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    Let it be said that everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Let it also be said that both moderators and users have things to improve on. I am not accusing one group specifically. We are all guilty of what I spoke of in the above post. In fact I believe all people are guilty of it at some point. Comments have been disabled for the sake of avoiding drama and for my own safety.
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    Wow, I am totally seeing this. I knew from the look of it, it was gonna be great. Thanks for this man. Only if they make a sequel with this guy:
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    Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip ever!!!
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    This blog did not contain what its title lead me to believe it would. I'd feel a great sense of disappointment if I had not received Calvin and Hobbes as consolation. Hope you're managing to keep smiling as well SF argh your initials are backwards from what I'm used to. The drama will pass in time, and whatever needs to be done will be done. Let me know if you need to talk about anything, in the meantime.
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    I laugh at all the people who say season 3 sucked, period. It wasn't as strong as 1 or 2, sure, but it certainly didn't suck - and certainly not enough to prompt any rationally minded person to outright leave the fandom. And for the one or two people out there who actually are bitching about the new episodes...well, their butthurt is music to my ears.
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    The pacing gave time for characters to explore the castle, and have some hilarious moments for comedy. The ending was predictable but, Pinkie Pie was hilarious in this episode. They didn't have Fluttershy act too cowardly, and she was a funny and cute scaredy-cat. Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash had their funny moments too Well done, Josh Haber!
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    And yes, it's better than PTS.
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    I very much enjoyed it. The ending was predictable as heck, but at least the reason she's operating the pipe organ is funny. Fluttershy was one of my favorite aspects of the episode, though. She was a scaredy-cat, but a really funny and cute scaredy-cat, as opposed to her depiction in "Magic Duel" or most of "Dragonshy", where she was annoyingly cowardly and dragged the episode down.
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    Funny reference for the bees, also very nice review.
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    I have waited for this thing since the date the first teaser was released and despite horrible trailers I have already seen it three times in as many days. c: (I even changed my name on a few sites to Elsa, huehue.) Everyone must see it, it's so good. Only complaint I had was song pacing, but I find that typical in a lot of musical films (Tangled did the songs work a little bit better in that regard but hell I love Tangled so). The dialogue was decently clever and it didn't follow the typical formula of a Disney film so I agree it's simply fabulouss~~
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    Rarity is eating a cookie. Your argument, my argument, and any argument in general is invalid.
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    Haha, you've fallen victim to my clever ploy! Thanks for the response, and I will definitely vent to you if I feel the need.
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    Trailers and promotional material entirely turned me off to this thing, but in many ways I trust your taste far better than I trust my own, and you make it sound pretty dang good. I'll see if I can give it a try this weekend. Thanks for the writeup!
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    I'll admit, this movie wasn't grabbing my interest based on the promo material. I really liked Tangled, but I didn't care for Wreck-It Ralph and I outright disliked Brave (which I know was a Pixar production, but I mention anyway due to a stylistic resemblance). But this review was highly entertaining and the word "subversive" pushes all the right buttons for me, so congrats. You've convinced me.
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    Needs more Samuel Jackson, but I'll check it out. ''Christ! I WAS FROZEN TODAY!''
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    Lyra: The Navy Seal. HarHarHar.
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    LOLOLOLOL What if a little kid bought that and came home with it XD "Hey mommy, look what I found!"
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    I'll have to side ghostface with this one...despite opposing opinions. Some Mods and Admins are power hungry, and make their titles an excuse to be complete jerks themselves...like sorta a "I'm right, you're wrong, i'm a higher rank than you, so what the hell are you going to do about it?" attitude. Sometimes, I don't get logic around here. Member says something wrong, warning points, suspension, bans, what has you. Mod/Admin says something wrong, other way around. Don't arrest me. I'm an innocent bystander sharing her right mind of the situation.