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    Today I saw a status, one that I feel is important to share. Since I'm not sure if someone else will. http://mlpforums.com/statuses/user/19487-natasha/?status_id=385978 I wanted to let everyone know. I'll be honest I didn't know Natasha well but I do remember seeing her on the forums and I know she was a good person. I'll always remember her by her first signature, the first thing I did was to use it. She was happy about it. It is very sad that his happened, hopefully she found peace. Rest in peace Natasha.
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    (yes, I copied Silver's blog thing, deal with it)
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    So, as some of you should know by now, I use a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia Icon) and I absolutely love it. But the question is, why? Who would even love a Windows Phone, right? With all of its limitations and all of that? I will admit that yes, Windows Phone is a limited OS compared to Android, but as of Windows Phone 8 Update 3, it supports more hardware features than iOS, such as HD and Full HD resolutions (720x1280 and 1080x1920, iPhone is only 640x1136 or 640x960 for older models), NFC, wireless charging and FM radio; however, it still lags behind Android in features and, perhaps more noticeably, apps. So why would I love it? Well... First up, the minimalist design. I love minimalism. It looks neat, organized and clean. My desktop has been icon-free since 2012 and since then has slowly had less and less populating it. My desk itself is very organized. Windows Phone, due to its design, is very clean and organized, using a simplistic, yet attractive interface formerly known as Metro (before Metro AG made Microsoft stop using that term to describe their new design language) that focuses on content rather than fluff. The Start screen, in particular, has a very you-centric approach, with the (not-so) Live Tiles updating every 30 minutes with new information and you can pin your favorite apps, games, music, videos, contacts and even yourself to the screen. It's not as customizable as, say, Android or even Microsoft's own previous mobile OS, Windows Mobile, but to me, the Start screen compared to Android and iOS is very focused on you and tries to achieve this by eliminating clutter and useless garbage. Second, the speed. My current phone is high-end, with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 @ 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, a 20MP camera, 5" 1080x1920 display and 32GB internal storage, but you don't need super high-end specs to run Windows Phone. A device with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4" 480x800 display and 512MB RAM can run Windows Phone just as well as my Icon can, although it might be a bit slower due to the lower clock speed and it having only half the cores. However, Windows Phone itself is very well-optimized for low-end hardware and even the Nokia Lumia 520, which only costs $150 unlocked, provides a semi-premium feel due to the operating system's speed compared to comparably-priced low-end Android phones. iOS, meanwhile, only works well on the iPhone 4S and above as of iOS 7, with iPhone 4 users getting a slow, laggy, horribly unoptimized software experience. Oh, and it also doesn't exist in the low-end, and Apple doesn't understand the words "low cost"; the iPhone 5C is still wicked expensive unlocked, costing $549 for 16GB unlocked. Third, Windows Phone, at least to me, shows the most potential. Nokia's smart decision to try to take over the low-end from Android with a reasonably-priced, semi-premium smartphone was a wise one as similarly-priced Android phones cannot provide the same user experience as Windows Phone does, the OS is growing in the enterprise market due to its tight security (yeah, can you believe it? A secure Windows platform! Except it's been that way since Vista actually.) and it's displaced the iPhone in Finland, Russia, Italy, Romania and much of South America, with plenty of potential to grow in more markets. Is it entirely possible that it will never gain more traction in the market than it already has? Yes, but at the same time it's becoming more and more poised to overtake the iPhone and become the #2 smartphone OS in the world. It already displaced Blackberry, and as Apple's market share continues to fall Windows Phone and Android begin to pick up the pieces and fill in the gap left by Apple. I really do believe that Windows Phone will eventually replace Apple as the second-place smartphone OS, but I'm not so sure if it can beat Android in the market. Android just has too much power now.
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    I do love Nietzsche, my favorite quote is from him: "And when one looks into the abyss, one must take care, for this abyss is also staring back"
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    I'm one of those types of people who doesn't give a damn about anyone's opinion unless I like you. Especially like, random people, ya know? Like, why would you care if some fuckwit is a dick to you, and they don't matter/hardly know you? I guess I just wish people would adapt the mindset that if people are negative and try to bring you down, just don't let it. You're clearly the better person. Do what you want and fuck anyone who tries to stop it for no reason. You're your own person. People talk shit all the time because they have nothing better to do, and they want you to be miserable too. So don't let it happen. You're better than that.
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    I think we would all be better off if far more people had this attitude, all caring about what a bunch of morons think has gotten me is pain so fuck them. I am who I am and some people will like and others won't but being an individual is more important to me than the approval of others.
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    My condolences are offered to her and her family.
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    In that case does he choose the REAL Chikorita as a starter?
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    I care way too much about other people's opinions, it kinda sucks cause I get really pissed when someone talks shit about something I really like a lot. And then I'm in a bad mood :/
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    I really like that headcanon!!
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    God is a crazy woman who sent her son to die in order to make us think we're safe from devils. We are safe from devils, just not without letting her son touch us deeply.
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    So, hello everyone! I'm glad to be here on a site that is actually active instead of actively losing members!
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    Sorry for the late review everypony. I was volunteering at a local museum this morning (which really wasn't as fun as it sounds, the event was super slow and had very light attendance, but eh, what can you do?), and after that I had to run some errands with my mom. But I finally got around to the episode late in the afternoon. So what did I think? Overall... solid average episode, but... it should have been a good episode. So let's begin by covering the good before I go over what I think brings this episode down, disappointingly, to average status. Well first of all, the Mane 6 as a whole were just wonderful. As far as sharing screen time goes, this was one of the best ensemble episodes in a long time, in fact, probably the best one we've had since "Power Ponies" (and heck, I'd say it did an even better job than "Power Ponies" did as an ensemble episode). Heck, the screen time was split so nicely that I can't even really call Pinkie Pie the star of the episode, everyone just shared the screen so well and contributed to the episode pretty much equally. Pinkie didn't even end up solving the group's dilemma here, rather, the rest of her friends did. All of them were very much in character here, had a lot of screen time, contributed a lot of laughs (though Pinkie Pie undeniably had the lion's share, seriously, her comedy and characterization was very spot on, felt like a Season 2 turn for Pinkie Pie), and were all very competent even. None of them actually made mistakes or did anything malicious, they just had to deal with a very awkward situation that would understandably trip anyone up. Pinkie's love for Maud was believable as well, just because when you're siblings, you get each other, even if you are polar opposites (a lot of the time, anyway, not always, but a lot of the time), and it was very touching seeing the lengths she'd go to make her sister happy and feel welcome. As for the rest of the Mane 6, they really did put their best hoof forward as well trying to befriend Maud. It wasn't that they weren't trying, they just seriously couldn't click with her or figure out what they had in common until the very end. So overall, what we got from the Mane 6 as a whole were very down-to-earth performances perfect for a slice-of-life episode, which this episode felt very much like. It wasn't a dire situation, there wasn't anything major at stake, no one was in peril or risking throwing everything away. It was just a very solid, slice-of-life dilemma that felt very normal, the characters worked just fine confronted with that dilemma, and overall that slice-of-life feel worked just fine for the episode. Seriously, can we please address the fact that we all just ate actual rocks?! Because I can't help but feel that these aren't going to pass through our systems very well. *RD's next trip to the can* OH GOSH, WHYYYYYY???????? IT FEELS LIKE THERE'S NAILS PASSING THROUGH MY BOWELS, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun getting that image out of your heads. :comeatus: Thematically the episode had a very nice message. Again, it was normal, it was just a solid and even mature slice-of-life message, but it was a nice message all the same that was executed perfectly fine in the episode. It's very real that sometimes, not all of your friends are going to click with or understand each other, even if you're friends with them all the same, and the fact that this was one of Pinkie's sisters made the situation all the more awkward and difficult for the rest of the Mane 6. It was also nice that, by the end of the episode, while the girls had accepted that they really didn't understand Maud nor she they, they could at least connect with each other over their common love for Pinkie Pie. That was a nice compromise that felt very real; it's not like Maud changed because of that, it's not like she suddenly became more outgoing because they had something in common. She was still Maud, they were still the Mane 6 and didn't get her, but they all still loved Pinkie and realized they could bond over that in their own way. Very lovely message, very lovely indeed, and it was executed and delivered within the story just fine. The humor, as I mentioned, was pretty spot on as well, with some very funny visual and dialogue humor from all of the Mane 6, especially Pinkie Pie. She didn't feel like she was unnecessarily over-the-top in her behavior, no, that felt very real because you could tell she was just trying her hardest to make sure her sister and friends had a great time together (even if she was blissfully unaware for much of it that they weren't). Overall, the episode's story itself fulfilled its intent perfectly fine, delivering a very solid message with very good execution. So the Mane 6 are fine, the message was fine, the story, the humor, the fulfillment of the episode's intent itself were all just fine. So where did this episode go wrong, why do I think it's just a disappointingly average episode instead of a solid good episode? One word: Maud. Let me explain: Maud played her role in the story just fine. The purpose behind her character was to present the Mane 6 with someone who they couldn't bond with at all, and in the end had to settle for bonding over their common love for Pinkie Pie, which was a fair compromise that worked for everyone. She fulfilled her purpose just fine, helping the episode fulfill its overall intent just fine. She also wasn't malicious or anything, she certainly wasn't a jerk. She seemed by the end to be a well meaning pony who only had love for her sister. But my gosh, was she BORING!!! Now look, I know it may seem a bit juvenile or childish to complain about someone not being animated or being a very reserved character, but, listen, here's the thing: I COMPLETELY GET WHY THE MANE 6 DIDN'T CLICK WITH MAUD! Why? Because I didn't click with her either, not at all, and I imagine that a number of bronies feel the same way. The entire episode there was absolutely nothing compelling about her in the slightest! Maud was just... bleh. I know that some of the situations and scenes she was in ended up having dry humor, but that wasn't because of her, not intentionally at least. She wasn't ever trying to be funny or witty, the things she did that were funny were always her being serious about something. She was just so introverted and unenthusiastic about anything and everything, and it drove me crazy at times. Even her saving Pinkie Pie rubbed me the wrong way. Not because I can't believe that Maud would love her sister enough to move mountains, but because it was the only plot point that felt convoluted. I know they'd established earlier that Maud was freakishly strong, but come on, that deus ex machina was ridiculous, she friggin' turned into Superman in that scene out of bucking nowhere!!! I was happy with how the episode was resolved, I was happy that a good message was learned and delivered, and I was happy that the Mane 6 found something to bond with Maud over, but I just... didn't... like... Maud! I got absolutely nothing out of this character, I wasn't sorry to see her leave at the end, and I won't be sorry if she never reappears in the show again. As a character herself, she was dry as toast left out in the desert sun for a week, and I just, I'm sorry, I didn't like her, not one bit, she made me feel NOTHING! I guess I also was a bit mad that neither Inkie nor Blinkie have gotten to show up yet in the present, seeing as they were already established characters way back in Season 1, and instead we got a completely new character, but really, I wouldn't have held that against her if I found her to be likable at all, which, I didn't. The Mane 6 didn't ever click with her and neither did I, and really, Maud is what brought this episode down from good to average status for me, which is a real shame because if not for her, this would've been a solid good episode in my book. If some of you like Maud, good for you, but me, I couldn't get into her at all, not once, as I watched the episode. Sweet Celestia, Gummy has more personality here than Maud does!!! So as I said, the episode overall was average. It should've been good, but one major element brought it down to average status, and that's pretty disappointing in all honesty. Plenty to like here, but there's also just one big element that simply didn't work once for me. Ah well, they can't all be home runs, but it's still disappointing when one element alone tarnishes an episode overall, even when everything else works just fine. Sorry Maud, but I hope you're on that rock trip for a LONG time. My gosh, PINKIE'S TONGUE HAS MORE PERSONALITY THAN MAUD DOES!!! Seriously, though, that image is pretty darn hilarious. Pinkie Pie, u so silly, never stop being a silly filly, you hear?