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    You maybe wondered why I've brohoofed your posts of why I brohoof so many posts here is the deal. If you think that your post was nothing special when you get a brohoof from me read this: I think this way: Every post is special you shouldn't think your post wasn't because it gives me a different perspective of the situation YOUR perspective and even if the post wasn't a "worth" of a brohoof it shows me that you've cared about the topic enough to try to think about it and I want to encourage trying and even if it fails. And I think everyone is doing the right thin by posting here I don't brohoof trolls or insults because I don't want them to continue that. I brohoof posts where the poster has shown that he thought about the topic and gave his opinion or experiences even if it was 1 word. I want encourage those posters who are shy like me and show them that I care about their posts and I want them to continue. If I get a brohoof from someone I don't think that my post was nothing special I think that I was being noticed, someone knows that I'm here, someone cares about me. IRL no one notices me and I think that is the reason why I feel so good when someone notices me here. Some people might think that I don't read the posts I brohoof but I try read and understand them all. I maybe not understand the meanings behind the posts but if I see that the poster has put effort into it I want to respect that.
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    Jessica Rice ~ Just Jessi February 26, 1977 - January 21, 2017 "I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one. I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when the day is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways of happier times and laughing days. I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave behind when day is done https://pony.fm/tracks/24470-for-good Preface I want to be upfront about something, and that is the purpose of this blog entry. This is not solely to eulogize my wife. I did that already at her memorial and on my Facebook page, and from what people have told me ... I did her proud. This isn't that exactly, though I suspect that there will be passages that will invoke her memory in a way that will feel like a eulogy. In truth, this is more about my personal observations and thoughts over the last few months, and some thanks. Musings about the randomness of life and death, its inherent unfairness will abound. This blog's emotional theme, if I were to suggest it has one, would be sanguine ... with a heart shaped cherry on top. The Story Ends Two months ago today, my wife Jessica passed away. Her journey ended in peace as she took her last breath at out home, surrounded by her family, cradled in my arms. She had the faintest hint of a smile, but perhaps that is just in my head. I'm not completely sure what the rules are, but I think I am allowed a little leeway to believe that was the case. This all happened as the the window she lay next to highlighted a gorgeous beginning of a sunset. All day there had been a gentle breeze, a perfect temperature, and blue clear skies. I say this, because it seemed poetic. A little sentimental, I know, but it was something that many of us pointed out later as something we noticed. It sounds absurd to me when I say it, but her last moments were ... well ... beautiful. It was as radiant as the life she led. My wife and I met in the early 90's. Started off as practical adversaries with common friends, and eventually grew to be friends, and later in college ... much more. I touch on our beginnings here and here. Before we started college we were best friends. She saw me through the sickness and death of my father, the realization that I would need to take my kid sister across the finish line of adulthood, and the ensuing fallout. We grew even closer after I transferred to a university in Orlando, one that she attended. I would come to find out that she harbored a desire for a relationship since high school, but never acted on it. Eventually she got tired of waiting for me to come to the same conclusion, so she took the initiative during what I thought was going to be us simply decompressing before finals. This was one of the few times I can say that Jess truly came across as nervous, but there was this endearing and adorable quality to it. I said yes, obviously. Looking back a few years later as we were married, started careers, had kids ... it all felt like destiny. There was a fairy tale element to how we met, became besties, dated, and fell in love. Some of the moments we experienced seemed that magical. If you were to ask me today, I would say our story has a definite Nicholas Sparks quality to it. We were living a romance novel bathed in a dream. The odd thing about that is that even through the fairy tale nature of it all, it seemed natural somehow. I often remarked in those first few years that we must have started our relationship on easy mode, because we were so much in tune and synced to each other. It never felt hard. When arguments came, they were rarely dramatic. In fashion, the holy grail of clothing is finding that perfect fit for your body. That was us. We just ... fit. She was my 'perfect'. I was her 'perfect'. 23 years, 7 months, 8 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes. I had to pull out an old box with things I saved to confirm this, and even had to go to the library to look at theater showtimes to be certain, but from the moment of our first interaction at the movie theater to her poetic last breath, we had known each other for 23 over years. I look at that figure, and even though the clock stopped the love doesn't, I find myself reassured by a simple inescapable thought ... I would rather a limited slice of magic, than a lifetime of mediocrity. What we had was ... well ... a living dream of the heart, soul, and mind.Jess was my guide, my partner, my lover, my collaborator, my greatest friend, my staunchest ally, and one half of the strong parental powerhouse that was Jess and Joe. I was blessed to have her by my side, and honored that she picked me for this unbelievable ride. I have to laugh, as I type this, I can almost hear her voice in my head, refusing to accept these accolades with a simple redirection, "You weren't a passenger in our relationship Joe, just remember that." When, several years ago, we found out that she was sick, we were told it would be manageable and that it would not be a real issue until she was in her 50's. We went forward with our lives, made long term plans, and ... expected the best. In the midst of this, I rediscovered MLP, joined this forum, talked to what seemed to be an endless supply of diverse and interesting people, grew close with a goodish amount of them, and even found the opportunity to pitch in as a member of the staff. As the months wore on we came to find that her liver was anything but manageable. In April 2015 she was in decline and was eventually hospitalized, but recovered. It was a preview of what was to come. 2016 proved to be a nightmare. It started with my wife receiving a procedure and shunt to prevent a build up of ammonia (hepatic encephalopathy). That failed by May and it caused her brain to swell. She recovered mostly and found herself listed for a liver transplant. It was short lived as they found malignant carcinoma on her liver and had to remove her from the transplant list. It was at this time that her team re-managed our expectations. They prepared us for the possibility that she would not be a candidate again, and if that happened they gave her through the end of the year and even though they rarely hang their hat on prognosis ratios ... they estimated 20% odds of her beating cancer and getting a transplant. We reset our expectations, but that woman refused to give up. Following the aggressive cancer treatment the tumors shrunk allowing her to be relisted. We finally received the call that they had a liver and she underwent liver transplant surgery which was successful. Her recovery was grueling, but still going amazingly well. She nailed every single benchmark, and her prognosis was very good. Months went by and everything was coming up Jessica. At this time we started allowing ourselves to make plans again. She was even looking at the possibility of a loan for a clinic and preparing to get back to work. She beat every major obstacle, and was going to live. For the few people who were in a Skype and later Discord group with me during this time ... my optimism and joy was palpable. It was short lived. She caught an infection, likely during a routine outpatient procedure. She was on immunosuppressive drugs... required to ensure her body doesn't reject the new liver. If they fought the infection, they lose the liver. If they don't she could die anyway. The medical staff worked for days trying to fight the infection without impacting the liver. The infection became dangerous and required an aggressive approach. Left with little choice they stopped her liver meds and fought the infection with a vengeance. It worked ... it worked too well. The treatment fought the infection and her liver started to enter acute failure. It was being rejected. They tried to restore function, but at this time her other systems started to fail. It became a matter of stabilizing her. We spent Christmas in the hospital, and as the New Year approached, we were made aware that there were no more options. No emergency status liver transplant as her body was now too weak to survive the operation. No miracles. Instead of speaking and game-planing with her medical team, I was now making arrangements with home hospice. Jessica was dying ... and decided to do so in grace and within the place she most loved ... our home. In her last weeks, Jessica seemingly had boundless optimism and surprising energy. She went to work immediately recording messages, writing letters for family to read after she was gone, talking to old friends, putting affairs in order, and spending as much personal time with family. There were countless personal moments and touches. Conversations over simple activities like building a puzzle, or constructing famous buildings out of Play Doh were typical fare. Looking back at these conversations, I found validation in the truth that the world was soon to lose an irreplaceable person. She dedicated her life to helping people cope with trauma, tragedy, and pain. It seemed every waking moment in the last weeks and days followed that philosophy of hers. She was helping us prepare mentally and emotionally. She even made arrangements for upcoming birthday gifts, and little touches that would serve as reminders of our shared love. She tried to tie up as many loose ends as possible, even making certain that she could talk with people she recently found a kinship with, like a particularly generous Texan and her husband. The vividness of her last waking day is remarkable. I will save most of that for myself. Some moments are so blessedly personal and perfect. I will share this though - after we finished a long and poignant conversation she called the kids over for a hug goodnight, whispering something in each of their ears. Tearful goodnight's followed. She commented that she was tired and asked me to sit next to her for a few minutes. I leaned over her in my chair to kiss her goodnight, something I had done countless times before. As I did this she pulled her signature move - her palm placed flat upon my chest over my heart - the origin of that slight gesture made this instance far more emotional for description. After our embrace, she looked at me tears in her eyes, smiled, and mustered one last exchange. "You know when your life was worth it, that the people in your life were worth it, when you realize you have said everything that needs to be said." "Kitten, you never had to tell me anything. I just needed to see your face to know how much we all meant." She welled up, and nodded. Her palm was still over my heart. "I love you. Thank you, Smiley." She gracefully lowered her hand, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. She would not wake up. A Family Says Goodbye The memorial was a small personal affair. We tried to keep it down to 100 people, but at last count some 250 found their way to the house and paid their respects. It was more of a celebration than a sad affair, though tears weren't uncommon. There were a lot of planned moments that Jessica secretly set up for other family members and friends. Two moments showcase the type of person she was - a sentimental and a clever troll. https://pony.fm/tracks/24470-for-good I linked that above in this overlong document, but it's important enough to do it again, besides you would have to scroll up. That is my sister-in-law on that recording. Jessica asked her sister to sing this during the gathering at an appropriate time. It was one of our songs, and contains a extremely personal line that invokes how we felt about each other, and the fact that we started out as ... well ... rivals of sorts. She asked her sister for another reason though. You see, Jessica and her youngest sister sound identical. I can't tell you how many times that they have screwed with family using that uncanny vocal likeness over the phone. This time, it seems that Jess and her sister used their powers for good. As her sister started to sing during a outdoor balloon release, you couldn't help imagining Jessica singing it herself. If I closed my eyes, it isn't just the message that felt personal. It was Jessica's way of telling me and the kids ... she is still with us. I think it took me 30 minutes to stop feeling goosebumps. It was one of many such moments. Then there came an impromptu musical moment or a different sort. About 60 minutes into the party (I can call it that, because it certainly felt more like a party than not), a familiar song came on .... the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Many of her friends, myself, and my kids rushed into place ... we knew what this was about. I don't know who was responsible for this little gem, but for the next few minutes all of her high school and college friends started to do the Time Warp. The look on the older crowd (what Jessica and I would amusingly call 'the adults') was priceless. Here we were, in the middle of a memorial party, gyrating and stepping and having a blast. Gg Jess. Gg. I've been to post funeral gatherings, and rarely did they feel as festive and emotionally healing as this. People will be talking about it for a while, that's for sure. The whole affair seemed fitting, and it was as perfect a sendoff as you can have. On Grief and Grieving So I intend to answer the question that I field at least once per day: "How are you doing?" You know all of those clichés you have heard about? What it feels like when you go through the pain of losing someone close to you? The weird thing is that they they are all accurate, yet ... they are laughably insufficient. If you ever want to a rather accurate description of grief, check out Patton Oswalt's Facebook post on his view regarding the turmoil one can face. Since this is already a huge ass blog, I'll quote the part that seems the most descriptive below. Yeah, that is our very own Daring Do loving pony, Quibblepants. It may be a tad over descriptive to some, but the thing is, he isn't entirely wrong. Everyone has heard that saying right? "Each person's grief and grieving process is unique"? At least something to that effect. I would have to agree, but even though dealing with the loss of a loved one seems like a 'custom made' experience, Mr. Oswalt's rather expressive and revealing detailing of his journey does at least do justice to what one can go through. Yeah, this sucks ... so ... bad. So bad. This sucks for reasons that are obvious to all, and it sucks for the less obvious reasons. If you haven't figured it out by now, I thought pretty highly of my wife. We lived a fairy tale story, and I couldn't imagine how we could have done any better with our marriage and relationship in general. It all felt perfect. With her by my side, I felt like I was living in paradise. It was that kind of good. The more luminous the light, the greater the blackness feels in the light's sudden absence. She had been sick before, had been battling declining odds for so long, it was hard not to try and mentally prepare you for the possibility she wouldn't be around. As my wife and I discussed the home hospice option, I accepted that my wife was going to die. I prepared myself. Well, I thought I did. I had faced death before. I lost my father to suddenly when I was 18. Years later, Jessica and I had to bury our third child. I thought those experiences prepared me well enough. My God what a fool I was to think that. Not all grief is the same. Grief is potent. When you think of emotional suffering and loss, it's easy to treat it differently than physical pain. Well, the emotional pain certainly feels physical, and also so completely engulfing. There are times that it feels as you have a physical weight in your chest. I think I can empathize with those that have described a panic attack or anxiety to me. I thought I could imagine this pain, but the truth is you really can't. Grief is suffocating in nature, and can be downright paralyzing. John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars writes that 'Some pain demands to be felt'. I have to agree. Grief is a sneaky bastard. Yes, there are obvious things that I miss, namely Jessica's presence. The big things hit you. For example, mornings and evenings were rather difficult as my wife was no longer the last person I saw at night and the first person I laid eyes on in the morning. She passed away weeks before her favorite holiday, my birthday, Valentines Day, and even her birthday. Her absence was almost its own presence, holding a flashing neon sign declaring, "She's not here." Then little things hit you. I caught a wiff of jasmine and ... bam. I get a letter in the mail addressed to her ... bam. A check box on an IRS tax form asking if my spouse is now deceased ... bam. I start cleaning out the fridge and I find sauces that only she liked. I went grocery shopping and as I grab something that I always have on these trips, I realize that Jess was the only one who ate it. These little things have the devious ability to break through any defense you have, simply because you can't account for them. Grief makes you do odd things. I talk to her. Meaning that I will make an aside as if she was right there in the room. I would tell a joke when I am alone that I know she would react too. I know that speaking out loud to a deceased love one is common, and it does help, but it in't me. Or, I should say it wasn't me. The night she passed away, after the kids finally went to bed, I started to purge the house of any and all prescriptions and items specific to her illness. I called the medical equipment supplier the day after begging them to prioritize a pick up of things like her oxygen tank, medical bed, etc. I wanted it out of our house. Looking back, it have no doubt you would have seen the eyes of desperation. And yes, I have listened to saved voicemail, watched home movies, and gone through more photo's than I ever knew we even had. I can tell you that every single day that Jess has not been here, not been by my side, that it has felt like I have stumbled into an alternate reality. A bit like I have stepped into a life that isn't mine but has many of the trappings of my reality. It is disquieting sensation going about the day feeling that the world is off, askew ever so slightly. I remember reading that Stephen King's favorite description of horror is walking into a room that is exactly the same as it always was, but feeling that everything was replaced. That. That is what I feel like most days, it doesn't always last long, but it is there nonetheless. There is an inherent selfishness about grieving that doesn't exactly agree with me. I'm not a selfish person in general, yet there is no escaping that ... well ... I miss her. I miss everything she was and what we had. I miss all the moments we had and I mourn the memories that we will never create. Yet, with each of these thoughts, part of me feels a bit like a selfish prick. She is the one whose journey was prematurely cut short, not me. There is a strange guilt in that. Not survivors guilt, but finding myself focusing on how I was impacted. I absolutely hate that part of this process. I know what she would likely say. Something along the lines of, "Mourning what you miss about me is just proving how much you loved me you dork." She would be a bit on the mark, though it doesn't make hat icky feeling go away. Turns out, the perfect remedy for that is actually the worst aspect of grieving. I have kids. I know I am not even coming close to doing it justice, but the weight of what you feel ... it can be soul shattering. The scary thing, and perhaps the real horror for me, is that I am not alone in bearing this torment. Our kids are amazing and as much as I talk about her as a phenomenal wife, she was just as successful as a mother. Our kids are kickass ... plain and simple. (This is objective of course ... not at all biased. ). Each time I feel the weight of Jess no longer being here, I am reminded that they bear that pain, likely to an even greater degree. She will not be there for their graduation, for college, for weddings, and should they decide they want kids. I feel my loss, and I think of them ... and I imagine theirs. it all feels overwhelming. You can easily feel helpless against the torrential onslaught of it all. Even though you feel as if your kids are coping well, you don't trust your instincts. I put every ounce of energy into them, and it still feels like it is not good enough. I admire their bravery and their strength. I can't take away their pain though ... it demands to be felt ... but God damn it they don't have to feel it alone. So we do the only thing we can, we talk, we cry, we mourn, we remember, we love. One final thing on grieving. You know that "stages of grief" thing. Guess what? It is really accurate ... except it doesn't quite work the way you think. It isn't sequential or ordered. You can feel them in any order, and they can come back with a fun little angle when you feel you have already dealt with it. Nope. Grief does not have stages or levels. It works far more like Chutes and Ladders. You climb up to Acceptance and two hours later you spin a 'five' and ... down the chute to denial. I always hated Chutes and Ladders. Stupid game! We lost someone who was our fulcrum, center, and heart. No denying it, this is what a shit storm feels like. So, the answer to "How am I doing?" is simple ... I'm here. No. That is not an answer. That is the blasted answer I give that people expect to hear. No. The truth of the matter is that I am ... well ... I am OK. Gratitude and Moments of Peace I'm OK. As impossibly hard as this is, somehow I find the strength to find my motivation to move forward. I actually did a dumb and answered a question Jessica asked me in early January with honesty. I must have had a look on my face, but she knew there was something bugging the shit out of me. She was good like that. She asked me what was on my mind. I said, "I'm worried how I am going to react ... how I am going to cope. I'm scared Jess. I'm worried I won't be able to deal with this." She laughed. It was a forceful enough laugh to actually cause her pain. I thought she was reacting to the fact that I was focusing on me when she was the one dying. I'm going to be paraphrasing a little here but when she caught a second wind she finally said, "I'm not worried one bit, not about you. My parents, yes. My sisters, yes. The kids, well, of course I am worried about them, but then I know that they have you. You aren't built to self-destruct. You don't know how to quit on people you love, it's a skill you never learned, thank God. I know the kids will be fine because you are you. You don't even need to pretend strength for them. Shit, do you know how much that is used by people. They don't face what they feel because they need to be strong for someone else. They sacrifice. You don't even need to worry about that. You don't bottle-up. Some people are diamonds. They are impervious to life's challenges. You are different. You aren't a diamond. You allow yourself to be affected and to feel it as strongly as anyone else, but you are not broken by it. Joe, you call people a rock all the damn time it is like a cliche with you. Look in the mirror, you are a mountain. You see the world and people as inherently good, and you use that optimism to keep you strong. If there is something that could break you, I can't imagine it. I'm not worried, you got this honey." Damn I miss the fuck out of her. That was one hell of a pep talk. I don't know if she is right, but I do know that ... I'm OK. The hurt of her absence and its impact on those who were closest to her is still there, and frankly, I don't think it will ever completely go away. I smile and laugh at jokes, I make jokes, I am making plans for tomorrow, looking forward to future events, I am going about the day to day aspects of life. I am there for my kids propping them up, helping them through this, and being their lantern holder so they aren't enveloped by the darkness of this shadow. What I don't know is how much is really me. I almost think Jess missed something in that little ego boost she gave me, a few little somethings actually -- how much she will play a role in my healing. I still feel immense sorrow when I am reminded of her. It isn't strange when the tears start to well up or come freely. However, the tears don't come alone, they bring a date. You see, every overwhelmingly sad moment, comes with a smile. One of our songs comes on, I feel like crying, but he memories behind the song jump right out and blunt the sadness. In death, her memory is what helps me bear it all. Perhaps there is some innate or learned strength I have, but when it comes down to it to this strength seems to come from her, at least in part. Jessica is still inspiring me. My strength is partly what we built together. At her memorial I talked about living on through our actions after we are deceased. The lives we touch will have influence when we are gone, both profound and subtle. Our lives are tapestries of moments built from threads of memories, but as we weave ours, we also help each other weave theirs. Jessica's life is how I help cope with her death. Each moment of bliss is a thread she helped me weave - a thread I helped her weave. This life we experienced together, the tapestry, insulates me from the dreariness. For that I am eternally grateful. My kids have been phenomenal sources of inspiration. I do see some of their mother in them, but mostly I see two independent young adults who will carry her torch through their own active virtues. They lean on each other and comfort each other. They carry on. Their mother would be immensely proud. I sure as hell am. I think about their sibling bond and I am reminded of Jessica and her sisters, and even my relationship with my own sister. I don't think that I could have weathered this without my sister, who was instrumental in taking some of the lead with the minutia that comes with the passing on a loved one in the hours and days that follow. Her help allowed me to be with the kids, and to process this whole thing. Old friends of Jessica, old clients, and family made their condolences known. The steady parade of support never was tiring, it was a reminder of how impact a life can be, even one that is shorter. Then there were my online friends. People that my late wife would affectionately call my "Pony People". As news spread of her passing among a few, many reached out to me, usually with condolences and an offer of an ear. I may not have responded timely, or even at all, but these meant the world to me as they came. I was hesitant to name anyone specifically, but there were some people who Jess interacted with directly, and others she developed a strong admiration for. Troblems, I know that you aware of how much Jess liked you. What started out as a great amount of respect for how my kids had taken to you became a deeper affection. You and your husband are that couple that every couple wants as friends, and should try their damned hardest to emulate, and one of my many regrets is that we didn't have the time or health to all get together. I said this before, and I'll say it again, your husband is insanely generous (or generously insane ... perhaps both ... snrk!). You knew what Jess meant to me, and you got a front row seat during this ordeal. You were always there, and I would be obtuse if I thought that this didn't effect you. I can't thank you enough for your friendship, but I suspect you and your husband horse already know that you rock. Pirate, I'm known for talking about serendipity ... all the time. There is a weird sense of it here because your handling of the MCM is what brought me back to MLPF. That and Jessica promising to actually join in. She had a blast, mostly at my expense but she was a fun troll to contend with. I wouldn't be typing this if it wasn't for you. You have heard some of this before, and like Trobs ... you were there as a friend when things got bad. You even caught me at what may have been my near breaking point. Spoon. I may not be a diamond, but you sure as hell are. I'll leave this one short and sweet, the thoughtfulness behind each and every thing you do ... runs deep. I didn't want to burden you with the emotional fallout of everything, even though I have no doubt it would have helped tremendously. Instead, our discussions seemed to run the gamut of the geek universe helped me feel normal at a time when the world feels a little askew. So many names. Hugs, Batbrony and your constant Rariart, SFyr and your skill at nailing a moment in pony form, Eloquence, Tai, DQ, Yozer, Path, Shaun and Kiwoy for all your support as well even though some of you won't read this. Thank you. I know there were more. I'm sincerely sorry if I left anyone out. I just want you all to know how much your care meant. The Story Never Ends "You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart, And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have re-written mine by being my friend..." ~ For Good - Wicked Its been a long tiring and tear filled eternity pretending to be a year. I started this thing over a month ago, and as you can probably tell, there are tonal, POV, and tense inconsistencies throughout it. I want to be raw. I didn't want this to be my magnum opus, polished and pretty. Basically, this isn't well written and I am not going to pretend otherwise. It's genuine, and possibly inspirational. Depends on what you take from this whole thing i suppose. I know each day will feel easier than the last (most days) and some days will suck hard. My wife is right about me when she says I will not let this break me. I love life. I love its surprises (most of the time), and wallowing on sorrow just isn't ... well ... me. That isn't how our story ends, how my story ends. I move forward, keeping my love as a shield, blanket, or any other handy metaphor. I'm ok, and I am both amazed and blessed that she chose me and I carry that proudly. Like I said, I would rather 20 years of paradise for a lifetime of ordinary. Wherever this road leads may now open up to a mystery, but I'm ready. Let's do this! Jess always liked the whimsical way I would tell some of the sillier moments of our lives together. I'll likely continue this blog since its purpose was as an outlet to help me talk about her when she was sick. A coping mechanism. She got a kick out of this and actually wanted me to finish. Hell, I have enough material for a damn sitcom. Unfortunately for you all ... Jess was the funny one. You get stuck with me. So closing this out ... it's been two months. I love my wife. I always have and I always will. Hoof print on my heart ... achieved. I love you Kitten <3 January 2015 December 2016
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    I have been member here half a year now and lot of things have happened. I have accomplished some good things that make me happy and I have learned many things from this community. I have seen different people and I've been able to connect with them. I've also made mistakes and I've learned from them or at least I think I've learned from them. Before I joined here I was shy reserved boy who had no idea who he was. I hid my feelings inside of me and they were my secrets. When I joined here I saw the light that shined here from this community and I was able to connect like never before. It was new for me to write messages and realize that you all are actually real persons. Often times before I made multiple accounts on sites and chatted with myself pretending I had friends because I had none. Here I knew that this place holds something special something beyond normal forums. No matter what other forums I browse I cannot get the same feeling that I get from browsing here. I just often get depressed from other forums there are rarely any smiles and most of the posts are intented to be some kind of jokes. but Here people are like a big family. I'm not the same pony anymore who I was when I joined here these days I care about people I interact with and seeing people happy makes me happy too. Seeing drama and sad people makes me worry too. I was holding myself back so much and I see it now I was only a shadow, a shadow of a shining sun of happiness that I could be. I can say that I'm a better person today than I was 6 months ago. A big weight has been lifted off from my chest You all are the best friends I could ever hope for
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    Y'know, there are three things that I've loved about this forum. I owe it a debt of gratitude for being there in a certain period of my life, along with a community that has helped me realise the true virtue of the Brony fandom. The third thing I've loved about this forum is how much of an impression it's left on me which, in turn, makes writing this farewell blog post all the more emotional. But if you know me, I try to be optimistic! So, everypony, this is my farewell blog post. It's been a fantastic run, and I'm endlessly happy that I've had the opportunity to be a part of this glimmering gold nugget in the crystal cliff face of the fandom's ever-diverse expanse. But a time in my life calls where staying with the forum is simply no longer feasible, so now, with a peaceful heart, I take my leave. So, why am I leaving? Well, like every community that one joins, I came to this forum full of vigour and fresh interest, but seventeen months on I feel that I've used all my time here and that the rest of the world calls. Big changes to my life are coming in, including a large amount of exams and the need to take on a large amount of responsibilities to satiate my university dreams and desires, to the point where trying to maintain interest in MLP Forums is simply no longer feasible. That is not to say, of course, that I've not thoroughly enjoyed my time here - I most definitely have n.n I'm not one for long posts (unless they're about Pinkie Pie) so I'll use this blog post as a big thank you to everyone who's encompassed the fruits of my enjoyment here. Whether you've simply commented on one of my statuses, engaged in an earnest debate about ponies - most likely about Pinkie's awesomeness - or been a true, long-standing friend and companion, I have nothing but gratitude that you've been there. In more ways than one, you've shaped me up into a much better person, and the Flipturn that arrived at this forum on December 29th, 2012 was a much less rounded Flipturn than the one bidding you goodbye on May 29th, 2014 - an enormous 17 months of fun, craziness and my own self-development. For me, this forum represents the best portion of the best fandom. Back in 2012, before I'd discovered the fandom, I was in deep with my own problems. I could describe them in detail, but everyone has problems, so just know that I was struggling to carry on and ye olde typical psychological issues. When the Brony fandom came along on January 28th, it helped me restore a sense of faith in myself, and that the simplest ideals in life could be derived from the most unexpected of places. I remember watching Party Of One and my world view reformulating itself right then and there, in the optimism of Pinkie Pie surging through even when she, just like me, felt like the world was conspiring against her. That year was the repairing phase. 2013, where this forum was my life blood, was my total restoration phase. Without this forum being there, I'd never have given the widespread nature of this fandom much notice outside of the fact that it eased my own demons - without this forum, I'd never have met Brook, who convinced me to go to BUCK 2013, a Brony convention that brought out so much confidence in myself. Without this forum, I'd never have taken so much away from the role of the purple Moderator name, and how making decisions is a huge virtue in itself. I'd never have had a haven to have hearty chuckles where exam stress would otherwise unravel me, or the spontaneity of totally pointless yet extremely fun Brony forum trends. I'd never have found a reason to stay with the fandom throughout that Alicorn Twilight nonsense and everything else... and I'd never have become the much more complete and satisfied person I am now. You guys have truly been a bridge. n.n My goodness, I'm getting a little choked up now! My friends will all have me added already on Skype, Steam and whichever other mediums, but if you'd like to send me your own goodbyes, please check out my profile! There are a number of contact details at the bottom for if you want to send me a message while I'm out on voyages. And even if I get nothing, I will look back with infinite fondness on the times I've spent here. I simply can't call it anything less than the truest, purest pleasure to have rode with you guys throughout the past year and a half. But seriously, guys, thank you all for being you. Sailing off into the sunset, this is your resident Pinkie nut Flipturn signing out.
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    'Scootalove' was a popular fanon concept involving Rainbow Dash taking in Scootaloo as a sister figure during S1 and S2. On this day this beloved concept became canon, when Rainbow Dash not only took Scootaloo in as her surrogate sister, but as her protege, as well.
  6. I have found it disturbing that from time to time, certain members in their late 20s or more have publicly stated being in a relationship with minors on this site. One instance was while I was a staff member, so I will not disclose the details of what was discussed. However, this involved a person in their late 20s who publicly stated having a relationship with a girl who was 15. In another instance, I was not on staff and this involved someone in their late 20s having a public relationship with a 16 year old boy. My report actually facilitated a response that these members lived in a country where that was the age of consent. I made a secondary report that this online relationship started when the child was 15, clearly under the legal age of even that country. The administration shouldn't turn a blind eye to illegal activity. Just because this is okay in some countries, does not mean that a certain standard should not apply. Not to mention, in these countries where a young age of consent exists, Canada included, there is language in the law that states that a drastic age difference toward a minor shows sexual manipulation, which MLP Forums should not allow. I suggest that any adults having a relationship on MLP Forums with a minor under the age of 18 be subject to administrative action. MLP Forums and Poniverse should take a hard stance in protecting minors on this site from potential predators. Thanks.
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    Hello and welcome to For a long time now every friday our site Equestria.tv has hosted friday movie night where people from all over the forum can come and enjoy a night of movies. In the event we show two movies that have been suggested and voted on by you guys in our suggestion thread linked here. In Equestria.tv you can chat with the other users and have fun riffing or talking about things happening on the movie. Do you enjoy relaxing on Friday evening with some movies? Do you enjoy chatting and interacting with other users? Then you will certainly enjoy your time spent in Equestria.tv, so come and join the fun!
  8. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has given many of us years of entertainment, laughs, tears, friends, and memories. This project will be our way of saying thank you to the show staff, Hasbro, and even the characters. This project will be compiled into three categories. General Thank You (Video or Audio) - A simple statement of you saying "Thank You" Responding to a Prompt - There will be several questions or prompts that you can create a video to reply to. Dear <Insert Character> Letters - This is a text entry of you writing to a character on the show in the same style as how Twilight would write to Celestia. Here you can talk about what the character means to you or thank them for teaching you something. These text files can be uploaded as an audio file or you can opt to have an individual on staff read them for inclusion. https://mlpforums.com/event-team/thank-you-project/ Above is the submission system for videos, audio, and letters. You may do one or all three. Around the airing of the finale a final edited video of all of these submissions will be posted here, submitted to EqD, and also sent to show staff directly as I have a few on DM. This is your thanks to say thank you, and maybe tell them how the show changes your life. Below are several prompts that will help you if you decide to make a video file. If you decided audio, please submit your OC as well so that there is a visual to go along with your voice. Please try and submit clean audio only as it is hard to hear you if you are talking into a potato. Video / Audio questions How did you discover Friendship is Magic? What does being in the fandom mean to you? Have you made friends do to the show and community that came from it? What is your favorite memory of the show? What is your favorite memory of the fandom? If you could shake the hand of any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who would it be? Favorite character / Best Pony Favorite Episode Favorite Song Favorite Lesson Finally for those that record an audio or video reply, please end with a short statement of thanks. It can be general, to a part of the DHX team, or to a specific staff/crew. If a question doesn’t apply there isn’t a need to answer it.
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    First off, I am deeply sorry for the drama this afternoon. I know it was annoying, really I do. Never meant for this to happen. I am depressed. Yes, I know that's weird to hear from me but it's true. I was just thinking I should leave, maybe that's the cause. But no, it is not. I'm gonna find out though. You guys helped me today. I was just having a bad day, but you guys got on skype and helped. You really did, and I cannot thank you enough. I'm gonna make it through this, thanks to you guys. I'm still depressed, but I promise I will not depress you along the way. That was one worry, that I would end up one of those people forcing my problems down your throat and making you help me. I am not gonna do that. Just wanted to give you details about what happend and say thanks. I'll stay here for awhile thanks to you guys. Happy New Years by the way, and thanks again.
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    WARNING: Season 2, Episode 14 SPOILERS! https://mlpforums.com/calendar/event/23-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events In today's episode, Rainbow Dash called Derpy by name, rendering her previously fanon name official. Derpy then went on to have a full speaking role for a good minute or so in which she destroyed part of Ponyville's town hall, much to Rainbow Dash's frustration. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HT89b6lNOeg This event is significant because it proves, once and for all, that the show's creators are well aware of their fandom and listen to their viewers. Derpy originally began as a simple animation error in the show's pilot episode, but became a hit character among the fans.
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    Hello, about these times last year, a shy boy from Finland came into this happy site of MLP Forums, I didnt know what to do or what to say, I had no friends I was depressed lonely bullied and nothing was working. I had found MLP during summer and I had heard bronies were good people. So I decided to try MLP Forums in order to find some new friends. It all started quite quietly So to say But wait "My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy" I liked Fluttershy first I saw lot myself in her and I was shy like she was but only difference was that she had friends I didn't. I was quite surprised I got many welcomes in that thread of mine. I still was quite shy and afraid to make any posts really. I made first status update "I like silence" as the time passed I made some random posts somewhere. I had my two first friends I think Gone Airbourne and JamesBobbyJrReed Then i saw thread Rarity fan club I saw there was many posts in there and I though how Rarity has so much more than others, then I checked the place out and made one post there I saw people liked the post and were friendly to me then I posted there more I got always bit more and more comfortable. I still felt out of place and I felt I didnt belong in the group so I felt that maybe maybe if I knew the history I could fit in better, so I read every post posted in that thread it took maybe week or more but I felt little better but I still couldn't be myself I felt bit insecure. In october or november I decided to start welcoming new people in welcoming plaza threads. I remembered how happy I was when I was welcomen I felt that I need to be there for other ponies. And be their friend support them and make them feel that they belong. Christmas passed I felt more comfortable already but not yet 100% I continued and I think it was around february or January when I was super happy and I started using the smiley emoticons Because they made me feel happy. I got more and more comfortable and i had made many good friends but I felt still insecure and the end of march I finally started feeling better but then I saw my good friends Obsidian Sky and ghostfacekiller39 left the site. I didnt know what was going on I was quite devastated two of my great and wonderful friends now out of my reach. I felt comfortable posting at that time but I still had to cope with the loss It took couple months and I saw my friends SCS and Aquila left too I didnt know what to do . I just kept moving forward. Not too long ago I started personally greeting everyone into the forums I just felt that welcoming threads werent enough because not everyone made them. and now I'm here these days I can truly be happy here with all of my friends and have smile on my face it is because you all are absolutely fantastic and lovely people thank you everyone. Here is photo of me and my hair, I cant let my fears hold me back anymore!!!!
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    National Pink Day is one of those obscure holidays that nopony can find an origin for. Was it created to symbolize femininity, or was there some abstract beginning? As I said, nopony knows for sure. Mysterious as it is, it gave me an idea. On June 23rd, what better way to celebrate a day dedicated to pink than by hoisting up our favorite party pony! Let's celebrate all things Pinkie Pie. Update avatars and sigs, post your favorite Pinkie quotes in status updates, and post your favorite pic or screenshot of Pinkie (SFW pls) in the Pinkie Pie Fan Club on that day in order to have a chance in a random prize drawing for Pinkie Pie swag. Let's have a party all culminating with the relaunch of a long dormant project. To be eligible ... just post in the PPFC with a great Pinkie Pie image ... do what started this fandom .... POST PONIES! Keep checking this as the day gets closer
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    So, quick update just before I take myself off to bed. From this moment onward, until around mid-to-late June, I'm not going to be around very often. Tomorrow, my GCSE's begin, and while I typically take a very laid-back approach to exams, tests, school in general, these are the most important school anything, that I have ever endeavored in my entire life, up to this point. Bottom line, as much as hate to admit it, I HAVE to revise from now on. I HAVE to bring my A-game, get a good night of sleep, focus my spare time to my education as much as I possibly can. So, I'm sorry in advance. This is somewhat of a temporary goodbye. I may pop in whenever I see an opportunity to do so, but please don't expect anything that major. So, before I make my departure, please take these complimentary boops and cuddles, hopefully enough to make up for the lack of them in the near future. With that in mind: Boops (AND) Cuddles for @Rainy_days, @Sparklefan1234, @Foxy Socks, @Lunalicious Alexshy, @goofyg65, @Fluttershy Friend, @Mickey Adaptus, @Sketchy Tune, @Holiday Agnaktor, @Leere, @CypherHoof, @CrystalBloodMoon, @SolarFlare13, @Larrydog, @Barpy, @meck-can-ik pony, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @ChB, @Cyralicious, @Baymax, @Nightfall Gloam, @MiragetheChangeling, @Midnight Blaze 98, @SoberStarlight, @TigerGeekGuy, @Lore Finder, @TBD, Scoffer of TBA, @Duality, @SparklingSwirls, @iNachos10, @Wannabrony, @Prospekt, @Azul Maya, @Valencia, @Flutterstep, @Sherbert Music-Guard, Scoffer of Shortbread, @Nye, @ZethaPonderer, @Alexshy, @Techno Universal, @PoisonClaw, @luftschloss, @Summer Breeze, @Pvt. Cerberus, @Connie, @Nature Tune, @ultrairongorilla, @ShinGoji, @ShootingStar159, @Hierok, @WiiGuy2014, @TheRockARooster, @Faulty Circuit, @UltimateGhost3, @Alpakachii, @Kyoshi, @Cherry-Pie, @Chrysalis14, @Dreambiscuit, @Drunk Not I Am, @Frostcrystal, @Ganondorf8, @Lunar Echo, @Mlppotterwhoovian, @Mirage, @Silent, @King of Canterlot, @Yoye Wolfgrel, @Arid_Blitz, @Mesmelicious Rize, @kimba90, @Zachary, @CHA0SXIII, @ThunderCrush, @Gabosor, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Titans08Mariota, @Sylvester, @RainbowDashPrincess, @Morose, @meme, @We_R_VeNoM, @cuteycindyhoney, @Gone Airbourne, @Jonny Music, @Johnny1226, @Misty Shimmer, @Denim&Venom, @Snake Eater, @Vintjack Greasymane, @Olly, @Dark Horse, @Sherem, @Sunset Rose, @IronM17, @Panzy, Scoffer of Rings, @Simcity11100, @SkyPie, @DasCapschen, @Tempest Feri, @Tao, @Catsle, @NightmareLuna1996, @Penguinbrony2409, @Divine plywood, @Frostgage, @Yumekai, @Kitty_Cat, @Jeric, @Rhythm Red, @Kronos the Revenant, @Trotteur Sauvage, @Snake Eater, @A.V., @Lucky Bolt, @shadowwarp940, @Cyclone 1066, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Momento Mori, @LPS MLP, @Dark Qiviut, @Sylveon, @Captain Clark, @The Shyest One, @princess celestia2, @Recherche, @Widdershins, @Tacodidra, @Moondancer is best, @Matraxial Artemis, @marc trainfan, @Rising Dusk, @Butterscotch Pony and a true, true friend, @The_Gobo. (Boops and cuddles TOGETHER?! Revelution, I know.) So, with that out of the way, goodbye and goodnight everypony. Trust me, in the time that we are apart, I will miss you all greatly. I have treasured the moments that I have had here in the last year or so, and I am so looking forward to our next encounter, in a time not so long from now.
  14. Awww, I've been booped so many times! Now it's my turn. Rikifive uses Boop Chain skill! Boop Chain Performs boops to multiple ponies in a very short period of time. Deals 1 boop per boop Can boop up to 100 ponies Cannot boop the same pony twice 35% chance to get like for each boop boop'd ponies have 1400% increased chance to boop you back in their next turn Each boop has 9% chance to glitch the mentioning system Cost: 8 MP 26 EP "Boop!" @Jeric @Lightwing @Fluttershy Friend @Snow @SolarFlare13 @Johnny1226 @Geralt of Poland @Penguinbrony24 @Totally Lyra @ProbablyNotLyra @Fade @Silver Note @Baby Dashie *it broke...* @Compeador @Meeps @Prospekt @Buzz *it broke again...* @Crescent Forest @Burpy @StrawCherry @Libra @Niko @VengefulStrudel @WiiGuy2014 *ah, it glitched...* @Ginger Ale @Dark Horse @String Note @meme @The_Gobo @Zachary @ZethaPonderer *oh, so that's how you break...* @.Wolfe. @Randimaxis @lyra as a princess @Derplight Sperkle @Catsle @Wacko Wolf @Lady Kiriness @Glacies Frost @Lunar Echo @Kyoshi @cuteycindyhoney @Fhaolan @Sparklefan1234 @Alexshy @Batbrony aaaand @Mesme Rize have been booped! (These aren't totally random boops) Some decent quality artworks all over the place, it's time for some poor quality art. Look snek pone what I've just made. ULTIMATE SNEK BOOP Aww much snek, very boop, me wants some squeeeeeeeze!
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    THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS. NON-PONY IDENTITY DAY IS BACK! What is Non-Pony Identity Day? Ah, glad you asked! Well, my friends, Non-Pony Identity Day is an exciting day on which we change our avatars, signatures, and/or usernames (whatever you wish!) to something that isn't from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Whether it's wizards, robots, historical figures, GabeN, or even past generation MLP, you're free to use anything you want (within the rules, of course!). Check out the NPID from last year. Why non-pony? Isn't this a pony site? For fun! More than just a pony site, we're also a brony site! We're a community of people who just so happen to have ponies as a common interest. That means all of us are unique individuals, each with our own diverse range of interests. Think of this day as an opportunity to express yourself. Diversity, buck yeah! So with that, have fun!
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    Finally time to revive my blog, but unfortunately it won’t be something upbeat like last time. This is somewhat of a farewell letter to all of my friends here just in case I don’t come back. If you don’t know about my current situation you may be asking yourself why I’m leaving. Well to start things off you can check out my latest status updates to see how I’m dealing with it. Basically, my mother doesn’t want me to be on the forums, and coincidentally at the same time, my boyfriend here, Dsanders, is also being forced to leave the forums. It is a very tough time for the both of us since this is our home away from home, our internet family, and we love spending time on here talking to our friends and of course each other. However due to our current situations we may not even get to talk to each other as frequently anymore. If you want to learn more about what he’s going through, you can go here to read all about it. I warn you though, you might shed some tears. The reason why these forums are so special to me is because despite at first just being a place where I could socialize with lots of people and kill off my boredom, it became something very significant in my life. I found myself logging on when I had an argument with my mother and just wanted to cheer myself up. My friends here have always given me advice and helped me get through these past few months of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys, and I can’t thank you enough for all the support and friendship you have given me during my time here. These forums really do reflect the magic of friendship and what makes it so great, and I never thought I would think of internet friendships as real and close as my irl friendships. Sadly though I may not be able to cherish these friendships anymore for much longer. I have tried constantly to get on when my mom isn’t looking just to check up on my friends, and kill off my boredom, but eventually I was doomed to get caught. It’s happened before, but the supervision hasn’t been so tight, now however it will be. I have been writing this while she’s resting in bed because she’s not doing so well right now and I’m always praying for her health, but despite how much I love and respect her, I will always hate how she’s separating me from my friends and of course my one true love. Me and Dsanders met here when I was a member for about a month or two, we talked casually at first as regular friends do, but something about him made the conversations seem endless and amazing. I never got bored of them and I still don’t. I even stayed up till 4 in the morning sometimes talking to him when my mom was away. Sadly due to him starting senior year those late night conversations got cut off, but our bond kept strengthening until I realized I had a crush on him. This had never happened to me before and it felt strange to finally have feelings for a boy, especially online of all places. I didn’t know he felt the same way until he posted on a thread that he had a crush on me, and shortly after a month long separation from the forums on my part, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I accepted happily and ever since then our love for each other has just grown stronger. Our bond is truly unbreakable, and no amount of hardships has been able to tear us apart, not even this one at the moment. Since we are both leaving the forums (although I will still try to get on whenever my mom isn’t watching, but that may be rare and definitely less frequent than usual) our communication will definitely be at a limit. His parents are still letting him stay in contact with me thankfully and I will try my best to talk to him via another site or Skype. Since my mom is monitoring everything that may prove difficult but I will fight to keep this love alive, because I don’t want to lose the boy I love. So thank you Chris for making my life absolutely wonderful since we first started this relationship, and I know we will keep fighting so it can live on forever. Even if my situation may get harder and we may be forced to cease overall communication for a very long time, I will never forget you and I promise with all of my heart that I will never abandon you for another. You are the only boy I can love, and I won’t ever forget about the wonderful times we’ve had together. And as for all of my amazing friends on here, even if I never got to know a lot of you personally, you are all great people and I will never forget you either. You will always hold a special place in my heart and you will always be my friends. Goodbye until further notice. I’m not sure how much I can come on from now on, but I may randomly pop in every now and then if possible. Thank you everybody, keep calm and pony on. For Sanderspie:
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    @Alphabet Soup, @Anti-Villain, @applesjck, @Arc Flash, @Astral Vision, @Bastian, @Blivy, @Cagey, @Cash In, @CatCat, @ChB, @Crimson storm, @Crosswind, @Dark Horse, @Darksword66, @dashie2020, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Derpy Pon-3, @DivinePony1000, @DJ Wolfe, @Dreambiscuit, @Dynamo Pad, @Emerald Heart, @EpicEnergy, @EquesWrestlingEnt, @EtherealSpectre, @flutterJackdash, @IronM17, @J.T., @Lil'Cinnamon, @Lord Valtasar, @Meemfestivefox, @Mellow Mane, @Mirage, @Misscellanio, @Muffinnz, @Nsxile, @Operetta, @Pastel-chan, @Phosphor, @Prospekt, @Randimaxis, @RaraLover, @Regal Shadow, @Rikifive, @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine, @Serenity Sunbeam, @SolarFlare13, @Sparklefan1234, @Splashee, @StarrySkyDash, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Tacodidra, @TBD, @TheRockARooster, @Totally Nyx, @Treeglow Flicker, @Troblems, @Windy Breeze, @Zero You guys are awesome and I hope you know that! I enjoy reading your posts and receiving your comments, it makes it a very welcoming community. I know operetta isn't there anymore but they welcomed me here very fast. Rara & Taco & Nyx.. damn you guys gave me lotsa brohoofs Blivy & Ducky I love being around you
  18. Hello there! I had something in mind for some time. Um.. No idea what to say. Basically, since the rank system is one of the most frequently asked questions, I've decided to try to draw it in order to give it some fancy visual look. Does that make sense? Yeah, the concept seemed nice, but it turned out to be bad- or at least that's what I think. I may have derp'd or overlooked few things, but welp- originally I wanted to abandon ship and throw it to trash, but I guess I'll post it here, so that you all could laugh. At least I tried something-- SCIENCE YAY! So, I'll just leave it here and quickly run away. I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess you can count it as MLP Forums fan art? At least the book looks good. ... Does it?
  19. Boops @ChB, @Celli, @Mesme Rize, @TheRockARooster, @Mickey Adaptus, @WiiGuy2014, @Lucky Bolt, @hopkey123, @Steve Piranha, @Lunar Echo, @NightmareLuna800, @The Cerberus,@Rikifive, @Woohoo, @TBD, @StrawCherry, @RDFan89, @ScruffyTheStallion, @Dark Qiviut, @King Clark, @Tilgoreth, @Mirage77, @Fluttershy Friend, @Jeric,@ooReiko, @PiratePony, @Kyoshi, @PathfinderCS, @Dark Horse, @Leere, @Stormfury, @Foxy Socks, @PoisonClaw, @TigerGeekGuy, @GrimGrimoire, @Sunset Rose,@Nature Tune, @meme, @TempestShadow, @Storminess, @SolarFlare13, @Flutterstep, @Valencia, @Nightfall Gloam, @Pink Feather, @CypherHoof, @Ganondorf8, @Prospekt, @Alexshy, @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage, @IronM17, Duality, @Snowflurry, @Sparklefan1234, @Trottermare Galamane, @The_Gobo, @We_R_VeNoM, @Count Werdowp, @C. Thunder Dash, @Fennekin, @Lightwing, @Crosswind, @Ginger Ale. And of course @Califorum, and @SparklingSwirls.
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    I'm sick I've been hiding this for too long from myself and from everyone. I clop. I dont want to do it but because I'm weird I do it I want to stop it but I cant. Its been depressing me because I dont want to do it but I still do it and it angers me so much. I feel so weak when I cant stop myself. I feel that Im just a pretender who keeps up the good image and then does bad things when no one sees. I wanted to deny that I do it but it didn't make me feel better. I've been trying to stop it but It's hard for me. I just want to stop myself thanks. I dont really want to talk about this thing anymore I hope this helps me stop it. And I can forget this crap.
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    Ok this is me and how MLP Forums helped me! I have been trying to fit into the society my entire life. I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn't want any attention into myself. I didn't realize back then that only way I would fit in was to not to fit in. So I was pushed away from groups and I ended up standing in corners quietly and sitting alone in somewhere. I was always alone. No one noticed me. When I tried to say something to someone they were like I didn't say anything. That hurt me and I started thinking myself that I am no one. I am not wanted. I went deeper into my shell. I started to get depressed because I was bullied being different. I still didn't realize that because I tried to not to be different that was my difference compared to others. I stopped eating at school. My health started getting worse. No one talked to me people just watched me and laughed. I was just trash that people kicked away. I wasn't accepted. I started going deeper into myself and getting my shell stronger. I was just a machine. There were not any emotions on my face anymore. I didn't react to bullying anymore. I stopped reacting to anything. I didn't smile. I didn't cry, but I was crying still inside. I locked myself and my emotions so deep that no one would ever judge me because of them again! It got so bad that I thought jumping off from a bridge once Then one sad day. It was just normal day. On my Swedish class when the break started I stayed at class with some other students. Then teacher put that one TV:Show rolling on the screen. It was talk show and the guest was a brony. He was asked why he liked the show. My teacher laughed at him. Then I started wondering why this guy goes to talk show willingly when he was only mocked there. I realized that there had to be something bigger behind this. I started watching the show and I loved it. Fluttershy was the character I could relate. I watched all the episodes. Then I thought: "That's it?" I wanted more! I started searching something from the Google and I saw MLP Forums. I was checking this site out from June to August. I created account here 11 day of August! I started posting 18 day. It took me while to realize how great this place actually is. This place is heaven. Everyone is friendly and accepting and I realized that I don't need to hide in my shell anymore! It was 13 years since I was last time myself. This time I didn't want to be like everyone else. This is the only place where I am something and not just no one. This is the only place where I can be. I don't want to be no one anymore. I'm starting to loosen up a little IRL too and because of this I'm no longer so deep in myself.
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    So lately, popularity has been a subject here. These people are the coolest members, those people are wicked nice, et cetera et cetera. But you know what? Who cares if you're popular or not? Yeah, it's cool and all that you have a lot of friends or five or so girls hit on you every single day, but does this make you better than anyone else? No! Am I better than everyone who only began gaming recently because I've been at it since the mid-1990s? No! Are you better than everyone else because you like that Magica Madoka thing that everyone is talking about now? No! You are no better nor worse than anyone else regardless of how popular you are or because of certain things about you. Just my two cents. Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments below. The Internet should not be a popularity contest, imho.
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    Let a pony know that you care today.
  24. We have always been protective of those who post in there, so now is a good time to remind everyone what it is for and what it isn’t for. This is going to be one of those times that staff are going to be accused of being draconian or promoting some sort of political movement nonsense. Let me get right out in front of that now. No matter how strongly you disagree with how we have run that section, no matter how wrong you feel we are, it isn’t changing. This isn’t a negotiable part of MLPF. In short, we are 100% comfortabe with how we approach Life Advice. Don’t life that? Ignore the section then. Now that that is out of the way There are three general reasons people would use Life Advice 1. Mental well being help. Basically someone is feeling lost afraid or needs someone to talk to and are comfortable doing so in public. It isn’t a place to say you will commit suicide, but it can be a place to say that you struggle with that. No, no one on staff is a Licensed Mental Health worker, and most times we can and do point you to resources to help. The community is likely not equipped to help you with serious mental health issues. What we can do is listen, be supportive, and be friendly. Remember those three words. 2. Venting. Usually people just want to get something off their chest and it is too personal to do so in a blog. Life Advice topics do not show up in search or on the index or on google. It is a protected forum for this very reason. It has been for many many years. Venting doesn’t mean that the person wants a reply. Just getting something out in public can be cathartic and a stress release. It is not and has never been an invitation to challenge the persons view point. Listen, be supportive, be friendly. It is NOT a debate section. If someone’s vent is related to personal opinions that you disagree with, you don’t have a pass to rebut them there. We have dozens of forums on MLPF where you can strongly disagree with a viewpoint. This isn’t one of them. Don’t like it? I really don’t know what to tell you. 3. General adulting and Advice. Say you are dealing with something that isn’t a mental health issue but you need advice. Major selection, telling a friend you are gay, how to adult, remove pests from your house, etc. Advice. Easy. You can post general “How do I adult” topics here too. And people can offer advice, and even counter suggestions. What you shouldn’t do when you reply to this area is engage a responder in a full on debate on why his advice is wrong. You are here to talk to the OP. Keep that in mind. Listen, be supportive, be friendly. It simply comes down to this — if you have nothing nice to say — stay out. Alternatively there is this amazing feature called Messages that allows you to engage someone directly instead of publicly. If you honestly feel that the person needs a direct and honest opinion, maybe try that route. After all you came there to help right? So a personal one-on-one with that approach is far better than a self-serving public reply that feeds into the general psychology of “I wanna be seen as smart and right”. If you are honestly trying to help, go offline. Final comment on this before I post and lock this topic (this isn’t up for debate) ... if you genuinely see advice someone is giving in there that is dangerous or harmful by all means report it. Like I said, we heavily monitor that forum, and I personally read every post. That said a well thought out report could make us see where a post is not that helpful. That’t about it. Be good to each other guys.
  25. Normally i refrain myself from saying anything bad about this forum, because i love this place and alot of people here have always been good to me. But the debate pit is the most toxic place on this whole forum and it has been especially bad in the last few months. It seems like 80% of the time anything political comes up (especially when it comes to our current US President) it turns into a bickering and fingerpointing war on both sides and the people who try to reason for a bit are just left in the dust. In the worst case, threads are locked and users are banned from the topic, making them feel unwelcome because they might see this as an attack on their political believes. I know that this is quite an extreme request, but how much does it actually benefit our community? I feel like it only damages this place more then it actually helps and i would love it if we all could get along together, instead of feeling distant from another.
  26. Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays to ALL of my AMAZING friends! @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @Zyrael @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire @Sunset Rose @SparklingSwirls @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Duality Have a Derpy Thanksgiving!by cheezedoodle96
  27. "Fluttershy always learns the same lesson!" "Twilight was better before she had wings!" ...I've think we've got a new most meta episode. I swear, the writers must've spent a weekend reading through every brony site and created this. Also the song is what you send someone who claims someone's out of character.
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    well i think i'll need some time off from this site . interface here has grown against me and my habit of being and it interferes my posting abilities i, i also sense too much unhsppiness around in near me and i need to breathe though i will miss welcoming new happy members here most since it really brightens my day to greet them so i might still come in and greet them sometimes though postingh topicsand posts feels too tough because of the stuff going on wit my posts i come back when i fel more happy but i'll be in skype and deviantart under the same name if anyone needs me
  29. Hey all, Okay, we've set all new users (Blank Flanks) so that they are on mod queue until at least one of their posts is approved by a mod. The idea being that the spammer bots we're being inundated with recently won't be able to get past that as they don't seem capable of creating a 'normal' post before flying off onto selling us counterfeit degrees or whatever the heck they are doing. I honestly don't know if that setting means that everyone who was already in Blank Flank when I flipped that bit is also going to be hit by this restriction. IP.B is weird, and it might do some things retroactively for all we know. If you seem to suddenly be on mod queue for no apparent reason, don't panic, it's not because of something you did. This is temporary until the Poniverse developers free up some time to look at the Poniverse Universal Login system and put a captcha or something similar on the thing so spammer bots can't keep signing up for accounts in the first place.
  30. Remember that mysterious inscription Sunburst found on one of the stones in Ponehenge in Season 7 finale? Well, I've just cracked it It is written in a runic alphabet called Elder Futhark: and it says: Nice one, DHX, you trolls
  31. *Boops* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65@WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @Chrysalis13 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire@Sunset Rose @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 *Boops* @Duality
  32. @Sparklefan1234 *didn't know that Mesme Rize hypnotized her to boop* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Dark Horse @TheRockARooster @goofyg65@WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire@Sunset Rose @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 *Mesme giggled, as he then booped @Sparklefan1234 out of the trance*
  33. Oh, mine little ponies, hither ye are *chuckles, then groans, supporting her head with a hoof* Those headaches!!! I guess tis not an excuse to keep mine vlorous subjects unbooped. * @The Cerberus can be seen sitting on her head,trying to remedy the pain and looking out through Luna's mane with Tiberius sitting on his head obviously* *spreads wings sending the Feathers of Boop to @CypherHoof @Fluttershy Friend @Nature Tune (hot drinks and bakery in mine study ) @Wolfgrel @Holiday Agnaktor @TempestShadow @Totally Lyra @Valencia (meet your Tia, ye all) @Mirage @Sparklefan1234 @Flutterstep @Denim&Venom @Baby Dashie @Lucky Bolt @Snow @PathfinderCS @Techno Universal @ChB @The Gobok @KirbyFluttershy @Windchime @Duality @The_Gobo @Storminess @AlienCrafter @meme @Mesme Rize @Crescent Forest @Feather Scribbles @Concerned Bystander @SugarCoatxMarblePie @Widdershins @Dark Qiviut @ThunderCrush @Jeric @GrimGrimoire @Leere @Luna @TigerGeekGuy @The Cerberus @WiiGuy2014 @Prospekt @Rikifive @Trotteur Sauvage @Ani @Count Werdowp @Lightwing @Fennekin @Sun Ray @ZethaPonderer @Princess Aurora Wolf @SparklingSwirls @Aqua Sunshine @Barpy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Chrysalium @Foxy Socks @Johnny1226 @Lavender Mist @Mint Chaser @Niko @Penguinbrony2409 @Mint Chaser @SoberStarlight @Spark The Kirin @Twilight Karamel @Well Borne @Shadow Beam@Princess Cadence Feri * Phew! Tis the largest Boopernova so far *takes breath* And the largest summoning... *giggles lightly*
  34. *Throws snowball at* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @Zyrael @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire @Sunset Rose @SparklingSwirls @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Duality
  35. Thanks to @Hierok, @WiiGuy2014 & @Mesme Rize for appreciating me. Aside from you, I'd like to send out my feelings of appreciation to @ChB my Best Forum Friend Five-Ever! as well as, @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra@Denim&Venom @TheRockARooster@Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Literally Snails @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @Zyrael @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire @Sunset Rose @SparklingSwirls @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @Sione @TempestShadow @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Kenshiro @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Duality You all rock!
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    Back when I came on here in July of last year, I saw a feeling of equalization among the members of the MLP Forums. People respected each other, and I rarely saw anyone being left out. And, if people were feeling left out, there would always be a person there who would get to know them, and be friends with them. From the way I see it, now, those days are gone. Not for me, because I try my hardest to be there and make new members feel welcome. But, for a majority of the forums, we've been conditioned to favortize popular members at the expense of excluding others, and it makes me sick. Granted, I understand people have their favorite members, and they have their best pals on here. But, frequently, I see threads popping up like "Who's your best friend on the forums?" or "Who's the nicest member?" I'm not just talking about a few members here. We've been conditioned to publicly favoritize. What makes me sick is that I've publicly addressed why I don't like threads like these. These threads hurt peoples' feelings, and most of the time, it's not even intentional. I keep saying "Who cares?" because, in the end, everyone should be treated with an equal amount of respect. Everyone should be the nicest members, because everyone here is nice. But, I'm tired of reiterating this, so I'm displaying it now for everyone to see. I don't care about popularity and favoritizing members, and you shouldn't either. I'm not directing this to certain members, I'm directing it to everyone. Because, let's face it; we've all favoritized on these threads at least once, and I think it's absolute garbage. This is suppose to be a social network, a place where people talk about topics. I didn't come here to win a popularity contest, and I certainly didn't come here to talk about people. I came here to be the best person I can be, whether people recognize me for it or not. And I think you should too.
  38. October 3, 2011 .... less than a year after launch of the show ... a young man named Kurtiss and Feld0 launches this site. It’s easy to take things for granted, but if not for these wild eyed enthusiasts seeing a need for a forum based community in those early days of the fandom, a few lives would be different. Maybe not for most users, but for a few. With the show wrapping up this month, I think now is a good time to take a step back and consider how far you’ve come as individuals. Have you met any friends here? Had a fun time or two? Won a couple of tense debates? What were some of your favorite moments on here? Most of you know my own story by now, so I won’t make this about me. I do want you to also raise a glass to a user that is no longer here that you want to remember. This site was built on the words and personalities of many people who have left over the years. Some fell away from the site, some were hit my the life bus, some passed on. Take a second or two to remember those individuals today, those are whose voices still echo in these halls even today. Raise a cider to them and smile that there were once a part of this ridiculous yet fantastic group of nutcases
  39. Alright everyponyone it's our turn to provide water for cloudsdale again this year, but many ponies are on vacation during summer, so i decided to recruit you all on these forums, we have about 700 wingpower with those that remain here, so we'll need you to provide the extra 100 minimum, if you have no wings, don't worry, Twilight has developed a device that who knows how it works, but it lets you do it, so let's do this! , i'm counting on you after we're done, free pillows for everyone who helped so they can rest after a day's hard work (that pillow will be on badge form, good luck)
  40. Hello, everyone! We've just upgraded the forums to the latest and greatest version of IP.Board. This update has fixed several security issues, which we wanted; it has also introduced some new features, which we didn't want. For example, our likes system seems to have been replaced with some sort of reaction system, which we don't want either. We also need to fix our theme now. We hope to get it all sorted out quickly. If you notice anything broken, please let us know below. Thank you!
  41. *Boops* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65@WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @Chrysalis13 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire@Sunset Rose @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 *Boops* @Duality
  42. *Boops* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65@WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @ShootingStar159 @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire@Sunset Rose @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 *Boops* @Duality Steel bucketby Plainoasis
  43. To celebrate the 7th birthday of MLPForums, we will be holding a casual voice chat party on our Poniverse Discord server. No grand plans, just a bunch of friends and fellow bronies hanging out and talking about the history of MLPF through wonderfully frosty rose tinted glasses. We never tried this sort of thing before, so I have no idea how chaotic it will be, but here's hoping for some fun memories. Where - Poniverse Discord When - October 3rd, 2018 6:00 PM EST till ???? Who - You! Hopefully.
  44. These are now posted and can be read by clicking on the Guidelines link in the menu bar. Most of the rules are the same, we just simplified them. You still cannot be an asshat to other users, asking for or giving our links for illegal downloads, NSFW, shitposting, plagerizing art, posting links to eBay, slurs, and the like. We've added and condensed some things too. Making similar topics because you are on a tirade against a specific whatever will now be treated is spam. Explicitly stated is something that was never done before in text. Don't treat our staff like garbage. We aren't going to count your characters in a post, but we can address a trend of short text content and such as low quality, spammy, junk. Basically the biggest rule here is don't be an ass to others. Also, if you are doing something that is just plain annoying and not covered by rules (spoiling episodes, screamers, css breaking text, going batshit crazy with text colors), we can tell you to chill or knock it off. That's about it. It won't take you more than a minute or two to read the rules. Each section that has it's own subset of rules will have an separate easy to see post and page will similarly simplistic language. Also, points previously fell off a little at a time. Now all points assessed during a warning will drop off after 90 days. The Future Coming down the line are several changes that don't have to do with rules. More events. Updated rank badges. and Fan Club posts will count toward postcount (again) while returning to its original purpose of friendly fan-centric discussion of a specific character. Banner submissions will be simplified. Roleplay and Octavia's Hall will undergo some streamlining with OH gaining a focus on learning, Awards will be implemented for using MLPF in new ways, the character database and sheets will updated, a new database for FanFics, and a lot more. It's going to a busy year as we take this community and bring it closer. We may be smaller than we were a few years ago, but with that comes opportunities to evolve MLPF to become a greater nexus of friendship. Pony on!
  45. *Boops* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65@WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire@Sunset Rose @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 *Boops* @Duality
  46. *Boops* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65@WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire@Sunset Rose @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 *Boops* @Duality
  47. *boops both @The Cerberus and @DashYoshi with Spike's certain episode greed* *feathery boops to @CypherHoof @Nature Tune @TempestShadow @Mint Chaser @Yoye Wolfgrel @Totally Lyra @Rikifive @Mirage @Lucky Bolt @Baby Dashie @Sketchy Tune @Snow @Holiday Agnaktor @Hieroklicious @KirbyFluttershy @ChB @Mesme Rize @Techno Universal @PathfinderCS @Snowflurry @Prospekt @Foxy Socks @Steve Piranha @Sparklefan1234 @Duality @Celli @Denim&Venom @Princess Aurora Wolf @Windchime @SoberStarlight @Leere @Deae Rising Shine~ @TigerGeekGuy @Trottermare Galamane @Flutterstep @SolarFlare13 @GrimGrimoire @Sunset Rose @Trotteurliciously Sauvage* *sisterly boop to @Valencia* *totally special boop, hug and nuzzle to @Fluttershy Friend*
  48. *Throws Party Grenade* @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @WiiGuy2014 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Sione@Literally Snails @Woohoo@SoberStarlight @TBD @Pink Feather@RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Foxy Socks @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire @Sunset Rose @SparklingSwirls @Nature Tune @Azul Maya @TempestShadow @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Nightfall Gloam @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Duality
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    Alright, so I'm going to try and keep this simple, being a fan of brevity where possible with this sort of thing, but we'll just have to see what happens. Following BronyCon, either the Wednesday or Friday after, I'm resigning from my position as an administrator. Before rumors begin floating around or the truth becomes mangled in a game of Telephone, let me make a few things clear here. I'm not resigning due to any conflicts with the staff or grudges with any of them individually or collectively; I like them. This has nothing to do with any particular member or group of members either. This decision is entirely arbitrary. A decision I've made with only my best interests in mind. Don't ask me for any more clarification than that. I've already discussed this with those I cared to. The reason I'm bothering to post this is I don't want you to message me about any more concerns pertaining to the forum or staff. Those will go promptly into the trash. I'll wrap up what outstanding projects/requests I have before me now, which is the main reason I'm still listed as an admin. Ask someone else if you need something. edit: Woo, 'bout damn time.