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    ...the juice out of that box rather adorably.
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    One of the launch titles for the Xbox One is going to be the newest installment into the Deadrising series, Deadrising 3. Being a fan of the Deadrising series, I busted a nut when I saw that this game was announced. But, that burst of happiness immediately went away when I discovered it was only for the Xbox One. And, I have to ask; Why? If I were Capcom, I'd absolutely HATE to have my newest game be a launch title for the Xbox One. I'd want to put it on the PS4 or Wii U. I guess this is some sort of pattern. Deadrising 1 was an Xbox 360 exclusive, so I guess they want to keep some sort of chain going. Regardless, Deadrising 3 still won't convince me to buy an Xbox One. The game may look good (it REALLY does) but I'd rather spend 300 bucks for a Wii U and get lots of exclusive games for that rather than spend 500 bucks for an Xbox One just to get one exclusive for that. *sigh* :'(
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    :wub: In a German town called Husem, me and my fiance along with his mother went to buy our engagement rings. It was kinda another 'real deal' thing, that this is actually happening, we really are getting married after all this time! No we couldn't go all crazy and buy super expensive golden diamond rings, but we did manage to pick out a pair that fit us just right. They are made of a strong steel both paired together, mine being the only one that has 3 specks of diamonds in it. I was never one for jewelery, I never wear any in fact, but this is our wedding ring and I dont ignore tradition on weddings. I took one look at it and was proud to say "this is my wedding ring to you baby". He and I locked eyes like we did back when we first met, its that twinkle in us that never died since our first physical meet, and that butterfly feeling in our stomachs came fluttering back like when we made our first kiss. *sighs* I cant express the feeling of romance from it all. He and I both split the cost of the rings too. Granted I hear its usually the man who buys the rings but since we were doing it together and I have a hard time of people buying things for me, we both agreed to split the cost though he paid 5euros more then me meh... His mom then bought a bike lock with our names on it and the date we purchased the rings because they have a small tradition when couples who are getting married, lock their lockette on a stair fence at the front of the town. We bought a green locket with his name and mine and the date and hanged it, taking pictures while doing so. It was just GAH... amazing day with my future hubby
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    While my GT60's been able to stay relatively cool even during some intense gaming moments, I still feel that the cooling isn't as effective as it should be. Why? Because even though my laptop's chassis design shows room for another vent (and therefore fan) at the back, it only has one fan. In place of a second fan, there is simply the main hard drive slot. (This is an older photo, there's now a second DIMM below that first one.) Maybe if the battery weren't the size of Texas, they could have fit another fan in there. Having two separate fans for the GPU and CPU is more effective than one fan for both, even if both components have separate heatsinks. Asus also has giant batteries and they have two fans, so why can't MSI design their cases around having two fans too? Now, don't take me wrong, I'm not saying my laptop's cooling solution is inefficient, it is capable of handling hours upon hours of gaming and even the most intense firefights don't cause it to overheat, but I feel that it's not as efficient at dissipating heat as it should be. I still frequently get temperatures near 90°C when a more ideal temperature would be somewhere in the 70°C range. Right now the only MSI design that has two fans is the mid-ranged GS70, which is meant to compete with the similarly-spec'd Razer Edge Pro. "Traditional" MSI designs like the GE40/60/70 and GT60/70 only have one fan and tend to run hotter because of it, especially the newer, Haswell-based designs (95°C is unacceptable, I'm sorry MSI but it is.) Maybe by the time I upgrade to a newer machine (probably after the hardware starts to lose relevance in the gaming world, which is probably going to be 3 years from now) MSI will begin offering two-fan designs in the GT60 line, but for now, just the GS70 has two fans, and for now that seems like that'll be how it is for a while.
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    I don't see the difference between the two genders.
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    Cosplaying is one of my most favorite things about conventions. I've always loved dressing up in costumes, even the cheap plastic ones that came in a box at Halloween when I was a kid, and as I've grown up that hasn't changed at all. "But why do you like dressing up, Scooterlou?" you may ask. "Why the heck do you make these costumes and then prance around at conventions in them?" Well, the answer to that is simple - it gives me a chance to meet other people who I wouldn't ordinarily have met, since they might want to talk about my costume. I've made quite a few friends at conventions simply because of my Pinkie Pie costume! And the other answer? Because it gives me a chance, for a little bit, to actually be that character. When people come up to me when I'm dressed as Pinkie, I get all giggly and start talking in a Pinkie-esque voice. If they ask for pictures, I respond with a cheery "Okey dokey lokey!" and make them laugh. Even little kids will get excited when the recognize that I'm Pinkie Pie. Plus I just love dressing up. And yeah, this post maaaaay have been an excuse for me to post cosplay pictures. This is me caring.
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    Women are overrated. You should go with men.
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    Here are the rules of Chaos Magick (which have been aided by Carl Jung) 1. We create our own gods (archetypes) and every religion is true while not being true. 2. Chaos is not disorder, it is order our perception cannot yet understand. 3. Chaos does not imply there is no Creator, it just makes Eris a whole lot more likely of being that Creator. 4. Chaos does not go without morals. There are morals... called logic. Atheism figured this out a while ago. 5. Hot dog buns are powerful items of change. 6. In order to understand your full self, you have to let yourself sink into the Void - that which is nothingness. The Hindus call it "Brahman" and the Taoists call it "The Tao". It is the center of all enlightenment, or enlightenment manifest. 7. Wicca is nothing more than feminist sadism. Lol @ Wicca. 8. You're awesome, and a whole lot more than what's inside of your head.
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    I was thinking about the quote "A group is only as strong as it's weakest member", I disagree. I believe the group is only as strong as it lets itself believe it is, regardless of what strength it may actually possess. After all, you could be the most powerful person in the world, and if you didn't believe you were, your power would not matter. Let yourself be as great as you wish yourself to be. A weak group that believes itself to be strong is much mightier than a strong group which believes itself to be weak. This same dynamic applies to the individual. A weak person who believes they are strong will fare much better than a strong person who believes they are weak If you believe you are weak, even if you are currently strong, you are dooming your belief to become a reality, but if you truly believe that you are awe-inspiring, that is a fate you are destining yourself for. For this reason, you should never second guess yourself, simply exist as you are and continue improving, there is no reason to believe you are not wonderful and unique, as you truly are a beautiful and unique person in your own right, it's just that everybody is beautiful in their own way. So let yourself blossom, the only weights you have tied to your ankle are the ones you put there yourself.
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    I'M SO PUMPED!!! I've played asylum and city, and mastered and 100% those games into oblivion by collecting all the trophies and achievements! I highly doubt this will disappoint. I will stop at nothing to obtain this game.
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    I've been taking Spanish in school, and I realized that a lot of Spanish words sound REALLY offensive in English! For example, read this out loud: Nosotros son bichos. Sounds bad, doesn't it? It really means "we are friends". So I sometimes just troll my friends with that phrase, and laugh at the looks on their faces. Anyways, thanks for reading! Post some questions in the comments below and they may get featured! And as always, I will see you all in the next entry!
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    Ah, Yoshi's Island. Fond memories for many. But not me. I've never played it before today. I know what you're thinking. How have you never played Yoshi's Island? Well, it's simple. I never had a SNES, and I hardly ever bother with playing ROMs. But then some idiot told me, "Hey, you should totally do Yoshi's Island." And then to make them feel better, I lied and told them that was my plan. > Anyway, the goal of Yoshi's Island is to get baby Mario safely to the end of the level, where another Yoshi will take over. If you take damage, Mario starts crying and makes a snot bubble (this is just an assumption) that magically fills itself with helium, making baby Mario float around. When Mario is floating around, you have ten seconds to get him back before Kamek's babies kidnap him, no matter how far away you are from the nearest castle. So this is my playthrough of Yoshi's Island. Enjoy, I guess. Or don't. After spending the first few minutes randomly jabbing keys on my keyboard to find out how to play, I figured out the basic controls. Z to jump, X to throw eggs at enemies, and A to capture enemies with your tongue. But first, can I just say how disturbing this game is? I mean, what exactly were the developers thinking when they designed it? Guy 1: Hey, you know those Mario games? Guy 2: Oh yeah, those popular ones? Guy 1: We should make Mario a baby. Guy 2: Hmm... And gave him a dinosaur to ride on? Guy 1: And there were lots of dinosaurs and they looked exactly the same except for their color? Guy 2: And the dinosaurs have ten foot long tongues that they use to stick to the enemies and pull them inside of their mouths! Guy 1: And then they can swallow them and crap them out inside an egg! Guy 2: And the eggs magically follow you around! Guy 1: Well, let's get to developing it! You get it. This game is just... wrong. However, undeniably fun. Me about to battle the Smiley Box Face boss. I'd heard dark and scary things about this boss, but I was just barely able to defeat him by jumping underneath him. After I defeated him, he decided to fess up and told me everything about making and throwing eggs, so I generously let him keep his life. I started building my army of eggs. My army of Yoshilings is complete. These six eggs and I are headed out on our quest to rule the world. Anyone or anything that stands in our way will be demolished. I recruited a boulder to assist my army and I on our journey. Unfortunately, he had to be left behind soon afterwards because of certain obstacles. His sacrifice will never be forgotten. My army and I are observing what must be a sign from the gods. After touching it, my comrade Mario was kidnapped by my own kind! However, it was just a misunderstanding. Turns out we were ultimately after the same goal; finding the most delicious cinnamon buns on the planet. Suddenly, I was ambushed by a large steel ball that resembled a dog. A Chain Chomp! There were many of them, and they were all destroying the terrain. Luckily, I barely made it through with no casualties. Yoshi is evolving! I found myself inside a castle of some sort that must not have been very well constructed, because the walls kept falling down. I barely escaped. The owner should really get a renovation or something. I encountered a dark room filled with many glowing ghosts. After several futile attempts at completing the room, I ultimately gave up and left the room. Several moments later, I was ambushed by a massive lava monster. The monster continued to idle in one spot, preventing me from continuing my quest, so I did the logical thing. I comitted suicide. Yeah, well screw you too. That was impossible.
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    So, I played against this guy in Magic 2014, Sealed Play Multiplayer, and he played this card....
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    Make sure you tune in on my next radio show on BassGenerator Radio on September 14th 2013. Times are in GMT+0 (aka UK time) Check out one of my previous livesets here:
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    The word love... we use it all the time, and yet no one has ever fully comprehended its meaning. It comes in so many different shapes and sizes. It's like what one of my friend's Facebook updates said: no one will ever have the same love story. We all want that elusive thing called love. Heck, I'm a hopeless romantic! I've had at least 4 crushes and I currently have a deep one now (More on that later)! That's the thing though. When do you find love? I remember my violin teacher telling me that love just comes to you. You'll know it when you feel it. Even so, there's been so many moments like that in my life where I think I found true love when it reality it was quite the opposite. I remember that one time I was hopelessly in love with this girl in middle school. She already had a boyfriend and I thought I could win her over. When I look back, I would scoff at myself for being so naive! It would NEVER have worked out! We were simply too different! You see, that's one of the first steps to true love. Being able to find that girl who will share some of the many passions and views you have on life. That takes time to ferment. I hear a lot of people saying to listeners that once they're interested in a girl that they have to catch her real quick or else she'll be gone! Women are like fish! Personally, that can be a fair piece of advice, but at the same time, one can easily be urged to find that perfect girl as soon as possible because of the limited time they'll have to woo her! It doesn't always have to be like that. Many love stories have fermented through deep friendship. In fact, it's that deep friendship which allows the potential couple to know each other more and to see whether they're the one they want to marry. My parents sure got married under those pretenses; my mom first knew my dad through word of mouth from other people. She then somehow got to know my dad more, and they became great friends. They got deeper and deeper without much dating and before they knew it, they decided to get married! Now... my current crush. She's a Fluttershy. She's chubby with long dark brown hair. She's about my height: 5' 7" When I mention her, my parents would joke about her in a friendly manner. Like how if I got married to her we'd have fat children because she's chubby (MOOOM!!!! SHUT UP! SHE'S NOT THAT FAT!), the fact they can't comprehend how she's white despite the fact her father's dark brown (DAD! Her mom's white you know! Yes we agree that dark skin dominates, but it doesn't mean white children aren't possible! UGH!), and their confusion at her chubbiness despite her vegan nature (Ok. I understand where they're coming from in that sense). Don't worry. They were just joking and I quite enjoy their jokes. Ok at this point you're wondering why I mentioned my crush. She's such a wonderful girl overall. Let's see... she's shy, modest, honest, and attentive. I've never met a girl so interactive in our conversations... She listens to everything I say and remembers it too (surprisingly). She even shows me her life too, and it just feels like we're open to each other. What really is the icing on the cake is that she told me that I comfort her and that her close friend told me that I'm the only guy she feels comfort being with. It's just too bad it hasn't resulted in a relationship yet... She doesn't want one with any guy right now... The fact she said no to a relationship right now didn't hurt too much really. I knew how to get over that. What really hurt was that she didn't have any guy friends. I'm her only guy friend and she pooled me in like all the other guys when she said she didn't want a relationship with any guy. I know she's a Fluttershy, but still. That hurt more. But... The thing is, I've learned something from my gradually deepening (I hope?) friendship with her. I know i have crush issues right now, but I learned that rushing a relationship is never a good thing. What if they're simply not ready yet? What if you're not ready yet? You probably wouldn't want to be rushed either, especially if you have tests and extracurricular activities to worry about. I get tempted every day to rush to a relationship with her, but I've learned that patience is often the best way to go, even if it means not having that relationship in the first place. Who knows? If that happens, there's probably someone better. It's a tough resignation to make, but if it needs to be made, then I've learned... so be it. Maybe an even better love story will pop up. Even with that in mind, it's not wrong to ponder... she's smiled wider, showed an even more interactive attitude in our conversations, and even teased me back in reply after I spontaneously teased her about going to the library on the first day back to university. Her giggle and laugh was so cute... AHHH... If only I could elicit that response more often... It's not wrong to dream right?
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    Women are nothing but trouble. At this age anyways, 20-ish yr olds. I would try say something witty here, but I am a little over-tired. I'll probably ninja edit it sometime later. Just you watch
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    Beautifully explained my friend. I loved all of what you said. Love is truly something precious and worth waiting for. Plus, like you said, some of the most meaningful and long-lasting relationships can develop and blossom from a genuine friendship. Friendships can really make a great starting foundation for any relationships and though it may be hard to wait at times, as well as resist the temptation to rush things, it's all worth it in the end. I've once gone through a similar situation as you, and though I had no luck or success in the end, I've still managed to keep moving forward. However, I'm kind of done with relationships and dating. Of course, it is all just temporary. Over time, that may mostly like change, but as of right now, I rather not bother. I do kinda have a crush right now, but the whole situation in itself is just a little too complicated to consider going for at the moment. So who knows. :/ Maybe things will change and the opportunity will come, but as of right now, I'm not too worried. So again, thanks for sharing this. It's really nice to see another person here who shares similar feelings and thoughts on the matter of love. Here's a beautiful quote that I found awhile ago. "Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end." I wish you luck on your romantic endeavors!
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    The World's End is a witty and funny film, with a surprisingly nice plotline. I would absolutely reccomend watching it, especially if you've seen Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Fun, fast paced, and jokes are never in your face or cheap. The story is actually very grasping for a comedy (Just like Shaun of The Dead). A very nice Sci-fi movie as well as comedy. Overall, IT WAS A GOOD MOVIE
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    Perhaps the time of day as indicated by your computer was trying to tell you something?
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    By far the best argument for said case I have ever seen.
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    Thank you. Everyday, I spend quite a lot of time just sitting there alone and thinking and reflecting on ways to improve myself and ways to improve the world. I think it's the most important part of my day, honestly.
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    Here I am, I sit today Oh so far, so far away Here it is that I think aback To my younger days, my simpler ones You all know them Before those days, I always wonder What is it That I could have done better? I wonder so long, and oh so often About these things It's quite horrific, really Some things are bad And some are sad But I'll always remember The ones that were better