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    Tonight I was kinda bored and needed to think up ways to praise and worship the caring and giving goddess of fabulosity, when I remembered something I'd toyed around with doing a few months back, but because my computer at that time was likely what the founding fathers typed the Declaration of Independence on back in the day, it was unable to support a theme...yeahh... BUT MY NEW COMPUTER CAN SUPPORT THEMES Here is my old thingy mabobber deal. Well, this screenshot was taken a couple of months ago and I decided to make this blog on a whim and I didn't take a screenshot of my old setup, but here ye go: Nothing very spectacular. Notice the BioShock Infinite background, because it is the greatest videogame of all time. But other than that, relatively dull. But after some experimenting... Viola! Notice the Fabulous Start Orb, Start Menu, and new look of the windows I love it already Sooo....yeahhh. Didn't plan out a speech or anything, but it just looks so amazing I wanted to share it kinda sorta Erm...peace
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    Guys. I think he likes Rarity.
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    I've seen tonnes of those UI customization things on dA. I should try some out. Hopefully there's some OS X ones and they're not all just Windows :v
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    That is A-MAY-ZING!!! I dont know how you would get anything doe on that thing. Every time I opened any window, I would just look at her and think about everything MLP . T use Rarity's words, This is simply Fabulous!!!
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    Guys. I think he likes games.
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    Wow, that's pretty epic! Where did you find that theme? I just a got a new Lenovo laptop and I'd like to try this out if possible
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    Eyup this is kind of how I imagined your wallpaper to look like.
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    Here is the tumblr blog: mlp-oc-reviewer.tumblr.com Here is all the info Do you want your oc reviewed? How about critiqued? Well, you found the right blog! On this blog, I will review and critique your OC! Just submit your OC and I will review it! 
Main Rules:
No Pony Generator! Sorry!
 It’s gotta be a Mlp oc 
 Make sure to add the name, backstory, and gender! It would also be nice if you told the meaning of the cutie mark! 
The main thing I will review of the oc is;
 Color Scheme 
And the design! (Design is optional, when I say design I mean markings, fluffy or bulky, accessories, and so on!)
So, go ahead and submit your OC! Make sure when submitting your Oc you also read the rules there!
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    I've had this same for a while it is totally fabulous