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    Well, I am putting this up as a recommendation from people who found my story of how and why I am such a hardcore brony interesting. Well it is storied, but...never mind. I will just let it speak for itself. Helps me too since I dont have to re-type it everytime someone asks. Its a mouthful. So my journey started in April 2011. It all started one day, when a couple of the original bronies in my school wanted to turn me into a brony, since they thought it would be funny for a studious scientifically minded student to do an about face. One day, I was leaving my maths class when I head someone call me out. I turned to look at this bunch of people with headphones, computers, speakers and phones. Somehow I knew this was a bad omen, and I started to pack up quickly. I had heard of this brony phenomenon, and I wanted no part in it. But then I heard this saccharine music being played which I correctly assumed to be the theme song. I stuck my fingers in my ears and closed my eyes as they tried to show me the videos. It was a real challenge, packing your bag without seeing, and with your elbows. I took off running down the hallways, just trying to get away from this small but ideologically dangerous mob. Next day, English class. People around me just so happened to choose to talk about ponies non stop, and I just wanted to avoid them. So I just stayed in a corner of the class and tried not to think much of it. Another day, in the science class, one brony comes and sits next to me and starts working out a deal to bribe me into watching the show. Nothing doing, after all, I didnt want any part of it no matter how much money was on the table. And another day, I was chased around again with the raving mob wanting to indoctrinate me. Everywhere I went, it was just one bribe, deal or flat out chase. After a while, I was curious. My mind, being the scientific one it is, couldnt fathom what could drive people to such great lengths. I went to take a look at the first episode to just see what the fuss was all about. I remember just curling up at the sugariness of it all, and I finished the episode. Two parter, so I watched the other half. By the time that was done, I wasnt curling up to it. I didnt mind it. And so each day, I watched a new episode. Slowly but surely, over all of April I watched the whole first season, and then I realised that...I was now a brony. But I didnt want people to know they won, so I acted a little like a hater for a while. Just getting irritated at anyone who asked. This was until the pivotal point in August that changed me. At that time, I was in a lot of problems. I had a lot of very nasty teachers. My friends started to ditch me one by one. My family were always busy. As it all started to fade away, I got sadder. Lonlier. I was getting bad news and shoutings every day. One turning point was during an English project, where someone in my group did something dumb and got us all into big trouble for very little. It was incidents like this during English, Maths, PE that started to get to me. Then, when my final friend decided to cut all ties with me, I snapped. You feel that cold embrace. You see it grip your heart, and you know that there is very little anyone has to do with you. Panic attacks had nothing on me like that. It was a cold, dark, painful thing, and then I get this notion I should show everyone what they did. I climbed the stairs, to the 3rd floor I remember. I wanted to just jump and get it over with. I originally went to the 3rd floor with the intention of the suicide attempt to be non fatal. I wanted to land on my feet so I would survive, and would just shock everyone into caring more about me. But when I took the steps onto the balcony, I looked behind to see a few groups of people. Standing by, and doing absolutely nothing. That was the time my faith in humanity just....broke. I was about to jump off, and nobody wanted to do anything to stop me. Nobody ran for a teacher. Nobody came up to tackle me or talk to me. They all just sat there and watched, content to see someone die before their eyes and do absolutely nothing to avert their eyes or do something to help. As if they wanted to watch someone die. That was the fatal change, I wanted to land headfirst, to die and escape such a cruel world. But when I took a step off, someone called out to me. Someone grabbed me. Someone did that, when nobody else wanted to. I screamed and hit at whoever it was, I didnt want to live in a world like this. A world where a death is just removing an inconvenience. But when I looked up, there he was. A brony. The only person in a crowd who would step out to save someone. The religious, the stuidous, the student leaders, the righteous, none helped more directly than that brony who saved me. He brought me to the counsellor, he looked after me, the bronies made me a place in their community to care for me when nobody else cared. They nursed me back to health. The next year, I participated in the Google Science Fair 2012. I turned out in the Regional Finals but didnt make it to global. I turned out as one of the top minds in South East Asia. I remember, I promised the bronies that if I made it to the global finals, my speech would thank the brony fandom for what they have done. So I helped in a different way, sitting by and never leaving the fandom. As I said to people, "Why I owe my life to the fandom is because they have given me a blessed new life. People who want to ask about the normal, gentle and naive self I was before 2011, I will just say that he died. He died when everyone who supposedly cared left him, he died when he took the step off the balcony. The bronies have given me a different life. It is still painful because of all the problems I have, but....they gave me a new life. And for that, I know this life isnt mine to keep, because it never would have existed if the bronies were not there." So even today, I keep an eye out for my friends, be they brony or not. Because I believed the best way to thank the fandom was to do the same thing that the brony did for me back in 2011. Which is to step out and save your life, when nobody else would do so. To put all judgement aside, and to put your life above my own, to carry that spirit of friendship, acceptance and selflessness that the show teaches us. And so I have. For friends, I have argued with the UK Metropolian Police, and messaged UNICEF to no end. I have taken my crushed confidence and fed them to others to help them grow strong, and offered the little kindness spared to me to keep them warm. And all this from a "children's show". So what I will say is this; A children's show it may be, a thing for little girls to dream of. A fandom of deviants it may be, a community of those who have "no life". A childish ideal it may be, a place where anything goes. But it does good for people in this world, if only people open their hearts to it.
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    I'm not literally leaving. I'm still a brony, it's just I'll be going to China for my new school starting tomorrow. I'll only be completely free during breaks. I won't be on much often, and I'm going to miss this place and all of you guys <3 Especially, I'll miss my love the most. @ I cried while I was sleeping ;~; @@JonasDarkmane You are the most adorable person, and you're very nice. I'll miss you, I was honoured to meet you. @ I'll miss you so much ;~; I love you
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    So, I hear everypony here is kinda saying they won't be on that much on the forums for the lack of schoolwork or college. I guess I won't be on the forums that much because school starts and its high school =/. I probally will have a lot of homework and won't have time to go on the forums that often. But I wil try to go on as soon as posible =). I had a fun time here on the forums so far!!! I believe I joined July 22th 2015. But luckly, here where I live: School dosen't start till next week!!!!
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    I still have 1 month of vacations :3
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    I hate having to go back to school next week I wish I could just go back in time
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    Thank you very much . Will miss having your around, and I know that Aqua will miss you dearly . I hope you have a great time *Hugs*
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    ALL THE BAT JOKES 8D Looking forward to this :comeatus: