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    Oh boy, here's one I have a lot to say about.. This review comes from the opinions of the poster himself. This does not reflect the opinions of the rest of the Brony community. The Great and Powerful Trrrixie! Plot: Twilight Sparkle is practicing new magic spells with Spike, afterwards they go outside (because I have no idea why) when they run into Snips and Snails (or, Snips and Snails run into them, hue). They tell her a new unicorn is in town named Trixie. They go to see what's up with Trixie, and she's a magician doing magic tricks. Suddenly, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash start taking offense to this (...) and try to show her up, just to make themselves get pwned by Trixie instead. Applejack gets tied up, Rainbow Dash ends up getting dizzy, and Rarity.. let's just say, Spike is trying to get Twilight Sparkle to show up Trixie, but she refuses to. Later, Snips and Snails end up summoning an Ursa Major (which is actually an Ursa Minor) and it ends up nearly destroying Ponyville. They try to get Trixie to face it. Trixie tries to face it, but she ends up failing. Then, Twilight Sparkle comes and defeats the Ursa Minor on her own. Trixie runs away from Ponyville, and Snips and Snails are "punished" (BS!) for causing the Ursa Minor to come to Ponyville, and the episode ends. What I Liked: Besides for Rarity, Trixie is easily my favorite pony. She just has an interesting personality, plus tons of charisma. Plus, it did have some great animation, easily in the Ursa Minor part. But that's.. it. See how fast that was? What I Disliked: The part where Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash try to show Trixie up. There are tons of things I can say about why I dislike this part so much. First of all, it makes them seem like bloody hypocrites. Especially Rainbow Dash, considers she boasts way more than Trixie ever did. Why didn't they just leave if they didn't like it? It's never even talked about later in the episode, making it incredibly pointless. Plus, it's about 7 minutes long. Why is this a problem? Well, the episode is 21 minutes long (minus the intro and credits) So, that's 1/3rd of the entire episode given to this pointless scene. That's just.. well, let's sum up my reaction with this... That kind of makes it... filler. And a lot of filler, too. Lastly, it's ironic as hell. Twilight Sparkle's going on about how if she tries to face Trixie if she shows up Trixie, yet her own friends did the exact thing she was scared about her friends hating her for. See the picture above... And it's not just that, but it also introduces Snips and Snails, my least favorite characters of the series, and here they're at their worst. They try to be like the "Bill and Ben" of Thomas and Friends, yet turn out to be more like "Splatter and Dodge" aka, too generic "goofy" sidekicks to a "villian" (I put the latter in quotations, because Trixie wasn't even a true villian in this episode). They nearly destroy Ponyville and put Trixie out of business.. all to show how great she is... wow. I know Trixie is the one who started it, but I really don't think they should take her seriously . And worse, they get good stuff, even after doing that. Yes, they WERE ordered to clean up Ponyville, but they still get mustaches out, which they treat like gifts, making this excuse for an episode even worse. Overall Opinions: This is probably the only episode of MLP:FiM I legitimately hate watching. I know I've said I dislike Spike at Your Service and Sonic Rainboom, but I can at least be fine watching them. I can stand some episodes people say are bad, like Games Ponies Play and Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, but this episode is just.. horrible. They make half the Mane 6 look like total hypocrites in a totally pointless scene, and they introduce the worst characters in MLP:FiM (yes, I know I've stated that you shouldn't judge an episode by it's characters, but if I liked them, they're just plain idiots in this episode). Besides for Trixie and the animation, there is nothing else I like about this episode. I really never want to watch this episode ever again. Overall Rating: 1/10 (Atrocious) Side Note: The one point is for Trixie and the animation. Nothing for the plot. Episode Order (in terms of how I like them): 1. Griffon the Brush Off - http://mlpforums.com/blog/1755/entry-13800-griffon-the-brush-off-full-episode-review-s1e5/ 2. Applebuck Season - http://mlpforums.com...de-review-s1e4/ 3. Friendship is Magic - http://mlpforums.com...e-review-s1e12/ 4. The Ticket Master - http://mlpforums.com...ew-mlpfim-s1e3/ 5. Boast Busters - You are here! Next Episode Review: Look Before You Sleep (S1E7) First VHS/DVD Review: The Friendship Express First TV Show Review: CatDog First Video Game Review: Sega Genesis (Console Review) First "Television Greatness" First "Terrible Television": Not All Dogs Go to Heaven (Family Guy)