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    It may say Facebook on the picture, but this applies for every social networking site out there, so MLP Forums is not exempt. There is also another picture about how someone makes an elaborate post with a lot of heart put into it, (*cough* several times), only for it not to be recognized or acknowledged, while someone makes a simplistic post like "butts", and everybody is raving about how awesome of a post it is.
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    SOOO, since I've been here long enough apparently, I've got access to the blog. So of course I'm going to use it! I'll mostly write about pony things here, as, well, it's a pony site, and I have other places to vent if I really need to. ANYWAY. Them's Fightin' Herds has been fully backed, PLUS they've reached all of their stretch goals! I'm SUPER excited for the game, I can't wait to play when it's done! It looks really good, and the dynamic music system is pretty cool! Also: have some fanart 'cause I didn't think it belonged in the 'pony' art thread
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    This takes place kind of at the same time as Chapter 9 of Cold as Ice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kai sat on the altar, his eyes locked on the front of the church and his ears listening closely for even the faintest footsteps, click of the door’s handle, or creak of it’s hinges. The wait was excruciating, it had already been a couple hours since he called Melissa had called still no sign of either her or the children coming through those great doors. It was not in his nature to be cynical, but fear had began to wear at his mind and every horrible thing that could’ve gone wrong cycled through his head. Were they okay? Was one of them hurt? Was she now trapped with them? Anger began to set in and he took a deep breath, willing himself to stay calm despite the impulse to hunt down Isa himself and make the monster pay for hurting the people he considered his family. He had to calm the rage because he couldn’t abandon his post and had to be ready for anything. Whether it be just simply comforting them or treating wounds, it was his responsibility to take care of them and the fight with Isa was Melissa’s. *creak* The door began to open and his eyes locked onto the darkness at the front of the church as light from the street lamps out front began to pour in. He anticipated the worst until a nervous voice called inside. “Uncle Kai? Are you there?” “I’m right here, it’s safe.” relief washed over him as he nearly bolted halfway up the aisle and watched the two figures slink inside and make their way over. “Come on, Cream. We’ll be safe here. I promise.” Miles guided Cream up the aisle. “Are you both okay?” Kai crouched down and placed on a hand on Miles’ shoulder, glancing back at Cream, who was hiding behind him. “I think so, just a little shook-up,” Miles answered before turning to Cream, “I think you’ve meant my Uncle Kai already.” Kai smiled warmly at her as she cautiously stepped out from behind Miles and eyed him curiously. “Yes, her mother is a good friend of mine,” Kai carefully reached his hand out to her, “Is everything okay, Cream?” “Yes, I’m still a little scarred but I think I’ll be okay.” she stepped close enough or Kai to gently place his hand on her shoulder and looked up at him, “Aunt Mel says you’re like her, I heard Tails call you immortals,” “That’s correct, it’s why she sent me to protect you.” he smiled, “You trust me to do that, right?” “You’re friends with Tails and Aunt Mel, and even if you weren’t you’ve always been nice to me and my mother,” she looked down for a moment before smiling at him, “So yes, I trust you.” She stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around Kai’s neck, and he gently returned the hug. “I’ll make sure you get home safe once it’s all over and Melissa get’s here, okay?” he said quietly. Cream stepped back and looked at him with confusion, “I thought Aunt’s Mel’s was Melinda?” It dawned on him that no-one had likely had the chance to explain things more thoroughly to Cream about immortals yet. “Melissa is just what I call her because she used that name when I met her. I guess I grew accustomed to it.” he smiled. “I guess it’s like the way you’re the only ones that call Tails Miles.” she said. “Something like that,” he laughed, “maybe I can explain if there’s time tonight.” “Okay,” a look of realization and worry flashed across her face, “Cheese was with me when that bully grabbed me, is he okay?” “He’s fine, safe at home with your mother,” Kai assured her. “Thank goodness, I was afraid something happened to him,” she sighed, “at least I know he’s safe now.” “I’m sure he’ll be happy to know your safe as well,” Kai playfully rubbed her head, “but for now, why don’t we wait in the back where it’s more comfortable and maybe a bit warmer?” “That sounds nice,” Kai began to lead her towards the back office until he noticed Miles not moving and turned to face him, “Are you coming with us?” “In a minute,” he answered. “Cream, why don’t go ahead and wait for us. I want to talk to Miles for a moment,” Kai motioned towards the door to the office. “Okay,” she quickly made her way inside. Kai watched the door for a moment before turning around and crouching in front of Miles, noticing for the first time that he was clutching Melissa's coat in his arms and hugging it, “Do want to talk about it?” “I’ll be fine as soon as she makes it back,” Miles said quietly, his expression betraying that has was on the verge of tears despite his calm tone. “Miles, I know you’re afraid and upset. You don’t have to hide it from me,” he reached out and placed a hand on the kit’s shoulder. MIles’ merely looked away and held back a whine in response. “I’m worried about her as well and I thought maybe it would help if we talked about it.” Kai said, “I only want to help you make the wait less difficult.” Kai noticed Miles tearing up and gently pulled him into a hug. “I’ll be fine, I just need a minute,” Miles said, putting an arm around Kai’s back and taking a deep breath. “Don’t be ashamed. A warrior isn’t afraid to cry because tears come from love and that’s the strongest emotion you can fight for and the most worthy” “Thanks, but I think I’m okay now.” Miles sniffed. “Are you sure? If you need to let it out I’m right here.” Kai said, “It won’t make think any less of you, I promise. I just want to help you” “Yeah, I’ll be okay,” Miles broke away and stepped back, taking a deep breath, “Let’s go check on Cream.” Kai shook his head as Miles walked off and wondered how he became so stubborn and why he seemed almost afraid to open up to him. Had he accidently given the false impression that the kit had put on some display of toughness around him? Maybe he really had gotten a little distant and needed to spend more time with him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Do you really live here?” Cream asked as her eyes wandered around the dusty office. “Not in this room, my bedroom is up in the attic. I only use this place as a study when I need it.” Kai pulled out the old desk chair and sat down, making sure he could see both the door and the couch where the two children sat clearly. “Is that why it’s so dusty?” Cream asked. “I guess I don’t study much,” he smiled, “Though I should to keep up with Miles when science happens.” Cream giggled and Miles managed an uneasy smile. “I guess you’re feeling better, Cream?” Kai asked. “Yes, but I’m still worried about Aunt Mel.” she looked down, “I hope she can beat him like the heroes in movies always beat the bad guy.” “She’s tougher than she looks,” Kai said, “and she did beat him once before.” “She told she saved a little boy from him,” Cream smiled, “She’s a hero just Mr Sonic.” “She is a good person, as long as I’ve known her she’s had no tolerance for bullies and always protected people,” Kai gave Miles a smile before turning back to Cream, “That’s why I always looked up to her so much.” “Aren’t you a lot older than her?” Cream looked him over with confusion. “It does seem that way, doesn’t it?” He laughed, “Tell me, how old to think we are?” “Well, you look like you’re the same age as my mother,” Cream scrunched her face, “I remember Aunt Mel’s 29th birthday, but she looks a lot younger than that. It’s hard to tell though because Foxes and Wolves are so tall and makes you look older, at least to me.” “She explained to you a little bit about Immortals, correct?” Kai asked. “Yes, she said you guys heal really fast and if you do get hurt really bad you always wake back up,” she answered. “That’s true, and it’s also true that we stop aging the first time we get badly injured, so most of us are a lot older than we look” Kai leaned back, “You were correct in a sense about me being around your mother’s age because I was 33 years old when it happened to me. That means I look like I did when I was 33 and always will.” “So how old are you?” Cream asked curiously. “I was born in 1772, so that makes me 243 years old.” He grinned. Cream looked over at Miles, who managed to smile and nod his head yes, “and Aunt Mel is even older?” “Well, the further you go back the harder it is to keep track of dates but she thinks she was 20 when she was hurt for the first time, so you’re right that she does look very young,” Kai began to explain. “I thought she looked really young for a mom, like the old pictures of my mother from High-School.” Cream said, “When was she born?” “As I said, she’s not completely sure because dates were hard to keep track of for the lower-class back then and she was the adopted daughter of a poor farmer. The closest she can get is the early 9th century,” Kai noticed the girls’ confusion, “That means sometime around the year 800, which makes her around 1,200 years old.” Cream looked back and forth between Kai and Miles, the later of which managed a nervous smile and a shrug. “That’s a really big number,” she spoke quietly after a moment, “I don’t know if I can even count that high,” she started giggling. “What’s wrong?” Kai asked. “Nothing, I just realized why Mr Sonic keeps calling her Grandma,” she smiled. “and now with Grandpa back there we have the full set.” Everyone turned to the door and noticed Sonic leaning on the doorway, grinning at Kai. “Of course, since you said Tails here is sort of like your little brother that might mean I have to start calling her great-grandma,” Sonic laughed, “It just doesn’t roll off the old tongue, though.” “So I guess that makes us all family, then?” Kai chuckled, “You and Miles are like brothers, after all.” “A hedgehog, an immortal wolf, and a two-tailed fox. If that isn’t the strangest family I’ve ever seen, “ Sonic smiled, “but I’m a little rusty at this family thing so what do I know?” Cream giggled at the exchange, attracting everyone’s attention. “What’s so funny, Cream?” Kai asked. “I guess now that everyone is friends, even Mr Sonic has a big brother to keep him out of trouble.” “As long he is doesn’t break a hip, I’m always happy to have more back-up,” Sonic grinned. “I think I’ll be fine,” Kai chuckled and shook his head, watching Sonic turn to Miles. “Hey bro, you okay?” Sonic sat down on the arm of the couch next to Miles. Kai watched as Sonic turned his full attention to the kids, smiling as he thought about how close the truth all that was. Melessa was something in-between a mother and a sister to him, Miles like his little brother despite the habitual use of the title Uncle, and he could see that Melissa was beginning to treat Sonic like a son just as much as Miles treated him like a brother. One big, strange, slightly dysfunctional family full of love.
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    Milk's job is study space and try to work out what will happen next in space. http://aishveen.deviantart.com/art/OC-Milky-way-557965218?q=gallery%3AAishveen%2F49673260&qo=5 her cutie mark is a MIlky Way, http://shaddow24.deviantart.com/art/Space-Scene-The-Milky-Way-You-Are-Here-559983106
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    こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is... *drum roll* 小休止、(しょうきゅうし)、Shoukyuushi いみ(meaning):Short break, breather れいぶん(example sentence):疲れたから、小休止が必要です。tsukareta kara, shoukyuushi ga hitsuyou desu. ほんやく(translation):I need a break because I'm tired. I'm alive! Hello everyone! I took a week off/didn't get around to posting for a week, and now I'm back for business, lol. Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or though PM! じゃあ、また明日ね!^-^
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    For some odd reason I keep having this nightmare where in it I wake up from a nap only to find that it's Halloween or the day before and I want to go outside but when I look at the time it's like almost midnight on Halloween, and every light in every house slowly goes out. As I slowly go outside to just take a walk around the block for some reason I quickly notice that I am being followed by a black mist, it's like a ghost or something that is chasing after me. This thing has no actual facial features, just glowing red eyes that simply stare at me, reaching it's shadowy hand out towards me as if wanting me to grab it. So I start running with this thing coming after me, and somehow I remember that I can fly because I guess I was conscious to know I was dreaming, and that I would be able to pull that off or something. As I slowly start to levitate off of the ground I'm barely 5 feet in the air when that black mist thing wraps it's hand around my ankle and drags me down. I scream at it to let me go but it just drags me away, no matter how hard I try no one can really hear me scream, and I'm left to let this thing take me where it wants me to go...and that's where it ends because i woke up in real life, I know it was just a dream but it really scared me and I don't know what it means. I wish I knew what it meant.
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    The product of a long, tense and expensive battle with Italian race car legend Ferrari, The GT40 introduced the United States to international championship racing and forced European veteran constructors to take American teams more seriously. Gulf Oil Race Team Ford GT40 at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans Manufacturer Quick Facts: Founded: June,16 1903 Main Office: Dearborn, Michigan, United States Industry: Cars, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Engines and Automotive Parts Notable Products: Model T, Model A, Mustang, F Series Pickup Trucks, E Series Vans, GT, Focus, Taurus, Ranger, Transit, Escort, RS100 Gulf Oil Race Team Ford GT40 in 1968 Model Quick Facts: Engine: Ford V8 Engines of 4.2 and 4.7 liters of displacement Transmission: 4 Speed Manual Wheelbase: 95 inches Weight: 2,002 lbs Assembly: Slough, England, United Kingdom (Mk I, II and III) Wixom, Michigan, United States (Mk IV) Gulf Oil Race Team Ford GT40's at the 24 Hours of Le Mans Overview and Development: In the early 1960s, the leader of Ford, Henry Ford II was very keen to enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. In 1963 Ford learned from a European company that Enzo Ferrari was interested in selling to the Ford Motor Company. After learning about this, Ford spent millions of dollars Auditing assets at Ferrari. This long process would determine how much Ferrari would cost to Ford to own and maintain. Just as Henry Ford II was interested in competing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Enzo Ferrari wished to compete in the United States at the Indianapolis 500. Enzo Ferrari was willing to sell Ferrari to Ford but he wanted to remain the leader of Scuderia Ferrari, the racing division which won many championships. Ford did not see much viability in Ferrari's interest in open wheel racing. Ford was the sole supplier for cars and engines to the Indianapolis 500 (much like Honda is today) and did not want any competition from Ferrari. Ford actually did field some cars using Ferrari engines. This angered Enzo Ferrari and at the last round of talks cut out of the deal. Frustrated, Henry Ford II called on the European division of his company to build a "Ferrari Killer" and would pay for any costs related to its development. Ford Europe, based in the UK began assembling a team of British companies with experience in endurance racing. British manufacturer Lotus, had already partnered with Ford to develop better cars for the Indy 500 and Ford assisted Lotus with engine technologies for what would eventually become the Lotus Europa. To manage this project Ford hired the former team manager for Aston Martin. After several prototypes the European branch of Ford had developed a body and chassis while Ford at Michigan and consultants at Shelby supplied powerful V8 Engines. Their work was immortalized as the cars fielded by Ford finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The Ferrari 330P4 was the main rival of the Ford GT40 at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans Successor: Since discontinuing the Ford GT in 2006, Ford has been working on a new GT and it has been a long rumor Ford is interested in returning to Le Mans. After unveiling the 2015 Prototype Ford GT, Ford announced it will return to Le Mans for the 2016 race and will field a new Ford GT and possibly the Shelby Mustang to compete in the lower class. Ford Racing Ford GT Prototype debuted at Le Mans to announce Ford's return to the race. Ford Teaser Trailer Announcing Ford's Return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 Ford GTLM Stealth Testing at Sebring
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    This year sees the release of the highly anticipated Jaws 19, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's original masterpiece. So what better time to revisit on of the greatest movies of all time, Jaws! Wait, I already did that one. Huh. ... Oh, hey, it's the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. Which also happens to be the 60th anniversary of Calvin Klein's invention of Rock n' Roll. To honor this beloved saga of incest, Pepsi products, and unfortunately placed manure, I present my biggest factoid post ever. When this baby hits 88 trivia bits...you're gonna see some serious s***. Back to the Future -The idea for Back to the Future came from co-writer/producer Bob Gale wondering if he would have been friends with his father in high school. -Writer/director Robert Zemeckis wanted to make Back to the Future before Romancing the Stone, but his first two movies were flops, and Hollywood was unsure about his prospects as a filmmaker. The script was rejected 40 times, with many studios finding the comedy not risque enough to compete with the lucrative raunchy high school comedies of the time, while Disney was not keen on making a movie about a mother unkowingly having the hots for her son. When Romancing the Stone ended up being a huge hit, Zemeckis ignored all the offers from studios coming his way and went straight to Steven Spielberg, the only producer who had faith in him from the beginning. -Marty McFly was originally written as suicidal, and it almost made it into the movie before Bob Gale and Zemeckis decided it clash with the plot's general zaniness. -The time machine was originally a refrigerator, but Zemeckis was afraid kids would lock themselves in fridges after seeing the movie. A DeLorean was eventually picked because the vertical doors allowed them to do the flying saucer in the barn gag. -Executive Producer Sidney Sheinberg is responsible for “Proffesor Brown” becoming “Doc Brown,” but he's also tried to change the title to “Spaceman From Pluto,” for some reason. Spielberg more or less shamed him into dropping the issue making it seem like he thought the suggestion was a joke. -When asked why Marty hangs out with Doc Brown in the first place, Bob Gale explained that Doc gave Marty a part-time job after he snuck into his lab and was impressed by his crazy inventions. -Biff Tanen is named after Ned Tanen, a studio executive who had given Zemeckis and Bob Gale grief on a previous film. -"It's like I'm kissing my brother” was added to make the Oedipus stuff a little less...disturbing. Doc Brown and Marty were originally gonna sell bootleg videos to fund the time machine, but Universal didn't want to encourage piracy. -Einstein was originally meant to be a chimpanzee. -Christopher Lloyd was offered the role of Doc Brown after John Lithgow, Duddley Moore, Jeff Goldblum, and James Woods were considered. He initially turned it down, but was convinced to change his mind by his wife. -Michael J. Fox was always the first choice to play Marty, but he was committed to Family Ties at the time. This resulted in the role going to Eric Stoltz, who actually got around to shooting four weeks of the production before Zemeckis realized he wasn't right for the part, playing everything a little too straight and dramatic for what was essentially a comedy. In probably the most famous instance of mid-shoot recasting, Stoltz was willingly let go from the production, while Fox found an opening in his schedule and was brought in. The reshoots of scenes already done with Stoltz added $3 million to the budget, and Fox found himself doing Family Ties at day and Back to the Future at night. -Meanwhile, Thomas F. Wilson was cast as Biff because the original actor, J. J. Cohen, wasn't tall enough to be an imposing threat to Eric Stoltz's Marty. He stayed on when Eric Stoltz left. -Before that, Tim Robbins was considered for the role of Biff. Don't worry, he got to do a movie with Lea Thompson later... -Marty's parents were cast based on what their ages in 1955, so Michael J. Fox is three years older than the actor playing his father (Crisper Glover) and 10 days younger than his mother (Lea Thompson). -Johnny Depp had auditioned for the role of Marty, but according to Bob Gale, “he must have not been all that memorable.” -The set for Hill Valley is the same used for Kingston Falls in Gremlins. -The talent show judge who tells Marty his song is “too loud” is played by Huey Lewis, the artist who wrote -A man in a dog costume serves as a stand-in when Einstein is traveling through time for the first time. -Doc Brown hunches because the 6'11” Christopher Lloyd needed to even his height with the 5'5” Michael J. Fox. -Crispin Glover was apparently so nervous during production that he ended up just mouthing many of lines, which had to be dubbed later. -Glover's suggestions for his character were often very strange. At one point, he wanted 1985 George McFly to have Eraserhead hair. -The scenes set in 1955 were filmed first, as it was easier to make the sets looks nice for the 1950s before trashing them for the 1980s. -Doc Brown's amplifier has a CRM114 label, as a reference to Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. Biff calling everyone a butthead was improvised by Thomas F. Wilson. -Michael J. Fox received Grade-A lessons on how to fake-play the guitar realistically, while his singing was dubbed in by Mark Campbell. He was already a pretty good skateboarder, but still required some help from stunt doubles to pull off some more advanced stuff. -“Gigawatts” is suppose to be pronounced with a hard “G,” but Christopher Lloyd heard the film's science consultant pronounce it “jigawatts,” so it stuck. -The time machine components in the DeLorean made the interior of the car cramped, causing Michael J. Fox to hit his elbow on the time circuits handle every time he shifted gears. You can hear it happening every time he changes shift during the chase in the mall parking lot. -Likewise, Fox didn't mean to keep hitting his head on the DeLorean's door; that thing just became faulty as filming went on. -Billy Zane's first movie, in the immortal role of Matches, that guy in the leather jacket who hangs out with Biff. -Lea Thompson's 1985 makeup took three and a half hours to apply. -The cat statues sitting at the clock tower were originally made for Cat People. -The climax of the film originally took place at a Nevada nuclear testing site, with Doc Brown using a radio dish to gather nuclear energy for the DeLorean, but the studio was unwilling to build another huge set. Instead, the scene was rewritten to take place in the town square, with hints at the significance of the clock tower retroactively placed throughout the movie. -Steven Spielberg went on to borrow both the rejected the ideas of the refrigerator and the nuclear test site for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. -When Marty first heads to the mall to meet up with Doc Brown, it's called “Twin Pines Mall.” After he goes back in time and accidentally runs over a pine tree in the past, it's called “Lone Pine Mall.” -Subtler detail: a piece of ledge under the clock tower is missing in 1985, the same piece Doc Brown knocked off in 1955. -California Raisins paid thousands of dollars to have raisins appear at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, hoping the movie would do for raisins what E.T. the Extra Terrestrial did for Reese's Pieces. Yeah. Unfortunately for them, a bowl of raisins looks like a bowl of dirt when filmed, so the filmmakers instead stuck the product placement somewhere else. Specifically, the bench Red the Homeless Guy sleeps on. -“Johnny B. Goode” was almost cut from the movie because it slowed down the pacing of the climax, but the editor was able to convince Zemeckis to keep it in. -The film's release was delayed until August, but the preview screening was so well received that producer Frank Marshall moved it back up to July. -Oddly, there are only 32 effects shots in the whole movie. Industrial Light & Magic worked right up until the last minute to get the movie done. -Composer Alan Silvestri made as grand as possible just so he could impress Spielberg and convince him he was right for the job. The score doesn't actually begin until the DeLorean is unveiled for the first time. -Ronald Regan was apparently so delighted by the joke about him being the president in the 80s that he asked the projectionist to roll the movie back and play it again. He went on to quote the movie in his 1986 State of the Union address. -A sizable crowd turned out on October 26, 1985 at the mall where they shot the movie to see if Marty would show up. -The top grossing film of 1985. -Thomas F. Wilson always keeps a FAQ card handy wherever he goes so he can hand them out to the fans who constantly approach him about -There was never meant to be a sequel; the cliffhanger at the end of the movie was meant as a joke. But upon the the movie's massive success, the sequel was deemed inevitable, and “TO BE CONTINUED” was added to end of VHS copies. Back to the Future: Part II -The film was originally titled “Paradox.” -Bob Gale's script had Marty head back to the 60s where his parents were hippies, but Zemeckis thought the idea was dumb. -Zemekis's least favorite scenes in the trilogy to shoot was the 2015 segment in Part 2, as he was never satisfied with how movies could never accurately predict future technology. So instead, the filmmakers purposely made 2015 wacky and unrealistic, flying cars and all. -You may not have noticed, but Crispen Glover did not return for either sequel, either due to contract disputes or what he refereed to as disagreeing with the film's moral. Actor Jeffery Weissman donned prosthetics to look like Glover for the few scenes that featured George McFly, while the filmmakers conspired to hide the switcheroo whatever way they could, which explains why George McFly is randomly hanging upside down in 2015 and why he's dead in alternate 1985. Glover went on to sue the producers, as they didn’t have permission to use his likeness. The Screen Actors Guild now has rules for a situation like this. -Claudia Wells, who played Jennfer in the first movie, was unable to return due to her mother's poor health at the time. The recap at the beginning of Part 2 is actually reshot footage with new actress Elisabeth Shue. -The hoverboards were simply planks of wood stuck to the actors' feet. The actors were suspended on cables that were later erased in post production. -Of course, it wasn't enough that the film had convincing effects for the hoverboards. Zemeckis tried to convince people that the hoverboards were real and were supposed to be released to the market by Mattel before parental complaints about safety kept it from hitting stores. This goes beyond doing something for the fun of it; Zemeckis went out of his way to build up the dreams of the children of the world before crushing them himself. Bastard. -The best special effect in the movie, however, was having the actors play several different versions of themselves in the same shot, a trick that becomes more difficult when the camera is still moving dynamically like it does in this movie. The filmmakers developed the vista glide, a motion controlled camera system that allowed them to do multiple passes of a single shot so the different versions of a given actor could be composited together. -For some shots, such as when 2015 Marty is eating dinner with his two kids, all three played by Michael J. Fox, the shot was split into thirds, with each character occupying their third of the shot. This required perfect set and prop continuity, so everything was glued down so they wouldn't move between shots. Fortunately, an earthquake didn't disturb the set when the crew left it overnight. -Elijah Wood's first movie, in the immortal role of One of Those Kids Who Were Messing With the Wild Gunman Machine in Cafe 80s. -Michael J. Fox had to relearn how to skateboard after five years out of practice. -The antique shop Marty gets the sports almanac from has a Roger Rabbit doll in the window, an obvious nod to Zemeckis's other huge movie of the 80s. We'll get to that one later... -Also in the window is the Jaws NES game developed by LJN, who also developed the games for Roger Rabit and Back to the Future. -The 2015 USA Today is dated October 22nd, Christopher Lloyd's birthday. -It cost more to spruce up the town square for the 2015 scenes than it would have to just build it from scratch. -The cowboys and trains pattern on Doc Brown's shirt foreshadows the next movie. -Apparently Jaws 19 is directed by Spielberg's son Max Spielberg. The hologram shark was originally meant to look better, but they decided to go with the horribly fake looking animation test version, because it looked funnier. -One of the officers who escort Jennifer to the McFly residence is played by Mary Ellen Trainor, Zemeckis's wife at the time. -Carl Sagan praised the movie for its handling of time travel and alternate timelines. -When attending the film's premiere in London, Christopher Lloyd recalls Princess Diana laughing the hardest when Biff gets buried under manure a second time. -Nike has hinted that they are working on shoes with self-tying laces as seen in the movie. -Years before Hollywood started splitting two movies into two parts, Part 2 was deemed too massive and convoluted for one movie, so all the western stuff was split off into a third movie. This meant shooting both sequels at once, which created a very hectic schedule for Zemeckis. On the worst days, he would be in Burbank working on Part 2, then he'd fly down to the set of Part 3, then he would travel back to Burbank, getting very little sleep along the way. -Part 2 is one of Zemeckis's favorite movies that he's made. Back to the Future: Part III -The western setting was inspired by a conversation Zemeckis had with Michael J. Fox during the making of the first movie, in which Fox thought it'd be cool if Marty went to the Old West and did cowboy stuff. -Mary Steenburgen took on the role of Clara Clayton by her kids, who were huge fans of the original movie. -Many of western scenes were shot in Monument Valley, which also served as a filming location for Once Upon A Time in the West, Stagecoach, and National Lampoon's Vacation. -Despite the amount of pressure on the crew to make two movies at once, the actors really enjoyed the more laid back feel of the western setting, and the stunt team enjoyed working with horses and doing cowboy stuff. -This movie reveals that at some point, there are four separate DeLoreans in 1955 at one time: the one hidden in the mine, the one Marty firs traveled back to 1955 with, the one Doc Brown and Marty arrive in to get the sports almanac back, and the one Biff stole so he could give the almanac to his younger self. Heavy stuff, man. -When Marty McFly first mentions Clint Eastwood, he's standing next to posters for Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula, two of Eastwood's first movies. Eastwood himself was asked if it was okay if they used his name in the movie, and was more than happy to give permission. -ZZ Top makes a cameo as the band playing at the Hill Valley Festival. Those guys know how to fiddle. -Thomas F. Wilson learned to do most of his own stunts, which involved learning how to ride a horse and how to throw a lasso. -When Mad Dog tries to lynch Marty, the rope was genuinely strangling Michael J. Fox, who passed out for a short time afterward. -This movie features Christopher Lloyd's first onscreen kiss. -Production halted twice: when Michael J Fox's father died, and when his son was born. -The manure wagon that unloads on Mad Dog belongs to “A. Jones,” while the manure truck that buries his descendent in 1955 belongs to “D. Jones.” See, this is why I love these movies. -Several shots during the train climax were actually highly detailed miniatures. Other times, it was a full-sized train that require coordinated technicians and stuntmen. The DeLorean was built to be able to flip off the track at any needed time for safety reasons. -A deleted scene saw Marshall Strickland get shot in the back by Mad Dog, but it was deemed too dark for a family movie. -Spielberg likes Part 3 much more than Part 2. -The town built for the movie ended up being destroyed by lightning in 1996. Spooky. -Bob Gale still has the time circuit display and the Mr. Fusion (now turned into a lamp). -When a poll asked each US state which movie shot locally they would want to represent them, Californians picked Back to the Future. -Zemeckis swears that as long as he lives, there will never be another sequel or a remake. Good. Happy Anniversary, Back to the Future, and thanks for reading, fellow travelers of the space-time continuum. Hope your future is a good one, and don't forget to go easy on your son when he burns the carpet. Now make like a tree and get out of here.