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    Anytime little bro; glad I could be of assistance! And heeeey, that doesn't look like a dinosaur to me! What gives?
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    If we could have a congress that can get shit done without devolving to this, a president that knows what he's doing and representatives that represent The People, that'd be great.
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    Obama camps your house like a n00b until you give up.
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    I'd laugh my ass off if he actually did that. Actually, I want to see Obama do a 360noscope. Someone petition the White House to make him do so.
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    Heroes? Not so much. I like the idea though . Don't worry we will always be here in your time of need!
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    @Chevette Man! Imaginary beer and a Hank Hill impression! This is gonna be awesome I tell ya what. Yea, pump some gass into your old skype and join us. SHould be lots of fun!
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    @Justanotherbrony No worries my friend, all ages are welcome. I shall put you on the list.
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    @SBB Sweet! Yea, you can stay up as late as you want. As long as your there, that's all that matters! Can't wait to have you there!
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    I remember this movie great movie good story too.
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    There is almost nowhere in the world where I would want to live. My country Russia, under that bastard Putin, has just been getting worse and worse. America is a cesspool of awesome ideals, that are being corrupted by greedy, selfish bourgeois politicians. Honestly, I hate it all. I living in the Alaskan frontier now, and this seems to be the last place for me. Would rather to live farther in the mountains. Maybe even France. My uncle, who has recovered from being in the hospital, says France is a nice country. Now, I not know any French, and learning another language would be horrible.... Well, maybe Denmark? Maybe France? I just want to go somewhere where the majority of people are not discriminatory. When I went to France several years ago the people were really nice, and I had a translator to help me in the rural parts of the country. I knew several who spoke Russian and it was a real cool place actually. Maybe I take my brother and Daniel and we move to France! Would be interesting
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    thank you sombratwi and i must have teached you well that you know that is spinosaurus and know you also know my profile pic