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    Years ago on a peaceful August afternoon, MLP Forums was suddenly invaded by all manner of diabolical scum, who then proceeded to wreak havoc all over Cloudsdale. Many still cower in their beds at night, wondering if they will ever return to claim the site once again. Wonder no longer, for your nightmares are about to become real This is just a fun day to deck out your profile with one of your favorite baddies and goof off . Change your name, avatar, signature and anything else you can think of to leave your villainous mark. Nothing’s more stylish than a good bad guy, after all .
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    Stuart Berryman was just an ordinary strawberry factory worker. That all changed when he stumbled upon a secret Illuminati plot to introduce radioactive mutant strawberries to the global population in order to control their brains. The agents of the Illuminati killed him, and tried to dispose of the body in a vat of the new radioactive mutant strawberries. Little did they know that the vile strawberry juice would bond with his human DNA, creating Manberry, and unholy union of man and berry. Manberry roams the countryside, seeking vengeance against the evil Illuminati that forever warped his physical form.
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    Oh, this is going to be so totally rad.
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    I'm totally into this.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue_wf6ibuH8&feature=youtu.be One of my favorite songs from the show, enjoy!
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