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    Lately, I have been in while the worst mood for months now thanks to high school. But, the forums have really turned my frown upside down and every time that I come on to the forums I always feel so happy to talk to the members on the forum. Discussing topics, and anything possible. So I have to say.. thank you everypony! So I really appreciate it.
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    Since I became a Brony, I've fiddled with the notion of telling my friends and family. I always assumed that I'd be met with scorn and mockery. But, I don't like to hide things. I enjoy being open and comfortable with my friends and family. So the idea persisted... Then I began drawing, and I began to ponder the strange fact that I wouldn't be able to share my best work (that is, ponies ) with my friends and family. I thought, at first, that I could draw two sets of art: one of the ponies and one of... something else. I found a strange ennui overtook me when drawing things outside of the fandom. You see, it was my love of MLP:FiM that led me to take up drawing in the first place. It's where my passion for the art lies. I think, in time, I'll branch out and begin to draw other subjects. But, for now, Equestria fills the right side of my brain. A few days back, I thought 'what the hay!' and told a friend of mine about my newly discovered passion. Once he understood what I was talking about - he had never heard of Bronies, you see - he said, 'ok.' Literally. That was it. Now, admittedly, this friend is active duty army. He has been around the world and is largely inured to culture shock. But still, I was shocked at how easy it all was. I went a bit further and told my father... who responded with the same basic 'ok.' Again. (At this point, my fantastic left brain began to detect a pattern.) Now, my father was, once upon a time, a hippie. A group that tends, at least in my experience, to be accepting. But still... I went a bit further and told my mother, she asked to see my work! o.O And then complimented it! O.o!! From there it was easy, I put a message out to my extended family and friends that included a description of Bronies, some interesting links (including Lets go Meet the Bronies) and lastly, a pic of Rainbow Dash with the caption "I'm a Brony. Deal with it." Aaand, nothing. Or rather, nothing bad. I got a couple of compliments on one of my OCs and a Brohoof. That was all. Where I am now: I have been a Brony for around one year; I've been drawing ponies for two weeks; I've been open about being a Brony with my friends and family for roughly forty-eight hours. I feel much better now. I'm glad I did it and thrilled that I can share my arts'n'stuff with those I love. Peace.
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    One of my greatest flaws has been that I'm generally rude, annoying, and unhappy. I've begun to realize many of the things I do that caused me to be unhappy, and as a result caused people not to want to be around me. Over the past couple years I've worked on trying to be a better person and here are the top ten guidelines I try to live by. 1. Socialize Whether it's joining a sport, band, theater, a club, or just hanging out with friends or family. Get out and do more things with people. You'll be surprised by the good times your missing out on when you just sit around at home. There's no excuse for being busy, I'm an insanely busy person and I still manage to find time for anything I really want to do. You don't have friends you say? I'm a huge introvert but I still enjoy occasional nights out with friends. No need to push yourself too far out of your comfort zone, but you may be surprised to find out that zone includes more than you thought. 2. Be Cautiously Optimistic Don't become so sure of yourself that you become disappointed (or embarrassed) when things don't work out the way you planned. Be confident in yourself and others to do your absolute best and know that no matter what things will work out. 3. Take Every Opportunity Obviously this doesn't mean do every single thing possible. No, that requires time turners, and clones. I mean when you're presented with an opportunity (travel, school, job, etc.) then do everything possible to make it happen. It's the cliche idea of "you'll never know unless you try". Get off the computer, get out and do more things; do bigger and greater things. 4. Listen - Genuinely When someone is talking to you - even if you're not actually listening - listen. Learn how to fake small talk, learn how to seem like what someone just said to you is the most interesting thing in the world. Make eye contact, tilt your head slightly, and concentrate on what someone is saying. That gesture builds trust. People are more likely to want to be friends with someone they feel they can trust. People also like talking about themselves, so always ask questions. You'll learn how fake politeness and small talk are, but people will trust you more. 5. Stop Making Excuses You know that thing that you really and I mean REALLY don't feel like doing? Why? Do you have an actual reason or are you just too lazy/tired/unsocial? Exactly, you don't have a good reason do you. Get out there and get stuff accomplished, you'll feel better about yourself. In addition to this, do more things with people. Even if socializing sounds like the worst thing in the world. It's not often that you go do something with friends and say that you didn't have a good time. 6. Challenge Yourself Don't take the easy way. What's more impressive, the guy who played it safe and works in a cubicle every day? Or the guy who has a wicked scar from that one time he wrestled a bearshark? Being average never impressed anyone. Why do girls go for bad guys? Because they take risks - they aren't boring. Challenge yourself mentally too. If you're getting all A's or a 4.0 or whatever and you aren't taking the highest level classes you can, you aren't challenging yourself. Quite playing life on easy. 7. Appreciate What's Around You This is another really cliche thing, but appreciate the scenery as well as the people around you. Whenever I drive places I try to notice every beautiful thing on my way to where I'm going. Whether it's the rolling hills, the snow-capped mountain in the distance, or the way the sunlight hits the roof of a building as it sinks below the horizon. I know I probably won't live in Oregon forever so I'm trying to appreciate it's beauty now. Do this also with the people in your life, never forget how great they are. 8. Travel Some people don't enjoy traveling as much as others. I am not one of those people. I will go anywhere with anyone in an instant. I love to see the world. But if that's not for you that's fine. I still highly encourage people to travel outside their comfort zone to experience another culture for a while. It's important to be able to view the world from different perspectives. It keeps you open minded. 9. Head Up, Shoulders Back Nothing deep or profound about this one. Just when you walk anywhere, keep your head up, look forward. I realized in middle school that I always stared at the ground when I walked and I had never really noticed that. When I made a point to stand taller and look directly in front of me when I walked I became more confident and self-assured. I'm still not a really outgoing person, but I felt better about myself and that was what mattered. 10. Smile More This is by far the most important advice I have to give. During my training for work they told us to look at people (especially when we were having a bad day) and say to yourself: "I like you". Now I at first I thought that was cheesy and I'm not going to say that's the part that worked, but it made me realize how important your attitude towards others affects your own mood. When I walk around snapping at people things get tense and silent. When I smile and say hi to people, not only do I have great conversations but it actually puts me in a good mood. Smiling is contagious.
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    I have started my ultimate quest to make a Tulpa. I know that sounds ridiculous, but as a wise man named Bon Jovi once said,"it's my life, it's now or never." Also, I seek companionship. So anyways, to start off, I found a guide. The guide said that it could be anything, even a rock. So I was starting to visualize Carrie Underwood but decided against it. So anyways, I started working on the perfect personality for a companion to the world's most cynical smart-ass pervert. As you can imagine, the appearance I imagined was something you'd only find if you searched DeviantArt with the safe filter off. Luckily for me, I'm into that kind of thing. So my Tulpa is going to be a mare pony, I established that, the main reason I decided that is that if I didn't start off with a base shape I'd start to imagine insane creatures possibly the likeness of No-face from Spirited Away.. As for personality, I went with personality traits like smart, seductive, kind, sexy, understanding, kinky, good sense of humor, passionate. All the normal things people like me look for in a companion. And why not? If I'm going to be spending the rest of forever with this being, they might as well be designed in a way so that I will enjoy their presence. And would that not be the greatest thing ever for someone like me, who has abandonment issues due to my father? Plus, creating a hallucination is less expensive than a therapist. I know it will be draining, but that's the point. At least I will feel like I've accomplished something if I succeed, and if I fail it's nothing that therapy can't handle. "Now explain to me again, Harmonic, why you were imaging a pony mistress?" Taking time to conceptualize a hallucination seems foolish but is all-in-all a great way to keep myself entertained and it's not abnormal for me, since i've done Satanic Rituals out of boredom before. Anyways, I'll keep you updated about my magical adventures and eventually we'll figure out how this ends up turning out. Follow my blog for updates. Feel free to leave questions, comments, concerns and pure unadulterated rage in the comments below.
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    I can't believe I hit 3,538 views! Such an iconic number! Ok, maybe its just a random number that I saw on the view count for this blog but thanks to all who have viewed it and also to all of the 58 commenters. You guys rock!
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    Pony.fm opened to the general public about two days ago, with a mass email I sent to the 1000+ people who signed up to be notified when the site was ready to roll. HTML email... it can be pretty, but horribly messy to make it so. The table layouts and inline CSS make me want to skin a furry critter. The site isn't even 48 hours into beta yet, and the reception has been excellent. The Pony.fm forum - fed by the on-site feedback system - has exploded with activity, with lots of great ideas and discussions springing up that I'm already working on implementing into the site. Since beta began, 178 tracks have been uploaded, of which 66 are already published. The word has gone viral on Tumblr, a thread has popped up on My Little Remix, and we received a post on Brony Musician Directory. Suffice it to say, on-site activity is way up. Have a graph of track plays going back to halfway into the alpha: The site has been remarkably stable with the increased traffic, too. The server hasn't so much as blinked, and save for a few isolated cases that I've ironed out, uploads have been coming in by the gigabyte, smooth as butter. Special thanks to Flutterwhat for getting the Tumblr ball rolling, Freewave for plugging Pony.fm on his blog, and everyone who's taking a part in spreading the word about the new brony music site on the block! I'm humbled to see so much enthusiasm for my not-so-little coding project, and I look forward to continuing to build it out into a thriving musical community. Keep the music, comments, and feedback coming, and be sure to take some time to play with all of the site's social features like playlists and notifications!
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    today's blog is sponsered by ACME OK first things first, go down to your local ACME store and gather the following Net Rope Manual on how to make traps with rope and a net Step 2 - Make bait Now you can use anything to catch a forum member but nothing beats cupcakes, but if you can't make them the next best thing is spoilers. Step 3- lay trap Step 4 - Place Bait and wait for it to trigger I didn't go as well as planed, we caught something but we we not ready for the interference but the we learn from our mistake Repeat step 3 and 4 And we got something a nice The Brony Code. its slightly burnt but its still good to cook. Special thanks to FireBolt :3
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    Put a certified brony badge on a bear trap
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    like if you need a bait to catch me XD
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    https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7360874240/h8FE6C2A8/ ^ reason
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    Loving this! I enjoy this kind of tracks, simple yet lovely tracks. Now, I do have something to say: You could use the filter to slowly introduce the sample you're filtering on the breaks. Instead of just killing it and then BOOM! The drum loop wasn't that bad, accualy is dolan... I MEAN... Actually, I enjoyed it. TS said it was too repetitive... But that's the fun! All French House is repetitive. So it is ok (and the lenght of the track is perfect!). Overall, I think that you need to work on lowering a little bit the hi hats and dat kick. It sounds too hard. Will you allow remixers? I'd love to try (:
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    Hooah. http://soundcloud.com/aesu/tout-droit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbfKIy6GMT8 Thoughts pls.
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    League of Legends and Pokémon share the same Universe.
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    Sounds good, but something bothers me. I don't know if this was the intention, but I can skip to any part of the song and still hear practically the same thing. A bit repetitive, if you ask me.
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    While I haven't really told my family I haven't really gone out of my way to hide it from them either, I mostly treat it like any other interest and move on. But I am working on a youtube video on my thoughts on the Derpy situation so once I post that a lot of my family are going to find out and I am okay with that. It is nice to know that you are not hiding it anymore as really there are far worse things someone can be into than cartoon ponies.
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    Unofficial MLP Forum Census 2013 More info available in the thread here. This is an unofficial census I'm holding for the community. It will hopefully show our standing both in our beliefs and our standing in society, namely of the forum as a whole. This is a way that we can bring the community together all while generally learning more about the opinions and standing of the fellow members that we may or may not pay attention to otherwise. Some key points to mention: The results are anonymous The voting starts April 15th, and ends Midnight, May 1st (EST) If you quote the results of this census, please properly refer back to the thread or back to this blog if you are using data from this particular year. Answer all questions honestly to avoid distorting the data
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