loves that song, and I just learned it not too long ago. I wonder if I should get a Hardee Hat since I'm portraying the Iron Brigade. There's also original pictures of the unit that I portray wearing hardee hats as well. Plus they look badass to me. If you wanna listen to Hell on the Wabash (highly suggest you do) 'tis here (Funny, the video's full of pictures of the Iron Brigade )
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    I opened this and thought "Wouldn't it be funny if this bald guy was Zoop?" ...well then. Always nice to have more Oregon bronies! Portland is a pretty awesome place.
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    The only disaster on that day will be a lack of common sense and rationality.
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    False. 12/21/12 is commonly heard as the "Apocalypse" but is actually "Alpacalypse" the day when the Alpacas launch their master plan to take over the earth.
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    *clers throat* Allow me: "Rain, rain ,go away~..." Sang to you by Breaking Benjamin XD. Seriously though. I didn't thought that was Zoop. I didn't realize it. Now I do. May Portland depare you more than just rain (and may you and Zoop have pony adventures together non-end XD).
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    I'm ready! 12/22/12 we can all have a party! Pony party!
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    Sadly my first blog entry probably won't be that interesting as I have THE DREADED FLU! My brain aches already. I don't even have a topic, that's how boring this is. I'm just yabbering on and saying whatever comes into my groggy head. It's fine, I'll just say this was my practice blog and write a good one when I'm well again. Good plan? I think so. The end. (Omg I'm going to eat Monster Much later)
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    They didn't play it? Damn and I thought I knew everything about history I still don't know if I will attend this reenactment. Hopefully I can....
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    Welcome to rainyland, where rain rains and it's rain. Rain.
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    I knew you had moved in with Zoop the minute I read "Portland, Oregon". I hope you settle in nicely ^^ Have some semi-relevant shipart.
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    Excellent... More Oregon bronies... Soon our time will come... Good luck settling in!
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    Looks like a bit of a weirdo. Are you sure about this move, Kyro?
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    Wxactly my point, however, here in the USA most every one sees him as just another communist dictator. They dont see him for the good.
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    Many people also see Lenin a an evil person, and the textbooks here give him little credit for anything, but truly, he wasnt as bad as people can make him out to be when they assume he was like Stalin, which is ludicrous.
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    The Comrade Cossacks, a very inspirational moment in Russian history! The hardest and most loyal fighters in the Russian imperial army turned on the Czar and joined my proletariat brothers and sisters in the protest!! I also wish it would work.... Stalin's a paranoid and crazy jerk but a funny man....in a jerk way...
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    Forever? Forever is such a long time
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    Okay, as some of you know, I made a topic in the "Life Advice" section of Everfree Forest. Well, I have good news: I haven't felt that way today. At all. For the first time in a while, I feel happy and relieved. It's a great day for me to get things done. Thanks to thegoodhen for helping me a little bit. That Pinkie you made helped quite a bit.
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    So, i put the last entry in the wrong heading. Oops. Maybe I can get that fixed. So what's in this in video? Well, I I know a lot of you are younger then me by alot. But you know, little know Twilight Circuits fact: I was teased in every single school grade I was in. So if there's anything about teasing, I should know. But that's not what this video is about. You see, I was teased becuase i kept to myself. I kept to myself because i didn't know anything about making friends. I didn't know anything about making friends because I don't recall a time in my young age when anypony showed me what making friends was about. So that gave me an idea one day. I was listening to a song made from the fandom and for some reason the idea instantly came to me and i felt inspired to write the scripture about the Power of Friendship. Sure, it might use some polishing but it's a start. Either way, enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBgftKyNTrU Special thanks to Acoustibrony! * (\ I solved the echo problem. I had the FX stack wrong so future vids should have less in it although it has been mentioned that it has still been enjoyable to watch so thanks for the support everypony!
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    >Zoop moves to new apartment >has new roommate >Zoop knows him well >Zoop knows Kyronea well >Kyronea moving somewhere I did not connect these and did not see that coming. Oh well. Congratz on your new home and new roommate!