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    I hate liars. I fucking hate liars. I hate people who deliberately lie to my face, even when they know I caught them in a lie. People who I talk to daily, and they look at me in the eyes and lie. I apologize for the language, since I rarely use such harsh words, but I really despise liars. I lied in my life of course. I was involved in criminal things when I was a little younger, but that was different. I lied for different reasons. I hate when people that I know and talk to all the time lie to me. They say something, make a promise, give you their word, and then lie to you. "Oh, yeah I will do that soon!" And then they never do it, not because they were busy but for other reasons, and then the next time you see them they say "Oh, I had this to do" or "I was busy with this..." I would rather be told the truth. Even if it was bad, I would get more angry if they lied to me instead of telling me the truth. Like I said, I lied in the past. We all have "white lies" that we have told. Those are fine, is something everyone does. I am talking about large, major lies. People who lie about important things to you. I just can not take that. It really angers me. I hate liars, backstabbers, and bigots. My "friends" back in Russia abandoned me when my wife passed away. They stabbed me in the back. They said horrid things about me behind my back, and not a single one of them consoled me after my wife passed. They left me. They left me to sit in my depression all alone. If I had one fucking person to help me, maybe I would not have had such a horrible mental breakdown. Not even my family helped me. I do not blame my brother or my mother though. My brother was in America and we had almost no contact, and my mother tried her best but my father stopped her from seeing me. You know what a desperate, depressed, and angry man does by himself for days at a time? He thinks. "It is my fault she died." "I was not there to do anything." "Is all my fault." Alcohol, and alcohol and alcohol. Then, I just snapped. Can not even remember the first couple days after it. Two years, and I did really and things. I am much better now. I regret the things I did tremendously, and I am moving on over my wife's death. She would not want me to be a violent, and depressed individual. She would want better for me, and that is what I am doing thanks to great friends I have now in America and on here. I hate bigots too. My friend is gay, and he had gotten violently attacked mentally, and physically. What drives a person to hurt another for such a stupid reason? You do not have to agree with homosexuality if you want to, but do not become a violent bastard. Why hurt others for that reason? I do not understand. Someone tried to kill him. Can you believe that? Why, why, why? That is all I ask. 2009, December. Someone tried to shoot him in his home. I thank God everyday that I had to go to his house to do construction work. First time I met my friend was that day. Got a call from him couple days before to fix some things in his bathroom, and I drove over on a Wednesday. Drove up, and looked in the house. Saw him struggling with a older man who had a gun. I did what I had to do. Just was instinct and adrenaline that took over me. Shouldered the door open, and tackled the guy. Fought with him for a couple minutes until I managed to get the upper hand and knock him out. My friend, who was a stranger to me at the time, grabbed me and just sobbed. The man tried to kill him just because of his sexual orientation. The world is full of sick fucking people. I was one of them. I never judged people, but I hurt them. Since then, I have changed though. Became my old self again. Being considerate and kind. I called the cops and held my friend in my arms until they got there. It just really hurt me to know someone tried to kill him. I nearly killed the guy who tried to kill him. Got so full of emotions. It just....can not even say really. I still just thank the heavens that I was there. That is all I have to say really. Other than that, I love this beautiful life we live in. I am over all the things that occurred in my past. Come to terms with certain things I did when I was younger and what happened to me. Love my friends, and my brother. No more depression, or hatred either! So, yay Love you guys
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    I can’t imagine living in A world without you here. A world where I was all alone Without your assistance near. You’re the one I always turn to When a day is going bad, When I need a bit of good advice Or someone to make me glad. Your wacky sense of humor Always makes me laugh. You can turn my frowns right upside-down And cut my bad moods in half. You’re the only friend who sticks with me Through all the thick and thin. Who puts up with all my bullshit And still presents a grin. You’ve saved my life many times Whether you know it or not. You’ve convinced me to try and stick it out, Shown me I’m worth a lot. I could never in a thousand years Thank you for all you’ve done. I hope you know I appreciate All your work; it means a ton. I know sometimes it feels like I Don’t hear a word you say. I swear to you, it isn’t true, I think of your words every day. I don’t think I could ever really Express how thankful I am, To have a wondrous friend like you, A guarding, guiding hand. Thank you, Chigens.
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    The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is set to take place June 11-13 this year. As I’m sitting here typing these words out, I’m continually looking at the corner of my laptop. I see that the hinge is giving way with pieces actually falling off. Some 6 years ago I bought this laptop for $1,100, and it’s come a long way. It seems it’s time for a replacement. Now I’m looking for a new laptop, one that can do things on an entirely different level and for years to come. With that in mind, I have to ask myself what its purpose will be. And of course the answer is pretty clear to me; gaming. Gaming. Such a simple word with a short but incredible history to it. When you think about it, we’ve come a long way in such a short time. Do you remember your first console? If you have some years under your belt, you may or may not! Mine was the Sega Genesis. Any 90s kid like myself might remember this one. The damn thing never worked, no matter how hard I blew on the cartridges or smacked the thing. I was always playing Sonic the Hedgehog on it, though I could never beat it. A Look into the Past... Generation V With every new set of consoles marks a new period, a new generation, in gaming. Innovations, advancements, and teleological leaps forward, video games have moved from the classic arcades to center stage in our very living rooms. Most 90s kids like myself grew up in the 5th generation of video game consoles. Who could ever forget the Sega Saturn (1994), PlayStation (1994), and Nintendo 64 (1996)? The fifth generation (imo) would mark the beginning of something new. Honestly, some of the most memorable childhood games came out of this and the 6th generation of consoles and computer gaming. Ahh the days of trying to connect my Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Stadium, racing around in Diddy Kong Racing, or smashing countless boxes in Crash Bandicoot. I can never forget Hey You Pikachu!, because the game never worked for me! But still, as a kid, being able to talk to Pikachu had to be the coolest thing ever. Generation VI Then came along the 6th generation of gaming dominated by four of the most iconic consoles; Sega's Dreamcast (1999) Sony’s PlayStation 2 (2000), the Nintendo GameCube (2001), Microsoft’s Xbox (2001). Without a doubt in my mind do I believe that these four consoles impacted gaming in such a profound way that it seems almost ridiculous. Not only would it set the stage for the three main console companies, but it also introduced a plethora of new games that would push the boundaries of what it meant to play a video game. The 6th generation holds a special place for me. With it, I made some of the closest friends I have today (looking at you Halo 2 slumber parties), discovered a love for music (Guitar Hero anyone?), discovered one of the coolest games I have ever played by total luck (Metroid Prime), and blew my mind to absolute nothingness (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty). I’m sure most have some memories in this time, hopefully all good and few bad. But when you play games like Mario Party (the Dream Crusher and Destroyer of Friendships), well, you never know. Generation VII The 7th generation would prove to be an interesting one to say the least, with new innovations pushing the capabilities of the lowly console. It, to me, was one of those ideas that never even seemed a reality in my time, yet when it was, felt like it should have been here earlier. Xbox 360 Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was officially released in November of 2005, and would mark the beginning of the next generation. With the introduction of HD gaming, games would look crisp and more detailed than ever possible on previous consoles. Power would allow game developers the create complex worlds, incredible detail, and an ever engaging capability with the full use of Xbox Live. Granted the use of online gaming was made prior with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox (if earlier, I would love to know!), it seems the 360 would make online gaming not just a fancy option, but almost something of a necessity that to rid of it now would be, well, insane. Not all games even have online multiplayer, but a large number have some form of online entertainment at the least. The days of lugging over the PlayStation, Xbox or GameCube to play a game with friends would dwindle away, to be replaced by the ease and simplicity of online multiplayer. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as no doubt it has made connecting with others a much easier task. Even so, it’s hard to admit that something, even just a little spark of the past, wasn't gone with this. Of course if there is anything the Xbox 360 will be remembered for, no doubt it’s the one major flaw that has plagued so many users (myself included) of before; the Red Ring of Death. Not every console is perfect, as even the best have some form of flaws. But the consistent widespread commotion caused by the RRoD was so huge, it stands as one of the most recognizable technical failures of the 360. Essentially a general hardware failure, users who had the RRoD were forced to obtain a new console (unless you were handy and could “fix” it). The RRoD is easily recognized by the three blinking red lights emitted from the Xbox 360, an issue that seems to have been handled now after some huge initial failures (some blame the graphics chip, others a heat issue). Whatever the case, if you didn’t have the RRoD, you weren’t considered normal; you were considered damn lucky. Despite a number of issues, some of the titles pushed forth by the 360 remain irreplaceable. Whether it was finishing the fight in Halo 3 or pushing new speed limits in Forza Motorsport, the 360 certainly has changed how we view online multiplayer on home consoles along with its competitors. Even though I still do not have my original 360, I still enjoy the sleek look the 360 Slim offers, sitting near my TV always at the ready should I ever want to venture forth to the Xbox community. PlayStation 3 Sony’s PlayStation 3 has come a long way, perhaps more so than any of the other two consoles. Released in November of 2006, the PS3 was Sony’s answer to the call brought forth by the 360. Incorporating FHD (1080P) gaming, the PS3 was probably well known initially for something it had that no console had; Blu-ray. If you want to buy a Blu-ray player now, you don’t have to look far or shell out too much. But back then, some seven years ago, the idea of incorporating Blu-ray into a video game console seemed to make the PS3 the clear cut choice when it came to price (ironic as it was). Even now, having a PS3 still seems like a viable choice when choosing a Blu-ray player (bring out an extra $100-$150 and you have a new gaming console as well). Of course price is price, and times change. Right off the bat, I do not nor have I ever owned a PS3. When moving into the next generation, the 360 was something new to me seeing as I grew up with a PS2 and missed out on the Xbox. But I still remember the initial issues the PS3 had. If there is something the PS3 suffered so horribly during its initial launch, it would have to have been the issue of price. Simply put, the price of the PS3 when it first launched was too high. With prices reaching upwards of $500-600 retail, it was outrageous when compared to earlier console prices. Even the 360 did not reach this price level, but the capabilities the PS3 had (I would have to justify a lot of in on the Blu-ray capability at the time) seemed to offer otherwise. Still, it was pretty difficult even just thinking about spending that much on a console, which might have turned a number of gamers off the console initially. A shortage of available consoles only added fuel to the fire, an issue that would plague Sony for months to come. The hacking of the PlayStation Network back in April of 2011 would damage Sony’s image greatly, and would dishearten a large number of supportive members. Even so, the PS3 has survived and has grown. Aside from a high level of reliability (Sony seems to do well here), the PS3 can be seen as a power house of a console with huge titles that are able to meet, if not succeed, those brought forth by its two rivals. Yes the PS3 might have had a rocky start, but it itself has left its mark on the history of gaming after some seven years. I only wish I could give it its proper and respectful due, but with little personal experience, I cannot properly do so. Nintendo Wii When I first heard this one, I thought it was a joke. Come on now, it just sounds…so silly. Wii? Yes, Wii. While my time with the Wii might not have been as long as the 360, the memories of just obtaining it are too good to ever forget. Standing in line, waiting 24 hours just to have a chance at getting one, and doing it all with a good friend of mine? Some memories are too great to simply pass away. Released in November of 2006, the Wii would take a radically different approach compared not only to the its competitors, but to previous consoles as well. Motion sensor would be the main rule of the Wii, where players would utilize wireless controllers (Wimote+nunchuk) as their primary tools, engaging players even further in their games. While Microsoft and Sony were focusing on some serious aspects and notions, the Wii could have been seen as the family friendly console. Just wielding the controllers already made it difficult to view anything in a dark manner, and made it feel more lighthearted and easy to get into. While not as graphically impressive as the PS3 or 360, the idea that the Wii presented, combined with the resounding reputation of Nintendo and the affordable price, made it a worthy competitor. Perhaps this was the biggest “flaw” of the Wii. If you were looking for blockbuster titles with serious/mature games, the Wii offered very few in this department. While graphics aren’t everything, the fact the Wii initially did not support HD gaming was something that might have helped with the fight against Sony and Microsoft. Not only that, motion sensing was and still is a bit iffy. Some games worked well with the notion, but others suffered from it. Depending on positioning, a lack of space when using the Wii would have hampered game play experience significantly or at the least reduced the effect it was supposed to have. Standing up and using a slashing motion with the Wiimote isn’t quite the same as simply sitting and doing the same thing. If you didn’t have the space, using the Wii as compared to other consoles might have proven to have been a bigger hassle than necessary. Of course, there was the issue of the strap of the Wiimote initially being too weak and causing a lot of TVs to meet their end, but that's for another day. To me it seemed that the Wii would fizzle away compared to the power the PS3 and 360 came packing with, but time has proven this wrong. Nintendo just seems to get it right when creating something fun, but coming from a company that is recognized by Link, Mario, Pikachu and other classic figures and games that remain timeless, this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The Wii offered a totally different approach to gaming with the focus on motion sensor, a pretty bold step compared to previous targeted innovations. It might not be new, but gaming with motion sensor on a home console was made bigger and more known with the Wii. With fantastic adventures on grand scales, the Wii, along with Nintendo, have made their mark well known. Sometimes you don't need top end graphics; all you need is a good story. PC Gaming While the focus has been on consoles, to not include PC gaming, especially today, would be a pretty silly thing to do. Compared to the consoles, PC gaming offers something so very appealing to gamers; possibility and freedom. PC gaming allows for almost total individuality, where what you put forth is what you get out (and then some). This, to me, is one of the greatest strengths and one of the greatest flaws of PC gaming. Possibility adds forth complexity. If you know what you’re doing and why, you will be fine. If you do not, things get messy. What you put forth in a PC is what you will get. Unlike a console, which is set at a pretty much fixed cost, one issue of PC gaming revolves around price. Of course, this can easily be countered with the knowledge of knowing what to look for and why, but if one does not have this knowledge, then what? How long would it take for one to understand what they need to look for? With total individuality means that what one person needs will not be equal to everyone else. One must set forth a budget, and one must work to meet that budget by researching around and determining what is necessary to meet their gaming demands. Again, if you know what you’re doing this point is null, but those first stepping into PC gaming can find the task daunting. More so than a console, it’s an investment (will you trash in a few years or buy something you will upgrade later on?). Complexity aside, PC gaming allows one to not just game, but to do other things as well seamlessly. After all, at the end of the day a gaming laptop/desktop is still a computer. Game prices are also a huge advantage to PC gaming. Steam Sales can make it so that even if every Friday was Black Friday, you would still save more (probably way more) on PC gaming. Buying games at a fraction of their price compared to retail is a very nice addition, and the ability to do it all from the comfort of your home only makes it better. Forget lugging around a console with controllers, accessories, and countless disks. Hundreds of thousands games from just about every generation are easily at your fingertips. One also has the ability to make a game his own. Mods can make even a simple game something much more, and provide limitless possibility and infinite creativity. ... A Gaze at the Future And so here we are, residing in the 7th generation but quickly approaching the 8th. Nintendo seems to be leading this next generation with the Wii U, but Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One will soon come along. To say there are mixed opinions about the PS4 and Xbox One in particular would be an understatement. Whatever the case may be, from the shitstorms created to the bar maybe being too high to meet, E3 this year is going to be different. I do not know whether one of the consoles will fall short and crash, or whether how we view gaming and our role in it will change for the better. I don’t know if the annoying fanboys from “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” to “PS4life” will finally meet their end. Maybe we will be totally surprised and blown away, or maybe one of the big three will fizzle and die away. Maybe the move to PC gaming is becoming something more than an option. Maybe it might even be seen as the next logical course. Then again, maybe the consoles have something in store for us that we will have to wait and see. Maybe this is just the beginning. We have come a long way. From simple bit games to full blown worlds that rival reality, gaming has become much more than just something to pass the time by. It’s a field where people can make even their grandest dreams a reality, where worlds and stories the stuff of legends are created, and where memories worth remembering are made. It allows us to live out a different life, even if just for a moment, and to share that special feeling with millions around the world. Whether you own it on a PC or console, we all share the title of gamer. While I do not know what’s going to happen on and after E3, I do know this. They’re gonna have to rip the controller and mouse out of my hands, because I’m gonna keep gaming until the day I die!
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    I'm not a gamer myself. I don't play video games. I just don't. Don't ask me why, because I don't have an answer for you. I just don't see the appeal for some reason. In the past few weeks I've derived a shit ton of entertainment from the countless gamers, openly professing their comically overblown, white, hot, and vitriolic acrimony towards MS over on YouTube, and other social media sites, and discussion forums. Many of them even go as far, as to predict Xbox one to be the failure that will actually destroy Microsoft. Alright. Time to get real, people: Don't be fucking ridiculous! One gaming console is most certainly *NOT* going to sink one of the biggest MEGA-MOTHERFUCKING-CORPORATIONS in the entire frigging world. The most ironic thing about this whole farce is the fact that, despite ALL your prejudice, and hatred, you KNOW you are going to buy that console. You know it, and you know what? Microsoft knows it as well. You're going to buy it, eat all that shit up, and I will be there, laughing. CONSUMER CULTURE, BABYYYYY!!!!
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    When I was younger, I was always a classical music listener. Everything I listened to was classical. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, you name it! I didn't listen to anything else, partially because my parents made me listen to classical music only. As time went on though, people showed me other types of music, like hip hop, alternative rock, pop rock, and so forth. Although they were interesting to listen to, I never really liked it when I was a kid. When I began listening to ragtime, jazz, and traditional pop though, I slowly grew into it. In particular, when my friends began talking about all sorts of musicals they loved to listen to, from "South Pacific" to "Sound of Music" to "The Lion King", I was intrigued. What was so special about the musical? Why did my friends love it so much? Personally, I never really watched a musical at that point in my life, so I was completely clueless. Because of that, I did some research... I began to listen to a few musicals. I even performed in one. I listened to songs from South Pacific, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, even the Disney musicals and Wicked just to get as much as I could. What I found was really interesting. Most of the songs were so catchy. Take "I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy" for instance. Featured in Fallout 3, it was a waltz tune that showed a girl in love with this wonderful guy. Simple plot, simple melody, but catchy. Here's the song below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmno0-60W3w What was even more amazing was that the musical numbers touched a part of me. I could relate to the characters involved. Take for instance "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel. Julie's husband kills himself and she's got nowhere to go. However, the other people give her the support she needed to move on. It's so touching that it became Liverpool FC's song. All of us need a sense of community when we're down. The song touchingly reflects on that truth. Here's the number. Start at 3:35. In defense of the musical, these composers were writing about their own struggles in their lives, but they veiled it with plots that reflected people living everyday life. The values and themes that were reflected in these musicals were faced by everyone who watched them. Seeing them played out in such a touching and catchy way was what touched me and many other viewers and made them huge successes in the music world.
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    This day is tau Day, where we celebrate an even better number then Pi, Tau! http://tauday.com/
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    I must agree. Infact, your argument is so sound I have nothing else to contribute.
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    Well, you might be wondering why this is here on the MLPforums... Because there are going to be TWO VAs of the Mane 6 from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV Show. Those two VAs are Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity) and Andrea Libman (Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie)! Not only that, but there are other very talented people like the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Michelle Rodriguez, and Patrick Stewart.... Seriously, Patrick Stewart and Ponies in the same place?! What SOUNDS much better than that?! If you live in Houston or close to it, then you don't want to miss out on this convention. The place is over at the George R. Brown Convention Center located in Houston, Texas. I'll link you with the details. http://www.comicpalooza.com/ Am I going?... They said ponies and Patrick Stewart... I HAVE TO...
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    But healing behind walls is stupid too, they should just make it so you can't die at all.
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    But absorbing Health kits through Osmosis is just the best. I can read them without problem.
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    Me and my friend tore up Balota and shot down a chopper I would show you what it looked like during the shoot out with the chopper but i wasn't recording and you wouldn't hear anything over the screams we made as bullets whizzed past us.
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    Kinda hard to tell. So i drew it. So i walked into Cherno CHurch with a winchester and seen a guy So i shot at him.. And got a lucky headshot. He was loaded down with shit. I went from this. To This. Proof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO2cTFuASAc&feature=youtu.be
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    If I don't receive one of these nightmarish balloons in my mailbox on the 14th or 15th I'll be quite upset, Monsieur Dash
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    Any balloons you get from me will be twisted into freakish shapes that will haunt your nightmares.