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    I can't believe that Hypno Pony shit worked...I got lucid and broke my concentration and I'm ghost again, but being unable to feel your toes and fingers and not caring and realizing how cheap the gem in your class ring actually is was kinda freaky o_O I'm going to bed...I dunno. I feel like I like Rarity even more now, if that were possible It was a REALLY freaky experience, but I want to do it again tomorrow night!! It felt really relaxing...it was awesome, but weird o_O Yeahh, that was too long to be a status update, and I deemed it necessary to bold it and purple it Anyway, goodnight, MLPForums!! I'm kinda tripping right now, so I'm just going to lay down and sleep.
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    Hey guys, I know its been a while since I've written up one of my blogs. But I feel as though this is kinda serious and that some passing people may read it. But I'm considering leaving the forums, not for ever of course. I love it here, I have many a friend and I love so many people on here, but sometimes the bad outweighs the good. I'm actually thinking that maybe I just ignore everything except for just a roleplay, I have heaps of other stuff to do so I'm sure that the very distracting forums won't be much of a distraction anymore, but I think thats really the only activity you'll see from me. Or if I have to work through here, which is possible because I do have a round of messages to do for the Inquisition project. But I just have been getting a lot of abuse on here, I already have one continuous abuser that I was able to get out of my life for the most part, though sometimes I see the "you've ignored the member's post" when I go through threads. I blocked him fully to the best I can. But recently an old abuser popped up again. I can't deal with threats to myself or my team right now, nor the abuse we were getting. Hopefully that situation will be dealt with somehow, but you never really know with the internet of course. Many people here have also been very depressing, rude, mean, they've been arguing, I get about a million status updates of people who want to die or they don't feel appreciated or anything. I'm usually fine with the status updates, there's always someone out there whose depressed and I like to help them out the best I can, and so do many other people. But they have sky-rocketed to the roof lately and it's slightly bringing back my own depression and thoughts. I don't want them, I've gotten rid of them for a while now and I don't like being all happy and bubbly on the outside while I already feel the knife on my throat on the inside. I don't want to go back there, I really don't. All these things that people are shoving to the world is really triggering for me, or at least when I'm exposed to it every 10 mins, and I can't seem to get away from it since it seems to be everywhere. And last but not least, my health has been really bad lately. Sometime ago the doctors said to me that I wasn't going to live for very much longer, which sure as hell hit hard for me and my family. I was told that I should be careful, because it is possible that I could drop dead at any moment, and dear god that scares me so much, and my poor mum who is taking care of me. Though not long ago, after my wish day, the doctors said. "Hey, we think that you've been doing really well Sab. We're going to put you on some more and new meds and I think that we may have you in a good spot. Let's say that we don't think that your going to drop dead any second. Though please do be careful." That's what I got last time I visited them, great news really. But of course, I've been getting some side affects from the new meds and my body is still degrading on me. So I'll keep living till I'm not no more, but I'm hoping to get to the doctors soon and so they can help. I keep having to wear long pants when I go out or if people or family is coming over, I don't like people seeing the weird blotches on my legs and at least the rest are covered up anyway, but hell it's bloody hot over. God damn it summer! Why must you plague me! Sorry, went a little funny there. I guess I can't help trying to be a little light hearted about this kind of stuff, I usually do it anyway. But of course my heart hasn't been faring too well either, it seems as though the body is either giving up but not, or its confused as to whether it wants to die or not. I don't understand most of it, I just sit here and feel and the pain and watch it, its very scary really from my view. But hopefully you guys can accept my reasons as too why I may be leaving. I think I'll be going with something along the lines where I'll only be on here for 3 reasons, but for everything else I just wont bother dealing with. I think that is personal messages (may not reply anyway unless they're important), an amazing roleplay I have been waiting to partake in- and I had quit all my other rps and the like so I could join this one and not feel overwhelmed, and my request thread on here too. I still want to practice my skills in that field and the rp I'm too excited about to just give up on it, I'm sorry guys but there is just too much going on right now on here and in real life. I'll still be working though, I don't want to complete drop everything since I do care about a lot of people, but I'm just unsure about everything really. Right now I actually still unsure of staying or not, but I know that I have at least presented my case already so I can just slip away if I decide too. Thanks to all who read this and the like. Sai
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    All this people around me, braking. Is even i could make me sad, First was my Friend Blue Blur now my friend Rescal. I my self try stay strong for my friends, but feel they slipping trough my finger and am unable do anything stop there spire into sadness and grief. Well all i really can do i gauss is tall them is going be okay and that you will get trough this. And hope for the best. So for all my friends out there, never stop, and never give up. https://soundcloud.com/sig-hoovestrong/never-give-up-uplifting
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    I'm back, still very weak but back none the less
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    I said in my last entry that I wouldn't mention consoles in this entry, so I delivered. Wait, didn't I just mention consoles in this? Dammit! So 4K has been viewed by PC gamers as the "next big thing" after 1440p and there already are several 4K monitors out there or will become available soon. Now, what is 4K, you ask? It's used to refer to Ultra HD, or 3840x2160, four times the pixels of my screen's 1920x1080 (or twice the horizontal and vertical resolutions.) Basically, a much sharper resolution capable of showcasing more detail than 1080p or 1440p while displaying a smoother image as it's packing more pixels. Currently there are 31.5" monitors available from Asus and Sharp - the Asus being nothing more than a rebranded Sharp, essentially, but priced lower at $3500. Dell is supposed to be making a 24" 4K monitor and LG is believed to be announcing a 4K monitor of their own at CES 2014. Now, onto gaming! Is the technology for 4K gaming there yet? The short answer is no, while the long answer is nooooooooooooo. The Asus/Sharp monitors consist of two 1920x2160 controllers combined into a single 3840x2160 image, the refresh rate is limited to a paltry 30Hz unless you use dual-link DVI cables and the prices of the monitors, even the Asus one (which Asus says is more "consumer-friendly") is too high. For gaming, you need at least two GTX Titans or R9 290Xs in SLI/CrossFire to achieve just 30FPS and for 60FPS you need to quad-SLI/CrossFireX the cards, making the already high entry price even more expensive. In fact, nVIDIA never offered proper support for a monitor using two video controllers until a few drivers ago - AMD was leading in that regard. Will we be pushing 4K/60FPS as the next "golden standard" for PC gaming in... say, 5 years? Yes, but right now? No. The technology just isn't there yet and it's too expensive for even some PC gamers with massive budgets at their disposal. For now, 1440p is the "next big thing" in PC gaming after 1080p. And yes, I have seen Battlefield 3 in 4K. It's damn beautiful. But the frame rate was only 31FPS - which is considered unacceptable by PC FPS standards.
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    AKA 'New Years Day'. THIS DAY IN A NUTSHELL:
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_nxqI7DzTc Watch this!
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    Once again, I'm really sorry to hear about all of this and your bad health. I only hope that my RP can bring some joy into your life, and make you forget the awful depressing troubles of the rest of this place. I really appreciate you staying for it and quitting all of your other RPs to partake. I'll definitely try my best to keep it alive, interesting, and fun for all. Let's make it an awesome go!
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    Be strong, but take brake from forum if feel you need it. And don't think abut dos people vise you bad things to much. You second person to day, i linked this too. https://soundcloud.com/sig-hoovestrong/never-give-up-uplifting
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    Focus, i never felt i head any kind of focus in my life what so ever. And do wonder how have affected me as a person, has it been for better our the worse? To be honest, i have no clue. But wonder what would become of me if head one mine thing i spent all my energy at as young school student. And wonder where would be if i head a one track mind? Some time could probably use bit of focus. But i do believe wouldn't be same person i am now, if weren't for my chaotic past.
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    So tonight is the night of the PoniArcade launch event, which I am referring to Members vs. Mods (a la Mann vs. Machine). I have decided that yes, I am gonna stream it. Tune in tonight at 9PM eastern to my Twitch.tv channel to see it happen live if you are unable to make it. And for those of you who are gonna make it, GIVE 'EM HELL, BOYS!
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    I've been incessantly rambling about how proud I am of, well, myself, for accomplishing what I have since joining this site on October 24th, 2013, for the past week. I cannot believe that I forgot about today being my 2 month anniversary of joining this site! Well, regardless, here's been my journey and experience on these forums so far, since joining 2 months ago today. So gather 'round, chillun. Story-time. I remember the first day I joined