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    Source Article: Mother accused of burning her 2-year-old with scalding water, industrial strength bleach This is a pattern I keep seeing: The people who deserve the absolute least to reproduce are the best at doing it while the people who deserve to be parents more than anybody have the worst chances of it. I mean, my biological parents had five children. We were so poor at one point, our whole family of four in early 2000 slept in a 1990 Mercury Topaz. We were homeless while my mother was pregnant with the third of us. My biological parents don't deserve to have children but they have five. While my foster parents (who are some of the most awesome people I know) didn't have kids of their own. And the doctors said they probably shouldn't count on it... Why is that so? I digress... So this story is just sickening. This mother is being accused of child abuse because her daughter turned up at the hospital with burns on about 12% of her body. In the article it says that the mother has conflicting stories. What hits me in the gut the most is that the poor baby went about 24 hours before receiving medical attention. The grandmother says she was present but didn't call for help. The mother didn't call for help or take her baby to the hospital. That's very suspicious. If I have a baby girl and she accidentally gets scalds and chemical burns, I'm dropping whatever I'm doing immediately and taking her to the hospital. There is no waiting 24 hours. There is no waiting 24 seconds. I don't care what the circumstances are. If your baby gets hurt like that, you go to the hospital. They haven't determined if it was actually child abuse, but the daughter is quoted saying "Mommy is mean." When I was a little kid, my mother sometimes had to pull out the wooden spoon attitude adjustment on a stick or use my middle name. She hollered at me. I was sometimes stood in a corner for half an hour to really think about what I did that was wrong. I was sometimes made to pick a belt to get my ass busted by. I respected my mother for the things she did right. Never once did I ever say she was mean. Because I didn't think that. Children who become attached to their parents will love them. So when a little baby girl says "mommy is mean" it's probably believable. Top that off with scalds and chemical burns and this major case of neglect, and I'm sickened. I think this mother (if you can call her that) intentionally hurt her baby. I hate to jump to conclusions like that but everything is too suspicious. Either she's not telling the truth or there really was an accident and she's not being fully honest. It makes me think she tried to hurt that baby. With burns on 12% of her body and no medical attention for 24 hours I'm hard pressed to find any sympathy for the mother. You take your baby to the fucking hospital....If you really did try to hurt her, then I think something like this transcends child abuse. It's borderline attempted murder. Because, yes. I feel there was a danger that the baby could have died. Burns covering 12% of your body is no laughing matter. I really hope that I'm wrong and it really was an accident and that this mom is really trying to get her life in order, but when they're saying there are inconsistencies in her story and that medical attention was not sought until after her eyes were swollen shut...I have a hard time believing it was an accident.
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    I'm sick I've been hiding this for too long from myself and from everyone. I clop. I dont want to do it but because I'm weird I do it I want to stop it but I cant. Its been depressing me because I dont want to do it but I still do it and it angers me so much. I feel so weak when I cant stop myself. I feel that Im just a pretender who keeps up the good image and then does bad things when no one sees. I wanted to deny that I do it but it didn't make me feel better. I've been trying to stop it but It's hard for me. I just want to stop myself thanks. I dont really want to talk about this thing anymore I hope this helps me stop it. And I can forget this crap.
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    This is something I made up after coming out of US History! xD
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    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority services five counties in the State of Pennsylvania and one in the State of New Jersey. Unique, in that it is not a state agency, its primary responsibility is to the counties and the City of Philadelphia. It is the 6th Largest Rapid Transit System in the U.S. SEPTA New Flyer DE40LF Type: Public Fleet Size: 2,295 Multi-modal vehicles to include Buses, Trolleys, Streetcars and Subway Rolling Stock Routes: 196 Manufacturer and Powerplant: SEPTA recently entered into a contract with NovaBus to replace its entire fleet which consists primarily of outdated Neoplan and NABI models. New Flyer models were acquired as a short term solution. SEPTA NovaBus LFS Fare Collection: SEPTA is one of the few transit agencies which still use Tokens as a form of fare validation. SEPTA is in the process of introducing a long overdue Contactless Card Payment System on par with similar agencies on the East Coast. SEPTA's Contactless Card Payment System will be called SEPTA Key. (Like Ben Franklin's Key) Two Versions of the Septa Key will be offered. One with the riders name printed on it and one without the latter costing a bit more. SEPTA Tokens Livery: All of SEPTA's vehicle fleet utilizes an unpainted white livery along with the corporate Blue and red "ribbon". SEPTA sells the sides, rear or entire vehicle exterior for advertising space. SEPTA Kawasaki LRV Innovations: SEPTA is one of only two transit agencies across the U.S. that is known to operate all 5 of the most common types of transit vehicles to include; Regional Transit Rail, Heavy Rapid Transit Rolling Stock, Light Rail Vehicles, Electric Trolleybuses and Standard Diesel Buses. SEPTA ALP-44 Driving Dynamics: With 121 Bus Routes most in the City of Philadelphia, SEPTA encounters unique driving difficulties caused by its own impact on infrastructure. There aren't many places where transit buses encounter at grade rail vehicles as commonly as in Philadelphia. SEPTA at work in Downtown Philadelphia
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    It's winter break for me now! YAY! I'm finally free for the holidays! I wish you guys and gals a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! (I'm in a good mood today )
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    La Camioneta as it is frequently called in spanish refers to the used American school buses which after they reach the end of their service life must be sold. Because these buses have been maintained as part of a fleet, old school buses are frequently in fairly good condition when sold and because of the need to sell them quickly they go for low prices. This has provided an alternative to purchasing expensive newer buses from known manufacturers. Decorated and Newly Arrived Chicken buses in Guatemala Type: Private Fleet Size: Unknown, No official figure. Routes: Unknown, up to 20 in various local continuous service. Long Distance service more common. Manufacturer and Powerplant: Chicken Buses are always older model retired school buses that have been sold at an auction and driven to various locations in South America where they begin new lives as transit buses. Commonly found are International IC, Freightliner, Thomas and Blue Bird models. Chicken Bus International IC T4400 in Panama Fare Collection: Chicken Buses are private entities that are entirely free from government regulation. Fare is usually collected by the driver who is also sometimes the owner of the bus. If not the driver the driver's assistant or conductor will collect fare in cash. Chicken Bus International IC/ Blue Bird T4400's in Guatemala Livery: Chicken Buses are painted according to the personal tastes of the owner. Typically if the owner owns a fleet of 2 or more, he will pain them all the same way. Personal Owner/Operators paint the bus however they wish. Sometimes the bus is painted as a mural to an idea, person or deity. Most often the bus is painted and then given a female name akin to the way a ship captain would name a ship after a woman. After being painted the school buses are retrofitted with roof mounted luggage racks to accommodate the often bulky cargo that cannot be squeezed into a school bus interior. The owner of a chicken bus drives the bus down from the United States while the bus still retains its old yellow paint scheme. It is always the priority of the owner to paint his bus and make it stand out among the many others. But sometimes the owner can't afford to paint the bus once he gets it back to his home country sometimes forcing the bus to stay yellow until the funds have been raised to paint it and fit it with luggage racks. Innovations: Contrary to popular belief, chicken buses are very safe, they were originally designed to carry children so their use as transit vehicles is not that impractical. The use of old school buses instead of newer fleets also means that repair costs are extremely low in comparison to any other types of bus transportation. School Buses do not have as many components and this makes them simple, easy and cheap to repair. The driver sometimes doubles as the mechanic. Chicken Bus "Esmeralda" on an International IC 3800 Durastar Chassis Driving Dynamics: Chicken Buses (named for the common occurrences of passengers carrying livestock on board) provide service from major towns and cities to the most remote villages and settlements across South Americas undeveloped landscape. The rate of car ownership is significantly less in many South American countries so bus travel has a very high demand. Chicken Buses often display their destination on the windshield and people heading in that general direction or final destination pay a fare to the owner or conductor of the bus. The driver and assistant load the bus and secure luggage. Chicken Bus journeys can last hours as they provide service to very rural areas. A trip that would take days walking or hitchhiking. For people who live in remote villages the Bus may only come to their village once or twice a month, sometimes weekly. Chicken Bus Terminal In Guatemala
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    Viremia- Cancrum Oris Really pure brutal tech death, it's just a shame that the band broke up. :c Necrophagist- Fermented Offal Discharge I consider Necrophagist one of the forerunners of the tech death genre, it's again a shame that they are pretty much inactive anymore. :c Cattle Decapitation- The Gardeners of Eden One of Cattle's lyrical themes is anti-humanity, and I am pretty much am anti-human as well (to a extent lol) Nile- The Essential Salts Nile is a pretty great tech death band without really abusing the technicality aspect of the music (eg, Brain Drill, Viraemia, ect) Neuraxis- ...Of Divinity This song just hits you in the face right off the bat. IMO some of Neuraxis' later songs weren't that great, so this is a great throwback to the old days lol