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    My Junior year is coming to a close, and at the end of every year in my Video Production class, we play the "Game of Life" It's basically where the teacher walks around the room with a bag that simulates events that can happen in life, called "Chances." You also have to find a house, go to a college if the career you drew depends on it, etc. It's a really fun game, and we just reached the end of day 1, which, is laying the foundation for your game in the future. Here's my life so far, with my username in place of my real name (ghostfacekiller39's) Game of Life Career: · Public Relations · $48,000/yr College: · University of California San Diego · Tuition - $4,907.53/yr · Total cost over 4 years – $19,630.12 [ ] Apartment: · 70th StW?, San Diego, CA 92115 · $625/mo · Bedrooms:2 beds · Bathrooms:2 baths · Apartment:900 sq ft · Pets:Cats · Laundry:In Unit · Parking:Off street Car: · 2001 Volkswagen Beetle · $15,900 [ ] Misc.: · Snowboarding Accident - $5,000 [ ] · Parking Tickets - $1,000 [x] · School Supplies $1,000/kid [x] So, if you didn't catch all of that, I'm a student at the University of California in San Diego at the moment, who drives a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle and I've had a Snowboarding Accident and $1,000 worth of parking tickets So...yeahh. Life sucks right now I might keep a log of this in my blog It's kind of dorky, I admit, but I find it to be fun
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    Dat Cute Woona! <3 <--- Link to the artist's image.
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    If I'm allowed to put a swearword in a title, I would, because it needs it. After re-reading and rewatching angry reviews of Breadwinners, I had the itch to bitch about it again because once isn't enough. I'd stop, but I might've lost a few years of my life, so whatever. Nickelodeon's Breadwinners really pisses me off! If you think modern Spongebob and Sanjay & Craig are at the bottom of the barrel, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Because Breadwinners is much, MUCH worse! How bad? The animation and character designs are goddamn terrible. Firstly, the voices don't match the lip-synching sometimes. The movements themselves are very stiff. A bunch of the scenes (hell, almost all of them) rely on stock images slapped and lazily animated, making the scenes look very awkward. Secondly, these "characters," SwaySway and Behdeuce: In case you're wondering, yeah, they're supposed to be ducks. Instead, they're geometric blobs. Flash is a tool to create great animation. Like Friendship Is Magic, Johnny Test, and Littlest Pet Shop, Breadwinners uses Flash, too, but doesn't put in the effort to design characters that look like ducks or smoothly animate their puppets! When Johnny Test, a widely panned cartoon, understands the tools of Flash animation better than Breadwinners, you're doing something wrong! The "humor" is stupid. Every "kid" joke relies on flatulence or a reference to a butt. The toilet humor is abundant, out of place, and lazy. They pretty much can't think of any joke beyond this or a disturbing "Getting Crap Past the Radar" moment. (We'll get to that later!) Speaking of cheap "humor," these "ducks" have a tendency to twerk. Yeah, a show with a content rating of TV-Y7 contains a sexually provocative dance. And it's not rare, either. The two main "characters"? Who are they? The two ducks who are supposed to be two, yet have almost the same personality? They aren't characters. They're obnoxious, disrespectful, stupid caricatures who will annoy the hell out of anyone who wishes to watch the "cartoon" with their brains turned on. The plots are shallow at best and creepy at worst. There's a lot of filler to slow the pace. It ignores its own continuity. Some of the concepts and resolutions create unfortunate implicationd. It relies on disturbing "humor" and stupidity to bypass any resemblance of logic or sense. Hell, they break the rules of their own show sometimes to pander to kids. To make it worse, many of the episodes rip off other Nickelodeon cartoons. And not just the good ones, either. Even objectively horrible episodes from modern Nick episodes (including ones from modern Spongebob) are ripped off into Breadwinners. The "creepy" part? Some episodes rely on stereotypes for a cheap laugh: Thug Loaf, for example, uses racist stereotypes as a joke. Another episode tortures a main character for simple laughs. And then there's one that was loudly bashed online: Love Loaf. If you want to read the synopsis, click the "spoiler." The saddest part? This show was rated #1 for kids ages 2-11 for a few weeks…and it's being renewed for a second season.
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    Source: Minister KelGrym's Religious Services
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    But no pics consummating the marriage are needed at all, thanks.
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    This show makes Fanboy and Chum Chum look like FIM by comparison.
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    how do you rack up 1000 in parking tickets I thought you didn't even drive
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    As it says on the tin. Just my desk.
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    Hello everypony Bronychan1214 here and today I had to witness something happen to my best friend today. We were sitting at lunch and someone else came over and sat down. My friend started telling a funny story about half way through the person that came to our table started drinking there milk. When my friend was finishing his story he said something very funny and the person that came over laughed really hard and spit milk all over him. The guy has enough problems with alot of other people not liking him. Since he has some problems and acts like himself. I do the same thing but for some reason I don't have the same problem. Anyway he had to go to the bathroom and clean up. And I helped clean up the milk. Poor him . I have only one week of school left and three days are taken up by the finals. But my whole summer will probably be wasted due to the fact I am moving. I might not be able to come on here very often . So there might not be many entries or post's from me for awhile. I hope I don't get in trouble on here. I have this very funny joke that has been on at school. I let one of my friends tell me that I made and sold cocaine. Don't worry this doesn't upset me and this doesn't effect my chance of making or keeping friends. I just remembered now that I had this going since the friend who started it said it to me today. And some people know that is just a joke. But nobody has asked me about it and they aren't freaked out when they are around me so really no harm done. This is the end. Stressed about test's Bronychan1214 V(^-^)
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    The fairly nice background kind of clashes with the lazily done characters.
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    I went to a hospital to have a MRI done (I have back problems). After it was done a doctor (which looked like a mad doctor from movies) came in and gave me a pill. Not thinking much about it I took the pill, which caused me to black out in a few seconds. When I woke up the doctor was standing. I went to rub my head because I was a bit dizzy and noticed I had something sticking out of my head. I stared at the dock for a second before lowering my hand to look at it, as I did I noticed my hand was a hoof. I looked back to the Doctor and asked for a mirror, he smiled and pointed to a standing mirror in the room. I slowly got on all four and trying to remember the the ponies from the show walked, slowly made my way to the mirror. When I was in front of it I was shocked to see myself as a Alicorn. I had a white/greyish body and a blond/brownish mane and tail that looked like the mane and tail my OC has, and for my cutie mark it was a golden crown. I looked at the the both shocked and happy, wanting to thank him t didn't know if I should. I did ask the doctor what he thought my cutie mark ment. He said It was probably meant to say I was meant to ruler (and no I don't think like this IRL). The next scene was me running for mayor or president (not sure since I was just at a rally. I never showed my face to the crowd but they still supported me. Then I was at a debate where they said I had to show my face so I walked out and everyone gasped at me. Then I was back home and I got a Skype call on my Xbox One, It was someone from Brony Con. When I answered it I was off camera and a girls voice (not sure who) ask if she could see me, so I jumped and sat on my couch. She asked me a question about gaming, can't really remember what she asked I used my magic and lifted a X1 controller in front of the camera and and its a bit harder to play now. Then she asked me to appear at Brony Con and I replied sure. I was then at Brony Con and they said I could enter from the back so no one saw me, I said no that I would go in the front entrance. I was then flying toward the front entrance as I got closer the bronies noticed me and started cheering. They made a opening so I could fly into the con center so I did. I was then at a Q&A panel. I remember one brony asked me if I watched the show, I said yes, that I loved it. another one asked me If I could pose for a picture like Celestia does when shes addressing other ponies (wings spread looking royal). So I got up and went in front of the table and posed liked he asked. After a few pics like that I turned and did a pose like Applejewel's duck face. Everyone cheered and took a few more pics. Then another person said "I know this might be weird but could I touch you. I laughed a littl bit and asid sure everyone could as long as it in appropriate places. I walked down where everyone could get to me and they started touching my mane, horn, wings, and back. Then I woke up. I have to say this was a Awesome dream.
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    Jesus Christ, not again. I'll use bullets... Look up the definition of a Mary Sue. Think about how Twilight actually managed to beat Tirek. Yeah, with her friends. Just what are you complaining about? Most of the major villains are beaten by them all working together. Nightmare Moon, Discord, Tirek, to name a few. The rest aren't beaten by the main six, but they can't save the world all the time. The writers aren't going to read your blogs. You're not even beating a dead horse—you're beating an immovable wall. I'm sorry for your disorder, but that's no excuse to bother people like this because they like something you don't. Your attitude suggests to me that you know that you're beating this to death but you refuse to do anything about it. And I suggest you change that attitude. More healthy for you and us.