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    If you seen my previous blog.. http://http://mlpforums.com/blog/1149/entry-11830-paint-it-black/ Well this is the finished bit. Assembled it, and put new fork oil in it...feels like new! Now I want to paint the frame itself. Even though I do like the earthy brown colour, and the stenciled logos. I was thinking of painting it yellow. And mounted to the bike...
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    After that PMV for Everfree Northwest, it's time to review Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U! Tell me what you think below!
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    All right, Nintendo's E3 digital event has just passed, and well it was not their best, it was still pretty good. So lets just dive right in shall we. So it starts out with what looks like a scene out of Robot Chicken. I heard they actually got the team from that show to make these funny little segments. They are pretty much their response to the criticisms they get in a humorous way. It was defiantly unexpected. And then it cuts to this scene of Reggie and I think Iwata fighting, promoting that you can now use miis in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game. I defiantly do wanna fight with my mii. If I'm ever online, my mii will kick your butt. They then talk about the Amiibo. This is probably the only thing I wasn't that interested in. It's too gimmicky for my tastes and I've never been into that kind of stuff. Then, there is Yoshi's Whirly World, or however you say it. It's like Kirby's Epic Yarn, except with Yoshi. The trailer was defiantly as adorable as a chibi Pinkie Pie. Probably not gonna buy it, but still adorable. I wonder what Pinkie's Epic Yarn would be like? They then talk about one of the coolest things ever, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Yes! Toad is finally getting his own game. He's like the Spike of the Mario franchise. He finally gets the respect he deserves. Yeah Toad is my favorite character in Mario I play him all the time in Mario Kart. We now move on to the upcoming untitled Legend of Zelda game for 2015. From the looks of it, it looks like an open world Zelda game, where you can do dungeons in any order you want. That's nice and a throwback to the originals since I think you can do that in the originals. Link has a nice arrow that's like Hawkeye. They then move on to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I already knew I was getting these games, so I don't have much of a comment on it. But it is nice to see those games in the style of X and Y. I don't have much of a comment on Bayonetta 2 either since I've never played those games and don't have that much of an interest to play them. Now it's time to talk about Hyrule Warriors. I like how you get to play as not only Link, but Midna and Zelda. Since when do you play as her? Well besides Smash Brothers but whatever. Like the Yoshi game, Kirby and the Rainbow Cruise just looked adorable. Seriously can we have a Pinkie and the Rainbow Cruise now? Xenoblade Chronicals, don't have much to say since I've never played them but they still look pretty awesome. Now for something I can talk about, the Mario Maker. This actually looks like a pretty cool idea. I've heard of people make Mario rom hacks before, so this is like making them. Make a really hard level and challenge your friends to beat it, and choose if you want it with the graphics of the new Mario games, or the retro Mario games. They also announced a new IP called Splatoon. This actually looks pretty fun. It's like if Team Fortress 2 met the style of Nintendo, and it was more family friendly. Basically from the looks of it, you have to cover everything with the most ink to win. It sounds like something I'd play with family and friends more than by myself. Looks like a new Smash Brothers character was announced, Palutena from the Kid Icaras games. Her magic will be quite a challenge for me to fight. Also, I liked how the trailer was in an anime style. Moving on to the stuff announced in the post conference, we have a brand new Mario Party game announced, where you get to control Bowser or something. I'm always up for more Mario Party games. And finally, there is Star Fox coming to Wii U. Even though I'm not a fan of the series, I'm still happy they are acknowledging their lesser known franchises. And here's my review of the conference. Pretty good for Nintendo. Defiantly looking forward to some of these games This is Chikorita signing out.
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    Iphones are also too restricting to me in my opinion and my father agrees also. Right now I have the HTC One (m8) and I like it better then the Iphone I had
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