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    It may say Facebook on the picture, but this applies for every social networking site out there, so MLP Forums is not exempt. There is also another picture about how someone makes an elaborate post with a lot of heart put into it, (*cough* several times), only for it not to be recognized or acknowledged, while someone makes a simplistic post like "butts", and everybody is raving about how awesome of a post it is.
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    SOOO, since I've been here long enough apparently, I've got access to the blog. So of course I'm going to use it! I'll mostly write about pony things here, as, well, it's a pony site, and I have other places to vent if I really need to. ANYWAY. Them's Fightin' Herds has been fully backed, PLUS they've reached all of their stretch goals! I'm SUPER excited for the game, I can't wait to play when it's done! It looks really good, and the dynamic music system is pretty cool! Also: have some fanart 'cause I didn't think it belonged in the 'pony' art thread
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    For some odd reason I keep having this nightmare where in it I wake up from a nap only to find that it's Halloween or the day before and I want to go outside but when I look at the time it's like almost midnight on Halloween, and every light in every house slowly goes out. As I slowly go outside to just take a walk around the block for some reason I quickly notice that I am being followed by a black mist, it's like a ghost or something that is chasing after me. This thing has no actual facial features, just glowing red eyes that simply stare at me, reaching it's shadowy hand out towards me as if wanting me to grab it. So I start running with this thing coming after me, and somehow I remember that I can fly because I guess I was conscious to know I was dreaming, and that I would be able to pull that off or something. As I slowly start to levitate off of the ground I'm barely 5 feet in the air when that black mist thing wraps it's hand around my ankle and drags me down. I scream at it to let me go but it just drags me away, no matter how hard I try no one can really hear me scream, and I'm left to let this thing take me where it wants me to go...and that's where it ends because i woke up in real life, I know it was just a dream but it really scared me and I don't know what it means. I wish I knew what it meant.