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    Have you ever wondered "WHY DO THE PONIES MATCH THE WORDS IN PMVS ARE THEY MAGIC AND WHY IS STELLAFERA SO GOOD LOOKING?". Well, I've seen this question a lot and I'm ready to provide some answers. Well, to the first part, at least. You're not gonna get a photograph outta me that easily, folks. Although it is true; I am very good looking. Resources The truth is, though, not even I can do it all on my own. There's 4 resources that can be very helpful in this whole lip-syncing business. One of them is a video editing program. I favor Vegas Movie Studio because it's cheap, but whatever works for you. Another is this chart: I use this as instruction for speaking with humans in real life as well. It's very helpful for being able to glance at a scene and generally tell if that's going to fit or not. Play the audio clip in your head while you watch that bit of the episode and ask if that vaguely worked. And the more you work at it, the faster you'll be. Heck, half the time I don't even have to rewatch the scene to know that it'll fit. "BUT HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO FIND THOSE EPISODE CLIPS I'VE ONLY REWATCHED SONIC RAINBOOM 4 TIMES AND ONE OF THOSE WAS AT 2 A.M!", you say. Well, dude, calm down, you don't need to talk in all caps or watch overrated Rainbow Dash episodes so much. You just need to check out one of these two sources for clips, or, even more usefully, check MLP Wiki's character and episode galleries. They have practically every moment a character appears onscreen on record there. There is no particular reason why that link sends you to the Applejack gallery. Actually Lip Syncing And Such No particular reason why an Applejack scene was chosen to represent this. Or why I reused it from a previous explanation of PMV making. Yeah, here's the secret. Most clips don't fit perfectly on their own. If they do, it's usually a freaky natural accident involving the theme song for some reason. Speeding up and especially slowing down clips are common tactics, but while they can be useful, sometimes there's just a good thing where the pony starts talking and some BS in between until what you want happens later. What's a PMV maker to do? Franken-clips. I'm serious, really! I use it all the flippin' time. Just go frame-by-frame in your video editor and cut the clip into pieces. The reason why I say frame-by-frame is because then you can catch good places where one animation can blend into a later one. For example, a character dipping their head to talk can connect with a character dipping their head to turn and nobody but you and me have to know. I promise I won't tell. Promises. You can also use this when characters pause because they want to end a sentence or some other stupid reason. You want them to keep talking and they'll do that, dammit! Or the other way around, too. Shut them up by cutting out the parts where their mouths go gibber-gabber. It's cruel, but it is what we must do as video editors. Seeing It All Come Together Nah, just kidding, this is actually where you'll get to enjoy my best lip syncing work as a shameless advertisement thank you note for actually getting to this part generous gift to you, the reader. Time to watch 50 minutes of My Little Assassins. Or this three minute long video. Whatever floats your boat. This one is basically all lip sync, so I feel like it demonstrates well how it all ends up fitting together. As well as my channel. There is no particular reason why I chose an Applejack video, either. Gosh.
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    1. Chimera 2.New town with Hillbillies and Hipsters 3. Scootaloo has "No Time for a Song"
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    http://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/20cvaj/anon_nails_why_sjws_are_harmful/ This little thread on Reddit(I was linked to it earlier) paints a terrifying picture and gives me some understanding of what's been going on with the fandom lately. The story in the picture mirrors what many of the SJWish people have done with the fandom perfectly. They've re-wrote the story in their minds to remove everything good about bronies and enhances the bad to insane levels to justify hate. It makes me pity these people and feel almost sad for a lot of them now because I know they're just more victims.
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    Okay lets get this one out of the way.\ ADORABLE EPISODE! EVERYTHING IS ALMOST PERFECT IN THIS EPISODE. IT'S PROBABLY MY SECOND FAVORITE EPISODE OTHER THAN PINKIE PRIDE! IT'S SO AWESOME! Okay now that I got that out of my system it's time to talk about Maud Pie. So we finally get to see one of Pinkie's family members outside a flashback from Cutie Mark Chronicles. Unlike Pinkie and her wild and cray antics, Maud is more calm and looks like she just doesn't give a crap. I like that. It makes for her being a great contrast to Pinkie, leading to funny moments and boy did this episode hit home with the comedy. The jokes were all well timed and well executed, mainly coming from Maud playing off every pony. This episode also has a lot of heart. From Pinkie's mane going down, to Maud not liking candy but letting Pinkie like it. It just brought a smile to my face. Blah blah blah, Pinkie is perfectly in character blah blah blah. So yes am I aloud to fanboy over it now? Okay. SO GREAT, SO WONDERFUL OF AN EPISODE! This is probably my new second favorite season 4 episode, since nothing can beat Pinkie Pride. What else can say, but this episode rocked. Final Score: 10/10
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    A while back, I started up a thing for reviewing and explaining songs that I felt would live an impression on the listener; whether it actually does or not, I dunno. That thing got over 250 views, though, so what yeahh, man, I think it's time for the 2nd installment of this series I'm only doing one song, though, since I'm tired and what not; hey, new episode tomorrow, needa sleep So, yeahh. Here you go "Left of the Dial" - The Replacements, 1985 Read about your band in some local page Didn't mention your name, didn't mention your name Sweet Georgia breezes, safe, cool and warm I headed up north, you headed north On and on and on and on It's sad to move on On and on and on and on It's sad to move on Weary voice that's laughin', on the radio once We sounded drunk, never made it on Passin' through and it's late, the station started to fade Picked another one up in the very next state On and on and on and on It's sad to move on On and on and on and on and... Pretty girl keep growin' up, playin' make-up, wearin' guitar Growin' old in a bar, ya grow old in a bar Headed out to San Francisco, definitely not L.A. Didn't mention your name, didn't mention your name And if I don't see ya, in a long, long while I'll try to find you Left of the dial... This song is easily one of the most beautifully written songs I've ever listened to, and the cheap and rusty, yet soft and melodic sound it has fits the meaning of this song PERFECTLY. It usually isn't too good a combo, honestly, and this song sounds like something I can gather up a few of the kids in my high school with some pawn shop amps and instruments and record in one take in my garage. That's honestly what I find so endearing about it, though; "Left of the Dial" meant the radio-stations that didn't play commercial music, which was Madonna, Micheal Jackson, and Bon Jovi back in these days, and these guys are of a completely different style and sound of what would be considered "commercial" back in the mid-'80s by playing a more alternative rock style; keep in mind, this was the pre-grunge days of the mid-80s, so alternative rock was still a budding genre, and it was an especially difficult growth for these "Left of the Dial" bands like The Replacements, who are pioneers of an entire genre, almost; these guys (alongside R.E.M. and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, minus the later fame) bore the cross for the bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Collective Soul. What makes it so endearing, though, is that it's telling a story just as much as it is singing about being "Left of the Dial"; I personally think it's about a girl, given the sort of flowery, Gin Blossoms-esque sound that Bob Stinson is playing with, something that would be used heavily in some of the later Alternative Rock bands like the aforementioned Gin Blossoms, who used that style in nearly every song they produced, but as well as bands like the Wallflowers and even Temple of the Dog, the one off Supergroup created in honor of the deceased vocalist of Mother Love Bone, Andrew Wood (and one of the best albums I ever listened to.) Back on topic, though; the style of guitar Bob Stinson is playing in is used in love songs; given that the struggle these guys went through on their rise to fame, it'd be safe to assume that this wouldn't necessarily be a love song, and with lyrics like "read about your band in some local page, didn't mention your name, didn't mention your name" and "pretty girl keep growin' up, playin' make up, wearin' guitar" (intentionally put like that as to convey the sell out feel), that this is a bit of an angry love song as well as conveying the sound and attitude of the early pioneers of the alternative rock genre. What really gets me, though, is that even though these lyrics are expressing anger at a singular person, the sound stays happy and flowery, yet still has a deep, emotional feel to it; the last lyrics seal the deal, though. And if I don't see ya, in a long, long while I'll try to find you Left of the dial... He still loves who she used to be, I believe. He might not love her at the time of which he wrote that song, but he still fondly remembers who she was before becoming engulfed with the power of having the potential to be famous. More so, he predicts she WON'T become famous with the lyrics "growin' old in a bar, ya grow old in a bar." hinting the anger he's feeling at her. Even though he's angry at her, though, he still desperately wants to regain the days they had together back when she was still true to herself... ...he wants the real her back, the girl that's "Left of the Dial" His voice is ringing with sadness, yet the music behind him is happy, and that creates his own emotions he's feeling; he's mixed. This song, though, creates an amazing and beautiful contrast of happiness and sadness; beautiful enough to be romantic in an odd sense. God. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Well, hope you enjoyed this This is a damn good song, and I've been listening to it nonstop lately
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    Pretty much. People like to girl above that suffer from depression fall into to movements looking for a place to validate themselves and feel like a part of something good, then wind up essentially brainwashed by overloads of scary looking and sounding information into a herd mentality of demonizing and distrusting anyone with views different than their own. Granted, SJWs existed long before Tumblr but were never out in the open enough for the mentality to lure others in and become a real and potentially harmful problem until the perfect storm of Tumblr becoming both a wildly popular site and a haven for them happened. It's horrifying how the people in thread have drawn so many parallels between the bad side of Social Justice/Tumblr and a cult in both mentality and behavior. One of them even noticed the people that talk about escaping being trapped in that mentality often sound like recovering ex-cult members talking about what they went though.
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    Yikes, never knew about this. But do be cautious on the stuff you read and pay attention to in tumblr, tumblr has been known to make jokes and assumptions up the wazzoo.
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    Sorry for the delay on this second entry my friends and fellow fans of "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". Without further ado, here's my review of Mami Tomoe. Characters Mami Tomoe, a.k.a. "Most Stylish Magical Girl", "Best and Worst Magical Girl Salesman", and "Worst at Not *puts on shades* Losing Her Head, BAZING!!! " (please don't kill me for that last one Sugar Cube )
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    You sir... ...are 100% correct XDD
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    2 Things: 1. Needs more purple text 2. Needs more Rarity pictures xD