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    It just feels like yesterday, when a 20 year old guy, out of depression from another forum decided to look up and finally find the best forums in the world ... This is my story January 2014: I hang out on the biggest german trophy-forum(For PlayStation). I already had few depressions, because of *1.000.000 heavy curses nopony ever should hear* users there. But, besides all my other friends there, there was one guy. He got a brony too, we played a lot GTAV and COD BO2 online and I had fun for long time for months. Until end of january. He suddenly blocked and deleted me everywhere and ignored me, never said why(I still don't know why) And again a "friend", that just ... dunno. The year 2013 was one of the most bucking years in my life, and with that, it seemed to get annoying 2014 too ... February 2014: It was today, one year ago, 4th february, where I finally decided to leave there mostly and find a MLPForum, where nopony hated me. So I finally signed up here ... never regreated. Also the welcoming here Hi Rising-Shine! Thanks for joining MLP Forums and the Poniverse network! I'm happy to welcome you to our community. You'll find many kind members here eagerly waiting to welcome you! Before posting, I strongly recommend you take a moment to acquaint yourself with our Official Resource Map. It's a centralized hub of resources that should help you from feeling lost. Below is a small list of helpful things to know, to assist in establishing yourself in our community: Looking for a way to keep up with the community? Subscribe to the Poniverse Newsletter! Are you an artist? A musician? A programmer? A video editor? Or maybe a fan fic writer? We have a section dedicated to all forms of art, Octavia's Hall! If you enjoy roleplaying, we have a dedicated section for just that! Be sure to read the Roleplay World rules (and guide if you're new to roleplaying) before diving in though! To keep up with up-to-date information about the site, click the 'Follow' button found in Canterlot Castle! If you have any questions about the site, just open up a topic in the forum question section and a staff member will personally follow up with you. Want a signature? Avatar? Picture of your OC? Take a look into one of the numerous request threads available in Creative Resources! Once you're ready to dive into the magical land of Equestria, start off by introducing yourself. *brohoof* ~ Mailmare Tough my activity wasn't much high ... that changed the next day when I founded CTAM. My first post wasn't special or something but shows how much activity and friends came until now. And it became also the thread I am the most knowing guy here. March 2014: I think that was the time, I came more and more into RPing April 2014: My first warning here ... well, not really bad, just posted a pic from Alicorn Rainbow Dash, but a part could be saw by few users as NSFW(Even when it wasn't). Pic removed, no fear, yay^^ Also it was the month, where SparklingSwirls draw the first pic from Rising Shine(Watchable on profile)^^ May 2014: Well, without further looking there seemed not to be much happening here June 2014: Another warning, again for a pic because it was too blurry and unsure to see if my daily Dash Ava was the SFW or NSFW-Version(Didn't even know there was a NSFW-Version ... yes I clop) Talking about Dashie Avas, there was the long time, where I was obsessed with her, loved her. Was ... July 2014: More RPs, more friends, more CTAM-Posts etc. I think this month(Or 1-2 months before) I took over the posts lead on CTAM Was also the first time I met a brony in real, an user named *Banned* who was visitting Hamburg. Fun guy, still wondering, why he got banned tough, hmm ... Also my first operation, because of a stupid fistela August 2014: Not much September 2014: Well my work started, so unfortunalty not much left time for here And a bigger operation that caused that I was gone for a whole week. Without could reply here why. I still get sad when remembering how bucking worried some friends here where ... October 2014: The usual stuff, nothing much special to remember right now November 2014: Uff, yeah, that month. A bigger change, after I had my first real love feeling in the forums about a female user here ... like feeled half the forums. I hope she find the right one. Tough waiting for a reply brought me lot of sadness and depression December 2014: I WANTED TO DONATE FOR THE CHARITY! :'( Stupid bank card Besides of that usual stuff January 2015: And here we are, just 1 month ago. My birthday and few things but nothing big to remember, or? February 2015: And so we are here. There a way more things I could mention but those got keeped most in memory and PMs. For another awesome year on MLPForums Rising Shine~
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    So today, the FCC chairman Tom Wheeler announced that the FCC will reclassify the Internet as a utility and ISPs will be reclassified as Title II common carriers, and also put them under intensive regulations. Oh noes, Daring! More government regulation! This is bad, right? No, it is not. The Internet is a beautiful thing. The ISPs in America are trying to fuck with it, charging companies like Netflix for bandwidth usage, trying to block services they don't like, creating "fast" lanes and "slow" lanes depending on what service pays more for their bandwidth, put data caps on slow, expensive Internet and not even compete. Net Neutrality doesn't mean the beginning of the end of the Internet, unlike what some people would want you to believe. It does not mean the Internet will be censored, nor does it mean that you will eventually have to be approved to visit certain sites. Honestly, conspiracy theorists, who's side are you on, the corporations' or the consumers'? Anyway, what it means is that the ISPs can't do what they're currently doing. They have to offer actually good, uncapped service at a reasonable price, they can't block services they don't like, they can't charge companies like Netflix for bandwidth and they have to compete. The Internet is then a utility and, as a result, can't be fucked with. The more intensive regulations on the ISPs will make sure of this. So yeah, that's what Net Neutrality actually means. It's a very good thing, and attempts to sway you the other way, such as from CTs or ISPs, are just lies, plain and simple. Why do you think they're suing the FCC? Because they want to continue their shitty business practices rather than be regulated and have to offer service that caters to the customer rather than their wallets. The Internet and ISPs in America aren't a joke, because jokes are usually funny and neither are remotely humorous.
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    I'm back! After nearly 6 month I'm back! So some of you have probably noticed that I dropped off the face of the forums on August 27th. (I haven't actually been counting I just used Google.) Where did I go? Well apparently there's a law set in place by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) about internet usage by people under 13. The law basically states that you need a parents consent to create an account on anything if you're under 13. Without said consent websites can be fined, so most websites decide not get involved with that law at all and just freeze accounts of people affected by that law. Anyway a mod noticed the age on my profile and suspended me until my 13th birthday. So after nearly 6 months in exile I have just a scratch over 400 notifications. (probably mostly status updates.) How many should I check? All of them? None of them? The first 50? I'm not sure I'll need to figure that out later. So while I've been gone I built up a pretty large document of topics that I want to post so expect quite a few from me. (I'll need to figure out timing between topics so people don't get overwhelmed and mods don't think I'm spamming)
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    *Huggles* Glad to see your thoughts, feelings, and how MLPForums and it's users have helped you buddy. I would say more, but my crazy/weird/odd juices seem to be waterfalling into my brain today so I'm going to keep it short so I don't babble... More.... *Gives muffin* I know I'm glad to have you here on the forums buddy, and I'm sure that many users here are just as happy/thankful for a great friend/pony/person like you being here on the forums.
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    The District Attorney requested all the robbery victims to come down to the police station to study a line up of five people. He placed his suspect at the end of the line. Then he asked each to step forward and say, "Give me all your money...and i need change in quarters, dimes and nickels". The first four did it right, however,when it was the last man's turn to recite, he broke the case by blurting out, " That's not what I said."
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    Happy 1st forumversary *huggles*
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    Recently, the Chicago Film Archives obtained classic footage of Wrigley Field back in 1938. Above is a film produced by Jacob Glick, a Ukrainian immigrant born in 1898, who own cigar shops around the city. His daughter, Diane Berolzheimer, and her husband donated ninety-three rolls of film to the Chicago Film Archives, and this was one of them. This film is very historic is some capacities. Back in the 1930s and '40s, there was no such thing as a batter's eye. People would sit in the view of the pitcher, catcher, hitter, and home-plate umpire. Only in the 1950s did batter's eyes come to existence. This footage features a BE-free Wrigley Field. Back in the day, many people came to the ballpark well-dressed, and there are shots of men smoking cigars, which you'll never see in the baseball grandstands anymore. There aren't many shots of Wrigley Field just after the ivy wall was installed in 1937. This is one such shot. According to YT commentators (posted with evidence), the game was on April 22, 1938. Opening Day against the St. Louis Cardinals. You can read more about it in this DNA Info report.
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    As some of you may already know, I'm an actor. A performer. And I'm currently in the middle of my highschool's play, The Wizard of Oz. In the moment, being onstage and in character, it's really fun. Backstage, however, is a tragically darker tale. Not dramatically so, but enough to seriously discourage me from ever trying out for anything ever again. Our cast is great-- but they all have their flaws, and when they only show you their not-so-lovable side, it's not a fun experience. Often times I'm trying to do what my director told us to do with stress: "Let it slide like water off a duck's back" It works, and I imagine being an actual duck under a waterfall, small and feathery with a setting sun in the distance, turning the sky to a violet-fade-to-magenta hue that shines on fresh green grass fields that stretch on for miles, and I just cuddle with Twilight until I open my eyes and realize I have to go onstage. Sooo, cast call is less than an hour away and still stressed from the previous performance. I'm not gonna die, but I'm not gonna love it either. I find it difficult to tolerate the cast members' behavior backstage, and changing costumes is something I'm not used to, so it's frantic and stressful, especially if something is missing. It's difficult to have foresight and remember which scenes come into play and when, and I have to hold up a tree for like, seven minutes. It's a heavy tree. I freakin' hate it. I want to burn it (it's already dead anyway, might as well). Soooooooooooooooo, yup. I dunno what else to type here, because I can't think straight from all the stress. Hopefully I see you in another entry sometime. I'm not always negative and depressing, I promise.
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    That's fine. Just keep in mind that some people do care about the whateverthefuck sports thing, and maybe don't care about Goat Simulator. The Golden Rule is a good thing.