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    I am a human. No, I am a male going through highschool. I am a sentient creature. I like to consider myself a revolutionary. Someone who fights the norm. (Wait isn't that a rebel)Someone that tries to encourage and motivate different behavior or action. As a student suffering from multiple different kinds of disorders that screw with the way I behave, I have an extremely strong sense of justice and ambition. These disorders include Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, ADHD and anxiety. Are these a curse? Nope, just a part of who I am. I'm just giving you the background information so you can understand where I'm coming from. Because I believe as humans we should aim to understand one another before accusing, lashing out or sentencing to any form of judgement. I cannot take it anymore. Over the past few months, this last month especially, I have watched brilliant people, friendly people that love to help others, with their own enjoyments and passions, get treated like total and utter garbage. As if they were all rats and scoundrels. I recently wrote an essay for English class about Lord of the Flies. (OOOH YES EVERYONE LOVES THAT BOOK.) We were asked to write about human nature. I've always known something about humans and that is that we have the potential to be absolutely savage to each other regardless of what we would have others do to us. Something has happened to a place that used to be my home. It is no longer a bright place where opinions are respected and used correctly. It is no longer a world where I look forward to going to after school. I now fear opening my "Private Message" list to see what hate mail awaits me next. I now fear visiting the moderator skype groups to see what links to horrid posts by members directed at us have been made available. Most of us are introverts. Introverts by not our own will, but for our own mental safety. By us, I think it should be fairly obvious I mean the moderators and I. At school I am one of the most extroverted and outspoken students in my grade of 120 people. Before I became a staff member or moderator I was frequently involved and loved to talk to people. I no longer enjoy this because just about anything I say can be taken and used against me. Everything I do someone or some people will hate me for it. The MLP Forums has developed a subtle form of cyber-bullying that I never dreamed possible in a community like this. You are bronies. You watch a show initially aimed at children, but found a passion and concept behind it you loved because many of you have been through experiences in the past that made you appreciate the morals and themes MLP:FiM has brought to its audience. This kind of thing brings people together, and causes us to relearn things we should have learned when we were younger. It unites us into a group of people who have things to share and things to relate to. Hahaha, no. None of us have "learned" anything. All we've learned is how to abuse "freedom of speech" and "opinion" into weapons of absolute desecration against other human beings. Let me explain to you about one of my favorite elements of harmony since obviously it wasn't clear enough in the show. Honesty: Free of deceit; truthful and sincere. Honesty is the act of telling the truth. Applejack demonstrates this well, especially in the recent Season 4 Premier. (SPOILERS) When Applejack tells Twilight she should leave the forest, she was being honest. She didn't say "Twilight get the hell out of here. Me and all the rest of your friends think you should go and that we don't need you for this." She instead explained her reasoning and said things nicely because she values Twilight's feelings. She's not going to stomp on them. Sugarcoating? Pardon my french but that's total BS. This is called compassion and care. If you think a certain person "should go die in a hole" then you're not displaying a single piece of compassion. (orly?) This brings us to our next element. Kindness: Don't tell me your favorite pony is Fluttershy because your actions say otherwise. Kindness is the act of simply being nice, displaying care for someone and going out of your way for them. True kindness is doing this regardless of who it is. "How do I show kindness to someone I absolutely despise?" This is called forgiveness. Which brings me to... Generosity: Rarity is fabulous and there's no denying that. She adores her own fabulous-ness and doesn't deny that herself. Then why would she cut off her own tail and give it to a sea serpent she knew nothing about until 15 seconds earlier? This is true generosity. Giving something someone may not even deserve, regardless of who they are. That takes heart. Oh hey, I just discovered why the 6th element of harmony is magic. Because in this world, it takes true magic for the traits of the other five elements to truly shine. I have never met a single person with all 5 traits. I've never met someone who is completely honest, kind, generous, loyal and has humor (laughter.) Never to such an extent as FiM displays. I dream of meeting people like the mane 6. I have not ever found a place with many people like this. Not even here on the MLP Forums. It's unfortunate that the MLP Forums has stooped to the point of using opinions as weapons, and bullying people that are trying to help. It's unfortunate being a moderator is a hate-sentence now. It's unfortunate I accepted my position in the first place. I am here now to ask everyone just a few questions. If your closest friend was being mistreated, would you stick up for them? Could you bear to see someone being tortured right before your eyes? Why do you really like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? When was the last time you apologized for hurting someone in any way? Some of you may be surprised by your own answers. If you answer, answer honestly. Not for your image. Not to make yourself look good. If you take anything away from this rant, may it be this. Stop being hypocrites and start acting like the lovable ponies we love so much Take action before you lose the opportunity to have something beautiful here, because you may never get the chance again. MLP Forums is approaching 20,000 members. Stop complaining about how bad the forums are and do something about it. Something honest. Something kind. Something generous. "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not." ~ Dr Seuss P.S. The only reason I am still a moderator here, is for two reasons. 1. I would like to try my hardest to restore the MLP Forums I knew as much as possible, and 2. I am the project manager of Canterlot Arcade and need the presence for the forum section that will follow it.
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    Let it be said that everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Let it also be said that both moderators and users have things to improve on. I am not accusing one group specifically. We are all guilty of what I spoke of in the above post. In fact I believe all people are guilty of it at some point. Comments have been disabled for the sake of avoiding drama and for my own safety.
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    Wow, there's been quite a lot of... shall we say furor?... over staffy things recently. (And that wasn't a reference to Twilicane, which I am really tired of now, but tangent!) I'm still organizing my thoughts on it, but this definitely resonates with me right now. Of course, this is really simplified, and is not a fair, balanced answer to the recent concerns raised, but if it can make someone smile or chuckle ruefully, that's enough for now. Stay sunny side up, people.
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    Recently investigators released a list of the video games the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza played. It included some typical, violent fare, including GTA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead, then also included some other, less-violent games, such as Pikmin, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, LEGO Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts. Can you hear that? That's the sound of the media fapping over the fact that violent video games were found in Lanza's home, oh no! Never mind the fact that his mother was a gun nut and took her kids to gun ranges frequently, he played GRAND THEFT AUTO! Now, allow me to bring up three very important points: If Kerbal Space Program doesn't make me a rocket scientist, Madden NFL doesn't make me a NFL pro, War Thunder doesn't make me a WWII ace, Surgeon Simulator 2013 doesn't make me a doctor, Euro Truck Simulator 2 doesn't make me a truck driver and Mirror's Edge doesn't make me a parkour professional, then how can GTA or Saint's Row make me a murderer? and His mother was clearly crazy, using the "zombie apocalypse" as her justification for owning guns in a state with strict gun laws. Further, Adam Lanza had a multitude of mental disorders. Also, allow me to bring up this video from TotalBiscuit, as I feel he can go over this subject in greater detail and terms than I can. This video was actually made in the wake of the school shooting. Please, take the moment to watch it all the way through. Frankly, I have to agree with TotalBuscuit here, coming from a gamer's POV. As for TotalBuscuit, he holds a law degree, so yes, I do believe he is qualified to make statements such as this. If you can't watch the video, in it TotalBuscuit explains how the media is trying to use video games as a scapegoat for everything wrong in the world to bring back viewers from this new threat they've never had to deal with before, the Internet. By blaming tragedy on violent video games, they are hoping to bring back at least the older audiences from this newfangled Internet thing (it's not actually that new, it's existed since 1969 as ARPANET) but in the process they are invoking the ire of gamers worldwide. Now, is it justified? By all means, yes, because it is undermining the good that gamers do for the world, such as the Humble Indie Bundle or PDXLAN (which recently raised up over 37 thousand pounds of food for the homeless and needy - which of course was ignored by the media, because the older generations must not know that we are actually good people and not just violent psychopaths.) Are video gamers violent psychopaths? No, of course we aren't. I can't even hold a gun, because I am not physically capable of it. I am pretty sure I am not the only one either, as I have seen other disabled gamers doing their thing in Starcraft, Team Fortress and other titles such as that. But the media wants the world to know you as what you aren't - a violent, murderous psychopath who will snap at any second now. And you know what I say? It's about high time we ended this smear campaign, tried to show the people that we aren't anything like what the media says we are. It doesn't matter what kind of gamer you are, whether you be a retro, modern, PC or console gamer - at the end of the day, it's the same hobby, the same passion, regardless of platform or age. The media scapegoating video games is not only immoral and cruel to those of us who enjoy these games, treating them as a "second life" where we can live another life and do things we could never have dreamed of, but also undermines the actual issues at hand, such as mental health, education and preventative actions that can be done to keep these things from happening again. And I say that we do this in a peaceable fashion, so that we would not uphold the stereotype we are attempting to take it down. We are the younger generations, the "gaming" generation, and we will not stand for this scapegoating bullshit. I have no idea if this will work, or if it will even be worth it in the end, but together we all can make a difference.
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    I wrote this back when it was leaked, and my impressions remain the same. Check 'em out below. ——— What I liked: Fantastic animation. The lighting and shadowing were great, giving the characters depth and atmosphere mood. Excellent AppleDash chemistry. Not shipping, but their friendship and friendly rivalry played off each other. Chemistry at its finest. AJ, your story's actually SCARY. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good use of continuity. No true results, but at least the box wasn't left hanging unlike the rushed, lamebrain Twilicorn concept from last season. Hopefully, they don't drop the ball on it unlike last season. Adorkable Twilight, but reigned in with more confidence, intelligence, and maturity. (Still, great for humor, bad for proving her worth as an alicorn princess. More development of her is needed to get passed this stage. She can't be like this forever.) Twilight can fly well, hopefully ending the lazy retcon. Stunt > Consequences > Resolution. Rarity got in over her head via her greed, scared the shit outta herself, and tore a piece of the precious royal tapestry. It was just one hilarious Scooby-Doo parody. The ponies being so scared and running around like that gave me plenty of laughter. Unlike Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie wasn't a random dumbbell. She had purpose and a bit more intelligence to go with her randomness. Nicely done callback from Lesson Zero. Equal screentime for all of the characters, minus Pinkie. Angel's still a lovable dick. The pacing is factually better in here. One of the premiere's biggest problems (and why PTS isn't so objectively good) is the pacing, forcing McCarthy to rush her plot development and insert contrived logic and plot devices. Here, there is a small DEM, but unlike Too Many Pinkie Pies, it fit the scope of the old castle and didn't really impact the plot so much. Good cliffhanger. Now I wonder how it'll impact Season 4…if it will. What I don't like: Lay off the Spikabuse, pleeeeeeeeaaaase! VERY predictable outcome. With Pinkie absent this whole time, it was obvious she was the master of the pipe organ. If the pony playing it was someone else (like Celestia, Luna, or a true ghost), then that'd be a good twist. Fluttershy was caring for Angel, but still behaved like a rather gigantic scaredy-cat. (This case, though, it's somewhat justified given the circumstances.) Twilight showing VERY SLOW development as an alicorn princess. She was funny, but keeps proving how pointless her ascension is so far. I already linked what kind of development Twilight should ger to prove her worth. Altogether, I currently really like it, and it's so far a MUCH better episode than PTS. A good debut episode for Josh Haber. ^__^ ——— Source: S04:E03 - Castle Mane-ia
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    I don't know how many of you remember/know me. I took a break from coming here around September on account of many people I knew leaving, me being burnt out on MLP in general, and the quality of the community decreasing, at least in my opinion. And no offense, but it seems like the forums have continued to go downhill since. In my last blog entry, I said I'd be leaving for an indefinite amount of time. Well, I've decided to come back. However, I'm not gonna be on 24/7 like I used to be. I'll probably go on a posting binge every once and a while, and then go back to being offline. It's nice to be back, I guess.
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    Wow, I am totally seeing this. I knew from the look of it, it was gonna be great. Thanks for this man. Only if they make a sequel with this guy:
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    Please ignore the Dreamworks Face. GO. NOW. GET IN YOUR AUTOMOBILE, GO TO THE MULTIPLEX, ACQUIRE AN ENTRY VOUCHER, SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN, AND ENJOY THE BEST DAMN MOVIE DISNEY HAS MADE IN LIKE FOREVER. Bolt was pretty decent, Princess and the Frog was flawed but also pretty good, Tangled was really good, Wreck-it-Ralph was great, and this... It's... It's... Yes. Magic. For anybody who's been hoping that Disney would truly go back to the glory days of the Renaissance, this is the closest its come in over a decade. Maybe I'm over-blowing how great it is, but if anything, that's an indication of how excited this movie made me, and it's only getting better the more I think about it. I know, I know, absolutely nothing in the commercials or trailers has indicated anything really great. "What," you snarl, "that stupid-looking movie with the obnoxious snowman guy? Why would I want to watch that, Citrus? You have failed me yet again!" But I assure you, your majesty, it really is much more than some pandering kiddie-flick. It's actually quite smart. Like, genius. Subversive, even. Like, it's gonna hit you like a hurricane five different ways past Sunday. Whatever that means. If it sounds like I'm being ambiguous, it's because I totally am and you have fallen right into my trap. I really don't want to give away everything that makes this movie genius, so both because it's best you go in blind and because I am lazy, imma just gush for a minute or two. 7 FREAKING REASONS FROZEN IS FREAKING GREAT. 1. The voice cast is marvelous and lively, especially Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel as the lead sisters. Menzel's experience as the misunderstood Elphaba in Wicked comes in handy as lonely-princess-with-supernatural-powers-turned-badass-snow-queen Elsa. 2. Like I said, subversive as hell. The "love at first sight" and subsequent one-day courtship that usually appears in Disney movies is condemned and mocked by several characters (and it's actually what sets off the main conflict in the movie), the main relationship is between siblings and not a couple, the Disney trope that deems all queens be evil is played with, the absence of the parents that we always see in these films actually takes a toll the main characters, and the comic relief character is almost a tragic figure. 3. That said, it still balances that line between taking a critical eye to the tropes of the past and still displaying a genuine love for the Disney canon and all the fluff that comes with it, something most recent fairy tale (if you can call them that) movies have a hard time doing for some reason. 4. It's expertly scripted and paced, juggling several themes, introducing characters and ideas, and moving the plot along all at once, and it doesn't even break a sweat. Me thinks some of Pixar's sorcery has rubbed off on Disney. 5. The musical numbers are absolutely phenomenal. The central ballad, "Let it Go", can stand toe-to-toe with anything from the Renaissance. I'm listening to it right now. 6. It's the type of visual treat that only Disney could create. They get a lot of millage out of the ice powers and all the fantastic imagery they result in. 7. Even Olaf the Snowman, the obvious comic relief everyone thought was gonna be the worst thing ever, is kind of great. The movie knows when it's appropriate to whip him out for a healthy laugh and when to restrain him and let the drama happen. He's genuinely likeable (thanks in no small part to Book of Mormon's Josh Gad's performance), and his lack of understanding of what freeing the land from winter and bringing back Summer will mean for him adds an unusual layer of sadness to his character. The movie mostly plays it for laughs, but it's there, and it becomes quite poignant in the third act. Just to be clear, it's not entirely perfect. Maybe the songs could have been paced a bit better (like most Disney movies, the first half is flooded with music while they become more scarce in the second half), and I think the climatic scene could have used just a wee bit more umph (though it should be noted that there is still a considerable amount of umph). While the movie does a great job of reinventing the Disney Princess movie, if you have a genuine problem with Disney fluffiness and magic in general, than you might not be all too into this. Then again, I'm posting this on MLP Forums, and I'm guessing most of you probably don't have a problem with that. So yeah, Frozen is great. Really, truly, beautifully great. Really hope this is an indication that Disney is entering a new golden age. Everyone go see it. NOW. It gets a 9/10.
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    Well, the title voids the need for an introduction so I'll get right to it. I feel like this needs to be considered. Call me whatever. Open discussion is encouraged. Post can be found here. --------------------------------------
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    Part 1: Our main character, Twilight, and her faithful companion/assistant/surrogate brother Spike is set out on a quest to make friends against her will, instead of averting a disaster... or so she thinks. Hilarity ensues as she tries to avert the disaster instead. Also, this gives us our first look at the other main characters as she gets to interact with each of them. The execution of this plot is pretty solid all around, the scenarios flow well into eachother and everything makes sense. The writers made sure to have an organic way to set up the entire scenario. While cartoon logic dictates that we will see the disaster unfold, Celestia's odd answer works because from what we've seen, it's clear that Twilight really does have problem with socializing, and that it could cause her trouble. By giving Twilight a actual task, she is forced to actually meet other people and interact. Then we end up with a suspenseful cliffhanger. The comedy in this episode is great. The comedic timing is spot on, and the dialogue is fantastically funny almost throughout. However, the one part of the episode I have to complain about is actually the characters. Outside of Twilight and Spike, most of them are very one-note. AJ is a friendly but loud family person, RD is a lazy but justifiably cocky jock, Rarity is simply a fashionista who wants to go to a classier town, Pinkie Pie is an over the top silly party animal and Fluttershy is just... very shy. This is actually a pretty glaring issue since this episode should be setting up the characters personalities, but they are pretty much just cardboard cut-outs for now. Still, a very solid starting episode. As for the backstory... Jealous sibling went bad and wants revenge. It's a very overused scenario, but for good reason, and I can't fault the backstory because it is very concise and solid. Now on to the sadly much weaker half of this two-parter... Part 2: Now we get our main cast together on a quest, and they are off to find the Elements of Harmony, our dear MacGuffin. However, they must all face a series of trials by Nightmare Moon to reach them, and then defeat the nefarious villain. The episode starts falling apart on itself pretty early on, sadly. Why is Nightmare Moon even giving them trials, and not attacking them outright? Later villains have excuses for why they didn't go this route, but NMM doesn't. The trials themselves are hit-and-miss. Fluttershy's is one of the better ones, even making reference to a greek/roman myth(a pegasus doing that? Neat.), that of Androcles and the Lion. On the other hand, we have AJ's trial which doesn't at all reflect her element at all. Perhaps we should've had trust instead of honesty? Wouldn't help that much- the scene is still forced and out of place(and makes AJ look like an idiot). Rarity's is solid in regards to her element, but breaks the mood of the episode, being quite a bit silly. RD's fails to have any stakes, because there's really no reason for her to join the Shadowbolts whatsoever. It should've been illusory Wonderbolts. Pinkie's trial is pretty well done, though. The conclusion is good enough, bringing the pilot to a satisfactory end. Part 2 on it's own is one of the weaker episodes in the series, to be honest. However, as a whole, Friendship is Magic is a pretty good pilot(mostly due to the strong first episode). It has a lot of problems, but most pilots do, since the writers haven't quite learned to play to their strengths yet.
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    Is...is the title a pun on a pun? ... Do you think this is a bucking game? What a terrible night to have a curse. "Castle Mane-ia" By Josh Haber Not a lot to say about this one, but it was actually pretty good. Great, maybe even. Takes what was sort of a weak premise for an episode and turns it into an entertaining romp with a decent amount of laughs. What's surprising about the humor is that a lot of it comes from timing, some well-placed silly sounds (Donald Duck is apparently trapped inside Applejack's head), and the VA's delivery. Even more surprising is that the one who almost steals the show from Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain is the queen of line delivery around these parts) is Fluttershy. In the last review, I briefly mentioned that I greatly appreciated that she wasn't just some redundant coward like she tends to be in more problematic stories, and that trend continues here, fortunately. She's still tense and everything, but she isn't spending the entire time cowering at every single shadow and is allowed to partake in the same comedy endeavors as everyone else. And by jove, is Andrea Libman great here. She's actually allowed to act and deliver lines, and she ends up being quite funny. I think in general, everybody really delivers here, from Tara Strong's delighted squeals in the opening scene to Ashleigh Ball's juggling characters who's frightened states sound different from each other. It helps that they're backed by a nice script penned by newcomer Josh Haber, who already seems to have a great handle on the personalities of the Mane Six, how they would reason going into the castle, and all the little nuances present in the character. I can't wait to see what he does with a more substantial story. The animation is also effectively funny. Not as extravagant as the premiere, but you can tell they're still experimenting with more three-dimensional posing and placement, and again, the timing is perfect. So many derp faces. I can't. To be sure, the ending is a bit predictable, if not actually really funny, and it's a little disappointing that the Journal of the Two Sisters isn't so much a tool for worldbuilidng so much as a new framing device for the show. I think the episode is enjoyable enough that I can forgive those two quibbles, though I'm sure others might not feel the same. Overall, an inconsequential but enjoyable episode. Nothing more, nothing less. 8/10 Random thoughts: - Why does the idea of a Pony of Shadows or even a ghost seem unrealistic to everyone? The ruling princesses have been alive for a thousand years and Fluttershy's flatmate is the Lord of Chaos. It's like how Indiana Jones never believes the object he's going after is supernatural right up until it starts melting people, despite the fact that the same thing happens literally every time. At this point, nothing should be out of the ballpark of plausibility for these people. - So, is the Pony of Shadows going to end up being real and part of a future plot? That final moment seemed to linger on those glowing eyes a wee bit too long for it to just be a random ending. I'm going to go ahead and assume the Pony of Shadows leads a Nightmare Moon cult or is Voldemort hiding out in the castle while he regains his strength via unicorn blood. - The episode does raise an interesting question about what, exactly, Celestia and Luna's childhood was like. Were they there by themselves for a few hundred years before getting bored and installing the trapdoors for the heck of it, or is the guy who designed the castle an ass? - This is the funniest I've found Pinkie since "Too Many Pinkie Pies". The imagination line at the end is my new favorite Pinkism. Your move, Amy Keating Rogers.
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    Spoilers of course. My initial thoughts / review. Screenshots and other fun stuff. Just as I had hoped, the box/keys seem to be the theme for the whole season. Also, why is Spike feather dusting with the room in this condition? Gotta clean up them books first, Spike. Not the last time I thought "Poor Spike" this episode. I really have enjoyed Spike more this season so far as compared to previously in the show. Ahhh! Right after I mention I'm interested in this place, the whole episode takes place here! Celestia and Luna's old place, eh? I wonder why they chose this location... SO MANY QUESTIONS. Reasons #45 - #10,831 why I love Twilight ^ First thought: "Uh, context plz?" Pinkie is great this episode. I hate that bunny, man. The guillotine would be too swift for the likes of him. I love this scene. It's so SpoooOOOooky. That music too. Great stuff, this. "We must use the upmost care--" Yeeeah, I saw that coming. Aw yiss, AppleDash brohoof! By the way, if neither of you are scared then why is it daring for you two to stay in here? Just asking. Haha that's funny, the picture's eyes mo-- that's Granny Smith isn't it? ISN'T IT? Remind you of any other staircases from the show? Also, out of context it looks like a time warp or something. I love how Rarity doesn't seem scared at all the whole episode (until the end, anyway). "The trapdoor slide is Luna's favorite!" Please give me fanart right now please please. This is too cute. You'd think somepony'd turn around and see somepony here... Oh well. Funny scene is funny. I don't know if it's just me but Fluttershy looked a bit creepy here. This scene was just too good not to be made into a poster. So I made it into a poster. This should have been pretty obvious, but it surprised me somehow. :3 Very enjoyable, the episode was.
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    Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip ever!!!
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    This blog did not contain what its title lead me to believe it would. I'd feel a great sense of disappointment if I had not received Calvin and Hobbes as consolation. Hope you're managing to keep smiling as well SF argh your initials are backwards from what I'm used to. The drama will pass in time, and whatever needs to be done will be done. Let me know if you need to talk about anything, in the meantime.
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    Because the poor thing evolved into a turkey!
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    Hey everyone! As most of you guys know, I've been working on a new version of Pony.fm. This new version is the launching point for the next era of features that will be implemented. This project is a rewrite of the existing platform. The main reason this had to be done was to support the most asked for feature - the ability to play music while browsing the website. I'm happy to say that Pony.fm now behaves more like an application rather than just a website; and this embodies the direction that I wanted to take this project after coming on board in addition to the existing vision that Feld had. We now have the best of both worlds, and are getting very close to competing directly with the likes of Bandcamp, Google Music and Soundcloud as the premier brony music repository. Of course the features that were available on the last BETA of PFM are still present - with the exception of notifications. We understand how important this feature is; but we would like to integrate it into Poniverse itself instead of having notifications be isolated to just Pony.fm. As a result, this feature is on temporary hold. In addition; there will be bugs. Since we lack the QA resources that larger shops have access to - and this codebase is less tested than the previous one - we expect some bumps along the way. We understand this, and will do our best to address issues as quickly as possible. If you run into something, please-please-please post in the appropriate forum located here: http://mlpforums.com/forum/62-ponyfm/ Anyway, there isn't much more to say here. At this point I'd again like to thank Feld for bringing me on the project, and the wonderful support we have from the community. We're building this for you guys - and we sincerely hope you enjoy it! Thanks! Nelson
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    The pacing gave time for characters to explore the castle, and have some hilarious moments for comedy. The ending was predictable but, Pinkie Pie was hilarious in this episode. They didn't have Fluttershy act too cowardly, and she was a funny and cute scaredy-cat. Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash had their funny moments too Well done, Josh Haber!
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    I have long wanted to do reviews of MLP:FiM. However, then it hit me that I could make a comparison and review blog shared with another series that got a fanbase much different from what was expected- certainly not as MLP, but still, W.I.T.C.H. has a sizable adult male fanbase. Also because I feel the W.I.T.C.H. cartoon gets a bit more flack than it deserves. This blog will primarily deal with the cartoons, and once I've worked through them, I'll go for the comics. My general reviewing pattern will be that I do one episode of FiM, then one of W.I.T.C.H. If the episodes are two-parters, they will be done in a row. Pure comparison entries will be more erratic.
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    All right, it'a time to go deep into the castle and look at this week's episode of mlp, Castle-mania. Basically the ponies explore Celestia and Luna's old castle for different reasons. This episode had some great animation.At one point, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were running there was background. See they've been exploring the cgi since Spike at Your Service. Also there was some nice humor. It seemed to be very reminiscent of Scooby Doo. I've kind of liked episodes in cartoons like that. Also the character interactions seemed pretty natural. Rainbow Dash and Applejack seem to be competitive with each other. A nice callback to Fall Weather Friends. Rarity and Pinkie seem to be the best in this episode. Rarity exploring the art was cool and Pinkie being Pinkie was awesome. My only complaint is that the plot was extremely predictable. Just like with Games Ponies Play, I predicted the outcome about halfway through the episode. But at least the outcome had a funny punchline. that ending though, a pretty nice open ending. Now let's talk about the journals. They seem to be replacing letters to Celestia. I guess since Twilight is now a princess, they really don't need to write letters to her. It will take some getting used to with them most likely saying "Dear diary," but I can get used to this. Overall, pretty solid episode. Had some funny jokes, a nice atmosphere, and a nice story with a sadly predictable ending. I give it an 8/10.
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    I'll admit, this movie wasn't grabbing my interest based on the promo material. I really liked Tangled, but I didn't care for Wreck-It Ralph and I outright disliked Brave (which I know was a Pixar production, but I mention anyway due to a stylistic resemblance). But this review was highly entertaining and the word "subversive" pushes all the right buttons for me, so congrats. You've convinced me.
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    Lyra: The Navy Seal. HarHarHar.
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    Hello, friends, today I'm doing something I feel would be quite useful from my perspective. As some of you know, my interview series has become part of the Poniverse Monthly News Letter. Well, I've decided to let you guys answer this poll to ultimately decide if there will be changes to how this series is conducted. Like I said, this is not something that is mandatory on my part but I am legitimately interested in what you feel would be the best way to handle things. Please, answer the survey, and if you feel you wish to, leave a comment and elaborate, I feel that it would be incredibly helpful to get the user's views on this. Thank you for your time.
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    I'll have to side ghostface with this one...despite opposing opinions. Some Mods and Admins are power hungry, and make their titles an excuse to be complete jerks themselves...like sorta a "I'm right, you're wrong, i'm a higher rank than you, so what the hell are you going to do about it?" attitude. Sometimes, I don't get logic around here. Member says something wrong, warning points, suspension, bans, what has you. Mod/Admin says something wrong, other way around. Don't arrest me. I'm an innocent bystander sharing her right mind of the situation.