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    In honor of the holiday coined by the designer of the Smiley Face, Harvey Ball, make sure to perform an act of kindness today and try to make someone smile today!
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    Hey guys! I'm back to review the kinda new episode Rarity Investigates! What did you guys think of the episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below
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    COME ON EVERYPONY SMILE SMILE SMILE im gonna assume it's that one
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    Behold, the most middle of the road episode of the season. This is what I think. In my current season 5 episode rankings, this episode would probably rest right in the middle. Nothing really pissed me off, but nothing really wowed me either. It's just your typical shenanigans. I suppose it was nice to see Coco Pommel again and her filly design was adorable, and of coarse it's got a nice moral at the end giving Applejack some development, but everything else in the episode feels meh. First off, there's the play scene. It goes on for way too long and honestly feels like padding. It was cute for about a minute, then I just sort of gazed off until the scene was over. It didn't make me outright detest the scene, it was just boring. Maybe I find this episode so average because a lot of it is stuff I've seen on the show before. More of the main cast reacting to the sights of Manehatten, more of Rarity being generous to all the citizens. You know, stuff done in Rarity Takes Manehatten. I know I might seem like I'm ragging on this episode quite a bit, but it's just an episode that's kind of hard for me to talk about. Trust me, I didn't hate it, it's just when you're reviewing something so average and up to speed, it kind of doesn't give me a lot of material to talk about. It's easy for me to provide top praise to episodes like Pinkie Pride and destroy episodes like Princess Spike because they at least give enough material to talk about. In this I'm just like, "Okay everything's up for speed, next." So bottom line, this episode gets the okay ranking. Which is a: 7/10
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    And yes we may have a surprise or two in store this day.
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    Also, world's best meme:
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    It takes time to update the cover avatar, sometimes up to 5 days
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    MLPF was launched 10/03/2011.